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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, I have 2 monitors, and an nVidia GTX 1080 Ti. Several days ago, any time a Second Life viewer (TPV or official) launches on the second monitor, it just shows up white, with (Not Responding) in the window title. Looking at the update history, it seems that the only Windows updates around that time were Windows Defender antivirus signature updates, and security updates. At the time this started to occur, I was running a fully updated Windows 10 1909. I tried everything I could think of to get it working, various clean installs, video driver rollback, etc. What is interesting is that I ran into a few other people who have only started having the issue around this time. I know in the past, nVidia cards had this issue for "some" people, but it seems recently it hit a whole lot of people who were never experiencing this in the past. I never had an issue with this since I've owned this computer for over a year now. Considering I couldn't seem to fix the issue, I dared to take the plunge and update to Windows 10 2004, hoping maybe this would fix it since one of the things they worked on was enhanced multi-display support. Unfortunately this did not correct the issue, and thankfully, did not cause any additional issue. Both monitors are using display ports, so I decided to try and have the secondary monitor use HDMI instead; this did not fix the issue so I reverted it back to the display port. I tried to switch from the nVidia Game Ready Driver, to the nVidia Studio Driver, but this did not fix the issue either. I am hoping anybody out here might have some insight, has run into this, and was able to find a fix. I am also wondering if there is anybody out there on a Windows 10 desktop machine (with latest updates) with more than one monitor, and an nVidia card that, that is having no trouble launching a Second Life viewer from the secondary or tertiary display? I have no problems with the viewer if I launch it from the primary display, and drag it over to the secondary display, but if I close the viewer on the secondary display, it will want to pop up there again next time, and freeze. I have made some comments on the JIRA, but not everybody looks there, so I was hoping maybe somebody had some exposure to this who is reading the forums. For anybody interested, the JIRA on this issue is here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227725 Any insight or guidance on this issue is highly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. This week joined by Oz, Dan, Vir and Rider Linden. Lots of stuff moving to RTC status seems to be the main takeaway this week. Animesh, Bugsplat, Render and Estate management RC are out. Animesh is the leading candidate for promotion but might be held back a little. EEP is out as a project viewer and working on selected regions. Including some discussion regarding EEP presets permissions. Vir showed up later to talk about performance and how it relates to Animesh, no conclusions yet, but it is being pondered (https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/428428-slowdowns-in-graphics-performance/) Niran has made some non-specific progress with his poser project, which is nice. Video will be added when posted. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9lpid6/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_5th_october_2018/?
  3. Joined this week by Oz, Alexa, Rider & Grumpity Linden. Seems Oz has been playing Golf https://i.imgur.com/DOj9xge.png Lot of stuff in the pipeline as usual Maintenance, Animesh and Bugsplat all in RC. Bugsplat needs some work still and will be getting some tweaks to its updater. Maintenance & Animesh are doing well and both candidates for promotion. Animesh might land next week, maybe. BoM is waiting on a simulator update and bakes servers setting up. Required inventory changes are done. Render viewer is kicking about, but still needs work. EEP & EAM are not production ready yet. EAM should go to RC with the next update. Simulator UDP asset fetches will be switched off January. This will only affect people on very old clients. Custom name changes is progressing, although new premium offering is expected to go live first. No decisions on price yet. It's dogfood day. Lots of Linden staff are in world exploring, messing about, shopping. There might be new Linden Bears coming, they have having an internal build-a-bear workshop. The TPV meeting takes place every couple of weeks at Hippotropolis. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hippotropolis/245/13/29 Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/9ht9cp/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_21st_september_2018/
  4. Joined this week by Oz, Grumpity & Rider Linden * New bugsplat viewer in release, part of tests revolving around moving away from internal bug tools. * Voice viewer RC is out with new SDK, at least one more update pending. * 3 RC viewers next week. Animesh, Rendering changes and a maintenance viewer for offline messages (as soon as the server changes for that ship). * 3 Project viewers in progress. Estate management, snapshots and bakes on mesh (again waiting on server changes to roll out to the whole grid). * Discussion about long term Li recalculation * Issue with KDU having issue with certain images encoded with newer OpenJPEG. * EEP is awaiting an inventory patch to servers and we should be able to play with it soon * Maintenance window crack of dawn on Monday 13th. So logging in will be affected for a bit. * Newer version of JIRA about to be deployed, which will be fun. In other news. * Lindens respond well to pouts and are easily distracted by mercats. https://i.imgur.com/6GJNDQH.png Reddit Thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/96a1ez/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_10th_august_2018/ Video :
  5. This week we had Oz, Vir, Kyle and Rider Linden Agent Kyle https://i.imgur.com/20MAkYo.png * Slow update this week, stuff moves ever forward (there have only been 4 working days since last TPV) * Animesh PV update this week * Firestorms update didn't break anything, good job <3 * Bluesteel rendering bug was brought up https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225157? - viewer & sever fix in QA now. * Updates to EEP and BoM are waiting for a sever update to add the needed inventory backend. * Group notice cap changes are working though the release pipeline. * Cache project is stalled for the moment, should be picking back up again and not long till we see something. * Dell enterprise security (Cylance) hates SL .. but you already know this if it affects you. * Porting the viewer to build with Visual Studio 2017 will start soon. Reddit thread : https://www.reddit.com/r/secondlife/comments/92fj9w/tpv_meeting_cliffnotes_27th_july_2018/
  6. Another couple of weeks, another TPV meeting. This time we had Oz, Vir & Rider Linden. Maintenance viewer coming BoM bug fixes to come soon in an updated project viewer, in the next week hopefully. Animesh going to RC very soon, waiting on server side support to roll out. They are pretty close to calling it complete. EEP viewer will take a little longer as it's waiting on server side inventory support to be rolled out. Texture cache revamp is coming "Soon" Estate access management is real close, was held up by a server side change. Viewer and server side components are now in QA. They are debating internally what to do about Apple depreciating OpenGL. Name changes are being worked towards, the plan the moment is that none of the old names will be offered (due to exiting residents valuing names from certain era's of SL history). In the case of marriages both people wanting a new last name will have to both buy a new one. Display-names will continue to function as they do. There will be a RL cost associated with the change, but nothing has been decided on yet. Work at the moment is focused on updating the infrastructure to cope with names changing. Some discussion regarding group voting (for those who remember that being a thing). Fix for group & friend invites sent to offline avatars is coming. The cap on offline messages might be increased as a premium perk. There are NO PLANS to charge for inventory over a certain amount. Silly rumor mill. Edit : Adding Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CmHngG8oMU (I've been doing these on the secondlife subreddit for a long time now, figure no harm in duplicating here)
  7. I have noticed, that it isn't possible to edit the TPV page in the wiki. Could someone with write-permissions update the information about Pocket Metaverse? Pocket metaverse hasn't been available since at least last year, yet it keeps coming up when someone asks about an iOS viewer. The wiki page probably doesn't help with that.
  8. So I have a crummy asus desktop I'm trying to turn into something useable. It has an AMD A8 APU with a built-in Radeon 7000-something GPU. I also have an Nvidia 430/1g card. Right now I'm using the APU. I have bumped up the "uma frame buffer size" to 2G since I have extra ram. I'm not sure/can't tell if this is helping anything or not. I can wander around semi-comfortably using a Singularity alpha with ALM enabled and DOF -FPS is around 20, 21. Turning on shadows kills it, though, and drops my framerate down to the single digits. I'm suspecting this means the framebuffer increase isn't helping -but I'd like feedback and suggestions. I can get in on either card, but I have to have ALM etc turned off if I want decent framerates. [edit]Right now I'm using windows 10 creators' update, and I've downloaded and installed the radeon drivers from AMD.
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