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Found 6 results

  1. [Image of negative review removed because it showed the name of the reviewer]
  2. When I try to write a review, there´s no field to write it. Really annoying.
  3. After months of not hearing from the creator of an item I purchased as a gift, I wrote a review As soon as the review was submitted I heard from the creator and she corrected the problem by sending said gift to the right person. According to SL noted "The person who left the review can change, update, or remove his or her own review at any time." I tried several times to delete the review to no avail. I've spent over three hours trying to remedy this and looking for information. Hopefully someone can either delete the review or help me delete it.
  4. What tips do people have for getting more marketplace reviews? apart from the obvious like Make Good Items, Sell at Good Prices... this I know. But it seems rare that anyone actually leaves a review.
  5. I got a one star review saying 'not rezzing....these objects are corrupt'. I must have sold 100s of copies of these hedges (under Reid Parkin). Only today I sold 4 copies, and this is the only customer who found they did not rez for him. I also have the same items with the same textures rezzed inworld, and today I rezzed them again and they are fine. This seems to be a personal problem/glitch for this buyer only. I want to flag the review but the options for flagging are very limited and some are just useless: Inappropriate review review by direct competitor. (The direct competitor would use an alt, which you can only suspect, not prove) review by alt of seller. (Again you can only suspect this) review contains chat log (only useful one in this category) So, inappropriate review doesn't help my case. Off Topic Reporting failed delivery Issues already noted in item description Resized mesh item increases land impact All 3 are very useful but the list is too limited for the numerous issues beyond the control of the creator/seller, such as in my case - personal rezzing issues perhaps due to the buyer's computer problems. And then the other categories are for hate speech and advertising, which also don't help me The way the flagging system has been redesigned is making it much harder to flag unfair reviews. It needs more options, and not such specific ones. The options should be more general so that it includes various situations. Edit to Update: After contacting the customer he got back to me saying the hedges were working fine now. He didn't remove the review until I prompted him to do so.
  6. Greetings! Product Listing Reviews can be very helpful for both sellers and buyers. Hopefully the information provided in this post will help answer some common questions and also help make the reviews more effective for everyone. MINI FAQ What is a Product Listing Review? At the most basic, a review is the Star Rating and written comments from a buyer/receiver about the item. Who may leave a review on a Product Listing? The buyer of the item may post a review, if they are also the receiver. They bought it for themselves. The Receiver of the item, if the item was purchased for them by another Second Life User account as a gift. Why do some Products have Star Ratings but no review comments? The Second Life Marketplace was born out of a 3rd party system that was originally called SLExchange and then renamed to XstreetSL. SLX/Xstreet did not require a buyer to leave a comment when they rated the item. Products that were originally on the old system were migrated to the Second Life Marketplace, along with any Star Ratings and original review comments that were on the Product Listings. It is no longer possible to leave only a Star Rating on a Product Listing. Some type of comment must also be added. Why does the Marketplace use a 5 star rating system? The original SLX/Xstreet used the 5 star rating option and thus was migrated to the Second Life Marketplace system. The 5 Star Rating system is in common use and is usually easy to understand visually. How should the Star Ratings on an Product Listing be interpreted? 1 Star - Poor / Did not like 2 Stars - Fair / Below Average 3 Stars - Average / It is Okay 4 Stars - Good / Above Average 5 Stars - Excellent / Loved It Are Reviews ever removed from a Product Listing? Yes. Unfortunately, there are times when Linden Lab must remove a review from a Product Listing. Anyone may report a Review to Linden Lab but only Linden Lab has the ability to remove the review from the Product Listing. REVIEWS GUIDE Writing an Effective Review As a buyer, your review is most effective if you include details about your experience with the item as this will help the both the sellers and other potential buyers. Keep the following questions in mind when you are writing your review. Do the images on the Product Listing accurately reflect how the item looks in world? Are the permissions on the item correctly indicated on the Product Listing? Does the Item Description provide clear information about the item? Are you pleased with the purchase? If you had an issue with the item, did you try to contact the seller directly before reviewing the item? Alerting the seller to the problem is a courtesy and allows them the opportunity to try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, regardless if your review comments are positive or negative, there are some no-no's that will result in your review being removed from an item listing. Profanity A review should absolutely not include any type of profanity, or attempts at masked profanity Flaming/Hate Speech Personal attacks targeted at the seller, or a user in another review, are not appropriate Reporting issues that are outside of the control of the seller or are known issues. Failed Deliveries, Lost In-World Inventory Re-sized Mesh Land Impact. Reporting issues already detailed in the Product Listing. Advertising other products. Encouraging users to buy another, specific product, or to visit your location in world to see the item Negative Reviews from a direct competitor If a buyer purchases an item that they also sell, a negative review of the purchased item could be seen as an attempt to disparage the seller or their items. Posting Chat Logs Chat between users should never be posted in a review. You may post the copy of a script error message, however. Sellers are encouraged to reply to reviews, even if it is just to post a thank you for the buyer purchasing the item. If you are a Seller who has received a negative review, or you are a 3rd party that would like to reply to a review, please remember that the buyer is not required to, nor is it mandatory, for the buyer to contact the seller before leaving a review. Sellers should never leave a negative review unanswered. If the review remains on the listing with no reply from the seller, potential buyers could see the lack of reply by the seller as ambivalence towards their customers and/or products and may choose not to buy the items, not based on an individual's experiences with the item, but based on the seller not being willing to address their customers concerns or issues. At the minimum, a seller should post a reply to a negative review with something like "I am sorry that you have had an issue with the item. Please contact me in world so that we can work together to try to resolve your concerns and issues". This lets everyone know that you are attentive to your customers and their concerns/issues, keeps your reply short and professional, and places the next steps into the hands of the buyer by asking them to contact you. ********* All of the information outlined in this FAQ/Guide is in compliance with Linden Lab's existing policy regarding Product Listing Reviews. I have posted the information in the hopes that it helps clear up that policy for users of the Marketplace so that they better understand what is and is not acceptable when it comes to writing Product Listing Reviews, along with a few personal tips/suggestions from me.
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