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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there! I'd like to start a roleplay family witch a family of witches. Can also be human or non-human as long as its not furry. (Nothing against furries, I'm a furry cx) I go by Alexander Jace Calix (Aj) or Blair Rae Calix (I'm genderfluid). I have a twin sister named Ophelia Rue Calix. My IW: Xyrii Ophelia's IW: Vulpere If you'd like to start this journey with us, please message us here on the post, DM us, or message us in world or even on our Instagrams! @xyrii.sl , @vulper.e , @vulpere.sl We like demons, elves, witches, vampires, and more! And we're willing to be the children, or end up as parents. Well I can be a parent, Ophelia can be the cool aunt! Or any role for that matter. So just let us know!
  2. PARTE TENEBROSA NORTH-EAST This quarter-region is for residential, cultural, or roleplay use. Art galleries, classical music venues, and the like are welcomed as well as residences*. The parcel offers 5,500 LI at L$3,500 per week, on 16,384 sqm. Terraforming is permitted. There are seasonal changes. Humans, non-humans, and Tinies equally acceptable. Full information is in the Covenant, included in the rental box information notecard. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/141/131/21 *Dance clubs, combat zones, urban areas, and solely commercial zones are not. Please note this is part of the half-region previously advertised, of which the other part is now rented.
  3. PARTE TENEBROSA NORTH This half-region is for residential, cultural, or roleplay use. Art galleries, classical music venues, and the like are welcomed*. The parcel offers 11,000 LI at L$7,000 per week, on 32,768 sqm. Terraforming is permitted. There are seasonal changes. Humans, non-humans, and Tinies equally acceptable. A quarter-region split will be considered. Full information is in the Covenant, included in the rental box information notecard. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Parte Tenebrosa/135/134/21 *Dance clubs, combat zones, urban areas, and solely commercial zones are not.
  4. I work in... niche markets. Non-humans. Creatures, animals, etc. So looking for a like-minded person for this position. If you're just a human and like hair and clothes and shoes... well, it's just not gonna work out. SHORT VERSION: This is a part-time, unskilled position. It only requires being able to read and follow instructions, and shoot photos in SL. It is also an unpaid position. In return, you will get free products, as well as help and mentorship. See the long-winded version, below, for details. *** IMPORTANT: I suck at keeping up on forums. Please send all queries (and/or applications) to Bloodsong Termagant in-world*** You can also get the notecard in-world here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raglan Commons/26/101/22 I am accepting applications until the end of May, when I will Make A Decision! PLEASE read the Long Version for how to submit an application. Thank you! LONG VERSION: I need an intern for all three of my Evil Corporations: Bloodsong Termagant (everything), 3D Menagerie (animal/creature avatars), and soon Brass Ring Ranch (add-ons and mods for rideable horses). My areas of expertise are building, scripting, modeling, and animation. DUTIES:------------------------- Beta Testing ---------------- This is easy, all you have to do is screw stuff up! But you should also be good at understanding how it got screwed up, and able to list the steps of how to screw it up so well. There may also be some alpha testing on the Beta grid, so you should know how to log in, and be able to get there. (I can help you with this.) Product Photos ------------------- I'm not very good at box art and product promotion. By this stage, it's all over for me. So you'll get some new goodies, a note about what kind of details to feature, and then you can go off on a photoshoot, either on location, or if you have a photo studio, or whatever. You will not need to upload anything to SL, you can just send me PNG files. Then I'll insert them into my layout files. Blurbs, Copy-Writing -------------------------- I can generally do this. But it might be good to find someone who can take my novel-length notecards and ... reformat them for modern attention spans. :X REQUIREMENTS:---------------------------------------------------- Time: ------- I don't think this will take a lot of time. It's more of a part-time position. When I finish a project (nearly), then there will be Beta Testing (where required). And then product shots. And in between, just nothing, really. I'm thinking an hour or two, for one or two days, every few weeks. Subject to change and fluctuate. Written Communication Skills: -------------------------------------- You should be able to read and follow instructions, as well as write bug reports with details of what happened and how. I am verbally handicapped, so any tutoring, mentoring, and help will be via text. Non-Competition/Non-Disclosure Stuff: ------------------------------------------------- Okay, I'm not gonna get all uptight and legal-ese about this. I believe in a fair open market. Just donn't be a jerk about stuff, you know? Like... if you need some left-justified floating text for your script, and I say, 'oh, here's some.' And then somebody asks to hire somebody to write left-justified floating text code, don't say 'ooh, me!' and charge 'em a couple thousand and give them my code If you want to make like... snowsuits and snowmobiles, I'm not gonna say 'oh no, you can't do that, cuz I did that once.' Those are old. On the other hand... don't go through the entire Mill back catalogue and re-do ALL my stuff, cuz that WOULD tick me off! If you want to work on something, and it is similar to something I want to work on, or may work on in the future, I will let you know. You can either decide 'well, then I'm not gonna discuss my secret plans with you' or we can see about working together on something as a partnership. But that's all open to discussion. Open communication is key. I'm Aspie, so I can be pretty blunt at times, but at the same time... I usually don't take things too personally. Or I try not to. PERQUISITES:------------------------------------------------- Free Goodies! ----------------- You get to try prerelease products, and give feedback and suggestions for improvements. As well as finished products. It just comes with the job I make a variety of things; these days it will be Titchy-centric, and mods/add-ons for various mesh avatars. Under 3D Menagerie, there will be avatars as well as animesh creatures. Right now, Brass Ring Ranch is focused on mods for the Teeglepet horse, but hopefully will expand to Waterhorse and anything else out there. Help & Mentorship: ------------------------- I have many skills.... I don't have anything set up to teach anything from scratch (except maybe scripting; I'll have to look up my old classes for those), but if you can get a start on some basic tutorials, I can certainly help with... Scripting: designing, syntax, creating functions, paradigms. Building: tips, tricks, and shortcuts for building with Prims right in SL. Modeling: designing for animatable models (for rigging). I used to work mainly in Lightwave (7.5, not the new ones) and 3D Coat, but I have been learning Blender, and can help out with that, as well as Avastar. Animation: principles and techniques, technical stuff with Blender and Avastar, as well as the SL animation specs and troubleshooting. I will be available on Discord, so you can ask questions and such at any time. I can't guarantee an answer right away, though. Application:----------------------------------------- If you are interested, toss me a notecard with some info about yourself (in SL; reality doesn't matter), what you do, what you WANT to do in your second life (or third or fourth). How you see this internship thing working, what you expect out of it, what you expect to contribute, blah blah blah. Please include a list of what kind of avatars you have, as well as what rideables/pets and such. Also what days/times you are usually in SL, and possibly what days/times you might be free to do live tests or meet on the Beta grid (these will be pre-planned. or so i plan!). Remember to name the notecard something pertinent, and put your avatar name on it, too. I don't know how long I'll be considering candidates, so I might hold on to these for a month or so? But I will get back to everyone. Thanks for looking!
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