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  1. Hola, os explico. Ayer en un lugar adulto, al ponerme en una animacion, por alguna razon al salir de ella, en mi cara Bento Genus se quedo la expresion facial. He probado a reiniciar el avatar a cambiar la cara por una nueva en redeliveri, en otras cabezas tanto de la misma marca como en otras marcas y sigue quedando fijada la expresion. Al fianl opte por ponerme una catwa antigua que no es Bento y ahi no la ejecuta, pero no tengo manera de quitarla para volver a mi cara o poder ponerme una mas moderna. La animacion es de Avsiter pero los creadores no me responden a la cuestion que he lanzado. Alguien podria ayudarme, y no con las soluciones convencionales, esas las he probado absolutamente todas, desde iniciar el avatar a volver al lugar y ejecutar de nuevo la animacion y pararla, ..... todo, absolutamente todo https://gyazo.com/48b8ada2b1a15b4b4f19959d3c973ac6
  2. I work as an advertising graphic and web designer. I can use various graphics programs well but don't ask me 3D. Inworld I delight in photography and taking care of the image of some lands or characters. Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Anypose My Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/163641184@N08/ Thanks for visiting. I'm available for clarifications.
  3. MY IW IS : hbkfelix (custom pose is optional) will edit for you too! ( email and iw will be required ) photos taken in 12k. price ranges from what your asking for and how many pics you want starting price is 1,500Ls my work is on : 💫New post everyday 💫 (@cryos.sl) • Instagram photos and videos
  4. Hi all, I was trying to buy a pose and since I could not find it, I decided to make it (I am a basic DAZ user). I enjoyed very much the process. After may attempts I could upload my pose to SL, but I am hovering-floating over the ground when I activate it instead of sitting on the floor. I tried Crtl+D on the full avatar and also hips but it didn't help. I have looked for a solution for days before bothering you all but I could not solve the issue. Could anyone give me a hint on how can I solve this issue I have installed DAZ Studio 4.15. I am using the imported avatar from SL (as instructed in many tutorials). Thanks in advance! Take care! Ellie
  5. Please use this form for available commissionable items and pricing! For more info, feel free to message me (Fantasia {Muiregwen Resident} Form also has a link to what I guess would be a portfolio of my work. https://forms.gle/aATiWGYGwC6evCAN9 ~ So I decided to open this form up, because I like creating and people enjoying my stuff. >_> And its easier than ko-fi and stuff. Firstly, I would like a reference picture, or please be extremely detailed in what you would like. No, I won't do lewd adult meshes/tattoos/poses/etc. Not entirely comfortable with that. I WILL show pictures of it in progress and depending on what it is, I will give a demo. Animations are gifs only. Tattoos will have demo text on it and mesh will have some prim attached to it and will NOT be modify (final is modify!). On the topic of demos, there can be a maximum of two demos. First one is a testing thing, second is the 'final' demo, so to speak. As stated, I will give progress images/gifs. If refunds are needed, 100% is given before the demo, after the 1st demo, 75%, and after the second demo, the commission is considered finalized. Payments are only in Lindens (not doing Paypal rn) and are an up-front thing. Animation to a mesh item is allowed, just add animation to your commission request. And it would only be one animation, 60 seconds max (SL limits), until I can find a dang animation cycle script that will actually work. (If you know one, please let me know! <3) (Btw, the word to answer below to the word bird is 'lalalaaa!') (Yes, including the exclamation... I just wanna be sure you took the time read these 'rule info' thingies.) Tattoos are only SLUV mapping. (I do also have Lelutka Evo X maps as well, just not for Substance Painter. Do understand, Evo X will not have materials) No HUDs, but I will include all the properly named textures (2D/Diffuse + Normals + Speculars), boxed up. Just select the faces in edit mode and apply in the texture edit tab. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Programs Used! - Blender 2.9 - Avastar 2.8 (I think that is the version number; its compatible with Blender 2.8+) - Substance Painter 2021 (on Steam) - Autodesk Sketchbook - Gimp ~
  6. Hey guys, so for some reason when i create poses for SL in blender, and i then upload them to SL, i can't use my genus head's facial HUD with it? The facial animations just won't play, neither will the static expressions. I especially don't incorporate fixed expressions into my poses so that people have the freedom to use their own when i upload them, but this problem is starting to really tick me off. I have the genus classic head, and a couple of others i'm not using atm because of the DMCA. I also have a lelutka head and i haven't tried with that one, so i can't confirm yet if this problem happens with that head too. I'd also like to mention that i've played around with avastar's priority settings when exporting the .anim file for the pose, setting it both to 3 and 4, but the problem persists. In fact, when i set the priority to 3, sometimes my avatar won't even get into the pose at all, even if i turn off her AO... Anyway, any help would be much appreciated! thanks a bunch ❤️
  7. I’m looking for the best poses for still photography. Any suggestions?
  8. When making poses in Blender for SL, where or how can i download the Maitreya body to pose in blender ?
  9. I am working on a foilboard (it's like a surfboard) and using a basic boat script, found here ... What I am having difficulty with is figuring out how to trigger multiple poses when the user is operating the foilboard. There is a default 'crouching' pose and three others. I have been trying to call the poses during the control event, so that when a user presses the FWD, CONTROL_LEFT or CONTROL_RIGHT, a corresponding pose is applied to the user. What I'm looking to have happen is that when the user selects 'Ride' the crouching pose is applied. When driving forward, the avi is shown standing, as well as leaning left when going left, and leaning right when going right. When no control input is given, the avi is returned to the crouching pose. I have the custom poses, but I just need help sorting out the script. Not sure if it's possible, but would also like to be able to adjust the SitTarget for each pose, instead of them all using the same SitTarget. Please let me know if you are interested in helping. Thanks! Mig
  10. Hello, I'm looking to find or have made a child av carrier that is either a backpack or a sling, similar to RL. I’m thinking it would pose balls for both child and parent. One being the rider and the other bring the walker. Here are pics of two RL examples. Thanks for any suggestions!
  11. Hello greetings to all !. I have a problem with the program: "QAvimator", in the avatar area I only see on the white screen. I can't do anything, or edit the avatar animation within the program because I see it in white I see every tool on the program, but that area no... I gonna leave a photo you can see my problem. Is there any solution? please!😓 (I have all drivers installed) Thank you all guys.
  12. Hello! Sometimes I have to do poses and I use Animare for this. and there is a problem with the width of the shoulders. if I do a pose on a male avatar, then on a female avatar, the arms are too narrow. and vice versa. poses are mostly unisex and that's the problem. Is there an average shoulder width or does it all depend on the skeleton?
  13. I need to find some sits or lying down that start from a standing position, but, animate to the pose. In other words, I am not standing and then suddenly on the ground. I have tried Abranimations. I found one lay down, but it looks like I died when laying down. I'd prefer laying on my side to on my back. Any help is so appreciated !
  14. ~ Hello! ~ I am an experienced photographer in SL and I want to share my art with the world! I can capture a simple profile picture or a whole wedding event <3 My Flickr My Form I look forward to working with you Contact - kawaiiduirii ...Serious inquiries only...
  15. I need help with moving the avastar avatar up and down so that the SL avatar ends up in the same position. I understand that the COG bone moves the position of the avatar but I can only get it to rotate, any other type of movement like using the transformation manipulators: translate, moves the avastar avatar up and down, so the pose, say a sitting one, looks ok in blender but when I go to upload it to SL the SL avatar is hovering in the air, so my question and hopefully someone knows, is how do I get the cog bone to move the avastar avatar so that the SL avatar is doing the same pose. (I put this in an old post but thought I might have better luck making a new topic)
  16. January round is now open January 15 - 31, 2018 - Exclusive Items - 99L Items - and Goodies Enjoy & Happy Shopping! SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New/223/208/2498 Website: https://scalayinyang.wordpress.com/
  17. I can't find this pose stand in the marketplace and I'm wondering where I can find this pose stand. I really love this pose stand and looks very simple. If you know where I can bought this or any pose stand similar to this that I can put my poses on it. Please reply to my thread! Thanks in advance!
  18. ULTRA Event is an incredible monthly event featuring about 50 top Second Life creators & designers with additional elite shopping boutiques U L T R A™ Event is the essential one stop luxury resource. VISIT ULTRA EVENT
  19. Small photography business which started in 2015 and officially opened in May 2017 with the help of friends and family we were able to put this lovely store on the map. Discounts available ➔Owner & Photographer ℓαяα ѕσfια ωσℓf (sweetheartlara) -♥ Individual Photography (Profile picture) 100L$ per image 200L$ - 3 Image Package - Save 100L$ 400L$ - 5 Image Package - Save 100L$ ♥ Couple/Group Photography (for profile picture etc) 150L$ Per Image 400L$ - 3 Image Package - Save 50L$ 700L$ - 5 Image Package - Save 50L$ ♥ Landscape Photography (Take photos of your business or land) 100L$ Per Image 200L$ - 3 Image Package - Save 100L$ 400L$ - 5 Image Package - Save 100L$ ➔Visit us https://sweetheartstudio.wixsite.com/photography ➔Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetheartlara/? ➔SLurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stunning Views/118/136/22
  20. Greetings, I am looking to find someone who makes scripts for furniture. Can I please get some assistance with this? Thank you, Red
  21. Hiring custom bento pose Maker We are currently looking for a talented, professional and reliable Bento Pose maker to create 2 poses, full perms. Pay : Negotiable contact inworld : lainee baxton Thanks You
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