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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there! I have been on second life for some time now. I have my own little shop that sells mostly tattoos but thought of branching out. However i felt a bit unsure since, id really like to make in real cash (nothing crazy, just some extra income would be nice!) however i just dont know if i 100% trust giving my information to second life to do so, especially being from the UK. So, is there any UK creators out there who can let me know how their experience with owning a shop and earning real money? It would be so helpful! Maybe letting me know their experience with problems if any, and if they themselves had worries. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I’ve recently just rejoined SL after a long hiatus. Would love to connect with fellow Brits!
  3. Nova Velvet (DepressedAssassin) Life is like coffee bitter without sugar. I need stability for my rent and shopping and want to meet someone who I can have fun with. Tags of post are about myself. IM me in world if you have questions.
  4. Club Neon is a live music & dance venue with themed LIVE DJ events. We specialise in all types of electronic music and have a relaxed policy and are on the lookout for DJ's and Hosts No experience required as long as you are willing to learn and work hard. ** SIGNING BONUS AVAILBLE ** We are looking for people who are friendly, chatty and most importantly, laid back! We are a relaxed club and don't do drama and expect our team to be the same. * 90% Tips * Overtime Bonus * Training Available * Open to ALL* So why join us ? Full training given at our own training facility, if needed as no experience is required Training scheme available for NEW accounts who are finding it hard to get employment Staff room for employees only, complete with a chill out room and a changing room We are a friendly team here, and believe in everyone enjoying themselves and providing entertainment for all Employee Program with a monthly employee of the month bonus scheme Regular team meetings to share ideas and help us all grow, we are, and will always be open to suggestions and will be heard We value and respect the work you do! Various areas available to you.. as well as the club we have our chill out area and exclusive pool area, all of which has facilities for DJ, Host, Dancers Lastly, lots of Friendship and Fun.. this is all about enjoying yourself ! If you feel this is of interest to you, the please IM me and i would be more than happy to provide more information and provide an application, or alternatively pop over to the club as we have a board you can take an application form from. Looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fermat/72/75/45
  5. Afternoon all! Hope everyone is doing alright especially at this very uncertain and unprecedented time. I'm Ollie, 24 from the UK. I've been on SL now for 8 years and during that time, I think I can related to most with this, I have had friends, some come, some go and some flutter. I've recently been finding myself with an ever increasing amount of time on my hands and would love to make some new pals to have a good laugh with, explore, play games, listen to music and just have a good chin wag. I'm particularly interested in design, interior decorating and landscaping. I have also recently started spending some more time learning and exploring in-world photography and so far finding that a very enjoyable experience too! While I frequent my home surroundings I enjoy exploring various sims and events. I'm pretty laid back when it comes to the little thing we call life, that being said I'm very energetic and outgoing. I'd like to meet some like minded lads and lasses. Drop me a message in world (ViscousSummer88 Resident). Hope to meet you soon and keep safe everyone!
  6. Hello lovelies, I wanted to start by introducing myself firstly. I am Dahlia and am UK based. I am a game playing, shopping obsessed ginger! Myself and my friends who are also based in non-US time zones have noticed whilst there seems to be a lot of the grid logged in from 12am SLT onwards, most places are empty in SL (or at least the places we are looking!) so this has peaked my curiosity, and I wanted to ask the following questions; - What do you do from 12am - 8am SLT? - What kind of places do you visit? - Would you go to events during this time? - What kind of events would you go to? - Would you be interested in joining an inworld group that is strictly non-advertising, but more of a community to link people in non-US timezones together? - Are you already a member of a group of this nature? - Do you have a business that would benefit from attracting avatars from non-US timezones? I'm not sure as yet where I will go with the answers to these questions, but it's certainly something I've spent a lot of time thinking about, and wanted to see if there was a way we could come together and help! Thank you
  7. I wonder if anyone can help. Does anyone know of any fashion designers in Second Life that are from the UK, My SL partner is an SL Model and needs a designer from the UK. If anyone has any ideas that would be awesome. Thanks in Advance
  8. Hey guys. I've been back in SL for a few months now and it's time I started paying my way. I'd love to start DJing in SL, but my availability is a little limited. And I'm in the EU. I see a lot of adverts for DJs, but often they are for American places. Also, I play a style i don't see a lot of here. So i thought I'd put myself out there, see if anyone has got anything interesting. So. In RL, I played as Usagi Drop. I had to stop about 2 years ago as I moved country and had a child, both of which make getting gigs more difficult. In the UK I played clubs, festivals, cons and many, many parties! Style wise I play a mix of ghetto funk (funk, soul, hiphop, bass crossover), electroswing, and dnb. Mostly remixes of tracks people already know. I like to have fun with DJing, party dj, not 2 hours of beard stroking! I can also play j-pop and geekcore crossover, which I played at cons. I can do chilled out or go full bassline/dnb, whatever the mood requires Availability wise. It's Wed/Thur/Fri between 8pm gmt and 11pm gmt. Or Saturdays and Sundays whenever normal people are awake and stuff! I'm not looking to get real paid, I just wanna have a good time. If you have an interesting theme to your place, then I'd LOVE to hear from you. I'm afraid my mixtapes are a little old now, I really must put a new one together... it's coming Here are two though. The first is more my general style, the second is my geekier stuff. https://hearthis.at/usagidrop/the-original-party-bunny/ https://hearthis.at/usagidrop/jpop-minimix/ Anyways. I'll keep looking around myself but maybe you'll see this and like the sound of it! TTFN lovelies
  9. Hey all, Ollie here. I'm 21 from the UK looking to make some new mates around here. I'm into photography, exploring random crazy places, going to all those shopping events, decorating and being slightly crazy with my friends. I'm looking to make some new friends, make some new adventures and have a good time. N.B. I'm gay so if, unfortunately, you don't like that idea then I'm not your guy, sorry (for you). SL Profile <<<
  10. (Peeks in) ... hello ... imvu veteran but SL noob who knows very few people at your service. (Ties up my white horse and clatters over to say hi in my shiny armour) Feel free to add me if you need a friend, soulmate, hopeless romantic, loveable rogue, shoulder to lean/cry on, etc etc lol Been lucky enough to meet some lovely people so far. Virtualnsanity
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a para-RP sim with a kinky edge that has good traffic UK times. Not Gor or anything that requires reading pages and pages of backstory and prep before jumping in. Modern, Victorian, Cthulhuesque, Sci-Fi all good. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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