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  1. At the outset I am well aware that many here will disagree with me, some vehemently. This is your right to do so and I respect it. Having been in SL for many years, as a designer and scripter, for the past few years I have decided to follow my real love of music and dancing within SL. There are some very good clubs and DJ's out there and some really horrible ones. This is obviously a matter of music taste. However, since I am kind of a music freak and love SL dancing on my huds with my dance sequences, I visit clubs fairly often. When one does not like the DJ or the music you just TP out. It is simple, easy and that is that. (And i will say if the DJ's voice is not pleasing, it may be a good idea for the DJ not to talk at all and just use chat.) Now, with all that being said, there has become an incredibly annoying habit and absolute turn-off at many of the clubs where the following is done: DJ's remind people to tip the host and venue every other set of music (1,2,3 songs). Hosts remind people to tip the DJ and venue every 5 minutes. Automated Messages go out every 10-15 minutes reminding people to tip. "Help keep the lights on" has become a favorite line in almost all clubs. DJ's telling people all they work for is Tips, is called "panhandling" in the real world and it is just that. And this line is often used at many clubs. It has come to the point where all this is becoming ludicrous. I see nothing wrong with putting out tip jars and signs. That should be enough for people. Those who will tip - will do it. Those who will not tip, won't. Simple as all that. I have spoken to quite a few long-time friends in SL and I was surprised that they, almost all (will say 99%), agreed with me. As time goes on the situation is becoming impossible and also irksome to the extreme. Though you may not be aware of this - DJ's, Hosts & Club Owners - people TP away just because of this incessant begging! Let us be clear here - and possibly brutal: Club Owners: Club owners - The cost of running your club is something you have taken on. This should have been calculated into your expenses. A designer who cannot sell clothing, closes down. A scripter who cannot sell their objects, closes. A builder from whom no one buys - closes. Or they stay open because they love doing it - no matter what losses they incur. Why are clubs different? Nothing legitimizes begging people to contribute to a club. And I will add most clubs in SL have seem to have gone into the "land business" as well. If you cannot make it - if your expenses are too much - then close. I once discussed this with a club owner. So I said to them "If you want to take money from people - then charge them to come in. Use a 24 hours pass (easily scripted), a huge group charge or whatever method you want." (I was obviously goading them into the answer I expected.) This came immediately: "If you charge people - no one will come." VOILA!!! So what is the genius work-around? Drive people crazy "begging" or trying to "guilt" them into tipping every 10 minutes? One other small point. A lot of lag in clubs is due to the incredible amount of scripted signs and objects dedicated to begging for tips. DJ's: No one is forcing. you to DJ. No one in SL is putting a gun to your head. If you want to DJ, then go for it. But that does not mean the public is expected to pay for your desire to DJ. Put out a tip jar (or use the clubs tip jar). If you cannot resist the urge, then mention it once or twice in a 2-hour set. No more. Telling people to also tip the host and venue - again that is just not only ludicrous - it is annoying as hell. A DJ has a computer system with their songs, usually a Stream, the SAM (as it is known) and that is that. I hate to say this so brutally, but it does not take a PhD to run these systems. DJ's by themselves have ample time to do all the hosting, greeting, playing that is needed. But such systems cost money! Yes the do! So figure out if you can afford it before you begin. Don't rely on avatars to pay for your desire to DJ. Hosts: I am not sure why, how, or when "hosts" became mandatory. However, I do understand many will disagree with the above point. So the Hosts are there - everywhere. Which in essence of the "panhandling" system doubles a tip once a visitor is guilted into it. It is a hidden "cover charge" if you want to put it into real terms. Hosts greet, make jokes (if they can), and dance. They try to keep conversations going. Wonderful! Until the 5-10 limit comes up and the begging for tips starts. Venue and DJ. "This DJ is working very hard for all of you....etc." "This club is the best! Help us stay open and keep the lights on!" Sound familiar? Bottom Line: I tip only when I have come to know a DJ and/or Host and like their music and presentation. I, nor anyone else, needs to be reminded every 5 minutes to tip, or that someone is "working hard" or that "the lights need to be kept on" or that "you are only working for tips." Does a waiter come up to you in a restaurant, hands you the menu, and says, "Before I take your orders, please remember I am only working for tips."? Under no conditions will I tip a venue. That is their choice, their responsibility, their expenses. If they are renting out land or other things, it makes it even more ludicrous. Maybe a course in Excel and rudimentary costs and expenses will help all the club owners - since what they want is to be on the top of the "numbers list" which they want me to pay for. It is legitimate to "charge" for entertainment. But you know if you do so in SL, no one will pay. That should have been a consideration before you opened up your club. Please Stop: Stop the never-ending begging for tips (and it is begging.) Stop the lines about "keeping the lights on" and "I only work for tips". Stop the incessant automated messages sent to chat by a scripted message system for people to tip. Stop the mentions of how hard you are working. Most of the people listening work very hard for their money as well. Please Do This: Put out your tip jars. Mention them once or twice in a normal 2-hour set (if you feel you absolutely must do so). Do not make them part of your normal conversations. Hosts, do the same, since hosts are now a mainstay, and I doubt an argument for eliminating them will do any good. Get rid of the "help keep the lights on" line or anything like it. It truly is disgusting and annoying. Work hard, supply good music and people will tip you just as much without TP'ing away because they are just disgusted with the "panhandling." Yes this is my rant after 13 years in SL. I love some of the clubs I visit. I love certain dance creators and very specific dance huds. Some DJ's are excellent. Some are horrible. Your choice. Your taste. But no one should be subjected to this constant panhandling or begging so often. It makes one just stay away from those clubs, and possibly SL in general. --End of Rant--
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