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Found 9 results

  1. I bought Lindens and I've been waiting for more than 14 days to receive them.
  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I wasn't sure where to put it, as it didn't seem to neatly fit any of the headings :/ Ok so, something really weird is going on with marketplace ordering, something I've never seen before in more than a decade of SL... I've created a new avatar and was trying to gather hair demos (as one does) and placed an order on marketplace for 10 demos (from a couple of different stores) at L$0 each. After going through the usual "Are you suuurrre you don't want to spend any lindens?" page, then confirming the payment on the checkout page, the page redirected to the delivery confirmation page (with the links for order history, etc) and everythign was totally normal. I checked my inventory and nothing had been delivered. I waited a few minutes. Still nothing. I checked the order history page and there was nothing there. The order I palced hadn't even been recorded. I tried placing another similar order for L$0 and got the same result. No delivery. No order details recorded. I checked my transaction history, on the sl website account page, and it showed a total of 3 L$0 transactions to marketplace. So the orders were recorded in my transaction history, but not in my marketplace order history. Just to test things out, I made on more attempt at a delivery. This time I chose a L$1 item, wondering if the fact that it wasn't free would make a difference. It didn't. The L$1 was taken from my account, the transaction is recorded in transaction history and there's still nothing in my marketplace order history. At this point, it's been over 24 hours since the first delivery that vanished so, if it was going to deliver at all, surely it would have by now. And what's with the transaction being recorded by SL but MP? I've spent lindens in world and had no issues, and my payment info is on file on my account. This is the 7th time I've set up a new avatar since my first (probably around 12 years ago or more lol) and I've never even heard of this happening to anyone else, let alone had it happen to me. If anyone can give me any ideas for how to fix this, or even point me in the right direction to look for an answer, I'd be very grateful. I'm at a complete loss 🥺
  3. I'm not sure where to even begin with this. So basically I spent a total of 5600 Lindens in-world for a particular item. The lindens were taken yet no item was received. There was no menu confirming if I wanted to pay, nothing. I have proof in my transaction history that my money was taken. I've done my research and this "glitch" has been occurring for seemingly as long as 2011-2015. Perhaps longer. Isn't that about eight or nine years? Users of Second Life have brought up this issue time and time again. How has it NOT been fixed after all this time? We are talking about literal currency that is being tossed around. I get it. No system is perfect and mistakes happen. But this is actual money Linden Labs is playing with here. I mean I hate to point fingers, but if it's your client--code--or what have you--then yes you have some sort of obligation. You can't just let an issue with your system go rouge and expect people with my problem to "take it up with the seller". You made the system. This brings me to my next point. Yes, I've contacted the seller and haven't heard anything back yet. I've seen some people here say (It's up to the seller if they either want to re-deliver your item or give you a refund. Or not. If they don't respond to you, you're out of luck.) No no no, a-thousand-times no. That isn't how it should be. That is an unprofessional and rocky system -if- that's how it actually goes. Every single seller is different and we as buyers shouldn't have to cross our fingers each time we need assistance with a purchase. From what I gather, there is no serious obligation for a seller to "make things right" on Second Life and that worries me. Are we seriously playing Russian roulette with cash each time we make an in-world purchase? Too long didn't read: For the last 8 or 9 years and maybe more, there has been a problem where in-world transactions fail. Money is taken from the user and no item is received. This can't be allowed to happen as often as it does. Is it THAT frequent? Who knows, but this is real money we're talking about so it happens more than enough.
  4. Ok, according to what I have read, when the transaction fee went up to 1.49 USD, land rental, private land anything land related was suppose to be less expensive but, I have seen land rental go up double. I have lost my business now because of the price gouging and I cannot afford land anymore. I get a certain amount of money to spend in sl each month, now I cant even rent a 4096 parcel, anything smaller will not fit my business. So here is my question...why has land doubled in price for renting when its suppose to be less in price?
  5. Hello, I would like to show off the transaction history of SL in excel as visual charts. Sadly I can't find any information about it. I attached some samples to showcase that it realy works, but I don't have the knowledge to create it by myself. So I hope for your expertise and support. Thank you very much! Regards, Nikolaj.
  6. While in the process of buying lindens from the marketplace, my laptop battery died. I got the laptop back on and noticed that I didn't receive the lindens. So I went about my way. Then the next day I noticed the charge in my RL bank account. Who, what, how can I fix this please? Thank you.
  7. So my friend said he put in an order for $1,000,000L to /$1.00 Usd....he said it would take 14 days to fulfill....I am skeptical about this, I was wondering how far have you stretched the lindex? What is the biggest Linden / usd difference you have used and actually gotten money from it? How does it work? Will said friend actually get paid out or will he simply be waiting for forever?
  8. Basically just lost 850L, market sent it to the vendor (I hope) and it has NO record of the transaction, it failed, and I never received the item, ontop of that, I'm pretty sure the vendor does not come on SL anymore.. Now I'm forced to open a support ticket, and I'm worried because there is no transaction ID that itl just get turned down. It said to process it when it comes back, how? is it automatic? Do I just wait?
  9. Bonjour d 'habitude je recharge mon compte SL tout comme il faut , sans soucis. Depuis le 26 mars 2017 , quand je veux acheter des L$, j'ai un message : Un problème est survenu pendant le chargement de votre mode de paiement. et donc, pas moyen d'acheter des L$. j'ai appeler ma banque elle a fait le nécessaire me CA ne marche toujours pas et j'ai contacter second life et çà ne marche toujours pas merci de me donner une solution je vais péter un câble.
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