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Found 5 results

  1. I know I may have the wrong script, but this script is the most close thing that works for me. I want to be able to type in local chat /1 SLURLLINK and it automatically teleport me to the location. How can I achieve this? string simName = "Help Island Public"; vector simGlobalCoords; vector landingPoint = <128.0, 128.0, 24.0>; key owner; default { on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { owner = llGetOwner(); llRequestPermissions(owner, PERMISSION_TELEPORT); llRequestSimulatorData(simName, DATA_SIM_POS); } touch_start(integer total_number) { key id = llDetectedKey(0); if (id == owner) { if (simGlobalCoords == ZERO_VECTOR) { llOwnerSay("Config error, tp request was denied. Please try again!"); llResetScript(); } else { llOwnerSay("Teleporting you to: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/" + llEscapeURL(simName) + "/" + (string)llRound(landingPoint.x) + "/" + (string)llRound(landingPoint.y) + "/" + (string)llRound(landingPoint.z) + "/"); llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords(owner, simGlobalCoords, landingPoint, ZERO_VECTOR); } } else { // llRegionSayTo is faster than llInstantMessage and we can assume // that the touching avatar is within the same sim llRegionSayTo(id, PUBLIC_CHANNEL, "Sorry, I can't tp you. You're NOT my owner!"); } } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { // if permission request has been denied (read ! as not) if (!(perm & PERMISSION_TELEPORT)) { llOwnerSay("I need permissions to teleport you!"); llRequestPermissions(owner, PERMISSION_TELEPORT); } } // dataserver event only called if data is returned // or in other words, if you request data for a sim that does // not exist this event will NOT be called dataserver(key query_id, string data) { simGlobalCoords = (vector)data; // llOwnerSay("Sim global coords: " + (string)simGlobalCoords); } }
  2. Previously second life's online map links opened up Firestorm (if it wasn't already open) I downloaded second life's official viewer, now having two viewers on my system. The map links would then open up in the official viewer. So I uninstalled the official viewer, thinking the map links would now open Firestorm again. They don't. I have an error message suggesting I look for a microsoft app. How can I restore the link between the maps and Firestorm?
  3. After a frustrating morning shopping I just want to give a little dig/reminder to merchants. If you move your store please change the slurl on the marketplace to the demo! Today I have - landed in someone's house, underwater, had to search profiles to clues as where the store has gone, fallen out the sky and landed inside a fountain Another thing that came to mind because by now I am on the point of giving up and I know it's a marketplace default but "See item in Second Life" sucks when you actually get there and only find a vendor and no item at all to see (in this case a full perm mesh object)
  4. Read it in english language below italian. Negli ultimi dieci anni sono avvenuti grandi cambiamenti nella comunicazione globale. Siamo probabilmente passati da una rivoluzione industriale quella dell'informatica dopo la seconda quella della scoperta dell'elettricità, quasi senza accorgercene. Il web 2.0 e la maggiore interazione sociale spinta anche dagli smartphone che hanno consentito di aumentare il tempo a disposizione per una platea più ampia di persone e hanno aperto l'immaginazione a nuovi orizzonti La nuova rivoluzione industriale è definita industria 4.0 dopo che l'introduzione dell'informatica che a detta di tanti commentatori sarebbe la 3.0 oppure terza. Dato che le rivoluzioni industriali hanno cambiato radicalmente lo stile di vita umano e l'occupazione, personalmente preferisco 3 suddivisioni la seconda l'eletronica nel secolo scorso e probabilmente la 3 quella della robotica che sta appena cominciando. Questa rivoluzione industriale va di pari passo con il nuovo modo di concepire il web che si apre alla realtà virtuale, sicchè, penso che il 3.0 sia utilizzabile sia per il web che per la robotica. Philip Rosendale ha creato il Second Life® anticipando il web 3.0 e la realtà virutale con le sue 3 dimenzioni. Oggi con nuovi mezzi interattivi disponibili grazie alla robotica è in atto questo cambiamento. E' offerto in termini di nuove possibilità di costruire siti web e culturale in quanto già la possibilità di costruire in modo più semplice simulazioni utili per la didattica. Possiamo vedere oggi tante realizzazioni concrete di quello che negli anni 80 era ancora fantascienza e Ready Player One il film di Spielberg è un libro che spiega bene questa dinamica guardandola però dal punto di vista del cinema e dei videogiochi. Non posso che essere la vostra guida (o il vostro Cicerone o Virgilio) in questa nuova avventura della cultura umana. Nome utente Alcorshadow Resident Blog Second Life Community Gruppo: V&R Identity - Drew Youngson Mappa: Amiata's Peack Aggiornato in data 03/07/2018 da Drew Youngson Last ten years there have been major changes in global communication. We have probably passed from an industrial revolution that of computer science after the second one of the discovery of electricity, almost without realizing. The Web 2.0 and the increased social interaction pushed even by smartphones that have allowed to increase the time available for a wider audience of people and have opened imagination to New Horizons New industrial Revolution is defined as Industria 4.0 after the introduction of computer science which according to many commentators would be the 3.0 or third. Since industrial revolutions have radically changed human lifestyle and employment, I personally prefer 3 subdivisions: the second with electronic discovery in the last century and probably the 3 focus on robotics that is just beginning. This industrial revolution goes with the new way of conceiving the web that opens up to virtual reality, so, I think the 3.0 is usable for both the Web and robotics. Philip Rosendale has created the Second Life ® by anticipating the Web 3.0 and the reality virtual with its 3 dimentions. Today with new interactive media available thanks to robotics is in place this change. It is offered in terms of new possibilities to build websites and cultural sites as they already have the ability to build more simple simulations useful for teaching. We can see today so many concrete realizations of what in the years 80 was still science fiction and Ready Player One the Spielberg movie is a book that explains this dynamic well, looking at it from the point of view of cinema and video games. I can only be your guide (or your Cicero or Virgil) in this new adventure of human culture. Username Alcorshadow Resident Blog Second Life Community Group: V&R Identity-Drew Youngson Map: Amiata's Peack Updated on 2018/07/03 by Drew Youngson
  5. Hello , I am not a scripter . I have a small "technical problem and I am wondering if you can help me. The topic is SLURLS. The name of my sim is made of 2 words : GAIA GAMES. From Map the slurl is : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GAIA GAMES/130/128/1202. Please note: there is "%20" between the two words I have some scripted objects that send comunications to players reporting the slurl . The objects send a message to my external server . My external server send the message to my bot (Pikkubot) and the bot send the message to residents. Very often the slurl sent by these objects is truncated and it drives my players to a sim named "GAIA" not belonging to me. Can you explain me why it happens? There is a fix for it? Thank you very much in advance :-)
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