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  1. I've been tinkering with a new scripted version of something I had started years ago, think I pretty much got it, some of the timing is off, but without further ado. @Strawberry Linden Also been told to put a warning up for people. seizure warning, SL eep changing fasts can cause flashes.
  2. I’m a Graphics designer ( includes graphics design, 3d designs, meshes like chains, video editing for YouTube or anything, pro at texturing clothes etc..) if you want to know more please contact me if you want with the email below. Insta- imvu.versace
  3. Hi everyone! Zack Haiku, from Around the GRID Weekly here. You can find our show at YouTube. We are currently looking for some help from you, SL Residents, to fill the following segments: Finally! - have you found something that has finally showed up on the grid and you couldn't do before, and you'd like to share how much you love that it's now available? Share it with us Seriously?! - Does something on SL really grind your gears? What is that one thing you really find annoying, terrible or that makes SL completely unplayable? Tell us and we'll share your complaints with the world When You Wish Upon A Linden... - What is that one thing you wish LL would finally do and make available for all us Residents? Builder's Corner - Share with us your SL creations, your decorating skills, your sim building, and we will showcase it on the show Relics of The Past - Have you been around for a while? Have you come across something on SL you feel like "It belongs in a Museum!"? Show it to us and we will gladly share that piece of History with the rest of the grid GridTrip - Send us your favourite sims and locations so we can showcase it to the rest of the grid and make sure more people know about it. SLArt - Are you an artist? Whether it's photography, video, music, dancing, any kind of art, reach out to us. We would love to promote you on the show! These are the segments we would love to hear from you. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out to Zack Haiku (Zack.Galbreus) on SL or leave a message on this post. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to send them to us. Thank you!
  4. Hi everyone! Zack Haiku here, from Around The GRID Weekly. I'd like to know if anyone is interested in helping out launching S3 of our new show. I am planning on doing it bi-weekly this time (every 2 weeks, that is), and I could use your suggestions for: News: Anything on SL news you'd like to see mentioned? Event showcase: What have you found in an ongoing event that you liked? Send me your suggestions This Really Meshes Me Up! Anything that really grinds your gears on SL that you'd like to see sorted out? When you wish upon a Linden... What new things would you like to see on SL? Make your suggestions, maybe LL will listen to us Destination Guide: What new (or old) sims would you like to see showcased on our show? SLArt: Any creators, be it artists (song, photography, djs) or shops that you'd like to see included on our Art segment? We would also love to interview creators and SL personalities who would be interested in showing up on AtGW. Your suggestions are most welcome. And let me know if you'd like me to create a SL group and/or a discord channel for the show, so you can be in touch with us. Keep being awesome! Zack Haiku (Zack.Galbreus)
  5. Hello! I will be able to make the trailer or the video of your dreams of your sim on Second Life. With my cinematic smooth effect and my viewer in ultra settings that gives a real professionalism when watching the videos, the success is guaranteed. I have already made several videos of different sims on Second Life that are available on YouTube. Highlights of my work all available on my YouTube portfolio channel: Le Chateau Motel 1980s Commercial Burgundy in Blood (Second Life) Le Chateau Motel & Resort - VHS Ads Cocoon - Second Life Cyberpunk RP - Trailer District 18 a Cyberpunk Roleplay in Second Life - Trailer Paris 1850s a Second Life Role-Play - Trailer -> If you feel interested, don't hesitate to hire me on Fiverr and to contact me in world! ❤
  6. For those of you using YouTube for your videos --- and ignore or filter info I am pasting in the newest changes to the TOS there. Happily they TELL YOU EASILY what has changed (clapping there). Not so happily they of course have the power ("if you didn't pay for the product - you ARE the product") so you may not be too happy with some of the changes. Note this apparently affects those outside the US as well :D. While I still have my channel, I got tired of the absences of power a long while back so this really doesn't matter much to me.
  7. Ok so I've been trying to make my own personal television with media capabilities, naturally I decided to use YouTube as I quite frequently use it irl. An issue I've noticed is that after a while the page refreshes, while I'm watching it usually, I had lock repeat on because I thought that would fix it but sadly it did not. Does anybody know a way to fix this? Is this just an issue with the media system in general?
  8. I've already thought about the subject matter (it's intended to be a comedic video, although it might not be of good taste to everyone.) I just wanted to know if you have any tips when making videos from Second Life. Like what kind of software I should use, editing tricks, and anything else I need to know.
  9. Hi and Good Morning, Everyone has heard of Creepypastas, they are essentially internet horror stories. These horror stories are passed around on forums such as reddit horror stories, r/nosleep and other sites to disturb and frighten readers, these horror related legends or images are then left to the viewers imagination. This Channel covers true and fictional scary nosleep stories, Creepypasta's, Urban Legends, True experience Ghost Stories and Fictional Ghost Stories all are welcome. If you like these kind of stories then this Youtube Channel is for you........ Dancing SheDevil Scary Storytime, Link below in the description. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyq39KwM4NmYcGgTd1IjwdQ/videos New videos uploaded everyday......so if your in the mood for a spook or playing with otherworldly beings, or even summoning something through a ritual, there is a story for all....... Enjoy........
  10. Hi, I am trying several tutorials to show an youtube livestream as web content on a prime, but i got the message " Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video". I could noy find any help on google. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks
  11. Have you ever wanted to be on a TV show in Second Life? Well today is your lucky day, Premier Wrestling is looking for "extras" that are willing to volunteer their time to play different roles such as Security, Medic, Police Officer, Ring Crew, etc. If you are interested you will be added to our discord server and when an storyline requires certain roles you will be contacted by our Executive Producer who will then explain the script to you. Premier Wrestling is one of the top wrestling organizations in Second Life with over 150 Subscribers on YouTube. If you need more information please contact Vince Aftermath or sarahadam Resident. Here is our YouTube Channel please click below link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTVFVkLEjNlEatf66HWRKgQ?view_as=subscriber
  12. Since a while i have a problem that i can't watch youtube videos in media players in SL, most of the time it looks like this https://gyazo.com/9c8bce1f017d1aa305ddc3d1186e114c right from the beginning, sometimes it seems to work for maybe 1 hour just fine and then turns green. I can still hear the audio, but can't see the video. I can watch the same videos in my normal browser without problems, so my system is capable of showing these videos. At the same time everyone else in the same room can watch these videos without any problem. My system is a PC with a AMD APU A10-9700, 3.90 GHz, 16 Gbyte RAM, Windows 10 HOME.
  13. Hello! My name is Adore De Veloure (Abatage) and I have a fashion show that occurs once a week on SUNDAYS 1 PM SLT. The show is loosely based on RuPaul's Drag Race & America's Next Top Model. I am looking for female avi contestants that are willing to show up and participate. *WHEN IS THIS HAPPENING* SUNDAY (TOMORROW) 1 PM SLT. *WHAT IT MEANS TO PARTICIPATE* You will be told about the fashion theme before each episode, giving you time to construct on outfit based on the theme. For example, Episode 1's theme is CASUAL. Models will dress up in whatever they deem to be casual, and once their name is called out they will come out of the backstage in order to walk the runway. Judges (I will be the main one) will score you from 1-10, making you either a winner, a loser or maybe an in-between. The loser will get ELIMINATED, meaning you get disqualified with no chance of returning during the season. *FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME (ABATAGE) AND PLEASE VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. THERE YOU WILL FIND AALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED. I SUGGEST WATCHING SEASON 1'S EPISODES TO CATCH THE DRIFT OF THE SHOW, AND ALSO WATCH THE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR SEASON 2. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ6riRBkCBtuBMpPO_KdSzQ *
  14. EXPERIENCED VIDEO MAKER/EDITOR Pay or trade I'm looking to hire a Experienced Video editor/Maker . I'm looking to make a Dark and sexy Music Video, some section in slow mo and fast speed. I'm willing to pay you and we can discus how much in private! If you are interested in making a music video ,please contact me ,either in world ( with links of your pass work) or on discord (iSalemTM#0361) again Willing to pay you or a trade! so if you are interested please again contact me !
  15. Hey Loves,The weekend is finally here for me with so much to do in Second Life™ Getting my to-do list out of the way while catching up with friends. There is so much to do and share. Join me as I take on my weekly taskxoxo- Quin Full Video Here
  16. ok. so doe's anyone know what this issue is with youtube. certain videos are not playing but they are only not playing for certain accounts. one of my colleagues can only see some videos but on his alt see's them all and this is pretty much the case for hundreds of us in the same community, when they do not play it says the browser does not supprt file type however some of us see it on our alts.anyone got any ideas?
  17. Ich präsentiere diesen Link via Youtube: The Pirates Dance Group - Event: Das Universum Wir hatten einen Tollen Abend mit einer aufwendigen Show. Die Pirates Tanz Gruppe stellte das Universum, die Entstehung der Planeten, das Leben auf der Erde nach. Es gab viele Effekte, traumhafte Musik, wunderschöne Kostüme und viele Freunde bzw Besucher waren dabei. Folge dem oben angegebenen Link und schau es dir selbst an. Danke 🙂
  18. Hello again Forums! My current personal assistant has taken a step back from SL to attend to her RL for a while. I am now seeking a temp during her absence who will assist me with my day to day schedule and other errands. I would prefer that my assistant be at least 1 year old in second life and have been active the entire year. REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to communicate efficiently and grammatically correct when speaking with my contacts. Must be familiar with the use of Gmail. Must be familiar with the use of Youtube. Must be familiar with the use of Facebook, specifically the PAGES section. Must have proper time management skill and know how to prioritize well. Must have voice chat enabled and be able to speak as well as hear. Must have an inviting & fun personality! Must be able to work independently and bring ideas to the table. Must actively play Second Life with no long breaks in between each log in. Must have an alternate way of contact outside of SL. PERSONAL PREFERENCES BUT NOT REQUIRED: Photo Editing Skills Familiarity with Mesh Bodies & Heads Familiarity with new & rising trends, shopping events, blogs, etc. Great marketing techniques. Great social media presence. DUTIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Reaching out to contacts on my behalf Checking and responding to some of my e-mails (Only when asked, RARE) Creating notecards, group notices & ad boards Scheduling Bringing me an ice soy chai tea latte each morning Attending events on my behalf Shopping for items on my behalf I WOULD ALSO GREATLY PREFER IT IF YOU ARE NOT SHY!! but also not annoying either, I get annoyed easily lol There will be more to discuss should you get contacted for an interview. This is a paid position which will also be discussed during the interview. Please contact me via NOTECARDS only if you are interested in applying and be sure to include a resume as well as your availbility. I do not check back for replies on the original forum post, so please send me a notecard. I will not receive your IM as they do get capped often. You may find a link to my youtube channel on my inworld profile. Serious inquiries only. Looking forward to hearing from you! Xoxo Lexy
  19. Hi, I want to buy youtube browser big lcd or plasma monitor. To be able to search right inside on screen and then right play it. thanx.
  20. (Former Linden) the Respected Journalist, Mr.Hamlet Au... has an article regarding resident supporters having YouTube videos promoting Second Life taken down by LL.. Top YouTubers Promoting Second Life Hit With Intellectual Property Complaints Sent to YouTube by Second Life Owner Linden Lab Update: See ..Tommy Lindens Comment Below
  21. In general, my apathy towards all things here has continued to rise but I have a grease monkey script installed in firefox that shows the Marketplace keywords right there on the listing and it's just sad when you see respected merchants utterly spamming their listings with just about anything. Examples for completely different products from the same merchant:- Top: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Bra: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,party,holidays,valentines day,satin,,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades Coat: Keywords: sexy,top,sheer,beach,holidays,twisted,satin,folds,lycra,ruched,fun,metals,shiny,soft,lara.body,bust,gorgeous,breast,attractive,glamour,flirt,fashion,style,beautiful,seductive,pretty,erotic,50 shades, Sweater: Keywords: clothes,clubwear,fashion,female,flashy,funky,hot,neon,outfit,block,print,seamless,sexy,stylish,teen,mesh,casual,chic,loose,off shoulder,country,top,sweater,pullover,color block, Shorts: Keywords: sporty,sport,skirt,fabric,zipper,gold,colors.colorful,nice,comfortable,shorts,fabric,jeans,denim Occasionally, they actually get a word in there that matches the product but other than that the rest is just utter spam. Any suggestion that all that has to be done is to flag the item for keyword spam is pointless because for most items, the MP created problem of multiple listings for different colours exists. So, you would have to go through a dozen listings and flag each one, for each product. Anyone got time to go through 1685 listings which is the number in the store? Maybe that's the solution to getting products DE-LISTED for keyword spam, just spam the MP with multiple items (variation in only the texture). I don't even suspect that most merchants do this deliberately, they're genuinely trying to get items returned in search but the above just illustrates how pointless keywords are. Consolidation of related listings should have happened a long time ago, maybe limiting each item to say 4 keywords would require merchants to focus somewhat more?
  22. I am trying to watch a live video stream from Youtube on SL. If I try watching any other youtube video it shows well but if it is a live feed then it claims that the Flash plugin needs to be installed. I installed the plugin, enabled plugins in the setup and reloged after the installation - it still doesn't work. I know that the live feed is streaming well because my friends are able to watch it in-world. Any idea what to do?
  23. Hello everyone! I have a rather strange issue here, I can load youtube or any other page on my tv and play videos on it, but some videos (more specifically my OWN videos on youtube) never load. I just get the loading symbol stuck while the audio plays with no problem. So the video does load and everything, but the images are not there, just the loading symbol stuck in the middle of the screen. And the weird thing is that it only happens to the videos I have uploaded Any ideas? Thank you
  24. Something New... we just launched our Venue BlackBox Studio. We focus on creation videos and around that we built a club. We are hiring all kinds of staff active in the entertainment and arts industry. All the information can be found on http://blackbox.nappdev.com Give us a chance, we might be the right fit for you!
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