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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. Let your imagination run wild! You can have it all here, skyboxes, sailing, flying, your own DJ venue, club, rent little islands, build a marina! With 13,227 prims and half a full region, you can do all of the above at once LOL ~ Come see, special large parcel at a great price _ ** CLICK TO BUY LAND ** __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MAINLAND - SIM: LEIF - 38,528 sqm, 13,227 LI - 1/2+ full region BLAKE SEA ACCESS VIA 3 x PROTECTED CANALS - one sim to open water http://maps.secondlife.com/secon
  2. 5120sqm Mature mainland (with full prims) for sale located in Chinati. Parcel is protected by water (sailable Linden river) on 1 side. A Linden ferry route is close by as well. If you look at the overhead map view, the parcel for sale has a bright pink parcel cover to give you an idea of how big it is. The parcel starts with the boardwalk/house on one end, to the cabin on the other; Includes all similarly-named subdivided parcels within. (I subdivided it for the different windlight and privacy settings; it will be joined into 1 parcel upon sale.) If you prefer water rather than land, or
  3. Beach house for rent with dock access next door to sailable waters or to just hang out and have fun with friends. $L250 week - Every three weeks paid rent gets a week free. All ZnD rentals include access to many amenities we provide on a private sim. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frianticon/121/39/25 Any questions please message me inworld @ Zennessa Resident
  4. Opportunity to build youre dream home and make a good Investment... Beach front Land adjust to Linden Ocean... sail out or swimm... Very unique Place... 8192 m2... 2812 prims... 84.000.- Linden... best Price in Barrow... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barrow/224/217/22
  5. Land size 16,896 sqm (mainland, water on two sides) Prims on the land: 5,800 prims Price: 80,000 L$ I have not actually put my land for sale yet because I wanted to discuss with the serious potential buyer first to see if the buyer wans to keep most of my objects as well as the landscaping. Realistically speaking, if you wish to purchase the land, I would need one day or two at the most if I have any RL obligations to get everything in order and give you the exclusive right to purchase the land. So let us chat together about this gem of a property. IMPORTANT NOTE: I will take b
  6. "Beachfront parcels" 1st one is a 9872 sqm 3389 prims. Protected sailable waters with sunset view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/129/77/40 2nd one is a Roadside/ Beachfront 9408 sqm 3229 prims. Protected sailable waters. with sunset view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/129/77/40 May buy separate or join together to make a bigger parcel. 3rd parcel is a Beachfront with partial waters. 8448 sqm / 2900 prims. Sunrise view. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trapper/175/21/22
  7. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Great deals on our Beachfront protected sailable open water parcels. Affordable prices a must see. Lovely surroundings and views. Come check out what Sweet Harmony can offer you . All rentals come with a singles and couples dance system as well as all the fun and games and the romantic areas. Full control , privacy and security as well in your control. Parcels can be cleared for you, to let you be creative to make your dream home or we can provide a furnished home with landscaping. All rentals also have access to ocean waters for boating and Linden roads t
  8. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ "Big summer price break!!" Many style rentals at great prices a must see.Land parcels affordable cheap prices if you can afford a little bit extra you can have a piece of land all for yourself with full control and privacy. We offer empty parcels to furnished homes and landscape ready to move in whichever you prefer. Prices start as low as 200L week. Skybox rentals start at 10L week with extra prims used for a Set Home / changing room you want more prims let us know or go for one of our 25L week rentals furnished with quality furniture, si
  9. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Beachfront parcels Affordable prices in a lovely area surroundings with beautiful views. Full control and private. Singles and couples dance system included SkyBox rentals of many price ranges and styles from a simple room to change and log in at for only 10L to our studio style skybox for 25L fully furnished with extra prims and on up. Dance system included and much more. Apartment rentals at 50L a week with prims to decorate with in a community style setting of its own. Semi Private. Our Multiscenes have three to choose from 60L,
  10. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Affordable Beachfront parcels of many sizes from 1024 meter size and bigger. Full Privacy and control of parcel. Island or boat house rentals also available with open protected waters and privacy and control. Parcels of many sizes as well in a community style setting. Then there are our Skybox rentals and Multiscenes of many styles and price ranges . Starting from 10L weekly on up. All rentals come with a Dance system for singles and couples. Then all the activities included to enjoy like; Boating Access to Roads Hang gliding Games
  11. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Parcels for rent at affordable prices. We have parcels starting at 220L weekly on up over 4096 meter parcels. Pay as many weeks as you like from 1 week or more. 4 weeks paid gets you a free extra week with our special promo celebrating of 10 years. All rentals come with a singles and couples dance system, control over your own parcel and not to mention all the community activities to enjoy like: Games Boating Roads to cruise on Hang gliding Go Karts Romantic dance areas and much more... ~Sweet Harm
  12. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Last weekend for our pay 4 weeks get 1 week free. 5 weeks for the price of 4 weeks!!! On Land parcels Only!! Beachfront protected sailable waters with sunrise view. Full control Lovely area. Singles and Couples dance system included with all rentals. Also with extra features of activities such as; Boating, roads, Romantic dance areas, Hang Gliding, Go Karts, and much much more. Come see what we have available! We have other parcels available not to mention all our skybox rentals, many styles, as well as o
  13. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ 8080 meter parcel for rent. Beachfront with protected sailable waters. 2774 prims beautiful area and view. Full control. Single and couples dance ball included and many extra features. ~Sweet Harmony is more then prims and meters ...It's a Life style.~ Click Here to visit our info center to see this and other rentals available; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Peach/52/186/22 CC
  14. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Affordable Parcels for rent. Many sizes and styles. Beachfront , Roadside, Community styles. sizes from Beachfront 8096 meters with 2779 prims, Island parcels 1216 meters with 417 prims, Road side Parcel 2688 meters with 922 prims. Just to mention a few Land Parcel rentals. Then our Multiscene Rentals at the price of 60L and our premium 200L weekly with extra prims to use. Many styles to choose from done with quality furnishings as well as some Role Play scenes to enhance your second life style. We have skybox rentals from 5L for a place to
  15. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Beachfront parcels available to rent. Lovely Community style feel without the Role Play. All life styles welcomed . Family with kids, BDSM, whatever your in, all welcome here. Friendly neighbors and lovely surroundings with a community feel. Affordable prices with open ocean to enjoy boating as well as Road access to go for a drive. Plus all residents get a single and couples dance post and all the extra features of activities to have fun with. 8096 meters in size with 2779 prims ~Sweet Harmony is more then meters and prims......It's a lif
  16. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals~ Vacation spot or permanent rental whatever your looking for, Affordable? that too !!, Full control sure !! Quality with a lovely surroundings to enjoy no walls to block your view. Friendly area. A place to call home. More then just a home a community style with so much to do to keep you busy . Invite your friends and family to join ya for a swim or maybe go for a boat ride or take a drive on the endless Linden roads. No mater where you live with Sweet Harmony all activities are for all Residents. All rentals come with couples dance ball. Any assistance yo
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