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  1. Bitsy Boop Productions is looking for a female vocalist for a very unique opportunity here in Second Life. Please send all inquiries to this post and we will be in contact as soon as possible
  2. 🐉 3 Fantastic Performances TONIGHT @ The Dragon's Tail Tavern!! PLUS SOME AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!! 🤩🥳 FIRST We start the night off with - 🐉 The Dragon's Tail Tavern Presents Talon Hawks performing LIVE @ 4PM SLT! AFTER Talon finishes his awesome performance, we welcome - 🐉 Brenna performing LIVE @ 5PM SLT!! THEN after Brenna finishes up her amazing performance, we finish up the night with the wonderful - 🐉 HOLLY GILES performing LIVE @ 6PM SLT! 💥 Don't miss out on these 3 Kickass performances TONIGHT at the Dragon's Tail Tavern!! ADULTS ONLY!! Casual Attire. 🥳 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deviant Dragon/134/51/1021
  3. In collaboration with "The Dreamer Cave" and "Radio eBento" the great music in Second Life! Taxi: [https://tinyurl.com/5d28yjt8] 19th May 2022 START--> 12:30 PMSLT --> Live singer --> Mavenn AFTER --> 1.30 PMSLT --> DJ Whistle Stream Radio http://fra-pioneer01.dedicateware.com:1890/stream Go shopping and don't miss the opportunity to celebrate eBento's 5th Anniversary!!! Check our FB page for enter the GIVEAWAY! FB Page: [https://tinyurl.com/2p86xass] Shopping Guide: [https://tinyurl.com/46pczvny] Happy shopping! eBento Team
  4. La Gallery presents “CELEBRITIES... ALSO PAINTERS” an unique exhibition, dedicated to celebrities who are also painters, like Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Row Wood, Paul McCartney and many others : 60 artists - 150 paintings. This exhibition is sponsored by The Second Life Enquirer and the City of New Orleans At the same time, La Gallery presents a photo exhibition by Lalle Van Beeck-Na. We expect many of you in our large art space with a bar and good music. This exhibition is set up until May 25, 2022 The Gallery is dedicated to all kinds of exhibitions and events: painting, sculpture, photography, design, performances... You are a creator, painter, sculptor... You wish to present or sell your works... You have some exhibition ideas? Contact : Lalle Vanbeeck-Na (Lallena Resident) Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/172/179/2504 Interview of Lalle Vanbeeck-Na published in the SL Enquirer : http://www.slenquirer.com/2022/03/also-painters-exhibition-at-la-gallery.html https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9o5qamge5xj6r3/La Gallery presents.png?dl=0
  5. ADVANCED NOTICE FOR SATURDAY 4th December LSH continues the Saturday "live" events with MERKABAH as he heralds the beginning of a packed December programme of events One of the best voices, most WONDERFUL performer and always so welcome for us Concert starts at 10.00 AM SLT On the stage of the LSH Roman Ampitheatre ALL ADULTS are welcome and allowed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pira Targa/88/147/3006 Quote You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 62 days.
  6. ADVANCED NOTICE FOR SATURDAY 2nd OCTOBER LSH continues the Saturday "live" events with MERKABAH One of the best voices, most WONDERFUL performer and always so welcome for us Concert starts at 10.00 AM SLT On the stage of the LSH Roman Ampitheatre ALL ADULTS are welcome and allowed http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pira Targa/88/147/3006
  7. I'm in need of a 70s/80s live singer for 30 August 2021, 4:30-5:30 SLT. This is for a birthday party for a very dear friend. The performer I had booked has had to cancel. Performance to be at Phoenix International Speedway drag strip. Open concert so all welcome. We are a friendly bunch of drag racers with a passion for speed and music, mainly rock.
  8. Harmony House is looking to audition for talent needed this Saturday March 3rd 2021! The music theme is classic preferred. Please pick one song to play. Gig is a *GENEROUS* owner tip plus LOTS of tips from guests! Bring your own crowd as well! Please contact Amber Hazel Grace (Bongziehaze Resident) to audition RIGHT AWAY! 🤩
  9. Want a friendly environment to work in? We are hiring! Dancers and Escorts - tip based 80%-90% depending on your level. Full training where needed, regular group training, friendly/family environment where we are all happy to help. Welcome pack to help you create your rates and get started. Bar staff/hosts - tip based 90%. Training upon joining. You're our welcoming faces ready with a drink to quench our guests thirst. You will also help promote the club especially during events. DJs - Our events are themed so we usually ask for music to be played to fit the event however any other time we are rather flexible as long as it fits the clubs vibe. 100% tips you can rez your own jar or one can be provided for you. You must apply to be added to our stream to play your music. We are also have a unique opportunity! We are looking for an events manager to help organize events, if interested please message for this position! It is a paid position, must be available the last Saturday of the month unless requested time off. To apply click on our linktree below and follow to our application form. https://linktr.ee/Velvetseductionlounge Or head over and apply on our website. https://velvetseduction.wixsite.com/velvetsl Join the VSL family today Any questions feel free to get in touch/visit in world.
  10. Calling all artists and Performers! Looking to audition people for roles in making a burlesque show. Needing singers, performers, dancers and more! if you think you have something to bring to the table come check out ~ Harmony House~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/30/135/33 or contact me personally @BongzieHaze and lets get the show started! Tada! Amber
  11. Come join us for 1 hour of amazing live tunes when Malachi Wolf takes the stage at the pool of Sensualis! Ѡhen: 1-2pm SLT Ѡhere: @ Sensualis Ɠenre: Mixed rock Ɗresscode: Swimwear ♬♫♪ Grab some friends and join the party! ♪♫♬ Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kapulani/43/199/2001
  12. MAGNUM DAKUN LIVE TANGO @ KABARET CLUB! ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁ ▶▷▶WHO: ☊ Magnum Dakun ☊ ☯☊☯WHERE: ♛ KABARET ♛ ▶▷▶HOST: ✯ ѽǦȊSËLËѽ ✯ ☯☊☯WHAT: ♬ LIVE SINGER ♬ ▶▷▶WHEN: ◕3 - 4pm SLT ◕ ░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░ HERE IS YOUR PERSONAL UBER Ticket: · http://maps.secondlife.com/.../VOGUE.../149/95/3537 Come and enjoy the Voice of the tango. Bring your friends, lovers, family and whoever you want, come have fun with us and shake!!
  13. We are looking for DJs and HOSTs for NEW CANTICUM NEPTUNIS club Click for the application: https://forms.gle/Whu9ZzchjpkzKYCY7 NEW CANTICUM NEPTUNIS is one the most romantic and sensual disco-club on the grid NEW CANTICUM NEPTUNIS are great for parties, dates, romance, sex and to indulge yourself in a high end environment with the best sensual anims in Second Life. NEW CANTICUM NEPTUNIS is a high end location with top of the line sex animations, cuddles, live events, & more. We encourage you to explore our land. Visit our club inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exxotica/14/242/21 ...and don't forget our SOCIAL MEDIA!! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/newcanticumneptunis TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/newcanticumneptunis FLICKR: http://www.flickr.com/groups/newcanticumneptunis/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATN5MVyH1NKJZXL5NPBSwQ
  14. I have been singing for some years in SL now, but the venue i was performing in last has closed down and I am looking for a new one. I would be performing once a month. My timezone is Europe. I sing jazz and blues mostly, but also a number of other songs that I just like. Here you can listen to a few of them: https://soundcloud.com/user-395512722. My voice is often described as sultry and smooth.
  15. Looking for a live singer/band for a one-time club event. Saturday, Jan 30 for a one-hour show. Looking for a 6pm SLT performance, but have some flexibility. Samples of music and group following will be requested. Please contact JAdmiral Maelstrom or Iniry Vaher inworld. Thank you.
  16. The VenueSL is a virtual live music venue set in the virtual world of Second Life. We're looking for aspiring singers and DJs in order to give them opportunity to make a bit of an income online with their talents. We're a small endeavor but we'd love to help out anyone who loves to perform and already has a following but no permanent venue to perform in. We'll provide the space, I can host for you, or you provide your own host! Tips are 100% yours and your host! So far we have three acts lined up for FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS starting 3pm SLT. They are the following: Miele: This DJ is one of a kind with an eclectic, fun and diverse tunes on her repertoire! If you're looking for someone whose sets aren't typical or cookie cutter, she's your girl. She comes in at 3PM SLT! Bring in your friends who'd like to hear something different once in a while. Margot Plutonian: It's always a lively time when DJ Margot (Miguel Plutonian) is playing! She will be playing fun and festive Brazilian beats and pop every 5PM SLT & SATURDAY 6PM! Come with your dance posse and party! Angelikus Deo: Hailing from the southern part of the Philippines, she is a professional singer who has graced the country's music scene since 2011. Due to the pandemic keeping us indoors, she now looks into Second Life to work for a living. She aspires to break into the SL music scene with her wonderful vocals and engaging repertoire honed by her years as a performer in real life. Watch her LIVE in Second Life every FRIDAY, 6-7pm SLT, SATURDAY 4-5PM SLT & SUNDAY 6-7PM SLT. Check out her covers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ZJOk0MwoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxvDkxPlmjs Here's our LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Tea/224/18/23 To get a slot to perform or DJ in our venue, please fill out the Google form: The VenueSL Schedule Thank you in advance!
  17. (Photo courtesy of Nina Setner) This week’s featured artist is Nina Setner, an incredibly talented singer with a broad range: jazz, cabaret, vintage and current pop/R&B, musical theater, and opera. She is a lifelong lover of music and has studied vocal performance in university, record stores, and beyond. Her music can be found on her YouTube channel, as well as SoundCloud. Q: When and how did you find out about Second Life? A: I'm an oldie in SL--I'm coming up on my 13th rez day this October, which seems particularly insane to me. Back in 2007, my life changed radically because I'd had my first child earlier that year. Going out with the girls had been replaced with staying home with the baby, so all of a sudden I found myself without much of a social outlet. One night we happened to be watching a now ancient episode of CSI with a storyline in which SL featured, I was intrigued, and here I am--though to be fair, I would say that in addition to the life-changing relationships I've made along the way, it's the music first and foremost that has kept me here. It has always been my touchstone, in both lives. Q: You sing in a wide variety of styles, two of which are jazz and cabaret. For people unfamiliar with these genres, how would you describe the difference? A: Oh wow, great question--I'll do my best! In the simplest terms possible, jazz is a musical style, and cabaret is a performance style. Jazz requires a lot of imagination and willingness to experiment and be fluid with rhythm, time signature, melody--but often within a pretty strict framework. In order to excel at it, I think you have to be brave and give into the process. You can't scat sing or improvise 8 bars timidly--you have to go in with your whole heart. Cabaret on the other hand is a more intimate performance setting, as opposed to a larger theater or arena, etc. It can be free form (on the piano bar end) or it can be scripted ahead of time in a more formal cabaret club, but in both settings, singers are enjoying a rapport and a connection with their audience, either by telling them a story through songs they've chosen ahead of time or engaging with them off the cuff. Cabaret singers commit hundreds--thousands, actually--of songs to memory, because in a setting like that, you need to be ready and able to sing requests from multiple genres, jazz certainly being one of them. Q: You mentioned that you are a mother. How do you balance your creative outlets with raising kids, and do they like music as well? A: I was a regular in the club circuit here in Chicagoland where I reside in the days before I had my kids. When I stumbled into SL, I had NO clue about the live music community or potential opportunity to continue performing at a high level, but thankfully I found out pretty quickly. While they were little, I had to keep my schedule incredibly light--one, maybe two shows a week tops. As they've gotten older and can entertain themselves for an hour (though everyone who follows me regularly has heard my kids in the background *far* more often than I'd like over the years!), I've been able to increase that show load. My kids are young musicians as well, but neither of them enjoy singing. Apparently they're “too shy.” I keep hoping that'll magically change one day. Fingers crossed! Q: When books are adapted into films, there are always purists who say the source material was better. Has there been a film adaptation of a musical that you feel should only be experienced live in the theater? A: Another fantastic question. I think musicals that are more on the visual spectacle end--for example, The Lion King--I think that those are best appreciated live and in person. It's difficult to transfer the director's vision to the screen in those circumstances. I'm also a bit of a Sondheim fanatic/purist, so while I've been really happy to see his work getting the wide exposure and recognition it deserves through film adaptations of Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd, nothing takes the place of seeing Sondheim done as Sondheim intended. On the flip side, some musicals transfer brilliantly--the film version of West Side Story is still, for me, the one to beat. I have yet to see a live performance of it (or any other movie musical) that I liked more. Q: Did you study music or are you self-trained? A: At this point, it feels like I've been studying it my whole life. I started playing piano as a young kid and added voice lessons to the mix during my early teen years. Those piano lessons really helped shape my ear and broaden my repertoire beyond what I even understood at the time (I was playing Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust" and songs like it back in high school out of random piano collections I'd pick up at the local music store--who knew I'd still be singing those songs 30 years later?) I did study music in college--I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and hold degrees in both choral music education and vocal performance, and I'm still studying today--that never stops! Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you? A: So, so many things. What SL and the music community in particular have added to my life and work as a musician is sort of incalculable. But I think reaching out over thousands of miles, making those connections and sharing your art and your passion with people you never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise? I think that's pretty damn special. I hope we're here for years to come. Thank you so much, Nina! Don’t forget to check out her calendar for upcoming performances, and her group in SL. If you or someone you know would like to sign up to be featured in Music Mondays, please fill out this form. For more information, take a look at our official announcement.
  18. Photo courtesy of Mavenn Resident This week's featured artist is Mavenn Resident, who imbues familiar songs of intimacy and romance with an unrestrained passion that can be both soft and powerful. She pulls from a range of styles, and you'll hear everything from ballads to folk and some blues rock. Please check out her music here. Q: When/how did you hear about Second Life? A: I had been on another chat program previously when a musician friend of mine mentioned he was going to start performing in Second Life. He asked if we would be interested in following him into the program and checking it out. There were several of us and within weeks we were running our own venue, and hosting incredible artists. Q: What got you into music, and do you play any instruments in addition to singing? A: I have always been an avid music listener and just casually sang, school performances, and was in a band for a short period as a teenager. I was always singing along to the radio enough to drive my children mad. I was involved in school orchestra growing up and played the oboe. It wasn’t until I was in Second life for about a year that I began to sing in any kind of regular way. Now singing is so much a part of my life, I wouldn’t want to live without it. Q: Who are some of your favorite musicians? A: My favorite musical inspirations are David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, and of course, Beth Hart. Q: What advice would you give to other musicians who feel frustrated by the restrictions of our current circumstances? A: This is a perfect time for both observation of the zeitgeist and self-discovery; keep living in your art, and be thankful weed is more widely available. Q: What is your favorite memory of performing in Second Life? A: My first show in Second life was at a venue built much like a regular brickhouse pub. Optimus Prime tp’d in and couldn’t fit inside the Pub so he sat outside on the lawn to listen and the chat hilarity ensued with the audience. That’s when I knew I loved the camaraderie and inclusive nature of the platform. Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you? A: I absolutely love getting to know the other artists by having so much access to them. Having your regular favorites perform so regularly allows you to watch them grow in their art. I adore being an audience member with my audience as well. The scene is a fascinating and thriving community SCENE when you take the time to observe and get to know the people, free your soul and drift away. Thank you, Mavenn! If you or anybody you know would like to be featured in Music Mondays, please fill out this form.
  19. Pictured above: Holly Giles at ~No Strings~ This week's featured artist is Holly Giles (pronounced 'Jiles'), a smooth crooner with an eclectic style hailing from Australia. She likes to sing country, rock, and pop from classic to contemporary and can be found at her venue ~No Strings~ each Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm SLT. (slurl for venue: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Areumdeuli/226/27/80) Please check out her music on her website as well as this video. Q: When/how did you hear about Second Life? A: In 2011 I joined an online chat platform called IMVU due to some personal stuff that forced me to be at home and unable to work. I ended up staying for 5 years. I heard about SL from some people at IMVU who were trying to convert some of us over, haha. I created an SL account in 2015 and kinda used both IMVU and SL for about a year until I decided that SL was more to my liking, with people around my own age. I was in SL for about 2 years before I even KNEW there was a Live Music Community lol, so once i discovered that, I gave away my IMVU account to a friend and I have never looked back. Q: I really enjoyed your renditions of classic country songs. What drew you to that genre? A: My music is actually very mixed genre, with country music only taking up about one third of my song list. I was raised on classic country music with my mum having her own band in my childhood, so I learnt my love of country from her and I always say that classic country is my soul music lol. But I do love all music so I tend to sing what I love, from classic country, classic rock, 90's pop and country, through to modern pop like Lady Gaga. Q: As with any artistic style, country music has evolved so much over the last century. Which decade/era is your favourite, and why? A: Oh that's easy. I love the old country. The Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn era of country. These country legends are like storytellers. Every song has a story. Every song has a purpose to it. I don't know how else to explain it. I can have my heart broken and find my story in a classic country song. I can feel overjoyed about something and find my happiness echoed in a classic country song. While I love all music and listen to even the most modernist of pop music, I personally just don't get that feeling from it. I get the happiness of an awesome beat, or well-written lyrics but yeah, not that feeling. Q: If you could open for any musician (alive or deceased), who would it be? A:I think a lot of people who follow my music would expect me to say Dolly Parton right now, and I thought I would too, but you know, I think I would LOVE to open for Bette Midler. Wow, what a musician she is. I think if I opened for Bette Midler, I could sing anything I wanted to before she took the stage. I could sing some James Brown, followed by a Dolly Parton song, followed by some Creedence lol. I wouldn’t be restricted to one genre, like I would be if I opened for Dolly, I feel. Q: Do you ever get stage fright before performing in SL? Describe your preshow ritual. A: OMG. I only started singing, I mean really singing in Second Life AND real life 2 years ago. The reason I never sang before is that I suffered MASSIVE stage fright. I would freeze up and my voice would go shaky if I tried to sing in front of anyone. It took a lot of help and compliments from online friends for me to get the courage to sing in Second Life. My very first show I was so nervous that I felt sick. But by halfway through I suddenly forgot that I was nervous and I just sang. I found the talking part a lot harder than the singing part lol. Now, I don't feel any nerves in Second Life, but am working on my nerves in RL lol. Q: What is the most meaningful aspect of the SL music community to you? A: Without a doubt, the part I enjoy the most is singing a song and seeing in local things like “OMG I love this song!” or "Oh wow, I haven't heard this song in years!” I love getting requests, I love sharing my love of music with others. I love talking about how my mum used to sing this song or that song in her band while I slept under tables at the local pub. I love that 2 years ago I couldn't sing this song or that song, but that now with some practice under my belt, I can blast that song out like it's nothing. I love just being able to sing and the fact that people want to hear me sing still blows me away every time I open my mouth. Thank you, Holly!
  20. This week Asiza Wolf takes us on a tour of her floating Islands of Love, a seamless amalgam of her varying cultural interests that features steampunk ships, meditation areas, a concert stage, and more. Asiza’s real life alter ego, Toni Harper-Dunlap, is a former professional singer and dancer who has graced the stages of The Apollo, Carnegie Hall, and Toast of the Town (later The Ed Sullivan Show), so you’d be lucky to catch her perform some impromptu jazz standards here. Asiza says of the virtual world, “Second Life tickles me. It is my kind of thing. I am having a natural ball every day!” At the age of 83 Asiza/Toni is as creative as she has ever been, with Second Life her playground of infinite imagination. Asiza turns the stereotype of the lonely old technophobe on its head, proclaiming “I am not afraid of technology. A busy mind is a good thing when the body can’t be that busy anymore. I am the happiest person that I have SL. It is a wonderful something to have in one's life. I have a new life here now and I do intend to truly enjoy it for as long as I am able to.” Her independent and robust spirit continues to thrive inworld and out; proving age is not a thing to be pitied but a badge of honor. Asiza also refutes the misconception that people who are passionate about virtual realms don’t have a fulfilling experience of the real world: “I have a beautiful family, I love them to pieces. I’m busy doing my thing and they are busy doing their thing… They’re breathing their own air, I’m breathing mine.” As Asiza/Toni is a practicing Buddhist, she has placed a replica of her home altar on the islands for anyone in search of quiet contemplation under the soft cosmic glow. This region is a visual representation of her dreams, character, and hobbies. There are a few hidden gems here too, like Asiza’s favorite room, which is a serene lounge with a purple (her favorite color) piano surrounded by flowers, as well as a salsa club located inside an active volcano. To get the full schedule of regular performers, join Asiza’s group: SL’s top jazz and soul singers such as Scorpio Aeon and Tony Slade do regular shows here and weekly DJ events happen down in the fiery depths of the VolcanSiza Club. Asiza’s Islands of Love truly welcomes everyone, so visit today to see the spectrum of vibes. The three songs Drax and Asiza/Toni recorded in Palm Springs in 2019 & the two tunes Scorpio Aeon performed in the video are available for download here. Asiza’s Islands of Love Asiza’s Islands of Love is longtime SL Resident Asiza Wolf’s latest project: a series of floating islands, connected by bridges, featuring flyable dragons and steampunk ships, areas for quiet contemplation and meditation, a concert stage, and possibly the hottest Salsa Club in SL located inside an active volcano! Visit in Second Life Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres
  21. ╔══════ISABELLA RUMSFORD════════ ║ ╔═║♬║ ═══►ISABELLA ╠═║♬║ ═════► HELLE'S ANGELS ╠═║♬║ ═══► 3pm slt ╚═║♬║ ═════► ATTIRE: CHIC CASUAL ╚═║♬║ ══►BRING REQUESTS!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haemosu/214/27/84
  22. Dream NightClub, Beach & Events is HIRING * DJs * Hosts * Live Singers/Performers/Musicians * DJ Manager - 1 * General Manager - 1 We pay 100% tips to staff & we also pay salary if you stick with us for 30 days or longer. Salary paid after 30 day period is up. We'll also pay all staff bonus per set so they spend 2 hours in the club during sets. Come on down and fill out an application in the club OR IM / NC DREAM GENERAL MANGER DEVIL HORNBRIDGE. HOST APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/host-application DJ APPLICATION - https://dreamnightclub.aidaform.com/dj-application NOTE: You must be 30 days old
  23. Lucyharrington live singer is looking to book shows in SL. If you are a venue owner and are looking to add Live Singers to your schedule please send me a notecard in world. Thank you
  24. Hello all, my name is Lexi FreeSpirit and I'm an RL and SL singer and songwriter. After a long stop due to RL issues, I have come back and I'm getting in touch with clubs for my gigs. I'm looking for a manager to deal with club owners on my behalf when I'm not online, and dealing with all the stuff I can hardly handle when I'm online. Basically I'm on Aussie time zone (from 3am to 7am SL time), but might have something around 8-9 am SL times too... Monday to friday. Rarely on saturdays. DETAILS WILL BE DISCUSSED DURING INTERVIEW. Please send a NC with your Resume to LexiFreeSpirit Resident ONLY INWORLD. Thanks
  25. Hiya everyone ^^/ we are opening a great new cozy Club this Saturday (18.07.2020) starting at 2PM SLT called "The Saferoom" and we are looking for DJ's and Live Singers to join us for this project and further events! If you are intrested please send a Notecard to "Tsukino Udimo" with your terms. If you have any Samples of your work it would be greatly appreciated! You can find the Club at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unique/103/151/2102 P.S: Please make sure you have your T-Virus Flu shot ready ;3
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