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Found 10 results

  1. Here are the rules, and Landmark to location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thorncliff/38/32/0 Hello! Please take a moment to read everything on this NC before entering the contest. 1. Entries are open from September 1st to September 15th at 11:59 PM. Any entries received after the dates and times will be voided. 2. Judging will be done between September 16th - September 20th. We have a panel of judges. Staff is NOT allowed to enter the contest. 3. Winners will be announced on September 27th at our Winner's Party. We will have DJ's from 4-8 PM SLT. *WINNERS MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN PRIZES* Contest Rules: 1. Photo MUST be taken at Cheers. You can take the photo anywhere in the bar (preferred), or you may take the photo outside. It must be evident that the photo was taken at Cheers. Editing of photos is permitted, providing you are modifying a photo taken at Cheers and not using elements of photos taken elsewhere. 2. Nudity is NOT permitted. If you have nudity in your photo it will be disqualified. 3. Only one photo entry per avatar. 4. You must be in the Cheers in world group to enter. 5. Entries must be sent to CheersBarCEO Resident. Please specify the correct aspect ratio for displaying your photo. Your entry must be titled like this example. EXAMPLE: Cheers Photo Contest: JaneDoe Resident Make sure to use your full legacy name, NOT your display name. 6. Photo must be submitted to the Cheers Flickr Photo pool at: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14752521@N25/ Photos should be titled: Cheers Photo Contest - Your Name (all partiapants are required to go to cheers and recieve the Notecard but i made it a little easier for help
  2. Place: Angel of Pain, Cafe SCHLAGfertig and Angel of Pain Club Theme: Devotion Duration: 5. June 2021 until 30. June 2021 Announcement of the winners: 3.July 2021 1. Prize 3000 L$ 2. Prize 2000 L$ 3. Prize 1000 L$ TELEPORT ANGEL OF PAIN TELEPORT CAFE SCHLAGFERTIG TELEPORT ANGEL OF PAIN CLUB Rules: One photo per person (You must take the photo yourself). Only photos from Angel of Pain, Cafe SCHLAGfertig and Angel of Pain Club are allowed. Some minor editing is allowed. However, heavily edited pictures will not be accepted. The photo must be named as follows: Photo Contest AoP Devotion 2021 In the description you have to name the landmark of the sim where the photo was taken. The photo must be submitted to the following Flickr group (will be activated by me): Photo Contest AoP Devotion 2021 Rezzing of your own Items is allowed. For that you need to be a member of this group: secondlife:///app/group/98eaa013-22fb-6c1c-6a95-742e1f197645/about. The group membership is L$ 150. I will refund the amount if someone only wants to participate in the contest and there is no other interest in the group. Please collect your items after taking your picture. The entire area of Angel of Pain, Cafe SCHLAGfertig and Angel of Pain Club may be used for the contest, including all skyboxes. The winners will be chosen by a jury of two. Mɪʀɪ (silentchloe) and Maximilian Monday. The jury members are not allowed to participate in the contest. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Susann DeCuir. We are looking forward to your photos and are very excited to see what you come up with on the topic of *Devotion*. And everyone can participate, no matter if you have experience in photography or not. If you think you will never win, you have forgotten that taking part in such a contest should be fun ... fun to realize your idea creatively. kind regards Susann and her team Information about the Angel of Pain locations can be found here: Angel of Pain – Playground, Cafe und Club
  3. Join today! Voting will be enabled Feb First! Winner will be chosen on VALENTINES DAY! PureVibe Once there you can take the Teleport pad to the left of the Landing point to get to the Photo Contest. Or you can follow the Purple Arrows L$5000 will be given away total and split 3 ways. 1st place: L$2500 2nd place: L$1750 3rd place: L$750
  4. I'm looking for great models (couples, family & friends - NO single avatars) to complete my upcoming (new) digital art portfolio on Flickr. You can win an absolutely FREE, HQ photoshoot + editing (professional hair drawing, skin retouche etc. - the total package) by simply taking a snapshot of yourself and your partner or with friends in the outfit you want to have the photoshoot done (please no editing of the picture, just a raw snapshot). REQUIREMENTS to participate in this contest: - MESH Avatars only / HQ Head + Body - NO Freebie-Clothes (your outfit can be any style you like, e.g. gothic, sexy, business ... ) - NO single avatars (I need more than 1 avatar on the picture - you can apply as a couple (lovers) OR as friends (2-3 avatars) OR as a family (max. 4 avatars) - MUST provide a RAW SNAPSHOT with all participants (unedited) with the clothes you like to use in the professional photoshoot so that I can see what you look like -> you can paste a link to your snapshot in my private box/IM etc. or send it inworld to my avatar "EclipticalMoon" - you also don't need to buy poseballs - you can just stand next to each other without posing - I just need to get an impression of your pixels 😀 IMPORTANT: I will draw TWO winners after checking the snapshots and will announce here as soon as the search is over. The winners will get their edited picture in full perm. Participating in this "contest" doesn't guarantee you to win, please keep that in mind. But it is a great opportunity to win a professional photo editing which you normally have to pay over 2k for inworld. Good luck 😉
  5. Come and meet Alexandreia, go through this spectacular sim and join us so you can enjoy all the activities that take place in this magical place... Our port is a nice place. It’s a snapshot spot you can take as reference to do beutiful pics.. because 1st April till 31th may we will do photography contest.. ALEXANDREIA PHOTO CONTEST🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 1500 lindes to be best photo in our beutiful place. Develop your creativity and come to Alexandreia to set your spot ..themed in our sim.. photo can be individually made or in group of friends but shoot it in a spot of our Alexandreia sim..the most beutiful and original during this time will recive a prize. Please join our group on Facebook, since that is where you should post your photo to compete. Alexandreia Army and Alexandreia Social Events https://www.facebook.com/groups/393171448162277/?source=unknown ALEXANDREIA LANDMARKS Alexandreia's Url Arena http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Isle/170/46/3455 Url Main City http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Isle/139/133/23 Url Egyptian Village http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Isle/180/34/3459 Url Oasis Egyptian Club http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Isle/180/34/3459 If you need information, you can contact via facebook Lucas LordLucas Electra LeMagic Misha Nandahar or to Isabel Unplugged
  6. Isle of Forbidden Fantasy here again! This time we're happy to announce that a photography contest coming to the Isle with the theme of "Summer!" in mind! If you think you can capture the reason for the season in one of your flickr photos, come on by and show us what you've got! We only ask that you keep it to tasteful erotic at most, and well within the rules of SL's TOS, meaning no ***** or anything of the sort within the pictures to be submitted to the group please. For more details click the link below! https://www.flickr.com/groups/ioffcontests/discuss/72157695167464952/
  7. ZanderZ - 2018 SPRING PHOTO CONTEST Date MARCH 17TH - APRIL 21ST @ 11pm Location - ZanderZ PRIZES: ------------------------ 1x 1st Prize L$8,000 1x 2nd Prize L$5,000 1x 3rd Prize L$2,000 CONDITIONS: ------------------------ Must join ZanderZ Group to Enter or Vote Entry Cost: FREE Vote Cost: L$20 One photo per contestant. Anyone can vote, but contestants cannot vote for themselves. No restriction on number of votes per day or otherwise. PICTURE RULES: ------------------------ 1: Pictures must be Spring Themed. 2: Tasteful nudity ok (nothing explicit)
  8. Theme: Babes in Space Prize: 5000L Entry Fee: 100L Time Limit to Enter: March 3rd through APRIL 1st 2018! Voting Opens April 2nd or when we receive 30 Entries! Which ever Comes First! Rules: Must be in Club Darkstar Group! Male & Female Entries Welcome! NO NAKED [MODERATE SIM] BE TASTEFUL Must Be a Photo of your own Avatar! Must be in THEME! Votes: 10L Per Vote Unlimited Voting SlurL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmic DarkStarFire/202/23/3964
  9. We are accepting pictures for valentine's day costumes or clothing for a chance to win at our club. Daddy's Naughty Pleasures/AFK Sex Club asks you to come on down and apply by adding a picture of you so it can be voted on. The actual voting starts Feb. 1st and runs to the 14th at 8pm. More Votes=More Prizes! Each vote costs $25L 1st Place = 50% of the ending prize money 2nd Place = 25% of the ending prize money 3rd Place = 15% of the ending prize money example: if the ending amount of money put on the board is 1000L then the 1st place gets $500L then the 2nd place $250L and the 3rd $150L So stop by today SLURL and enter those sexy pictures of yours.
  10. The Monarchy's Candid Photo Contest Ready for a chance to win $20,000L sponsored by The Monarchy? Of course you are. Running October 9th - November 10th you can enter for a chance to win, simply by taking a photo with a Monarchy girl! We're not looking for anything super fancy, this is our candid photo contests so shots just need to be candid. Your outfit, pose, etc totally up to you. You're welcomed to visit The Monarchy for photo ops. If you're not a member you can join us on Sundays for open access or during a few of our open access events coming up. We'll also be sharing photo op times on our Facebook page, along with chances to win more votes. So be sure to check us out on Facebook.com/TheMonarchySL. Voting will open November 11th and go through November 18th. Full contest rules and entry - http://themonarchysl.com/photo-contest-candid-shot-w-a-monarchy-girl/
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