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  1. I am working on a vehicle that has a Hud all riders can use it, the problem in my script is that I must use a unique channel cause there will be more vehicle in the same region that's why I used this >>> ch1 = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llGetOwner(),0,6)); but when the rider has HUD on, It will get his key and the channel will be different and the vehicle will not listen to HUD I got a solution for that to create another channel in the vehicle to listen in change event like this >>> ch_fire1 = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llGetLinkKey(17),0,6)); llGetLinkKey(17) is the key of the second rider but i think it is not the best solution for that ..any ideas on how to fix that and i appreciate your help ^^ ----------------------------- Script in vehicle : integer ch1; state_entry() { llListen(ch1,"","",""); ch1 = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llGetOwner(),0,6)); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget(LINK_ROOT) != NULL_KEY) { //Do Things } } ------------------------------------ script in HUD : integer ch1; default { state_entry() { ch1 = (integer)("0xF" + llGetSubString(llGetOwner(),0,6)); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { llResetScript(); } } touch_start(integer total_number) { //Detect which button was touched integer button_link = llDetectedLinkNumber(0); integer face = llDetectedTouchFace(0); string button_name = llGetLinkName(button_link); if (button_name == "Task1") { llRegionSay(ch1,"go"); } } }
  2. Oh boy here I go again getting lost/confused/angry at something that is probably simple to do but I have no idea what to do. So I've got a HUD that will be able to control a turret on a vehicle that has to be worn for it to 'fire' the turret. I'm using a HUD as opposed to having fire controls in the turret itself using key commands as that method just totally messes up my vehicle's driving scripts despite not being in the same prim for some reason... I've got everything working up to a certain point- firing controls, the turret will rez the HUD on sit and that HUD will then request to be attached to owner only then detach on stand etc. But what I cannot figure out is how to make the turret when sat on rez the control prim and attach to ONLY the user of the turret rather than owner only (which it is currently at the moment as I'm using some open source script). I'm not sure how to make the rezzer spawn the control HUD with the right request attach lines and know to attach to the seated user. WHAT DO!?
  3. If you love racing and have wondered about racing in SecondLife let me inform you. There are as many forms of racing in SL as in RL. I have been drag racing for about ten years in SL. It's come a long way over the years and the cars are extremely detailed with smoke from the tires during burnouts, belts and pulleys running and even wheel stands on some classes. There are several drag tracks at this point but I can only speak about the track where I'm race director. Phoenix International Speedway was created a couple of years ago by a couple of dedicated racers. I won't go into details about why but suffice it to say we saw a need for a drag track that was inclusive of anyone and drama free. Phoenix sits on a full sim with now stores or clubs to interfere with the racing experience. We only ask our racers or visitors to limit avatar scripts to 50 or less. Over the years we've leaned of ways to limit lag as the cars race down the track. It's amazing how hard your graphics card has to work to redraw all the pixels of moving objects even though they are standing still but you are moving past them. The cars themselves are varied as well running several different racing scripts. We allow all types of racing scripts but some are more popular than others. In the end it is what script you become used to and are comfortable tuning. Yes, tuning. This is somewhat similar to real life tuning of cars. There are menus with the cars, some in a notecard and some from an onscreen menu. You control two main settings for Power and Acceleration. These two main settings are used to set up the car or Tune it for whatever class the track is running. By using power and acceleration you tune for the class ET or Elapsed Time. These settings allow very fine tuning of your car up to 1/1000th or three decimal places. I know this all sounds Greek to many of you but it's not really that hard once you work with it and there are many veteran racers that are more than willing to help you out if needed. I watched several races before I became brave enough to enter a race. Surprisingly I won that race and was hooked. Drag racing in SL is fun, fast and exciting. We've have many races decided by one one millionth of a second. And yes, just like real life you can red light at the line. At Phoenix we pride our track at keeping almost all races to two hours or less which includes qualifying rounds and the main race. We know everyone has other things to do in SL and keep things moving along and not keeping you waiting. If you'd like to experience drag racing in SL come over to Phoenix International Speedway and watch the fun with a great group of people from all over the world. We race three nights a week, Wed, Sat, and Sunday. Qualifications begin at 6:30 pm SLT when we lock the sim and start our fun. Or contact me inward for more information or a tour of our track. Jaq Seriman
  4. Welcome Drivers, Pilots, Bikers, Skippers and GTFO Haulers! Our community helps Second Life drivers find all types of vehicles, tools and information utilized in-world including cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, watercraft, hovercraft, aircraft, locomotives and experimental's. https://secondlife.com/destination/drivers-of-second-life Each Saturday we collect a user created navHUD and gather to take a grid wide adventure that usually ends with a sponsored reward. Throughout the year we gather for weekend camping or other special events including GTFO! At the end of each month we collaborate with the Roadward Cruising Club and sometimes meetup on a sim track. Our authors write about their experiences and expertise with driving, flying, exploring and the tools they use to do so. Feel free to check in from time to time to see our progress and let us know if you would like to contribute! To author or have any questions, send us an email using the form in the sidebar. Yes, we respect your privacy. https://www.driversofsecondlife.info
  5. Welcome Drivers, Pilots and GTFO Haulers! Formerly known as the Drivers of Second Life Wiki. After 4 years on Fandom, we decided to move away from Fandom wiki style info pages and make it easier for to YOU to contribute to the project. Our community helps Second Life drivers find all types of vehicles, tools and information utilized in-world including cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, watercraft, hovercraft, aircraft, locomotives and experimental's. Each Saturday we collect a user created navHUD and gather to take a grid wide adventure that usually ends with a sponsored reward. Throughout the year we gather for weekend camping or other special events including GTFO! At the end of each month we collaborate with the Roadward Cruising Club and sometimes meetup on a sim track. Our authors write about their experiences and expertise with driving, flying, exploring and the tools they use to do so. Feel free to check in from time to time to see our progress and let us know if you would like to contribute! To author or have any questions, send us an email using the form in the sidebar. Yes, we respect your privacy. https://www.driversofsecondlife.info
  6. Hi everyone, I've got a bit of a mystery that I've tried to solve myself and am so far unable to. When entering and leaving mouse look in an SL ground vehicle, the vehicle "jinks" to the left. The amount is quite large (up to 90 degrees) when I'm early in my trip, but a lot smaller once I've been riding for a while. This doesn't happen when I'm walking around normally, only when operating certain vehicles that allow you to steer using mouselook. If I can't steer with the mouse in mouselook, but can only look around, then the problem doesn't occur. I know that this occurs with vehicles using the ACS scripts, both v6.02 and v7.02, but I can't see it being the scripts as something like this would surely have been reported and fixed? If I use a non ACS bike demo (e.g. from JFC) this doesn't happen with that. I'm using Ubuntu Linux 20.04, my viewer is Firestorm 6.4.21 (64531) Jul 21 2021 21:57:13 (64bit / SSE2) (Firestorm-Release). I've tried altering camera and control settings in the viewer, but I don't seem to be making any headway. Can anybody offer any guidance please? Thanks, Joh.
  7. Hi guys, I love driving around in SL and I've recently started getting into transport related games such as GTFO, BelliBins, BBB Passport travels, etc. It's great, except for one very annoying issue that's been driving me mad; road vehicle camera mode bugs during region crossings. In most road vehicles using the driving scripts created by karyn.vaher, the following happens: I drive in 'FollowCam' mode, via the vehicle menu > Options > Camera > Cam Type. This is my preferred way of driving, and also appears to be the default, until I cross into a different region. Then the camera jumps to what appears similar to the "SportCam' mode, where I am unable to see the vehicle, and the only way to get it back to the FollowCam mode is to ctrl+option cam away, so that I can see my vehicle again, touch it to open its menu, and then go to Options > Camera, and click the "Cam Type" button twice, then it finally goes back to the usual 'FollowCam' mode. This happens every time, at every region crossing, in every vehicle that uses the same creator's scripts, which seem to be most road vehicles. Most seem to be using the same scripts from the same creator, and they all do this for me when crossing regions. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? I'd like my vehicles to stay in 'FollowCam' mode, and not switch to what appears to be "SportCam" on every region crossing - Even though the menu still shows that I'm in FollowCam Mode, I have to push the Cam Type button twice to get the cam view back to where it's supposed to be. How can I prevent this from happening? I would also like to know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, or if anyone can recommend a vehicle creator that does not use karyn.vaher's scripts (preferable a GTFO-compatible vehicle creator). This cam issue is driving me insane and I would really like to know if there's a way to fix it, or if there are alternative vehicles that I can use that don't make use of these Cam-Type scripts that seem to break on every region crossing. Please help!
  8. Hello all. I'm trying to build my second vehicle and I'm running into a problem I didn't notice before (my first was a jeep and higher above the ground). It appears my hitbox is too low, hitting the ground and pushing the vehicle up. I've narrowed the issue to the hitbox since the height of the vehicle "lift" changes with varying animations, ,while the bottom of the hitbox remains relatively in the same position. And yes, I know hip height of the animation plays into this as well, but with the amount of animations I put into the builds, finding suitable replacements with higher hip heights for all of them would be an impossible task. Through doing some research, I've come to understand that combat vehicles...specifically armored vehicles...are able to turn an avatar (and it's hitbox) phantom so that the vehicle absorbs the hits, but not the avatar...while still being able to operate the vehicle normally. I know ||VolumeDetect can be used to a point, but as LL points out, it turns the whole physical build phantom making it drop through the ground (which it surely does...I tried...lol). So clearly there's more to it, and other scripts used in conjunction. I'm not at all looking to turn this build into a combat vehicle, but it would appear there are aspects to a combat vehicle build that would be very advantageous to regular vehicle builders as well. If anyone has any knowledge, ideas, tips, advice, what have you...I'd truly appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you!!
  9. Hello everyone, I'm looking for horse-drawn vehicles that you can attach to your avatar or wear anywhere, without the need to rez a carriage or a horse. I think I've seen just a few over the years, of varying quality but there don't seem to be hardly any at all; quite a few vehicles need rezzing but come with an attachable horse, or need rezzing and has the need to supply your own attachable horse (this usually seems to not work, because these horses are made for riding, not hitching to a carriage) Some vehicles also need rezzing, but seem exclusively designed for horse avatars. The RealHorse Rideable Stanhope Gig and Goddard Buggy from Elite Equestrian are the best ones I've found and the first one that comes to mind; I'm wondering if there are any others like these; horse AND carriage included, attachable and complete with sounds and animations. I've seen sleighs as well; I'm wondering if there are any carriages that are much LARGER or much smaller, but are solely for personal use only, without the need to rez. In fact, the ones I've mentioned often explicitly state DO NOT REZ. Some carriages I've seen can carry up to four passengers and come with two or even four horses. These are always the rezzable variety. Perhaps there are even vehicles that are pulled by animals other than horses! If anybody knows any others and can make recommendations, I would be most thankful and appreciative. Let me know; - Charlotte Sinclair
  10. Couldn't find a forum devoted to vehicles or boats so I'll ask here. I'm not really savvy enough, yet, to build my own HUD, so wondering if anyone has seen or built a HUD for the Hunter 9M Runabout boat, seen here. Thanks!
  11. Hello. Does anyone know any Motorcycles that we can add to use, instead of rezz them?
  12. Neluna Sorbet


    Hello. Does anyone know any motorcycles that we can add to use, instead of rezz them?
  13. Olá. Alguém conhece alguma moto que possa vestir para usar, em vez de colocar no solo?
  14. Hello first time posting here, I have a unique problem that I can't get my head around and I have no clue if this is just a thing or if a piece of script is doing this(which I doubt but could be wrong.) I have an aircraft that I built from scratch and all the controls in the cockpit are clickable from mouse look. But immediately after rezzing, if I hop in and start moving...... I can't click any of the controls. I stop moving... I CAN click on everything. It's not until I go into edit mode and physically move the aircraft myself that this issue stops. After I do that I can the click on things as the aircraft is moving. Also, crossing a sim border seems to have the same effect as "edit moving" the aircraft. Not clickable before crossing....clickable after crossing. To note, it's not just in mouse look. Even if I cam in on the controls that same phenomena happens. And yes the aircraft is physical. Has anyone come across this or am I the only one seeing the black cat twice?
  15. Hellos i am looking for work. I been posting in GTFO group and SL aviation groups but not everyone is online and i don't blame time zones. I am offering my skills and labor to paint any vehicle (needs to be modify and have uv maps/paint kit) you wish. I have done a couple/few paints in-world to some customers but i don't have a portfolio to show because money came and money went (to pay off my team mate) and i find myself at an infinite loop (customer comes, customer orders , customer pays , i pay my team mate and that usually goes at around 2500L i end up paying to help and fix bad alignments , so i end up with 100L or less left ). Sometimes i need to ask people for more because we need to buy the vehicle in order to be able to paint it (but that doesn't leave room to make a portfolio/marketplace sales). If someone is interested please let me know below or in-world. Thanks!
  16. Hello. I'm wondering if there's a way to "trick" a vehicle script into "thinking" a driver is seated at all times...so that all passengers/sitters (including the "driver") can freely move positions and interact with the others through avsitter...and yet still have the vehicle operate as it should? Thank you!
  17. TAVOR Team looking to expand it staff Crew! We are looking for a dedicated Scripter / Mesh Builder for projects! Abit About TAVOR, We create Offroad Vehicles such as Side by Side , ATVs , Utility vehicles , Gears and Accessories alll for the offroad world . we make side projects such as RP vehicles and Custom works for users. If this fits for you? then your place is with us ! All new Staff member will be signed a contract they work with cant use anything they create assosiated with us for other uses or selling. Salary is based of our selling ( Staff member with be given distrebution % part of our already published projects ) for more info and contact : Dianna Aura revochen Mayne TAVOR Team
  18. Alright, lets talk about Bellisseria roads and road vehicles for a second. We all have seen nicely done boat rez zones conveniently placed around the continent. They all have reazonable space and are clearly marked to let everyone know you can rez your water vehicle there. We have also seen couple air strips appearing in the area, each one with their own dedicated rez zone for aircrafts (not clearly maked but atleast they are there), but lets talk about Road vehicles and road rez zones... Bellisseria has a problem with road vehicles rez zones. Current road rez zones seems to be placeholder or temporary solutions. They are all currenly found on undeveloped regions arround the developed areas, nothing in between. They are also lacking any kind of marking to let people know of their existance. Newly developed areas seems to also not take vehicle rez zones in consideration as there is none to be found to the date of this post. I am personally hoping that these rez zones has their own space on the developers list of things to have as road vehicles are certainly important when the continent has so much space dedicated to roads alone, and a large community with big interest for road vehicles. Let's make sure they are not forgotten shall we? Is not lag, or your bad driving... the roads are actually broken. Maybe you have noticed that driving around Bellisseria is not exactly a smooth experience. You are not crazy... roads has some issues you can't really see. Bellisseria roads seems to be the first road by the LDPW made out of mesh pieces and they aren't exactly perfect. After some driving, I noticed my vehicles were pretty bouncy, specially on curves. I also had many issues with my vehicles simply refusing to move, randomly, in some areas.. just revving the engine without moving. Upon closer inspection I realized that the road custom colission shapes had various problems that caused various types of issues with the vehicles. These problems has been properly reported and we hope to see them fixed soon. More on that: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227210 Bellisseria is a great place to take a drive! The continent is without doubt one of the top mainland areas to take a scenic drive. Let's support improvements like these to help polish that experience!
  19. Hello everyone! Fairly new to scripting but I do have some experience and I am wanting to challenge myself with a bigger project. I am wanting to create a rideable surfboard that will interact of course float on typical SL water but then also be compatible with user created waves i.e. when you paddle onto the wave you stand up and can ride and then when you've left the wave you move back into the paddle position. There would be some keyed maneuvers, so like pressing "e/pgup" would perform a specific animation. Then other things like, arrows to turn, speed up, slow down, jump releasing the speed up key etc etc. I don't want someone to write this script for me so I am really just asking for a direction and things I might read/consider when scripting this. Where is my starting point and maybe some first steps. I'm eager to learn and would be willing to talk inworld too to someone. Thanks!
  20. Second Life vehicles stop and stick when they hit a ban line. It turns out they can escape by scripting. Beach ball vs. parcel with object entry prohibited, security orb, red line, and barbed wire fence. Beach ball wins, and rolls around unharmed outside the parcel. When a physical object hits a ban line, or an object-entry-prohibited area, STATUS_PHYSICS turns off. Scripts continue to run and can detect this. Scripts can then use llSetPos to get the object clear of the troublesome parcel, then turn STATUS_PHYSICS back on and go on moving. To test this, I put code in the classic Linden beach ball. Works fine on both ban lines and invisible no-object-entry parcels. You get the usual popups about not being allowed to move into a parcel, but they don't stop you from leaving the parcel. No-script parcels that allow object entry are still a problem. I put this on Marketplace as "Beach Ball Ban Line Tester" for a nominal L$10, with full perms, so others can play with this. I'll be putting this in our motorcycles. I encourage boat builders to try this. This is exactly what's needed in narrow waterways with invisible no-entry areas. Others must have discovered this. It's very simple. Why isn't it known, documented, and widely used?
  21. The forums here could use a "vehicles" section. SL has active sailing, flying, and driving communities, but they're not on here. Comments?
  22. We are looking to sell our land which is a great location, off of the blake sea, and right on Route 8. Did not want to sell this land, but unfortunately we are looking to move near a friend. We paid much more than we are asking for this great land. -Already has BUILT UP TRAFFIC, perfect for commercial -Blake Sea Sky Access, -Blake Sea Water Access (very close to the water,through NHA) -Roadside Access to ROUTE 8 -Connected to SL's Famous Airport (New Horizons Airport) -GTFO Aircraft & Ground Vehicles Location 17792 SQM 6,108 Land Impact (prims) continent: Satori Priced to sell! Any questions, please IM Jimbo Seoung http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bietschhorn/137/61/56
  23. I have been helping behind the scenes build rp communities for years. be it simple cars, textures, trains, some of the best custom building or sim layouts, racetracks, housing communities, and so much more. My waiting list is finally short enough to begin advertising again. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rprides/ find me on flickr to find my work. theres virtually nothing impossible in sl. let me help make your dream a reality.
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