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Found 7 results

  1. Ahoy matey! 'ere's some jolly news fer ye! Our men have just seized a giant gold-laden ship and we're all gathering on the island on the 28th of August, 1pm SLT to celebrate this feat over some good rum and music! What's more, we're holding a 1000L contest and giving away a week's rent for FREE to the winners on any plot of their choice! Aye, let's get this party started!! ☠️🏴‍☠️ Location - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port of Aethro/128/132/2024 (Upon landing, use the tp board to reach the island)
  2. Anyone enjoy Medieval / Pirate / Supernatural themed RP? I'm looking for some people who would want to RP these kind of themed role-plays. Feel free to contact me if you wish in world or here on forums.
  3. Hiya. I've been playing a lot of Sea of Thieves and its really made me want to try some pirate RP. Does anyone know anywhere to do it? I've tried searching in World without much luck. Thank you
  4. POLLY WANT A PICTURE? Calling all adventurous photogs and artists! Grab your eyepatch, tri-corner hat, and swagger. Make and enter your images of the beloved 1700s RP region--Pirate's Destiny. Be you scalawag or xaptain, all are welcome to compete for a booty of treasure and fame. WHEN: Contest opens Aug. 1, submit your photos through noon SLT, Sept. 1, 2019. Winners announced on Thursday, Sept. 19, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrrgh! Find the region's landing point and contest board in the Roost on Nassau. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nassau 1700/133/137/4001 SUBJECT: Make an image that tells the story of one of these four sims. Filters, photoshop, windlight, all welcome. Nassau􀀅 Pirate's Harbor􀀄 Barbados􀀂 Montserrat􀀃 GALLERY EXHIBIT: Entries will be exhibited at Ye Ole Fool 'n Flower Tavern on Nassau from Sept. 3 through the announcement of winners, which will happen at an open house and party on Thursday, Sept. 19 from noon to 7pm SLT. PRIZES Winner of each of the 4 island categories will receive their choice of a pirate sword or a mid-sized sloop. The Grand Prize winner receives in addition to both a sword and sloop, a commissioned flintlock, two weeks vacation (rent) on Nassau and a larder full of food and drink, HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO: You many enter one image each of Nassau, Pirate's Harbor, Barbados, and Montserrat for a maximum of four images entered Please make your images C/M/T Please name each of your images with your avatar name: island name, for instance, "Annie Octavia: Barbados" Please send to me, Annie Octavia in world. secondlife:///app/agent/8288932d-0236-48ef-bb02-4dc51031a385/about -I will send a note of receipt to you, so if you don't hear from me in a day or so, kick me in IM! Entrants will receive an invitation to the gallery exhibit, and the schedule of festivities on awards day. FINE PRINT 1. Decision of judges is final 2. Filters, windlight settings, post-processing, all creativity encouraged. Choose from panoramic beauty or scenes of island residents and activity. Selfies encouraged. Note, there are a good dozen sea battles each week which make dramatic subjects. The contiguous sea level is at 22M. There is a forest level of farms and mystical native enclaves, mines and other curiosities at 3000M. 3. Please use dimensions of 4:3 4. Winning images will be used on region profile pics and the artist's name included in the description. Non-winning images will be discarded. 5. If you like, wear the "PD artist visitor" tag included. Remember this region is living in 1719's Caribbean. so there are no bluejeans. Or, to participate in the RP and crafting, find the PD HUD at the landing point called "the roost" by the locals.􀀁 􀀀 6. They be pirates here, aye, but many are willing to lend a helping hand to the new as long as you are not waving a pistol in their face. Read more about the region, RP, and check the events calendar on our website: http://www.cerob.com/pd/index.asp Hope you can participate! We have some impressive big ship battles most days that make great subjects. Feel free to IM me with any questions! Fair winds to ye contestants! Annie Octavia
  5. Hey everyone, i have been working on a treasure hunt game for Blake Sea during the last weeks and finally finished both the scripting and building this week. The game combines several elements of an adventure game like exploring (sailing and flying) and riddle solving. One big advantage of the game is it's dynamic, riddles can be changed on a daily basis without any updates of the gaming huds. One can play it alone or group up with others. At the moment applications are open to all land owners in the Blake Sea area. The release will be approximately in May. Feel free to get more information here: https://www.stoertebekerschest.com/ or to join the group to get updates: secondlife:///app/group/07d897dd-6145-db49-466c-0b84a8e28ab3/about Greetings, Lin
  6. Pirate's Destiny needs active roleplayers, battlers and anyone who's curious about 18th century roleplay. We are an adult rated sim so there are no child avatars allowed. There are plenty of opportunities to RP, be it pirate, smuggler, navyman, mer, tavern wench, drunken townsfolk and such. We have a new meter in the works that is based on but a great improvement of the SPD system used in most period rp's of this type. Built in crafting, gathering, trade, as well as combat too. The whole 12 sim estate includes a skybox forest area as well as open seas for sailing. What can you do in Pirate's Destiny? - Raid towns -Shoot navy personnel -Shoot pirates -Build a trade empire -Conquer new lands -Sail -Take over ships The choices are yours! There is a requirement of 18th century period attire and there is a welcome area that has various clickable npcs who will guide you on your way to roleplay. ((Also if need be you can contact me for help, I'm the Swede not hard to miss me )) Come by and see us! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nassau 1700/130/145/3998
  7. Melody Falls is a medieval fantasy role playing sim that is focused mainly around PvE instead of PVP. The land is hostile and the settlers are starting out with very little. Only with what was brought with the founders on their boat and what little supplies there was left in the town. The goal of the sim is survival. You do not have all the supplies to do whatever you want and as a community we work together towards goals. The more work put into farming, gathering, hunting, etc. can go a long way. What you do actually matters in the survival of yourself and the community. In the town the founders have settled in, they have tried to restore some of the buildings that were left abandoned by its former inhabitants. Using parts from old ships and whatever else they could find/gather to help in restoration. As you live on the island, trying to survive, there is still much on the island that is not known yet. More dangers yet to be seen and waiting for the colony. When you first arrive in the OOC hub you TP right in front of where our lore, rules, ooc tag, and other information you will need to read and be familiar with before joining. Also in the hub is the staff board listing those that are online and offline. Feel free to message one if they are around after reading the lore and rules to get an invite to the RP group. If none are around at the time, since time schedules come into play, then pop on an ooc tag and have a look around. Please be patient if no staff is around. As much as we love to roleplay, real life comes first but we will get back to you ASAP. Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Melody Falls/37/78/1250 We hope you will take the time to come see the sim, we are small but hope to grow in the future. We are just opening and have many plans for events and role play experiences players can enjoy if they are looking for something other than the standard PVP scenarios on other sims.
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