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  1. Metaverse City opens on March 31st ...come apply now! Mature Themes, Violence, and NO bigotry allowed ooc. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR WEBSITE APPLICATION POSITIONS ( Original Characters and all Fandom Characters Welcome! If you'd like a position not named, just message the admins! ) The Metaverse is set in present day, on an Alternate Earth and Alternate Universe, allowing for the Multiverse concept of endless valid realities. It is a mingling of Futuristic Sci Fi and Steampunk elements. Their Time is not the same as ours. It was once London ... and even now aspects of old London may be seen here and there, denoted 'Legacy' and fiercely protected. Once ..a magnificent Big Ben stood in the City still, well loved. But it was bombed out of existence, and the people know who they blame, while the real culprit as ever remains in the shadows. But then there's now a common scapegoat for everything. Perhaps we need to explain what's happened. Ten years ago, they came. The Strangers, the Otherworlders, the Refugees. Alien filth, space trash, the names for them go on and on. Freaks has become the most common, and the original use of the word has become lost in its everyday useage as derogatory. They come from a diverse collection of planets. Metaverse City, often simply called The City, is the last bastion of life on the this Planet Earth, where the survivors have built their Brave New World. The City is graced by a massive main Tower, the center of Government and Administration. Metaverse City is the last place on the planet inhabitable, after the Last War. Outside, there are Wastelands and post apoc scenes of horror. Dead cities lay in silence now, billions of bodies long rotted. Most all animal and plant life perished in the War. Food now is created in synthetic form. The Time Lords who have often come here have helped in this tremendously. Clean water is likewise manufactured. But even a ravaged Earth might seem a paradise to some. Ten years ago, as they count Time, The Ark was seen in the sky, a gigantic spacecraft bringing the Refugees from another War, this one battled in the cold reaches of countless dying planets. The City found itself a place of refuge to these thousands from beyond this world - for better or worse. That War was the Time War of their Gallifrey, and this one involved many Systems and trillions of deaths ..countless, literally. Since the Refugees came, everything changed. They're everywhere, of course now, and that means hate, intolerance, fear, suspicion and outright murder from some quarters, and from others, intermarriage, mixed species children, a dozen new possibilities brought to fruition from the adept technological sorcery of the Refugee scientists, saints and doctors. Many of them are Gallifreyans, not all Time Lords and Ladies, some are the lower class Shobogans, and these ironically have been accepted far better as being closer to 'normal'. This has become the place of Sanctuary, designated a haven for them to assimilate and acquire the skills they will need to live among the humans of the Earth. To go from being cosmic hobos cast off in an unending sea of space, to being trusted and productive members of this society of mankind. "Alien" has become a slur, now, and they prefer to be called either Refugees or Newcomers. Some of them don't like any labels at all. Some look human. Some do not. Some are human, in fact and form. But all are now here for good, since the Ark destroyed itself in the Landing, all those years ago. But there's more to the story. Something else has happened to the Metaverse. Something past unusual, something of madness itself. The people discuss it in terms of enigmatic and uncanny, but no one as yet will say it. "Gold" has come to mean something else now, than the beguiling metal that now may be had for a fraction its worth. People are dying. After all, that's what people do. But they aren't staying dead. No, they don't return as zombies, drooling and shambling in desperate and final hunger, feasting on flesh. It isn't flesh at all, they seek. Nothing is blatant or terrifying, all is film noir tones of hushed grey, softness and almost sweet, like the tender aura of a mausoleum's fragrant chemicals. What they hunger for is called Artron, and it's become the new addiction of those who prefer to avoid death's chilly ways and means. Artron, brought here by a rogue Time Lord of the Gallifreyan race, and now seen as the giver - and taker - of Life itself. "Gold" ...is now slang for Artron. The Fountain of Youth is guarded by dragons merciless and mad, and if you want to stay alive ... you better find a way to pay the new Lords of Life. And just who are they, who dole out the stuff of dreams as they threaten nightmares all the same? Preying on people's growing fear and prejudice, the Crime Lords are rising. A shadow organization called the MIB - the Men in Black - strikes terror in the hearts of the Metaversians now. And the stories are only increasing. What the Men in Black giveth, so they may take away.. Want your loved one brought back? Want to ensure you yourself never know death's kiss? No worries, but it will cost you. They'll take organs, the forfeit of a child, a favour ... as well as cash. Gold can be had for many prices, but the MIB control it all. Those who try to muscle in on the market find themselves worse than dead. Much worse. And just by the way, don't think it takes just one dose of the magic potion. Oh no, it only works that way for Gallifreyans. if you want to stay alive, you're going to need a fix every week. Every seven days ... no matter what. Be sure you can afford to stay alive, or buy life for your child or parent or ... significant other. There are penalties for failing to stay on the 'Stuff'. Ones you don't want to find out about. Ones that make the original idea of death natural and normal seem like a walk in the park. Once you commit, the MIB feel you've signed on for ...pardon the pun, 'life'. Time Lords, Crime Lords. The line is blurred now. The Men In Black is ruled by James Moriarty and his partner Sebastian 'Tiger' Moran. Two men of this world, very much human, very much out for domination. Yet Jim isn't really motivated by that half as much as the ones in his organization are. For him, it's the Game. The Game with Sherlock Holmes, sometime lover and eternal check and balance. The two play a long and deadly game of chess on a board comprised of living pawns, and often even Sherlock seems to forget that horror is coming in the wake of this Game. Even Sherlock becomes obsessed. The source of the Artron is none other than the Master - now the Mistress - herself. With no real conscience in these matters to hold her back, and very little true sanity, she has allied with a man who seems to her a kindred spirit. Why, she can even forgive Jim for being human! She supplies, and he deals. Both are in this for more than profit or power - both are playing a Game with their Significant Others. For the Time Lady, her nemesis is the Doctor .. and there are many of them, out of TIme, out of Space, who come here to M City. But the Web, as the MIB are sometimes known, goes far deeper. Their talons are in most of the crime that happens in the City. And some say .. out there in the big bad Cosmos as well. What of the people who live here? Who are they, besides the criminals and their foes? Besides the deadly, who else lives and breathes in the altered world? There is a Legal and Governing System, a bit basic, with a Legate who is the head of what remains of Earth. There is a Council, based on the Time Lord Council but comprised of Earthian humans only at this time - though that is being hotly contested. The Legate has the final say, the Council advise but may not overrule them. He or she truly does have the final word. Legacy is determined by a ten year recurring election, and a General Election occurs. The Refugees have only last year won the right to vote and participate in this. A well loved Refugee, Reno Urar, campaigned for - and won - the Legacy. This was a catalyst for many legal debates as well as outright hatred and chaos over his victory. For all basic intents and purposes, he had chosen to run for Legate on the platform of Refugee Equality, because some of them could not even legally marry, their children were likely to be taken for spurious reasons, and it was difficult for them to find employment - and in many cases - even make enough to survive. But as the refugee population was now actually higher than that of the Earth Humans now, when he obtained the backing of powerful and unseen allies, and was able to run, he was elected in a landslide. But while he was running, Reno was shot and injured very badly, and someone who had Gold on them gave it to him to save his life. When the MIB found this out, they very heavily backed him, despite him being a Refugee, because they figured they could manipulate him - use him to keep their business safe and not targeted by law enforcement as it typically is. In other words, they believed they would own the Candidate. Day after day, the City lives on, despite the discord and divisions. After all, people still have to live. Have to eat, work, have families and protect them. And the City offers much. There is a sprawling Scientific Tower, as well as a Medical Tower. Science and Medicine are highly regarded professions. But people are so afraid. So very afraid. The MIB smile at their fear. And the MIB strongly oppose rights for the Refugees. The Mistress herself opposes this, because she prefers to cause havoc from the shadows, and the thought of a Doctor in power here .. gives her a nasty chill. Not the good sort. The people battle the concept of death with the Gold, and the Web keeps them terrified and needy, many, many are now spared from death only to be hooked on Artron. Their newly restored lives are now hostage to a merciless keeper, and the MIB's Web casts a pall over their every hour. Who will you be here? So many possibilities. Raise a family, struggle against the MIB - or ally with them, oversee the rule of law in the streets, delve into medicine or science, work for Refugee rights - or against them. Be a criminal, be a hero, be one of the thousands just wanting a life here. Be living on borrowed Time as a slave to the Gold .. or deal it in the underworld. Oh, but have a care. It's getting late. And the Spider moves on his Web ............
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