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  1. DJ’s: Come equipped with a good quality microphone...this is the best way to engage an audience! Come equipped with your own DJ stream prior to your first shift! Please remember, under no circumstances should you share streams with another DJ. Maintain open communication with your host and all other staff as needed. We work as a family unit, and communication is key. Offer and accept any received song requests. Keep in mind that you do reserve the right to kindly deny any request that may be inappropriate, but always remember to offer them another song of their choosing. Readily accept a minimum of one or two DJ shifts per week. You may always take on more shifts if you feel comfortable doing so, either as a permanent or fill in set. Be ready to send out any last minute notices in the event that your host is late or absent to their set. DJ’s - Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdT-oSny-PHru-2aNE4FEsTyS50X2bDWA6OMibeF8DPuJ6Xng/viewform?usp=sf_link Hosts: - A family dynamic that will always consider your best interest. We are one team, one unit, one family. We strive to uphold a positive work environment. - The ability to create a flexible work schedule. We understand that real life always comes first, and we are always willing to go over schedules with you to ensure that your needs are accommodated to the best of our ability. - Fun and unique job opportunities that include, but are not limited to: Private Events, Weddings, Parties, Exclusive Club Events, etc. - Consistent exposure of events and DJ sets via various social media outlets and Second Life groups, pages, and guides. - You will receive 100% of your tips, 100% of the time. - The consistent opportunity to show off your skills and receive special staff recognition for all your hard work and dedication. Hosts - Apply here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdwMnTBoCi5wjAKQBdvvPHaLbZ-GsI2zJQSYNYJS9LbUGz7tA/viewform?usp=sf_link
  2. Dark Sinergy HIRING TODAY DJ’s & Hosts!! We are on an adult sim and anything goes, you can strip, be on a pole and have fun as a DJ or Host this is left up to you and is not required! Dark Sinergy has a variety of events including LGBTQIA+, Furry, BDSM, Leather and so many new events! All we ask is that all are respected here and there is no pressure for any DJ or Host to step or be nude that is left up to your level of comfort! SEEKING - OPEN GENRE DJ'S, Must have software and your own stream DJ’s Get 100% Tips TIMES - ALL SHIFTS *DJ'S SHOULD know how to send notice if no host is available* SEEKING OUTGOING HOST/ESS TO BRING A CROWD! MUST KNOW HOW TO SEND NOTICES & HAVE DISCORD TO COMMUNICATE OUTSIDE OF WORLD PAY - 100% TIPS DARK SINERGY DOES PAID ADVERTISING IN AND OUT OF WORLD FOR ALL DJ’S INCLUDING SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE FACEBOOK & SOCIAL VR AND COMING SOON TWITTER & IG *WILL TRAIN ANYONE WHO IS NEW OR HAS NO EXPERIENCE =MUST BE AT LEAST 30 DAYS OLD* We are a friendly, adult oriented club, we are drama free and non competitive and we just want to have fun and enjoy! We VALUE our Staff and love input and suggestions as DS believe in listening to their staff, and making it fun for all involved! So if you are interested feel free to apply at : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oZRHRU_QRCG-UmpkXkokyz9UYg8pj6NqA4WwhhTiUEo/edit?ts=601330f3
  3. Need to fill up your free time? Then this club is for you! We are fairly new and looking to find great DJs and Hosts! Experience is preferred, but willing to train! We are an adult sim and accept ALL that are of age! We are a pretty relaxed club and understand RL happens! We require for applicants to be at least 30 days old in SL What we're looking for in an employee: Reliable/active Team player Willing to take 1 permanent set a week Great attitude APPLY HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe-yiJHHE2rC5TQECQowI1Er83_Ot8hvE71xduYQg9XCLqzTw/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. DJs: HOSTS: MUST be able to DJ without Host WILL do fill ins MUST take requests (Unless live mixing) CAN work 1 shift a week MUST keep up in local chat. Voice is optional! CAN access online calendar MUST speak fluent English Mesh body is preferred No stress and no drama! Just be you! This is an adult sim, possibilities are endless! Come join our amazing family and have fun! APPLY NOW: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oZRHRU_QRCG-UmpkXkokyz9UYg8pj6NqA4WwhhTiUEo/prefill
  5. Succulent Seductions is now Hiring, fill out an application at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1SS0-BB-0pYDoSt55jeqt5QuhhY_Bllk120vhS2AR-Xk we are looking to opening soon, as we are a new club, but not new to owning in Second Life, come join a team who cares! Our Projected Soft date opening December 20th Our Grand Opening is Jan 2nd 2021
  6. Tired of working for clubs who make promises they can’t keep? Come and join our family here at Infinite Possibilities, where we believe in quality over quantity! We put trust into our staff, where we are growing and looking for DJ’s & Hosts! Come and apply and see what we have to offer here at Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Possibilities is Now Hiring, what we are looking for are DJ’s, & Hosts Here is what we are looking for: DJ’s: ۞ Must Use Microphone you are the voice of the club ۞ Must be able to take requests ۞ Must communicate with your Host if there is one present ۞ Be able to send notices if there is No Host ۞ Take 2 shifts a week (you may take more or fill in as needed). UNLESS YOU WORK A SAT OR SUNDAY! ۞ You Must have your own stream ۞ MUIST HAVE MESH AVITAR or be willing to upgrade within 2 WEEKS Now here is what you will get as a DJ: ۞ The opportunity to DJ for Lovely Laura Designs Parties, weddings & Special Events to earn extra income ۞ Flexible schedule ۞ Rewards & Recognition- Employee of the Month ۞ Your Managers will promote on social media pages and SL groups ۞ 100% Tips ۞ Management that cares about YOU Hosts: ✯ You must know how to send out notices ✯ Have Facebook and Discord ✯ Must be able to take 2 shifts per week (You may take more or fill in as needed) UNLESS YOU WORK A SAT OR SUNDAY! ✯ Be able to promote your DJ Communicate with your DJ of any announcements that may need voice ✯ Be friendly, warm and welcoming & Do not Gesturbate ✯MUIST HAVE MESH AVITAR or be willing to upgrade within 2 WEEKS Here is what you will get as a Host: ✯ 100% of your tips ✯ Flexible schedules ✯ Rewards & Recognition — Employee of the Month ✯ Additional help needed & Some training if you need it ✯ Management that cares about YOU! IF YOU ARE A MANAGER FOR ANOTHER CLUB PLEASE DO NOT APPLY! We have a variety of shifts, So if you are looking to be part of a club and a family consider Infinite Possibilities! Apply here: https://forms.gle/CYX2GAHfHUUv41A8A
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