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Found 5 results

  1. Endless summer awaits at Rainbow Reef, a surfing destination with everything you need to relax. Creators Love Repine and Ghost Mannequin know Second Life pretty well, having been Residents for about 15 years. Love tells us, “My motivation to create in SL has always been around beach {regions}. Building an environment based on movement, ambience and sound, a place where people can really immerse themselves in a true beach experience. A place to call home and a bolthole to escape.” Trade in skyscrapers for palm trees and hop into a wetsuit. Regarding the beach theme, Love adds, “I’ve been lucky to have had some amazing sims like Laguna Beach Club, Mojo Beach and now Rainbow Reef, that have attracted amazing people, which at the end of the day completes the circle.” A solar panel on one end of the beach gives it a modern touch. A casual bar appears to be made of locally repurposed wood, providing a dance floor right on the water. Music was another factor that had to be just right, as Love mentions, “At Rainbow Reef we have hooked up with Dublab, an L.A.-based radio station that plays an eclectic mix of music which streams across the {region} 24/7 and brings in an extra dimension.” A cabana nearby would be a great spot to catch your breath after catching some waves, and the string lights make it great for day or night. Regions that honor the beauty of nature and offer a virtual way to interact with it are great for virtual vacations when life doesn’t make it easy to take a day off. Love adds, “Recently at the height of the pandemic when people were restricted with travel, working from home, and often isolated in {the physical world}, Second Life gave people that channel to reach out and still feel connected.” However, Love feels that this magical draw to connection is not unique to the last two years, citing it as “just one example of why people have consistently used Second Life and will continue to do so, creating wonderful experiences for others, and for themselves, to spend time in.” Plus, don’t miss your chance to grab a pic with an adorable stray beach cat. As you can see in the video, Rainbow Reef is a melting pot of Residents ready to kick off their shoes and live in the moment. As a reminder that at any given moment in SL you can meet someone from another part of the world, one of the Residents in the video is Jetcat Despres, hailing from Japan. Drax tells us that “we had to use translators to communicate but we all felt very connected and had a sense of presence, as Love mentions above. However the ingenious decision of LL early on to create a sense of family via last names was awesome. I had forgotten about this amazing aspect of the SL Metaverse!” Who knows, maybe you’ll run into a long lost virtual relative as well! Find out by visiting Rainbow Reef today. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Rainbow Reef Come and surf the waves at Rainbow Reef! Hang out at the beach club and taste the cold beers or soak up the sunshine. Rainbow Reef is the surfing beach you have been looking for! Visit in Second Life
  2. Step into the surreal otherworldliness of Black Kite, where the serenity of a lily pond meets the comfort of your coolest friend’s living room. Black Kite is sort of a patchwork of inventive resting places connected by long piers that extend deep out into the water. This adds a fun hint of surprise as you approach each station, as you have no idea what is about to rez. Creator Cloudy tells us, “Second Life is this magical world of creativity and expression; you can do just about anything and be just about anyone. I love how it connects so many people from all over the world and different backgrounds, enriching your life in ways one might never have expected.” This region is ripe for exploration, with sights like floating fish and cozy pieces of furniture strewn about the corners. What at first looks like a small shack turns out to be an industrial chic lounging area with water lilies sprouting through the cracks in the floor. Cloudy explains that this imaginative creation is a way of giving back to SL, saying, “I would spend countless hours at places, just enjoying what other creators made… I decided I wanted to give back, like so many others did before me, and create a little spot where people could think, dream, and just have a special little place to call their home if they didn't have one. I wanted to add my own little bit of magic to this magical place.” This photogenic region shows the vibrant intersections of fantasy, art, and self-expression that take place in our virtual world everyday. The glistening water gives a sense of timelessness while other elements, like a whirlwind of butterflies around a tree, are perfectly frozen. Black Kite has an aura of self-acceptance that Cloudy also appears to possess, stating, “I take Second Life just like real life, one day at a time… so who knows what the future may bring. Perhaps working with others on projects, maybe creating a new project myself or just continuing to enjoy seeing people come to Black Kite after all these long years.” A dilapidated phone booth, a symbol of travel or transformation in many works of fiction, is adorned with tree branches and golden buttercups. Nature gracefully reclaiming human creations is a predominant theme of this whimsical dreamscape. On what may come of other “metaverse” platforms, Cloudy tells us, “I've tried just about every single virtual world that has come out and yet I'm still here in Second Life. All these other worlds come and go.” There is also a corner where you can buy home and garden items made in the same fantastical style, for those inspired to create their own dreamy getaway. Flowers as tall as an avatar play with size distortion, adding childlike wonder and playfulness. “Second Life means a lot to me, it's more than just a game or hobby, as it allowed me to meet so many people I would never have; I've made wonderful friendships and bonds that make me feel very blessed.” Join the Flickr group today to share your adventures! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Black Kite Black Kite has been placed with care by Black Cloud. It is blogger, photographer, and explorer friendly with an auto-return set to 60 minutes. Share your pictures in their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/black-kite Visit in Second Life
  3. From historical buildings to monuments of nature, and places that embody authentic local cultures, explore virtual incarnations of places from the physical world. With Second Life the world is at your fingertips, and you can see places you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank or dragging around a heavy suitcase. What’s incredible about these regions is that they can exist in a space where chronology is fluid. Experience 19th century charm with the convenience of modern comforts! Whatever you choose to wear will be just right for the climate, and you can walk as fast or slow as you like without getting lost in the crowd. Visit the locations featured in the video today! Village of Ciampi: The Tuscan countryside embodies a rustic charm and timeless romance. You’ve probably seen it featured in many popular films, so teleport over soon. Mitsumi Town: Based on an urban neighborhood in Tokyo, this region has made headlines for years. It was painstakingly modeled using Google Maps and real photographs. Zwieselalm: For those who live close to the Equator, or just can’t get to a winter wonderland fast enough, the Upper Austrian Alps are the perfect place to get bundled up, do some exploring, and wind down with some hot cocoa. Venezia City Showcase: This highly detailed recreation of Venice is as real as you can get. Take a stroll along the canals with a friend or with the company of the city itself. Little Santorini: A famous Greek island with volcanic sand beaches and beautiful homes. Go scuba diving and lose track of time in this sophisticated oasis. The Grand Canyon: At 5-6 million years young, this masterpiece of nature is always breathtaking. Beat the heat with a virtual visit. St. Louis Arch: The architectural emblem of this American city is instantly recognizable to many. An afternoon in the park is always a great low key way to relax. Terra Egypta: Ancient Egypt beckons to be explored and contextualized in the modern age. Garrigua: Based on Garrigues,the south of France is a highlight for every traveller. Share your travel adventures with friends by uploading pictures to our Flickr and share #ExploringSecondLife with us on social media! Other Residents will be delighted to see the possibilities, and there are so many more places to visit.
  4. Experience the timeless beauty of the beaches along the Baja Coast in this serene archipelago comprising the three regions Baja Norte, Baja Isles, and Baja Bay. Baja Coast was inspired by the white sands, desert flora, and surf culture of the real life coast that runs along Mexico’s western peninsula. The aesthetic of its natural environment has made it a very popular spot for ecotourists interested in enjoying a tranquil paradise in a sustainable way. Designer Lauren Bentham, also known for her dark places like “Everwinter,” shows her creative versatility with this sunny and relaxing spot dappled with succulents and palm trees. Hidden nooks provide spaces for a romantic moment or focused solitude, and food trucks can be the meeting point for cheersing coconut drinks with friends. Grab a couple swimsuits for your photo shoot along the water, you’re going to want to stay at this dreamy beach for a while. Sit back and unwind today with a visit to Baja Coast. Baja Coast Experience the timeless beauty of Baja Coast, in this nostalgic, romantic tropical beach environment. Explore the coast and islands of this photogenic white sand tropical beach and take in the sights and sounds of nature with your friends and family, or maybe you just want some peaceful time alone. Don't forget your camera! Visit in Second Life
  5. It is officially summer and Jambo, an expertly crafted African landscape, is the perfect place for a virtual safari vacation. The sounds of nature and occasional rhythmic hand drumming create an atmosphere that is both peaceful and chipper. Cracked dirt paths connect different parts of this region, such as a small village and a savanna filled with wildlife. On one end, a regal lion surveys the land from a tall rock. No need to worry though, all the animals are friendly. Jambo is a prime place for nature photography, as explorers will see everything from zebras and giraffes to a flamboyance of flamingos along the shore. The diverse terrains of the massive African continent are colorfully brought to life as you go from desert to savanna to jungle. Take in the sights by riding an elephant by yourself or with a friend! Visit Jambo! A voyage to Africa today. If your trip gets you hooked on natural beauty, feel free to travel to more of our wilderness regions. Jambo! A Voyage To Africa Jambo! A Voyage To Africa takes you to the cradle of humankind. Starting in a camp reflecting the 1920s you soon have to decide whether to cross a big, calm river with the wildlife veterinary station and a savanna lying behind or to pay a small native village a visit, close to an almost impenetrable jungle. Perfect for explorers and photographers. Safari feeling guaranteed! Visit in Second Life
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