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  1. Hola! He notado que algunos objetos que compré, que tienen scripts, no se los puede ver. El contenido aparece como vacío, pero claramente tienen un script funcionando en su interior, y esto pasa independientemente de los permisos que tenga el objeto; este puede ser modificable y copiable y aun así tener oculto los scripts. Bueno, me gustaría saber cómo se hace esto. Muchas gracias por leerme.
  2. Good day, I am looking for a scripter who can create an AO for my mesh tail. Hud and animations are already ready 4 animations Sitting (on and only active when sitting, off) 2 Middle 1 Bottom animation all have priority 3 HUD appearance on off top toggles between visible and not visible TOA on/off switches AO on and off If you are interested please contact Makunia Resident or via Discord Makun#1363. Please with asking price.
  3. so im trying to get a llSay from the same wearable object in a differant script that triggers on touch from someone else to register with this script to trigger an animation on me (owner), and i cant figure out what im doing wrong, any help is appreciated, or even if someones willing to fix the mistake would be even better string productName = "Product Name"; integer channel = 9; default { changed(integer change) { if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER | CHANGED_INVENTORY)) llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if(PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION & perm) { llListen( channel, productName, NULL_KEY, "" ); } } listen(integer chan, string name, key id, string msg) { list detail = llGetObjectDetails(id,[OBJECT_OWNER]); if(llList2Key(detail,0) != llGetOwner()) return; { if( msg == "Anim") { llStartAnimation("Anim1"); llSetTimerEvent(0.3); } else { llStopAnimation("Anim1"); } } } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); llStopAnimation("Anim1"); } }
  4. Is anyone aware of how to change a regular table into a dancing platform?
  5. Hey guys I need 2 pretty simple HUD button scripts, one button will toggle between show/hide on a selected link and face number of a worn item, and the other button will toggle between 50% opacity and then back to 0% on a selected link and face number of a worn item. I will need to be able to change the link/face numbers in each script. Contact inworld Luna Bunny to discuss sorted out thank you
  6. I recently had a script created for a jewelry box. The person sent over a perfectly good working version along with the scripts. I have been trying for days now to recreate the working box with the same box i sent for him to work with but it seems to not work when I try to recreate it. The person who helped me with the script sent over a non mod script so I can't show any Code with a detailed notecard i followed. i have even sent him over the non working version and he sent me back a fully mod working version just the scripts are no mod. i have tried resetting scripts, setting them to running, using the same scripts that came from the working version, every keyword is the exact same i have even tried on the beta grid and nothing worked. im using the latest version of firestorm at this time FIRESTORM i welcome any suggestions and thank you for taken the time out to read my post.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am offering my services as a custom-scripts creator. I have: - 4 years experience with LSL - Computer Science Major - Have developed more than 50 custom scripts. If you are interested IM me in word to the user: Christian1koch
  8. Hi! I have tested with a simple door script by adding it to the top part of the phone and it works as it should. But i need the top and bottom parts to be linked to be able to use a resize script and once i link them the phone just rotates around the middle. So is there a way to have the parts joined and have the script only affect the top part so it would fold closed? https://i.gyazo.com/2e8301d4947f566d57d7dc516bcd6a01.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/302254dbda875496ac1d44e0d3802eab.mp4
  9. Bonjour tout le monde Heum, désolé, j'ai oublié d'indiquer que j'avais déménagé sur une parcelle plus grande. 1/6 de SIM où j'ai regroupé toutes mes activités. Au lieu de deux morceau, j'en ai plus qu'un seul. Voici l'adresse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy Hills/37/98/21 C'est un endroit principalement Francophone, cependant tout le monde est le bienvenu. J'y ai réuni toutes mes activités, entre autres: Entraide build & script cours Sandbox réservée aux membres du groupe pour travailler tranquillement Boutique Shop de mes réalisations Greedy, 7sea, club, Paintball pour s'amuser Money chair pour les noobs sans argents Art Showroom pour les artistes qui souhaiteraient exposer leurs œuvres (10 prims gratuits) Skybox & kiosk en location Un appartement gratuit en skybox pour les SDF Bon, en résumé. A bientôt
  10. We are a dynamic group working on both Second Life and real world projects. We are looking for talented and skilled content creators to join our team. Please apply via Google Form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GNpibJRTcP63ruCpmzw9GspsN9Zt1HuxlqIGXdijCK4/edit If you prefer to apply inworld, here is an Uber http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Community College/179/233/22
  11. Hello, I'm looking to hire a scripter for a project for my sim. -What it should do- When someone arrives in the sim they are prompted to accept the sim experience. (Yes, I already have one.) They will also be given a private message in local explaining what it does. If they have already accepted it, they are not asked to join again. If they accepted the experience or previously did so, a HUD will be rezzed and attached to their screen in the lower right-hand corner. If they leave the sim, the HUD will auto-detach. If possible I would like this to work sim-wide, not just in a small area. If that is not possible, please let me know what your recommended solution would be. I have already made the HUD to be rezzed, and will be updating it from time to time. I realize I could just use an updater script to give everyone who wears the HUD an updated copy, but I'd rather lower the variable of user error by simply providing a temporary attached version. I do not have a specific time frame for this project, but completion by the end of March would be great. I do not care of the script is full perm or not, as long as I can manually set any variables that need to be set. (i.e. it doesn't require the script creator adjusting the script if something changes.) For example, if the HUD object changes names (because it will with version changes). If you're interested in this project, please send me an IM or notecard inworld with how much you'll charge for this project, and how long you think it'll take to complete. Do not reply here, as I may not see it for a few days. Thanks!
  12. Several hours ago a bunch of Script Warning / Error / Debug messages appeared: Unable to create item '' that has caused problems on this region. I was in my home / the region I rent, and when these messages appeared I was suddenly unable to rez anything - anything at all. I logged out, rebooted, and logged in, only to get the same error messages and most of my clothing and body did not load. I've made no changes to property settings. I tried using an alt, but the problem repeated. I tried using alternate viewers, but same result. My av's body and clothes appear only when I teleport to a different region and "wear" the outfit again. This is weird - it feels like my IP address has been blocked by the owner of the region where I rent. I quickly inquired with the property owner, but have heard nothing back. No way to know until they respond. I'm quiet, keep to myself, and cause no trouble, so don't think there's any reason for an IP block, but you never know. Has anyone else had this problem? What can I do to fix it?
  13. Hi all of you fabulous scripters! I am building a set for a dance routine. I am hoping to have the ceiling and walls of my set change color at specific times. I know there are scripts out there, that allow you to drop different textures in Contents so they change from time to time. I am looking for a script that allows me to set the times that each texture changes. Is this possible? Is there a script already out there that does this? Or, does someone have the skills to create one for me? Any help or guidance you can give me, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  14. Hi, I have spent hours today trying to track down a SLRR script to put in an object for use on the tracks. However, no luck. I am sure that SL has one out there. that's not going to cost me 3 k! Any idea where I can find a ' plug and play' script, because honestly, I am no scripter and I am a ok builder, kind of. lol. Thank you. Irish Breen
  15. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a script "ONLINE INDICATOR" that I put in a prim and when I click on the prim it asks me to enter the name of the avatar or its uuid and puts it in green if ONLINE or in red if OFFLINE. If anyone has this I would be very happy Many thanks in advance ^^ MlleZ
  16. i created a plush toy and i want the object to walk with me with AO as i hold it like in some items i have seen in marketplace now the question how do i do it ? do i create my own animation outside of second life or i can do it with scripts only? how do i start?
  17. im using bosh https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BoSH-Mesh-Color-Picker-Basic/4130234 HUD change color, my mesh has 2 matriels inside and when i try to change the color by pressing edit link (after the scripts inside the earring) for some reason the 2 matriels becomes one and it changes only the ring instead of the other thing i want it to be changed i even tried with creating simple cube and i tried with select faces (it was 2 faces) but it just wont work.. heres the mesh: https://ibb.co/59Dmjw7 what i want to change: https://ibb.co/kM6z3pL what ends up changing: https://ibb.co/02yqX9M
  18. Hello community I allow myself a small message because I'm looking for a timer script in your inventory if ever. I need to be able to put the script in a prim to wear like a hud and be able to click on it to open a menu that offers me different timer style countdown. The ideal would be with a loops option (that I can activate or deactivate in my menu) which means that for example if I put the timer at 30 minutes arrived at the end of 30 minutes it starts again on a timer automatically. I hope I have not lost you in my explanations, here is a small image to show the style of the timer. many thanks in advance Tzimix
  19. A script that links a profile link of the owner's name in local chat when whispering/speaking/shouting. EXAMPLE: secondlife:///app/agent/9bb35653-4ea2-41bb-bdc9-5bb51050f143/about : Hello, how are you? Welcome.
  20. For sure i´m missing something or everything but i´m trying my best in learning. I wanted this script gives a menu and shows object in range and then follow that objet (scripted object) i´m not sure what change when listing uuid from object or avatars, i´m a bit confused how to send the uuid, maybe that's my mistake but i´m not getting it. It's a non physical object. Any clue ? I would appreciate the help ❤️
  21. I have a spider that is single prim, I'm trying to make it appear that it is walking and having trouble with the Animated Textures. Firestorm-Releasex64 - Gloverflo (gyazo.com) Here is what we have so far.
  22. Hello everyone, so here it is, there was a time when I had a problem with a line of code of a hover object script. It seems to me that it was this kind of line : (It's so that the object follows my movement when I move) But that was before, and now I can't remember. If someone can help me please !
  23. First off, forgive me, because I'm a beginner who barely knows what I'm doing, as far is scripting is concerned. For all I know, the answer to this is probably very simple and is staring me right in the face... I found an old, free script in my inventory, 'Multiple Sound Fragments Player", and tried to mod it into a hybrid with a "Sound & Text on Touch" script. The goal was to have a prim attachment play 4 sound files (rather than the usual 2), in a certain order, when touched. This version of the script does this, but unfortunately loops both the sound and the chat text indefinitely. I want to have it play all this stuff just once, whenever the prim is touched, with no automatic repeats. The other drawback is that there is a considerable time delay (6+ seconds) prior to the first sound clip playing and between the subsequent the sound clips. I've tried setting the llSetTimerEvent to lower numbers than 10, but it didn't seem to make any difference.
  24. I am not a scripter and I have searched online for various scripts to create a leash between one object and another, the first one I tried is this http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Basic_Leash a chain appears that moves but the physical object on the ground does not move, it remains stationary. then I tried a second script this here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/64326-simple-leash-script/ which keeps a distance between me and the physical object unfortunately instead of pulling the object, pull me wearing "the holder" in practice I would like to wear an object that holds in chains another "physical" object that is dragged, to make weapons such as the "morning star" can anyone help me?
  25. Hello, I have been scratching my head, trying and looking around without finding anything that can help me. I try to make the loop Do While increment by 2 each loop but starting at 0 for the first result then 2,4,6,8...etc. This increment by 1 from 0 to 10 //integer x; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { integer x; do llSay(0, (string)x); //x = x+2; while(++x <= 10); //if(x > 10) //{ //x = 0; //} } } Here it can work but without the loop. integer x; default { touch_start(integer total_number) { //integer x; //do llSay(0, (string)x); x = x+2; //while(++x <= 10); if(x > 10) { x = 0; } } } I have been trying many syntax but there is things I don't understand.
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