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Found 8 results

  1. Can anyone recommend me some good sims to sit in for a while and chill while I write? I like eerie sims, foggy sims, and rainy sims most. I'm really just looking for a quiet place to relax. For some examples, I like [Sommergewitter], and [Rainy Alley]. I also really liked Deepmarsh by the Sea and [this post apocalypse type of sim].
  2. So recently I came across in a new SL viewer update of skies, days and cycle settings. This works for my RP scenery but which one do you use? I use Falling out SL (Fallout game), Dusty or Foggy for a roleplay scene depending on where I am at for the genre. This is something I never used before this update and wonder what do you use for the scenery settings? Picture is of Falling out SL scenery for the personal lighting in Firestorm viewer.
  3. Great little parcel newly up for sale at $1,500L. The parcel is snow land, 512 m, 175 land capacity. It's a little quiet neighborhood in Disl, anyone I have met on the nearby road has been kind/respectful, Moderate content and covenant free. I've landscaped a little bit with an ice platform and there is a Primrose home set on the ice block for you to keep if you'd like - items set to use. Cute and comfy getaway. Any questions, you can contact me, Jeni Wolf (jwolf2262). Thanks and take care PS, there is another plot directly adjacent to this one that is also for sale at 7000L by another user that you could purchase as well and make a pretty big area for yourself. Just a thought for anyone looking for a little more land.
  4. Inspired by the beautiful real life Portofino . Come enjoy beautiful landscapes and scenery. Offering only 20 unique rental spots on this beautiful sim . Very low weekly rates with access to open linden water for boaters and sailors. Come check this out you wont be disappointed ! Check out the rental office at the landing point to check out available rentals. If your looking for a low cost one of a kind home this is the place!! Check out the photos and landmark below!!! Also be sure to check out the flikr page dedicated to this sim!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rotuma/78/175/26 Any questions feel free to message me in world Marco Corleone https://www.flickr.com/groups/portofinoitalia/
  5. Templeton Cove Estates is a community of 11 beautiful linked sims. You can sail all around. You can ride the horse trails almost everywhere. We have leisure sims to explore as well as rentals to suit all pockets. Our Rental Office always has an updated list of anything available and also has a copy of our Explorers Guide. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amarantha Island/9/107/24 We are almost full but have 2 private islands Private Islands Sandpiper Island A newly vacant idyll COZY 1 ROOM 2 DECK COTTAGE ON PRIVATE ISLAND. HOUSE AND LANDSCAPE INCLUDED. THIS PRIVATE PARCELED ISLAND COMES WITH FULL SAIL AND TRAIL RIGHTS AND PLENTY OF PRIM FOR YOUR BOAT OR HORSE, FURNITURE OR OUTDOOR DECOR. 732 prim 1650 per week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triple Trouble/77/93/23 Blue Heron Island SOUTH FACING PRIVATE ISLAND WITH CABIN STYLED COTTAGE, COVERED FRONT PORCH AND BACK DECK WITH BOAT ACCESS. THE PERFECT SIZE FOR A QUIET LAKESIDE GETAWAY. ALL PRIVATE ISLAND TENANTS HAVE DOME OPTIONS AND FULL SAIL AND TRAIL RIGHTS. 7,440 SQUARE METERS 597 PRIM 1400 L PER WEEK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triple Trouble/47/43/22 PLEASE READ COVENANT AND INFO IN BOARDS ON SITES BEFORE RENTING!
  6. Some time back I was out exploring Second Life and ran across this region, Rustic Retreat. This is the result of the video I decided to make of it. You can visit the region here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DYNASTY CITY/100/141/26 Music by Whitesand - Dreamland
  7. Cocoa Bay Estates is a welcoming 10 sim family role play community based off of New York with many amenities available. We have beautiful scenery and many different styles of homes available for rent, everything from luxurious mansions to small apartments. We also have commercial areas available for you to put in your own shop. Recently added is a large bowling alley for your family to come down and have some fun! We have roleplay jobs available in many different departments, you don't even need to be a resident to join in on the fun! Police, fire, clinic, court, DMV, post office, bank, arcade, bowling alley, bakery, winery, orchard, Life2 supported gym, 7seas fishing, a unique money system called Cocoa Cash and much more with new things to come! An elementary school is also available to kids, Next Gen Adoption Agency for those looking to adopt or be adopted, and a children's home for those waiting to find their future parent(s) and forever-home! Check out our community! Website: http://www.cocoabay.net/ LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Davan/215/228/21
  8. Home Begins Here. Summerwood @ Lakechase Community *Promotion* New Residents who rent one week will get 3 days free. If you recommend an individual to move in, you both get 3 days free. So for the newcomer, they get 6 days! Launching in April 2017, Summerwood would like to welcome you to your new journey in the community that's most convenient for you. Summerwood offers a new and exciting look that is different from the original theme. We offer ONLY the most exclusive, rich homes and stores that make you live that Second-life dream. Our View is to offer what residents like you want. Every suggestion is taken into high consideration to bring you your desires. Events will be hosted monthly to win awesome prizes and to bond with your fellow neighbors. As the season progresses, the community will endure leaves, snow, rain, sunny days and more! Every Resident will have their own unique address and mail box to receive mail from neighbors and the community. Jobs are offered all around the community from Police, Firefighter, Paramedics, Store owner, Coffee Batista, News Reporter and more! If you see a job that is not listed and you want to take charge. Go ahead! At Summerwood, the list is endless of possibilities. Make it come true. *Currently in need of a Police Chief to manage the Police Department and a Doctor to manage the Clinic* CONTACT (SIERA.MACINTYRE) FOR INFO Everyone in the community will be involved in some shape or form, so that we all can come together and have fun everyday. WEBSITE- COMING SOON SIM- As the sim is being built cautiously and professionally, anyone wanting to visit and take a look before it is launched is welcome. Just contact (Siera MacIntyre) for an invite to the access list. Thank you and I hope to see you soon Summerwood @ Lakechase Community
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