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Found 4 results

  1. This week we’re jumping to the 25th century to visit Cocoon, an immense cyberpunk region for roleplaying, photography, and exploration. According to the official website: “...An event referred to as the Transcendence War in the distant past left most of Earth ravaged. Humanity has taken to floating cities and orbital stations to carry on.” An oligopoly of mega corporations has assumed a position of authority, and it is up to you to decide who to align with in the fight to survive. For roleplaying, you have an extensive array of characters to choose from. The main categories are humans, mutants, cyborgs, synths, and replicants, but each of these have modified subtypes to add specificity. As you become more familiar with Cocoon’s massive geography and its extensive lore, you will come across the various factions that have formed in this society. Be careful, and choose your allies wisely. There are also publicly available weapons and vehicles, so as not to exclude newcomers. For those who are hooked on the cyber life, check out the private rentals. Admins Cece, Cervantes Rexen, and Kusa are valuable resources in addition to the Cocoon website. Cocoon is a fantastic place to explore for non-roleplayers as well. The amount of intricate detail in this megalopolis is absolutely stunning, so come check out the future today! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Cocoon It is the year 2488. Enter Cocoon space station, a medium-sized commercial hub that has grown exponentially in the past decade, home to mega-corporations, crime syndicates, and much more. With shady deals taking place in every dark corner, Cocoon is the one stop for commuters or even those who make a home in the station. Come for the neon, stay for the intrigue. Visit in Second Life
  2. This week we have found ourselves at Seaclaid, a roleplaying region. This ferry station in an idyllic coastal town welcomes everyone with an undercurrent of romantic mystery. The region’s owner, Katie Luna, explains that “Seaclaid was born in sorrow, but soon became an instrument of healing. Lost friends return, new friends are made. The place now has an almost magical feel to it. I step back in wonder and gratitude. That my simple little sim has garnered so much interest is amazing to me.” Although the region of Seaclaid is about 5 years old, the roleplay group active is now much older and as you can imagine, the landscape has evolved and grown more detailed over time. In the video, Katie also states that “Since Seaclaid is a damaged part of the ferry, doorways open up at random times. And people from different time periods fall in, which allows for the oddities that you see walking around.” There is also so much to do and see here between the stone pathways, castle, Irish pub, and gallery. The gallery is filled with many styles of art, and don’t be surprised if you see a baby dragon floating by the fountain outside. Sorrel Fang, a dressmaker, remarks that “Seaclaid is a breath of solitude, joyful fun when meeting others and sharing adventures, and a true masterpiece for the eyes and heart. Just when you think you know something, you discover a new mystery.” The wildflowers and sparkling water will take your breath away, and the many interesting shops are a pleasant way to lose track of time. As Katie mentions in the video, Tam’yn comes from a different planet and accidentally got trapped. However, it seems like destiny given Tam’yn’s glowing testament to Seaclaid’s inclusivity: “As a dedicated Furr, I'd about given up on roleplay since most RP's are medieval, political, and humans only. Seaclaid is not any of that. Who you are is who you are since you "dropped in'' from somewhere and somewhen else.” Some other prominent Residents include Cressy, a Fae fox, and Zsophia, a healer. Onceagain happened upon Seaclaid by chance through the Destination Guide and ended up opening a small photography studio. Onceagain says “I don't know how this adventure will end but I hope to leave lethargy behind and make new friendships because the beginning was sparkling.” If you’re feeling inspired or would just like a nice place to relax, Seaclaid has several rentals open. It is a popular choice among bloggers and photographers, and there is no dress code. Visit Seaclaid today to enjoy a mystical windswept moment. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Seaclaid When the night grows dark and the sea is calm and the fog rolls over the land, the wise folk bar their doors and watch for the shadow on the land. Dragons, Fae, Vampire, all fantasy creatures welcome. Yeah, you pesky humans too! Visit in Second Life
  3. (No experience whatsoever in roleplaying but I've been wanting to try it out. Can't seem to find a decent sim that is actively engaged in a story so I thought why not do it on the forums? I'm going to start... I guess it can be para style. Everyone feel free to join in. No real rules...No experience... Typos forgiven... You don't have to be the best writer. Just don't be an ***** I guess and no god-modding (yea i did a little research). Basically how it works is if you want to reply to someone @ them in front of your paragraph and if you are expecting a reply from them or anyone else @ them after as well ( I.e @ (the person) or @ anyone (allowing anyone to reply). Pictures are welcome! Message me if you have any questions about locations where I take my pictures so you can take your own in the same place if you're in the scene. 2 paragraphs max. Let's make a story!) Something was horribly wrong. The ground beneath Beck didn’t feel like ground at all and the sky was a blackish green. She tried to remember the last thing she had been doing before she ended up...wherever the hell she was. Either she was going crazy or were the people...shadows? “No. Something is wrong” she said to no one specifically. She was heavy. Too heavy. Gravity is off… This can’t be home. “Hello!” she screamed splitting her head in two. Tears stung her eyes as a terrible ringing ricocheted in her head. Beck knew she was panicking and she needed to calm herself. There was a war and she was in it. “How the hell did I get here?” She tried standing and felt the strange weight of this new world pulling her to back to the...surface? It surely wasn’t a ground. It was soft… Green like the sky but lighter. And it was wet. She stumbled through the first few steps until suddenly she was walking down a blind path. @ anyone
  4. Flowrida Urban Community Living Experience the luxurious side of Flowrida Urban Community Living. The unique features and amenities that were designed to fit your desire for an inexpensive and fun living experience. We focus on remaining an active and fun role-playing community. Human only sim ( no furries allowed ) What do we offer? Movie Center: We have a beautiful movie theater for you to enjoy with your family and/or friends. Our movie theater room has over 200+ movies loaded, new movies are added frequently. The movie theater TV also includes: TV Shows, Live Streaming, Youtube & More! Competitive Pricing: We always strive to have the best prices around while still being able to offer you a great role-playing living experience! Our home rentals are only L$1.5 per prim! Can't beat those prices! Events: Our community holds daily to weekly events for the community to take part of. These events will range anywhere from: Parties, game nights, speed dating, movie night & many more! ( We always accept suggestions! ) Clubhouse: Our clubhouse is where we host a lot of our events/parties. Our club is set up for costume parties, speed dating, open mic nights and anything your heart desires! It is also available to be rented out for any special events you may want to have. Weekly Raffles: We are all about making sure you are enjoying your time here at Urban Community Living but we also like to hold weekly raffles to show our appreciation and give back to the community. Our weekly raffle prizes may consist of: L$, added time to rentals, objects & more! So what are you waiting for? join our AMAZING community TODAY! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Candy Shop/122/157/23
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