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Found 8 results

  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Congrua/134/244/989 Club eNVy is hiring DJ's & Hosts. Calling all genre DJs and enthusiastic Hosts. JOB REQUIREMENTS: - Must be minimum 30days old in SL & over 18 in RL. - Able to speak and understand English - Must use voice (for DJs) - Able to work two 2hr shifts per week - Must have your own stream (for DJs) - Able to promote Club and Events Experience preferred... Visit our venue inworld to apply! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Congrua/134/244/989
  2. Club Addiction is looking for -Hosts -Djs (we spin EDM, TRAP, DANCE) -Shift Managers 100 % tips. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oahu/89/12/3903 For an application Contact - November Rainfall Jayden420xx Resident or Stephanie Northman Available shifts are as follows - Tuesdays 10am - 12pm slt Dj, Shift Manager, Host 12pm - 2pm slt - Dj,shift manager 2pm - 4pm slt - shift manager 6pm - 8pm slt - host 8pm - 10pm slt - dj, host 10pm - midnight slt -Dj, Shift Manager, Host Wednesdays 10am - noon slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 10pm - midnight - Dj, Shift Manager, Host Thursdays 10am - noon slt -Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 10pm - midnight - Dj, Shift Manager, Host Fridays 10am - noon slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host noon - 2pm slt - DJ 2pm - 4pm slt - DJ, Shift manager 4pm - 6pm - Host 6pm - 8pm - dj 8pm - 10pm - DJ 10pm - midnight slt - DJ, Host Saturdays 10am - noon slt - DJ, Shift Manager Noon - 2pm slt - Dj, Shift manager 2pm -4pm slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host 4pm - 6pm slt - Dj, Host 6pm - 8pm slt - Host 8pm - 10pm slt - Dj 10pm - midnight slt - Dj, Shift Manager, Host
  3. Join the Madness.... We are not yust hiring dj's and hosts, we are hiring entertainers! Club Madness is giving perm BIG events weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in coop with Zen Games. ( L$2000 + 2000 replay ''credits'' ) Send me a ingame IM or yust come into the club and grab a application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/207/48/2004 Club Madness Owner Raymon Alonzo
  4. Club Madness is now hiring and looking for YOU !! Club Madness isn't just hiring DJ's and Host, we are hiring entertainers. We are giving WEEKLY events/contest with BIG money prizes. Send me a ingame IM or yust come into the club and grab a application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Empire/207/48/2004 JOIN THE MADNESS....
  5. I am a Dj and host for hire need a Dj or host for your event or party your throw then look no further I play all types of music your welcome to send me songs that you would like to be played and I'll drop them in i charge 2,000L's for 2 hours same price for hosting and i do wedding parties as well. Fell free to contact me in world if interested. Lıʟıтн Nασмı Vεмσ Dεıяυƨ (lilithdalette)
  6. Come on down to the Lonestar this morning as we have 200L up for grabs for the BEST IN BLACK and we have DJ Thunder spinning some tunes for your listening pleasure. So bring out your black outfit and come on down! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Benevolence/180/236/32
  7. Hello. I'm dj transaction. I'm a well rounded dj in real life and I'm looking to make extra income in second life but I have no idea where to start. I have lots of credentials as I have played for venues in the past year including but not limited to: Thr VNYL, Rivington Hotel pent house, west end lounge, Brooklyn asylum(current resident), twenty bar(current resident), revolution music hall, Empire 103, and skinny bar. This is my meetup.com organizers account. You can check out most of the events I have Djed and organized the past year as well as my upcoming shows. Plus this is where most of my followers are. meetup.com/Electronic-Dance-Music-EDM-EVENT-Meetup-in-Brooklyn-NYC/ I have pictures and videos to prove that I played at all these venues. Ask and I will send, below are two short clips. This is a video clip of my album release party at the VNYL not too long ago. FYI if the venue where I dj does not allow me to use other people's music, that's not a problem because I produced hundreds of original tracks. I have music licensed to rides exercise videos. This is me playing at Brooklyn asylum Music samples. I play a wide range of music. My best genres are popular remixes, house, trance, and trap. Here are some demos House https://m.mixcloud.com/simon-ng4/mambo-mixcloud-residency-2017-dj-transaction/ Popular and dance https://m.mixcloud.com/simon-ng4/quality-mixing-of-popular-and-dance-music-for-new-year-weekend-2017-2018-live-recording-twenty-bar/ Trance music https://m.mixcloud.com/simon-ng4/great-trance-music-for-the-dance-floor-dj-transaction/ Trap https://m.mixcloud.com/simon-ng4/brooklyn-vibes-mix-sessionstraphip-hoppop-vibes-hard-to-soft-to-harder/ If venue only allows original music no problem. This is a 2 hour set made with only music I produced and have rights to https://m.mixcloud.com/simon-ng4/best-of-dj-transaction-7-years-original-edm-productionstrancehousedubstepdowntempo/ Hit me up and let's make some money together while I enjoy my craft of producing and d jing. If we make something big together, I'm a very loyal person even if someone gives me a bigger offer I do not forget the people who bough me there.
  8. >>> Looking for a FUN Job in SL?>>>**Party Club!! Great Energy!! High Traffic!!**Love Music? Dancing? Parties? Events? Schmoozing?Earn, Learn and Burn off Some Steam!! You deserve It!!==CLUB SOHO, Second Life's FINEST MUSIC CLUB=== Now Hiring; Apply Today: ==CLUB SOHO== **Links to Online Applications (ALL)** CLUB SOHO HOST APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/QpV1yJTfMu3AgzBB3 CLUB SOHO DJ APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/wB2f0r1ZVkXAdAGx1 CLUB SOHO GM APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/5A9VterxxAjhhPen2 Visit us Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/second…/City%20of%20Gold/…/137/22 NOW OPEN 6 DAYS/WEEK TUES-SUN!! https://www.clublifesl/soho/
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