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Found 16 results

  1. This is your official invitation to join me at The Monarchy's Holiday Hangover party! There will be multiple costume contests with 2000L cash & asses up for grabs! Let's pre-game for the new year together... Monarchy style! This is another celebration you don't want to miss! 2-4PM SLT - Naughty or Nice 4-6PM SLT - Woman Wonderland 6-8PM SLT - Kinky Khristmas DJ Line Up 2-4PM SLT - DJ Mista Nasty 4-6PM SLT - DJ Brockie 6-8PM SLT - DJ Mista Nasty Limo: The Monarchy SL
  2. hey im a switch looking for a finsub or a sugar daddy. i can be submissive or i can be dominant. IM me in world Cesyia Himanez if you think your wallet size is large enough for this cute little ebony.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a sugar daddy or mommy, in exchange for what he or she asks me, I am 20 years old, I like anime things, and make up, inside game I would like to teach me to do roleplay among other things, I can pass pictures of the rl🥰
  4. Hey there! Sugar baby here! I’m looking to be spoiled rotten. Preferably with gifts, money (Lindens or actual money!) and attention. In exchange I’ll be doing this cor companionship, RP, intimacy, lap dances posing or cuddling! Also want someone whose okay with me showing them off! If you really want, we can do little days or have time to enjoy each others company! Sex is not a must but can be discussed. I will not use webcam or voice. Will be nude around you if you want me too and of course there will be flirting. If you don’t mind spoiling my sisters (they’ll fawn, praise and dance for you and etc (but it will be limited!)). When it comes to spoiling you can just do Lindens if it’s easier! You can also collar/leash me to show who I belong too ! If you are a creator we won’t mind repping your products! If you are interested you can either: - comment below - Send me an IM (saying you saw this post) - Or send a friendship offer and a teleport request so we can discuss! Hope you enjoy your day nonetheless!!
  5. As the title may suggest, I'm looking for a sugar daddy/sugar mommy to spoil me. While I know most such exchanges involve sex, I'm really not into the sexual side of it. I'm more into the whole 'being treated like a princess' aspect where someone buys me pretty things, spoils me with $L, spends time with me, and the like. However, I'm not interested in voice, cam or anything to do with sharing IRL stuff, so please respect that! As far as what else I'm looking for - I mainly want someone that's kind, fun to be around, intelligent, with a gorgeous avatar. All the better for the fantasy to come alive, am I right? I happen to have a particular love for non-human types (elves, faeries, vampires, etc) so if that's your thing, it's even better! I am a Switch, so I can be either dominant or submissive. I would like to try dabbling in my more submissive side though, to see what that's like and I do know my way around RLV stuff. Want to talk more? Message me in-world @ Saya Forsaken (ChibiDragon007).
  6. Bisexual kinkster looking to make connections on Second Life and be spoiled by generous patrons. Gorgeous avatar + detailed emotes guaranteed. Message me or IM me in world to talk, I don't bite.~
  7. I want a sugardaddy relationship (can be sexual or friendly, or both you choose) I want someone to pamper me from time to time and make me happy in the second life, maybe we can meet in person and be friends
  8. I've always been curious about the sugar daddy/sugar baby lifestyle and what better way to do it than through Second Life? I am a kinky writer and role-player, not seeking committed relationships, just people to guide me and expose me to different things. I would like myself a sugar daddy or a sugar mama to spoil me rotten, someone to hangout with when we both can, and wouldn't put too much pressure and weight on what we have. I like the whole companionship in exchange for cash dynamic and I would like to explore it with someone who is patient and understanding, understands the importance of open and honest communication, and wouldn't try to force me past the boundaries I keep. For instance, I don't feel safe mixing second life with real life - so it will be within the confines of second life and the time we spend together, not outside it. I'm bisexual, kinky, and a detailed writer and emoter and even though I am asking to be spoiled with gifts and lindens, I expect you to put your own need and well-being first - ahead of the game and everything else. Interested and would like to know more? Send me a message or IM me in world - FollyToBeWise Resident.
  9. Coming up 10am - 12pm SLT, the vivacious Absinthe von Tease will be dancing for your viewing pleasure... What kind of Kinky trouble can you get into? You don't want to miss trying out this sweet new flavor of Eye Candy! Join us @ THE MONARCHY Members only. Perfection Exists.
  10. Hey there, i am looking to please a man, organise parties, help him clothe himself, go to events or even just be a shoulder to cry on i don't date married men and if you're in a relationship that is also a no no. I once owned multiple ranches, an island, homestead and mansion. I currently still own my first ever home in SL, which has been a part of me for the past (almost) four years, it is my pride and joy. However i do still own two mansions that are currently in my inventory, one is furnished and the other is not, the second is my favourite with two pools and a built in hot tub. This is not usually something i would do but since i am divorced, lonely and friendless i thought why not, maybe i can find someone who doesn't cheat and someone who is loyal. Here's a link to my flickr, i hope you like what you see~ https://www.flickr.com/photos/126246169@N02/ Scroll down to page 3 to see the house i would like to get up and running again. Note: I am a mermaid. ??‍♀️??‍♂️ Solo x
  11. Looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me and buy me things. Only sugar daddies with L$ should hit me up.
  12. Next it's Fetish Friday! Bring your sexy kinks, your fantasies, your fetishes to Daddy's! We have *****ty little naughty kinky girls who will blow your mind (and your load!) Like naughty nurses? *****ty school girls? Leather/Latex? Bondage? Bare feet or the highest of heels..whatever turns you on, ***** to Daddy's this and every Friday for some seriously fun KINK! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasureland/246/180/25
  13. Hello im looking for a guy to take good care of me, make me happy and while its nice to have someone spend his time and money on me i still want to have that connection with that person just like any normal relationship and have lots of fun. Im using a new account now hence why im still like 1 week old but im not using my old account anymore. I am just starting to get back on my feet so am looking forward to find someone to share my company with and help give me a good start on my new transition. My basic info: 22 yo female Interests: exploring nature sims, shopping alot, partying, spending time with friends, i do want be around popular places to get over my social anxiety usually where i can make new friends and socialise (something i cant do in rl) , i like to spend one on one time when i feel attatched to someone but i also like to have some space to spend time outside so we dont get too sick in love and get so bored of eachother. What i look for in a guy: preferably close to my age. But its not a requirement. Im open minded to anyone who i can find a chemistry with. It all depends on the person himself. But when i say i prefer close to my age its because it wud be hard to find common ground with a man that has a huge age gap it wud be awk as i am a modern kind of person and i like to act childish and silly sometimes. I might feel trapped with someone too mature for me. And lastly A genuine person who is intelligent, sensitive and caring with good taste. Too much to ask i know lol but meh i shall look for the good points and accept hi bad points as well if hes worth it The rest of my background info is personal but ur welcome to ask me, i wont hide who i am
  14. Hello! My name is Tiana. I am looking for either a Sugar Daddy or Momma to have fun with (not just sex, I love to do other things as well) and to help me fund my second life experience. Some Information about me! • I am 21 years old. • I was born on July 24, 1995 • I live in Arizona. • I love to read, dance, do gymnastics, meet new people, roleplay, and try new things! • I am a switch which means I can be either Submissive or Dominant, but most of the time I would prefer to be Submissive. • There is no strict schedule that I'm on second life, but I am on a lot. Most week days I'm busy from 8 A.M. MST to 4:30 P.M. MST, because of work. • I unfortunately will not send any pictures of myself, but I will voice to prove I am a female. I cannot voice most of the time, because of my roommates. • I live with 3 of my best friends, only one of them plays Second life and her username is Haley2711. • I am fairly new to second life and my avatar isn't that great right at the moment but I plan on working to make my avatar a lot better! If you are interested you can IM me on second life, my username is Tiana72495. Or You can email me, my email address is babywhitetiger@icoud.com Also if you would like more information about me feel free to ask
  15. My name is Alexis Sage, and I am looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me and treat me like a princess. I have and RL partner already so nothing in RL, but I am looking for an SL relationship. High quality AVI would be a plus, I'm on SL all day. I am a voice escort at Pink Gentleman's Lounge. I would rather voice then text. I have been hurt multiple times so be gentle with me. I am Aussie, so I have a sexy Aussie accent I also have a romantic side, like ballroom dancing especially at Franks Elite. Please message me in-world for more info My RL photo is on my 1st life if you need to see what I look like.
  16. I am a Sugar Baby looking for a Sugar Daddy. I am a smart, creative, fun individual who is looking for a Sugar Daddy to entertain me, take me places, and be willing to provide an allowance. I can be whatever you want (18 years old and up,) and you won't be disappointed. IM me in game for any questions.
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