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  1. ** CLASSIFIED - In Character information ** =^= U.S.S. Sentinel - NCC-22502 =^= The U.S.S. Sentinel was the third Crossfield Class starship to be manufactured by Starfleet following the Federation-Klingon War. It shares the same design as it's predecessors, including it's classified Displacement-Activated Spore Hub Drive. It was deliberately isolated and shrouded in secrecy from the U.S.S. Glenn and U.S.S. Discovery by Section 31. The Sentinel had learned from the mistakes of the Glenn and utilised the same means of Tardigrade DNA as was used on the U.S.S. Discovery to achieve full Spore Jump capability. The current stardate is 2257. Throughout the grueling months of the ongoing Federation-Klingon War, the Sentinel jumped to and engaged countless Klingon attacks to Federation outposts and bases. After the U.S.S. Glenn was destroyed, it became one of two ships with an active Spore Hub Drive. Whilst the U.S.S. Discovery was on their way back to Earth with the algorithm that would neutralise the Klingon cloaking capability, they entered the Mirror Universe, swapping places with their mirror universe counterpart: the I.S.S. Discovery. The I.S.S. Discovery was destroyed by Klingons after their arrival, which led Starfleet to believe the U.S.S. Discovery had been destroyed in the attack. The Sentinel was dispatched to investigate, however for some unknown reason the Spore Hub Drive was no longer working. The Science and Engineering teams aboard worked hard to understand why this had happened but to no avail. The U.S.S. Sentinel resorted to more traditional forms of propulsion using its Warp Drive. Unfortunately, this meant that its usefulness had become limited. The Sentinel was assigned to work with Section 31 to attempt to diagnose and fix the Spore Hub Drive and work on other projects to aid in the War. Without the algorithm to detect cloaked Klingon vessels, the Federation suffered greatly and Federation space had been all but pushed back to the Sol System. It wasn't until the U.S.S. Discovery returned that the Spore Hub Drive came back online again. It was revealed that the Discovery's crew had thwarted the Terran Empire's hold on and decimation of the Mycelium Network and had removed the blockage to the network. The Sentinel had Spore Drive capability once again. The Sentinel continued to work closely with Section 31 and worked on a series of classified research projects towards the end of the war and although an official armistice was declared following the appointment of the Klingon Chancellor L'Rell, there were still pockets of Klingon groups that needed to be dealt with. The Sentinel continues its mission of protecting the Federation at all costs from threats. ====================================== ** Out of Character Information ** =^= The Sentinel Needs You =^= We are now looking for crew members to join the crew of the U.S.S. Sentinel. We are currently reviewing our RP times so we are pretty flexible right now and open to suggested times. We will be aiming to conduct at least one 2hr RP session per week. As a full crew member you will be provided with a Star Trek Discovery era uniform and equipment. You will also have access to the full ship 24hrs a day. On the ship you will be assigned a fully furnished quarters. You can use this as your home point should you wish and you will have a limited number of prim allocation to display some items in your quarters. This environment is a 24/7 RP experience. If you are on the sim you will be expected to act "In Character" even outside of scheduled RPs. Should you wish to speak "Out of Character" please do so through private IMs. =^= Available Roles =^= We have roles available in the following areas: - Command (limited subject to extensive vetting) - Operations - Security & Section 31 - Engineering - Science - Medical We are not accepting Civilian roles at this time. To apply please fill out this form here and we will get back to you: APPLY HERE To visit the ship, beam up here: BEAM ME UP *=Disclaimer=* This Roleplay experience is unaffiliated with any other Star Trek RP within Second Life and is intended as a non-for-profit live action roleplay group. We are not endorsed by Bad Robot, Viacom, Paramount Pictures or CBS and is intended for entertainment and group roleplay only. Star Trek®, in all its various forms, is a trademark of CBS and/or Paramount Pictures and any other Star Trek related items are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of their respective trademark and copyright holders.
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