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  1. We are hiring for DJS and Host for our Grand Opening on February 4th starting at 4pm. This will be a one time pay event. If you decide to stay on with us, it will be tips only after the Grand Opening. We are looking for DJS and Host for 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm. We are looking for DJS with a following. The music choice is DJ Choice, except we play no country or Rock music. Live Mix DJS are welcome. We are looking to do 1 hour sets. Club Addario - you can check out the club here - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trilogy City/190/102/2503 Please contact Kidd Dallas in world for consideration. If no answer please be patient, I will get back to you. Replies to this ad will not be answered, contact Kidd Dallas In-world. Thank you
  3. ☻ Welcome to Focus Point High ☻ Focus Point High School is hiring for several positions including teaching, coaching, administrative and more! We are looking for dedicated and friendly individuals who love immersive RP and would like to new ideas and skills to Focus Point High and it's students. Applicants are encouraged to choose (or create) any subject, sport or club that interests them. You may choose any from the following list or make up your own. * Be sure that you check with our faculty what classes are available, currently offered classes will not be hired for . * Business/Marketing Graphic Design Blogging Music Production Glee Club Literature Poetry Health Physical Education Culinary Arts Babysitter's Club Interior Design Gardening Home Economics Wood or Metal Shop Foreign Language Music Theory Anime Club World Music Gaming Club Astronomy Biology Cooking Club Oceanography General Science DJ Club Criminal Justice Anthropology Modern World Studies Psychology Sociology Scripting Photography Art History Auto Mechanics Cosmetology Drivers Education American Football Soccer Tennis Volleyball Boxing MMA Equestrian Club Building ► If interested please message : Ṃŕṩ Çђaяìşмa βΔΜβΔŦĦΔ (hotskorpion.charisma) OR ღ Pʋddιɲ ℒ. Çђaяìşмa βΔΜβΔŦĦΔ ღ (puddinpoppin) In-world Campus : Focus Point High School Campus Our website : www.focuspointhigh.com We look forward to hearing from you and don't forget to tell your friends!
  4. ✦* HEXED Dance Club is currently hiring Hosts, DJs! *✦ Come be part of our friendly team where we work to provide the best possible environment for our staff. We allow a wide range of genres, such as Industrial, EBM, EDM and Rock! We're a top 10 EBM club! DJ and Host positions receive 100% Tips! Available host slots: Currently accepting cover hosts! Available DJ slots: Tuesday 6-8pm Tuesday 8-10pm Thursday 8-10pm No experience as a host? No problem! We'll fully train you so you're ready to host some of our awesome DJs! Assistant Management position requirements: With a growing club and growing demand we are looking to hire an assistant manager! This is a paid position, you will be responsible for daily tasks as well as assisting managers when needed! This is a fast paced working environment so we are looking for someone that can keep up with us! Some things we are looking for in an assistant manager: Must have discord Must be able to multi-task You must always be willing to learn You must have HEXED in your best interest If you are interested, please reach out to Silent Halostar or Remi Atheria regarding this position. Check out the club: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Urban Chaos/160/190/1004 Apply here: https://forms.gle/QxAUM3tAQED8gDNV7 Questions about staff positions? Please reach out inworld: Luque Ravenhurst or louizze00 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HexedClub.SL Follow us on Discord: https://discord.gg/2ajmF3ZKrx
  5. I just am curious if I am the only one stuck paying for premium monthly unable to cancel it because is says that you can't own land and be a basic member but the only thing keeping me from basic is the linden home that I can't release
  6. Thank you for your interest in applying as CSR. Please read the information below to know that this is the one for you. Obsydia Estates is a one sim residential role-play community. We offer house and apartment rentals. The facilities on the sim is open for everyone : arcade, gym, cafe, beach, japanese restaurant, and grocery store. LM : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Lodge/200/240/24 FB : https://www.facebook.com/ObsydiaEstates ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before you are accepted as CSR, these things will follow : - You are able to work around morning to afternoon SLT. - You need to be at least 60 days old. - You are required to do a 2 weeks trial. You will still be paid for being in trial. - You will have a training before you begin your trial. - You will need to work at least 1 hour a day and stay on the sim. - You will need to wear formal attire (this will be provided). What you will get : -$L1000 per week -10% commission per booking Apply here : https://cutt.ly/WcYb3bg If you have any question before applying, please contact nrlhnh resident inworld or aoikamesl@gmail.com.
  7. i need someone to furnish a prefab for me. bedroom, office room, single bathroom, longue area, kitchen & living room. willing to negotiate price. IM me at yorie.amore or send me a notecard ♥.
  8. Merideath Gloom (Maddy Sweetpaw) I would like someone with experience in creating mesh body parts to please contact me in secondlife. Above is my legacy name and display name. I have a friend that is willing to pay for new horns and wings her her devil character. Please get in touch with me via notecard. My IM's get capped. Thank you for your time!
  9. Crisp Estates is seeking a rental agent for ASAP 🤩 RENTAL AGENT POSITION: You will be responsible for selling new properties, communicating with our renters and making sure all rental rules are followed. You should enjoy talking to people if you'd like to apply for this position 🥰 This is a PAID/hourly position, with commissions and tips and the ability to work in the office and "from home." Fluent English is required. An attractive, adult, mesh, human form avatar (male, female or non-binary) IS required before applying. We strongly prefer someone with experience with SL land controls/estate rights. We strongly prefer someone who speaks another language (German, Spanish, huge plus!) Hours are flexible. WHERE TO APPLY?: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvina/173/239/33 Please do not apply here, we will only accept completed notecards in-world at our rental office. We're excited to meet you!!!! Questions: Alexis.Crisp or Cretos.Jones in-world
  10. Please fill out the application >>>>>https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-vxdFNq0YSj59oB4HOgoBqP-xPS5PGoHOwNtGtWf0G4/viewform?edit_requested=true&gxids=7628 and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
  11. ❮⇤«☊»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»❯ New Club Looking for Staff Now Hiring for GM, DJ Mgr, and Host Mgr Must be experienced & ready to work Also hiring for DJS & Host Host be experienced DJS have stream, voice, & Take request Must have discord or willing to get it Music - All Genre ❮⇤«☊»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»⇥❯→»❯ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Serena Rebel Creek/81/41/25 DJ Application - https://bit.ly/MusicRevDJ Host Application - https://bit.ly/MusicRevHost Manager Application - https://bit.ly/MusicMgr
  13. Pinewood Public School serves pre K-12th grade. We are currently hiring for various positions paid and Volunteer positions which include: School Nurse Art Teacher Swimming Coach Archery Teacher Math Teacher Cafeteria Worker English Teacher and much more! We offer our staff flexible schedules as well as options of what subjects they are allowed to teach. If you love roleplay in a challenging yet creative environment than this the job for you! Need more information? Great, apply here: http://www.cedarcreeksl.com/cedar-creek-public-school.../ Want to visit our location? http://maps.secondlife.com/sec.../Pinewood%20Creek/47/147/25 New students looking to enroll? Welcome aboard, apply here: https://forms.gle/xPiRSZ2oNRCswrh39 What to pick up our latest Panther Chronicle? Do so here! http://maps.secondlife.com/sec.../Pinewood%20Creek/48/148/25
  14. Visit us inworld. ♥ ♥ CLICK TO VISIT CLUB ♥ ♥ Experienced Escorts & Dancers Wanted A$AP! $$Hourly paid positions$$ Join Our New Applicant Group For Application Posted in Notices or Start a Chat To Have One Sent To You. Copy Link In Local Chat & Join: secondlife:///app/group/43a4f93f-e0cd-ceb8-1461-77cd683b4267/about ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ S O C I A L $ M E D I A ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ღ◦ Facebook ♥ ღ◦ Instagram ♥
  15. Visit us inworld. ♥ ♥ CLICK TO VISIT CLUB ♥ ♥ Experienced Escorts & Dancers Wanted A$AP! $$Hourly paid positions$$ Join Our New Applicant Group For Application Posted in Notices or Start a Chat To Have One Sent To You. Copy Link In Local Chat & Join: secondlife:///app/group/43a4f93f-e0cd-ceb8-1461-77cd683b4267/about ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ S O C I A L $ M E D I A ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ▧ ▨ ღ◦ Facebook ♥ ღ◦ Instagram ♥
  16. Looking for someone who can make me a logo. I am willing to pay for your work. Please send me a message in-world if interested Thanks Casper (Ghostmagicc)
  17. Hello everyone! I'm kicking off my new store and am looking for somebody who is open to being hired & doing custom work, and am willing to pay a good amount for these creations. These products are going to be marketed towards role-players that do Fire/EMS/Police/etc-style role-play. I have more details about the creation requests available if you're interested. These items are mostly going to be smaller items that are either static (no scripting) or will be interactive and have some level of scripting, but nothing too complex. I'm open to a variety of options to work out payment (50% upfront & 50% afterwards, upfront + sales commission, etc.). I have a decent budget to work with, so please reach out to me know if you're interested. This has the potential for future opportunities as well, not just a one-time hire (if the feeling is mutual). The best way to reach me is in-world (Completely Dismantled). Thanks! -CD
  18. Club Neon is a live music & dance venue with themed LIVE DJ events. We specialise in all types of electronic music and have a relaxed policy and are on the lookout for DJ's and Hosts No experience required as long as you are willing to learn and work hard. ** SIGNING BONUS AVAILBLE ** We are looking for people who are friendly, chatty and most importantly, laid back! We are a relaxed club and don't do drama and expect our team to be the same. * 90% Tips * Overtime Bonus * Training Available * Open to ALL* So why join us ? Full training given at our own training facility, if needed as no experience is required Training scheme available for NEW accounts who are finding it hard to get employment Staff room for employees only, complete with a chill out room and a changing room We are a friendly team here, and believe in everyone enjoying themselves and providing entertainment for all Employee Program with a monthly employee of the month bonus scheme Regular team meetings to share ideas and help us all grow, we are, and will always be open to suggestions and will be heard We value and respect the work you do! Various areas available to you.. as well as the club we have our chill out area and exclusive pool area, all of which has facilities for DJ, Host, Dancers Lastly, lots of Friendship and Fun.. this is all about enjoying yourself ! If you feel this is of interest to you, the please IM me and i would be more than happy to provide more information and provide an application, or alternatively pop over to the club as we have a board you can take an application form from. Looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fermat/72/75/45
  19. Hello, I am new to Second Life, but not new to virtual worlds. I am an Advanced Member on IMVU and I thought it would be great to give Second Life a try. I am a hard worker, and willing to put in effort.
  20. Lost in this Moment Weddings is looking to hire: Coordinators, DJs, Dinner Servers, Spa Attendants, Sales Representatives, Photographers, and Videographers! Don't have a skill don't worry, our on-site training will help you learn you way to be a successful person in the Wedding Service! We hope to see you soon! Apply today: https://mayivy.wixsite.com/sl-litm/apply
  21. ...who already have a following to perform at a brand new bar. Cozy and light. We have a full band stage setup. Acoustic is preferred, but definitely not necessary. Commission will most likely not be very large, but as long as you bring in traffic I am willing to pay you a privately discussed rate for your time. Please contact me in-world via notecard and I will get back to you. Thank you for reading this! 🙂
  22. Club Tribute is in search of a good experienced Manager. This is a paid position. The right person will be available between 4pm-10pm and have some experience in managing in a club environment on SL. Don't mind training the right person, but you should still have some experience, know the basics of managing a Club on SL. This will not be a "stand in the club and get paid" position. You will have to work. There is room for advancement into higher managing positions as well. But it won't happen overnight. If interested contact: cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) Visit us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007
  23. Welcome to The Whiteagle Clinic where we accept all types of avis. We see kids and adults for any medical needs that they need. We see patients with and without appointments as well. We are open 7 days a week. Come on down and check us out and see if we are the right clinic for your medical needs. https://awsomesaucealex17.wixsite.com/whiteagleclinic job application: https://www.jotform.com/awsomea12/hospital-staff-application We need doctors and nurses right now and you don't have to be experienced we can train if you need it. All doctors and nurses are on the casper with our services on it and receptionist are paid by staff and pay is 200.
  24. Hello! I am looking to hire a wedding officiant for my upcoming wedding. We would like it to be a non religious ceremony hence no minister. You must be able to meet and discuss the written ceremony before hand. Be on time the date of the wedding also. Please send me your prices. Azramiray18 Thankies be safe!
  25. Club tribute is hiring a Assistant Manager. This is a paid position, but please read all of this before you respond. This position requires someone who has experience in the field. I prefer someone who has experience managing in a club environment. Please don't be dishonest with your experience, because trust me I will know. So read the following, and if you think this applies to you, then please follow instruction down below. - Again please be experienced, I do not have time to do a lot of training. So if I contact you, be prepared to tell me about your experience in as much detail as you can. Do not just say "I have managed in alot of clubs" or "I know what I am doing." Because if you respond with that, I will close the IM and ignore you. - You must be at least a year old. If you are using a alt that is less than a year, then it is up to you to prove you have been on SL a year or more. Only giving me a name of another account will not do unless you can actually log onto that account and show me. - Your avatar must be decent looking. I am not saying you have to be in a Mesh avatar, but your avatar do need to look decent. You must have a AO of some kind. Standing like a noob will not work. You are applying for a Manager position, so I need someone(male or female) to look decent and presentable. - You must be a DJ as well as know how to Host. You can't hire a Host or a DJ if you don't know how to do it yourself. You may be asked during your trial to do a DJ and/or Host fill in, to demonstrate you know how to DJ and Host. -You must be at least familiar with working with shoutcast boards and schedule boards. I am not saying you have to know how to work every board exactly, but if you have been working with these boards in the past, then it should not take long for you to learn our boards. We use the new boards from Daffy's. - You may be asked to do some advertising in the in-world groups for hiring, and to spam everyday events, as well as advertise on facebook hire groups and event groups. - You will be required to spend time in the club each day, off Mondays. I am not looking for a Manager that is never in the club or always afk when in the club. If your RL is hectic, this is not the position for you. - I need someone that is not afraid to get in staff IM's and enforce rules. - There will be a 1 week non pay trial. That will be the time to show that you can handle the job. Pay will be discussed during the interview. The Club is open Tuesday - Sunday from 12pm to 10pm. Meaning the last set is 8-10pm. Everything else will be more explained at the interview. If you made it this far, and you still think this is a good fit for you. Then please send me a Notecard in world with your experience. I would prefer at least one reference, but it is not required. Send notecard to: cαsρεя gнσsтү gнσsт ραякεs (ghostmagicc) Check out the Club here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreale/197/15/2007
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