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  1. Hey! I'm Elise, 30F from Los Angeles, California. I've been in SL for a very longgggg time - off and on. The pandemic brought me back and since then I've been really into exploring the continents (sailing, chartering flights, driving around and staying at hotels). You'll find me in Bellisseria, Blake Sea or at some airport waiting for a plane. I really enjoy experiencing what people have created in SL including attending a sport event or going to a concert. Would love to meet new friends to hang out with, explore & make good memories! (this was taken at the Bonaire YanuYanu resort - 1/29/22 - https://www.bonaireyanuyanuresort.com/)
  2. From historical buildings to monuments of nature, and places that embody authentic local cultures, explore virtual incarnations of places from the physical world. With Second Life the world is at your fingertips, and you can see places you’ve always dreamed of without breaking the bank or dragging around a heavy suitcase. What’s incredible about these regions is that they can exist in a space where chronology is fluid. Experience 19th century charm with the convenience of modern comforts! Whatever you choose to wear will be just right for the climate, and you can walk as fast or slow as you like without getting lost in the crowd. Visit the locations featured in the video today! Village of Ciampi: The Tuscan countryside embodies a rustic charm and timeless romance. You’ve probably seen it featured in many popular films, so teleport over soon. Mitsumi Town: Based on an urban neighborhood in Tokyo, this region has made headlines for years. It was painstakingly modeled using Google Maps and real photographs. Zwieselalm: For those who live close to the Equator, or just can’t get to a winter wonderland fast enough, the Upper Austrian Alps are the perfect place to get bundled up, do some exploring, and wind down with some hot cocoa. Venezia City Showcase: This highly detailed recreation of Venice is as real as you can get. Take a stroll along the canals with a friend or with the company of the city itself. Little Santorini: A famous Greek island with volcanic sand beaches and beautiful homes. Go scuba diving and lose track of time in this sophisticated oasis. The Grand Canyon: At 5-6 million years young, this masterpiece of nature is always breathtaking. Beat the heat with a virtual visit. St. Louis Arch: The architectural emblem of this American city is instantly recognizable to many. An afternoon in the park is always a great low key way to relax. Terra Egypta: Ancient Egypt beckons to be explored and contextualized in the modern age. Garrigua: Based on Garrigues,the south of France is a highlight for every traveller. Share your travel adventures with friends by uploading pictures to our Flickr and share #ExploringSecondLife with us on social media! Other Residents will be delighted to see the possibilities, and there are so many more places to visit.
  3. This week we’re taking a broader look at the possibilities within Second Life for expression, metamorphosis, and a unique type of freedom from our current circumstances in the physical world. There is no denying that we are social animals, and while we are in this period of indefinite isolation, connecting with others in a dynamic environment can be very rewarding. At this point almost all of us have had to pass up a vacation or event we were looking forward to, and not everyone has access to partially reopened spaces. In Second Life we can safely explore nature, hear the push and pull of the tide, and feel present in a place we’ve always wanted to go to. The phrase quarantine vacation might seem like an oxymoron, but it is definitely possible in SL. A luxury getaway to the Fashion Week of your choosing is only a few clicks away, and whether you’re in the audience or on the runway is up to you. Plus, this is the only place that we condone riding a motorcycle without a helmet. What do you miss the most? Recreational sports, the endless row of bookshelves in your library, chatting with others at a gallery reception? All of these things and more are waiting for you in-world. Of course there are certain things about the physical world that cannot be replaced, but there are also aspects of the virtual world that can augment your experience in ways that are inimitable. It is liberating to give a 3D visual form to parts of ourselves that have traditionally been abstract and interior. Whether it is something you have daydreamed about for years or an aspect of yourself that has always existed beneath the surface, there is no better place to set your thoughts free. Head to the Destination Guide today for a new adventure. Don’t know where to start? Pro tip: the Editors’ Picks are always poppin’. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres
  4. Coco Reserve Where Fantasies become Reality. An intimate Adult community nestled in a tropical, small town setting. Our Youtube Video ♦Rentals: Currently we offer: (ADULT) - Houses & Cottages - L$400/week - 200 prims - Townhouses - L300/WEEK - 150 prims - Bungalows - L$150/week - 75 prims - Chalets - L$200/week - 100 prims - Junior Suites - L$15/day or L$105/week - 50 prims (MODERATE) - Penthouse - L$200/week - 200 prims - Robin's Nest - L$150/week - 150 prims ♦We are hiring for different roleplay positions (earnings on tip basis) If you seek relaxing we have a jazz lounge, a social hangout, eateries, a cigar lounge with adult entertainment, we even have our own version of Little Cuba to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our main focus is your experience being our pleasure. For additional info you can always contact Xaviana Carpaccio Whitemixer Resident or Nohvah Resident. Teleport to Coco Reserve Facebook Page
  5. Pictured: Machu Picchu At this point you may have organized your whole house, binged an entire series, or had a moment where you forgot what day it was. It’s no easy feat staring at the same walls everyday, but we’re chugging along. It’s totally natural to feel a little squirrely and bummed out that our 2020 travel plans might not work out the way we had hoped. We curated a list of real life locations that have been replicated in Second Life so you can adapt to a virtual vacation. Overpack all you want, there are no extra baggage fees to worry about! Machu Picchu: Get your steps in by climbing the labyrinthine Inca citadel in the mountains of Peru. Named one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the view from the top is incredible. You might even see a baby llama! Oahu Vacation Resort: One of the larger islands of Hawaii, Oahu is home to Honolulu, the state capital, numerous beautiful beaches, and Pearl Harbor. Fun shopping, scenic overlooks, and white sand await. Kowloon: Based on a portion of Kowloon Walled City, the intricately developed streets are lit by a characteristic neon glow. The concrete architecture and dark lighting give off a slight cyberpunk vibe. The Grand Canyon: Grab your visor, it’s gonna be a scorcher. Explore this vast natural marvel carved by the Colorado River millions of years ago. There are also fun activities like horseback riding and games. Stay hydrated. Temasek: Temasek boasts beautiful recreations of the mangroves that serve a pivotal role in the local ecology. This region also has educational posts with fun facts about Singapore’s culture and history. Eiffel Tower: Located in Paris, France, the Eiffel Tower has come to symbolize French culture and is the most visited paid monument in the world. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is the perfect place for a romantic stroll. Guadalajara, Mexico: Enjoy the colorful atmosphere of one of Mexico’s most famous cities. It also has a region dedicated to the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta for an extra summery feel.
  6. Are difficult sim crossings just a feature that we have to put up with in SL, or are some makes of vessels better at handling sim crossings than others? Or does your computer capability make any difference? I often see my ship go shooting off acrtoss the map, or sink, or jump backwards, or spin on the spot when crossing sim borders, and it is a few seconds before I can regain some control. Some information on the experiences of others would be useful!
  7. While out sailing with my partner today, we were able to enjoy the newest waterway that is now in, which connects the Bays on the Bellesseria continent, closer to the bottom areas. That allowed us to go through the newer sections that are being constructed right now. I have to say, I think the Moles are getting even more creative, because those new areas are just outstanding. We basically started at the top of the continent, worked our way down along the coast, went around the horn and shot across the bay and down into the new canal. The first bridge was more than high enough to allow my Bandit Sweetpea to go through with ease and from what I'm seeing of the future bridges, they will also be high enough as well, when they are fully constructed. We went down through the rivers after we exited the canal and came out at the bottom of the continent, turning to round the bottom horn and made our way up to the airfield on the West side of the Bellisseria continent. Amazing afternoon spent on the water with alot to see. While sailing, I had noticed in one of the new areas, a housing formation that looked interesting, so I went back to that later and I am in love with the way the Moles put this one region together, with some of the houses backed against a lake. It looks really beautiful and very natural.
  8. ~Red Light District~ is seeking gorgeous FREELANCE Escorts and Dancers. Also renting rooms to AFK girls, 100L a week with 50 prim allowance. The District is a great place to come and relax, we have lovely entertainers, a game room featuring Greedy, Cards Against Humanity, Truth or Dare and newly added a PORN tv. VIP room access for privacy 50L for 30 minutes. Adboards for Businesses, Escorts and Dancers are on a limited time promotion, your first week is free! Come join us!
  9. a Bay City Sewerage Pumping Station #1 Busily pumping away inside. Bay City has quite a bit of infrastructure you can visit. Touring it on a vehicle is fun. It's too big to walk. There's some retail, and lots of buildings to explore. You can even take a small boat through the canals. There are buttons to operate the lift bridges. Parking is a problem. Object entry and autoreturn time for Linden lands seems to be completely random. Some places will let you park for half an hour. Some for 2 minutes. Some not at all. Some private areas, forever. There is a parking structure in which you cannot park. LL should set roads and plausible parking spots to at least 15 minutes. Marked parking structures and spaces, 2 hours.
  10. FairChang Isles, great tropical islands with easy access to a vast waterway of over 30 Regions to sail thru, connected to Bingo Straits. Sail or fly east to Blake Sea, the best place for your boating, sailing, diving and flying pleasure. Slurl to location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FairChang Quebrada/126/198/21 (FairChang Quebrada 3) See ALL of our available land on our marketplace page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/191362 You also have the option to buy additional prims as an add-on to your land! Contact Pepper Charisma for details. We have several islands of varying size available and prices at the moment. This island has 2048m2 with 625 prim allowance, $937L weekly and is in a full region. To purchase this land and pay the first week's rent just right click on the land you want to buy. The next rent will be due one week after purchase. Be sure to contact Pepper Charisma after you have purchased the land to be added to the rent box. Rent may be paid weekly in L$ at our rental islands located on each region. Once your name has been added to the rental box, you can pay for additional weeks by clicking on the box for your parcel. All lands are terraformable from 6 meters up or 6 meters down. Some islands come with NO transferable home and landscaping for your pleasure, if you want to use your own just click `return'. Also, Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FairChang-Isles-a-Sailing-Community/1548501295415546?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/FairChangIsles Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132298170@N02/ Interested? If you have any questions please feel free to IM Pepper Charisma. Regards, FairChang Isles A Sailing Community
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