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Found 3 results

  1. I have always felt the "Delete" or "Discard" button was too close to the "Save" or "Close" buttons. At times while possibly in a hurry I have hit that delete button instead of save or whatever else function I meant to do. I feel that "Delete" button needs to be as far away from the other buttons as possible. This may seem a bit frivolous to some, but how many times have YOU hit that delete button accidentally?....especially before you saved a note card for example? In posting the suggestion I am in hopes of comments, of course, and the attention from Linden Lab! Have a blessed day!
  2. Hiiii So I am trying to wrangle my insanely large inventory. I have thousands of notecards, many which I can delete but need to look at them first. To better manage this in the interim, I created a simple full perm cube with a full perm hover text in it to wear as a HUD. So, for example, I can wear the HUD which I named after a shop - let's say Pixels Playhouse. I edit my script inside to add the name to the hover text. I have 50 Pixels Playhouse notecards which are full perm. I grab them all and slide them into my HUD, then delete them from my inventory . Voila! Chef's kiss. I detach the HUD that now has all my note cards. I've reduced my inventory by 49 items. I can reattach and add notecards as I receive them in the future. This allows me to work in no rez areas if need be. Plus I don't create duplicates by rezzing. What a nifty idea Pixels. Yes, i thought so until I tried to do the same with notecards that are no mod. I cannot slide from my inventory no mod notecards into the attached HUD's contents. I can, however, rez the HUD prim on the ground and slide them into the prim with no issue. But taking this back into my inventory means I now have this new version in addition to the previous version. What a PITA! My inflated genius has been dashed onto the rocks of my hubris. So whyyyyyyyy does SL mock block me re no mod or no mod/no copy or variations on perms when placing items - in this case notecards - in an attached HUD prim but has no issue moving same items into a rezzed prim? Either I am not doing something with key combos or Linden Labs should fix this since this HUD storage box solution enables us to create and manage storage boxes and content without having to rez or duplicate the storage boxes. Anyone know why this is set up like this and if there is something I am unawares of to make this work? If I could get this to work regardless of the item's perms. I would do this with other items in my inventory like textures which would significantly reduce my inventory and make is far more manageable. I could even spend more time hanging out at your events while I work on my inventory! Win/win! If I can't get the no mod no copy items to move seamlessly into the attached HUD and I have to rez it, , I'd like to add some code to the script that aromatically updates the object name + adds the date/time. I will ask about that on the scripting forum section unless someone wants to add it here. Thank you. xo pixels sideways / Moon Mittens
  3. How many Notecards can you get before they are capped? Are Notecards separate from Instant Messages? I was told when Instant Messages are capped Notecards are also included with Instant Message cap and that they wouldn't get my Notecard anyway. Is that true?
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