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  1. Step into the surreal otherworldliness of Black Kite, where the serenity of a lily pond meets the comfort of your coolest friend’s living room. Black Kite is sort of a patchwork of inventive resting places connected by long piers that extend deep out into the water. This adds a fun hint of surprise as you approach each station, as you have no idea what is about to rez. Creator Cloudy tells us, “Second Life is this magical world of creativity and expression; you can do just about anything and be just about anyone. I love how it connects so many people from all over the world and different backgrounds, enriching your life in ways one might never have expected.” This region is ripe for exploration, with sights like floating fish and cozy pieces of furniture strewn about the corners. What at first looks like a small shack turns out to be an industrial chic lounging area with water lilies sprouting through the cracks in the floor. Cloudy explains that this imaginative creation is a way of giving back to SL, saying, “I would spend countless hours at places, just enjoying what other creators made… I decided I wanted to give back, like so many others did before me, and create a little spot where people could think, dream, and just have a special little place to call their home if they didn't have one. I wanted to add my own little bit of magic to this magical place.” This photogenic region shows the vibrant intersections of fantasy, art, and self-expression that take place in our virtual world everyday. The glistening water gives a sense of timelessness while other elements, like a whirlwind of butterflies around a tree, are perfectly frozen. Black Kite has an aura of self-acceptance that Cloudy also appears to possess, stating, “I take Second Life just like real life, one day at a time… so who knows what the future may bring. Perhaps working with others on projects, maybe creating a new project myself or just continuing to enjoy seeing people come to Black Kite after all these long years.” A dilapidated phone booth, a symbol of travel or transformation in many works of fiction, is adorned with tree branches and golden buttercups. Nature gracefully reclaiming human creations is a predominant theme of this whimsical dreamscape. On what may come of other “metaverse” platforms, Cloudy tells us, “I've tried just about every single virtual world that has come out and yet I'm still here in Second Life. All these other worlds come and go.” There is also a corner where you can buy home and garden items made in the same fantastical style, for those inspired to create their own dreamy getaway. Flowers as tall as an avatar play with size distortion, adding childlike wonder and playfulness. “Second Life means a lot to me, it's more than just a game or hobby, as it allowed me to meet so many people I would never have; I've made wonderful friendships and bonds that make me feel very blessed.” Join the Flickr group today to share your adventures! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Black Kite Black Kite has been placed with care by Black Cloud. It is blogger, photographer, and explorer friendly with an auto-return set to 60 minutes. Share your pictures in their Flickr group: flickr.com/groups/black-kite Visit in Second Life
  2. Summer is great, but nothing beats a fireplace, blanket and a hot drink, whilst reading a book .. More of an active type? Take a walk around, lots of photogenic places to visit on our land. Leaves are starting to turn color, soon the first frost will fill the morning air. Time to visit us and become part of our Lemon Tree family! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Auto 1/166/183/27
  3. This week we are taking a look at Euphoria, a region dedicated to life, loss, and love. From Euphoria's creator, Kris Miss: The inspiration behind Euphoria has a lot to do with the Covid pandemic. I lost so many relatives and family friends in just a year's time. Trying to cope became difficult and overwhelming, really. How does one mourn for several at a time? I was exhausted, to say the least. I come from a long line of huggers, and to hug my family during that time was out of the question. So how do I deal with my loss and still carry on? I kept logging into Second Life to try and forget. But inside me, I really wanted to express how I was feeling because I don’t want to forget. I want to always think about them, even when I log into Second Life. So, I decided to create Euphoria not only for me but for everyone else who is trying to cope with a loss. When I think of my family, I picture them in a place that’s truly peaceful and beautiful. Euphoria is my vision of that place. It took over two months for me to do. I just wanted the {region} to be special enough that even Second Life Residents would want to visit and memorialize a lost loved one there as well. And, now it is. Euphoria is my little oasis. I get to visit the memorial wall every day and as many times as I like. Second Life made it possible for me to at least be with friends, and I will forever be grateful. They helped more than they know. And if I can return the favor, I do hope the {region} brings comfort to them and others who may be missing a loved one. I hope more people will take advantage of the services I offer, like meditation and memorializing their loved ones. Meditation helped me a lot during those dark moments and I believe it can help others, too. SL Residents can also add their loved one's name to the memorial wall or light a candle for them. And maybe, while visiting, someone will meet their true love and have a wedding at the {region}. Now that would be truly special! (Music for this video was written by Draxtor in memory of Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Linden, who passed away on June 3rd, 2021. You can download the piece “For Ebbe” here. You are welcome to use it in your own work, but if you do, please credit Draxtor.) Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Euphoria Euphoria is a gorgeous destination built on a foundation of love, loss, and hope. Guests are welcomed to enjoy a peaceful escape, numerous photogenic spots, and a pathway full of amenities which include a memorial site for all to share, a wedding chapel, a ballroom, and a meditation area. Visit in Second Life
  4. This is for taking a portrait picture preferably looking for sims with soft pink undertones, it can be either nature or built up places, just looking for that clear soft lighting, and you can also recommend me some others that you recommend ❤️ if you know some that are your favourites i'm also open to try
  5. A whimsical and surreal adventure awaits any curious traveler who arrives at Wonderland. Creators Nips and Lucifer Alpha compressed a stunning amount of detail into a relatively small region, with Nips describing their stylistic goals as “vivid colors, dense, lush landscaping, and splashes of inexplicable whimsy.” This quality over quantity approach to space has fostered a disarming vibe conducive to intimacy, with many Residents staying for hours and often coming back with friends. It’s like they distilled the allure of a trendy coffeeshop and the serenity of a sculpture garden; Wonderland embraces the spectacular while deftly omitting any source of intimidation. Part of what makes Wonderland’s environment so welcoming is a great balance of open space and shelter under luminous trees, tall mushrooms, or other fanciful structures. In fact, Nips says that the many romantic nooks are quickly becoming popular date spots for couples. Exploration of the sky above will lead to many photogenic floating islands with varying themes, and keep an eye out for a flying whale! Wonderland has some humorous details as well, with Easter eggs from beloved films like Hook, Shrek, and maybe more for meticulous observers. In keeping with SL’s sense of community, Wonderland’s creation was a hugely collaborative effort, with Nips and Lucifer Alpha sourcing content from some of the best creators and artists in SL. They would like to express gratitude to LOVE, HPMD, Boudoir, Bryn Oh, Mistero Hifeng, and Curio Obscura for helping to make the place what it is. Whether you have just a moment or all the time in the world, stopping by Wonderland is an absolute must. Wonderland Take a step through the slightly broken looking glass and then immerse yourself in the land that Alice abandoned. We are all mad here and all mimsy were the borogoves. If you find the Bandersnatch or Jubjub bird, please return them safely to their cages. Visit in Second Life Credits: Video Production: Draxtor Despres
  6. A real Jamaican themed sim where people feel the rhythm of Reggae. The famous Pelican Bar, the Blue Lagoon or other real spots to explore. Some Beaches, romantic spots, and various places for photographers too. Everyone is welcome. Good Vibes Only! Feel free to explore and hang around http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phantos/195/104/34
  7. Mirage Cabaret is a new Escort Venue that is hiring staff. It is a great looking place with playful people. Its a fun place to be when the party is fresh. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ringo/140/61/296
  8. BLESSINGS Is searching for Strippers, Escorts, Dancers, Security, Managers, and DJ's. We are a new club looking for staff and more members. We do hire somewhat new dancers and escorts, we will help our staff in any way we can. Feel free to stop by BLESSINGS and check things out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mataiva/92/63/21 if you have any questions feel free to message Adeline Blessings (EliteQueen) in world.
  9. This is your official invitation to journey to a place where you are only limited by your imagination. The Ippos Collective is a group of 4 fantasy inspired sims that are Rez-Friendly and extremely Photogenic. Scattered throughout the region you will find some of the most creative people in Second Life who call Ippos their home which will add to the magical experience of your visit. Ippos is a peaceful space that embraces individuality and promotes artistry. The four sims change seasons so the environment is continuously changing yielding a perfect setting for images; whether you are a SL photographer, blogger, or just someone who likes to take pretty pictures you will find a spot that is perfect for your scenery. Feel free to rezz props and pose stands anywhere in the region; we just ask that you stay out of tenants’ homes if you have not obtained permission from them to enter. You will also find many sets that have been built (especially in the water) using new or unreleased items from events and designers ~ if you use these sets please give credit in your blogs to the designers who created the items and the events that are hosting them. The Sims of the Ippos Collective Ippos The Land Of Ippos Ippos is residential with cliffs, waterfalls, outdoor ballroom, beaches, caves and open spaces. Peaceful settings with stone circles and quite wooded paths. Ippos is home to some familiar SL photographers. Probably one of the most sought after sims in the regions for parcel rentals and is usually at capacity. If you are interested in a lot on this sim that has a green “Available” sign, click that sign fast… cause it will not be for long. Pegasoi The Land Of Pegasoi Pegasoi is peacefully perfect. Rolling hills and breezy trees are this sim’s feature. Pegasoi is a mixture of residential and light fantasy commercial. Pegasoi is home to the Lady Garden Cabaret, a group of extremely talented artists that put on monthly shows that are awe inspiring. Pegasoi is home to some of the best Bloggers and Photographers within Second Life. Nymphai The Land Of Nymphai Nymphai is the town square for the Ippos Collective. Nymphai is home to two amazing events, The Secret Affair and Enchantment! Need a retreat or family outing? Pitch a tent or park your RV in secluded camping lots on Camp Ippos! Camp Ippos is for those that feel like taking a vacation. Rent a lot for a day or a week and come and enjoy games, live music, Horse trails, and all sorts of other activities. Remember to bring your horse! We have some lovely trails and stables. Here to shop? Some of the shops on Nympahi are; The Cove, An Lar Poses, Luas, Swagga,Les Encantades, Slack Girl, Baubles by Phe!, deviousMind, Ravenghost, Meadow Works, Sweet Kajira, and The Annex. Sylpha The Island Of Sylpha Sylpha is a glorious water sim! Sparkling water surrounds tiny islands on this sim with boatable and swimmable water. Dolphins and Orcas swim beneath in the cold waters along with mermaids and other water creatures. Residents have beautiful island abodes and the sim boasts stores such as E.V.E., AiShA, and ROQUAI. Click here to see parcels that are available for rent. -Various Lot sizes available or inworld: Vist the Ippos Collective Rental Office: --->HERE<--- Contact DUCHESS FLUX or SORCHA IRELUND for more information.
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