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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm fairly experienced in rping in bdsm scenarios, but I'm open to serving someone long-term. I'm currently studying at HOJ Bdsm school and Triskelion Academy. I've also done some research, reading articles and books about the bdsm life-style. I also listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos with experienced doms & subs. Where are places or events where subs & doms can meet? Are there match-making agencies for these type of relationships? I went to a few vanilla dating agencies with submissive and dominant relationship options, but it seemed like the dating profiles posted there were only interested in few bdsm elements incorporated into their traditional relationship. I personally identify myself as a switch who is submissive in nature, but loves power-play dynamics. I'm seeking a monogamous relationship only, no polyamory. I love feeling of being overpowered and resistance , but I'm not your traditional brat either(though I can be flirtatiously witty & sarcastic at times). My kinks lie within physical power-play, for example, wrestling, primal play, and abduction scenarios, making my potential dominant really work for the stability of his top position creatively and sensually challenging him. Sensational play is a very important kink to me and my favorite way of bonding with someone. I'm also looking for a person who's highly experienced in rping edge-play scenarios, as well prioritizing pre-care and aftercare. Though there is no physical harm in bdsm scenes online, however there are emotional & psychological risks, especially when things poorly communicated or negotiated properly. That is why I admire people who are straight-forward and honest with their needs. (scenes can be intense for dominates as well.) I would also like input from people in the bdsm community, especially regarding my profile. Please tell me if anything seems contradictory or misleading. https://my.secondlife.com/shiningstar92
  2. When I think of the term “primal fear” many things run through my mind. The wonderful movie Primal Fear that starred Edward Norton and that awesome ending scene that gives me goosebumps to this day. Admittedly, I looked at mankind a bit more animalistic in nature after watching this movie. This movie comes highly recommend to adults. Another happy thought that comes to mind is the German speed metal band Primal Fear. The music is full of raw emotion and oftentimes makes me feel a bit primal. The vibes that the music gives me is almost animalistic and a kind of no holds bar feeling. Music is a big defining factor for me when creating a experience that is life-like and as real as I can make it. Having a person blindfolded and bound while listening to screams can be a bit terrifying to some. A very memorable primal play scene was in the movie about the band, The Doors but the movies main focus was on Jim Morrison. I remember a scene in which guy playing Jim Morrison acted as if he was a wild beast and pounced upon this vampire-like lady who oozed sexual primal energy. I believe she was some sort of photographer or writer. In one fun scene they chased each other around her house naked and leapt into the air on top of one another while sometimes biting one another or scratching each others bodies in this powerful sexual exchange between two very primal beings. Do we relate any of these types of behaviors has primal or just plain wild? Is the feeling of being primal feel freeing to you? Do you love how frightened you become during this type of play depending upon who you are in the D/s relationship or your place on the food chain of life. The fear that one might feel in primal play is one that is truly scary and heart dropping and sometimes has no boundaries once they have already been set and discussed prior to play. You are free to now be who you have always wanted to be. Free to prey and roam the world mark your property if you so wish. As a Professional Dominatrix I admit that I do enjoy feeling primal truly dependent on whom the sub is. I enjoy the freeness and lack of high protocol at times and want to feel wild. Being a bit out of control at times and everything not so precisely calculated and more spur of the moment while acting upon your natural instincts. I enjoy biting and maybe I like pretending to eat flesh which could scares the hell out of people but makes me feel good. Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like if I could actually draw blood with my teeth and take a bite with a willing participant.. Would you consider this, being primal? Sometimes I view myself as the predator in a game of catch. I may outsmart my prey using my mind and creativity or tackle them down physically with force or using restraints like ropes, chains or cages to confine my victim much like an animal does to its prey with force or agility. It’s a survival of the fittest. Some of the subs that I work with are part of the puppy play community. They enjoy sleeping in a cage, eat what is given to them, and rewarded when demonstrating good behavior during training or play. If they make a mess on the floor then a reward or even a smile is NOT given. The human dogs in this kind of play usually seek their owners/head of the class approval and acceptance. Do we as humans take responsibility for our instincts that we were genetically born with? The answer is yes because we are now educated and able to communicate with words and able to speak to just about anyone online. You can’t go around biting people. Taking people down physically will land you most likely in jail. We as humans have laws and morals. For example we cannot kill our enemies. Morally and financially you cannot mate with all the women in your neighborhood/pride. In BDSM, it is important to know your sub and to both have a clear understanding of what the needs and wants are and defined in your D/s relationship. Soon you’ll really get to know each other in this type of play and know what one wants without words and through gestures. Reading a physical beings facial expressions and gazing into ones eyes for the answer without words is very intimate. When I think primal the term primitive comes to mind and primal tribes. It’s amazing to see their ritualistic practices using dance, herbs, hunting, body scarification and piercing, and sometimes marking their territory as those in the wild and practice a real life survival of the fittest from day to day. In BDSM, we practice many or the ritualistic primal practices that primitive tribes did and some still do to this day. Ask yourself if you can procreate without choosing a life mate rather than moving on to the next one? Even though this is primal instinct we do have ramifications with our actions and responsibilities as a parents as animals do when teaching young about life. Primal Fear the band was playing in the background. I enjoyed listening to Blood, Sweat and Fear. Written By; Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur AKA LydiaDee666
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