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Found 2 results

  1. Pictured: Warehouse 21 Get ready for non-stop partying this weekend at these popular and newcomer-friendly Music Clubs and Festivals in Second Life! Find even more parties in the Music Category on the Destination Guide and our Community Events page. Warehouse 21 Warehouse 21 is an Industrial/Steampunk themed underground music club. They have live DJs performing every day of the week! For DJ sets and live music gigs, see their calendar: tinyurl.com/yde4hjpy Visit in Second Life SMOKEFEST SMOKEFEST 2023 is an immersive music festival surrounded by the beauty of red rocks and custom artwork. Every Saturday in January is a new mix of artists, singers, and DJs performing on a unique stage featuring dancers and a synched light show. Patrons can also shop festival exclusives, enjoy the waterpark and have fun taking photos at their leisure. More info at facebook.com/SMOKEFESTSL Visit in Second Life Peak Lounge Established in 2014, Peak Lounge has been providing a fun and relaxed place for Residents that enjoy music and dancing. Peace, love, and music is their motto! There are live DJs from all over the world playing a variety of music from different genres. Come by and make new friends! Visit in Second Life Exhale Dance Club Exhale Dance Club features live mix DJs 24/7 from all around the world. There's a variety of music genres including EDM, trap, hip hop, electro, techno, house, and trance. Exhale provides music shows and special themed events including DJ battles. These DJs bring everyone together for the love of music and the social experience. Visit in Second Life Voodoo Dance Club Voodoo Dance Club is a fun and friendly EDM Dance club with nonstop live DJs, hosts, and VIPs from around the world 24/7. Join real people and make real friends! Visit in Second Life Cafe Musique Welcome to Cafe Musique, where friends meet and new friendships are formed. New and established artists as well as the passionate staff work together for tips only. Music for music lovers by music lovers! Cafe Musique has been helping new artists in SL since Feb 2015, at no cost to them. Visit in Second Life KPOP Island KPOP Island is a community-based tropical getaway that brings the ultimate idol experience inspired by the BTS Island Game. Enjoy the best DJs at Club Cypher with tribute concerts and events! Visit in Second Life Totally 80s Club A warm cozy club where 80's music reigns all the time! Chat with the DJs, staff, and other fans of the 80s music in this fun club filled with dancing and other activities. For more info, visit: www.totally80sclub.com Visit in Second Life Club D-Block Club D-Block is one of the hottest clubs on the grid with a variety of DJs playing the best in Hip-Hop, Dance, and twerk music! Visit in Second Life Big Daddy's Rock Club Big Daddy's Rock Club has been bringing good music and good times to Second Life for over a decade! Visit in Second Life Furzona Furzona is a community based, cyberpunk-themed hangout with multiple areas to explore, including a Cyberpunk themed skybox known as The Mainframe, with holo-deck like simulations available to relax in. With Live DJ's and Hosts, Furzona specializes in live video displays and laser shows, showing off the capabilities of Second Life's engine. Visit in Second Life Don't forget to check our Recently Added category to see all the latest additions to the Second Life Destination Guide! Got a spot that you’d like listed in the Destination Guide? Make sure to drop us a note at editor@lindenlab.com or submit your spot via web form. Learn more about the Destination Guide criteria for Editors’ Picks or the Destinations Floater in the viewer, and increase your chances of being featured in those coveted spots! Connect with Second Life on Social Media. Signup for the Second Life Weekly Email Newsletter.
  2. Music is priceless; it can strengthen social bonds and turn an acquaintance into a lifelong friend. It is also one of the most effective ways to get people connected in a virtual world. For close to two decades, Residents in Second Life have been using the power of music and virtual dancing to express themselves and interact with others. The Music category of the Second Life Destination Guide is filled with hundreds of venues playing all genres of music. In this week’s destinations video, we are featuring six of the most popular clubs in Second Life, according to our data. Along with the music category, these clubs are also listed in the Popular Places category, which showcases some of the most visited places in SL that are great for socializing and newcomer-friendly, so there are no scripted newbie kickers, payment info restrictions, or adult ratings - all are welcome! Exhale Dance Club is a great example of how there is literally never a dull moment in Second Life. DJs from all over the world play live mixes 24/7 in this sleek club with a huge dance floor, neon lights, and a peek of the nighttime city skyline through the windows. Exhale’s vibe features a variety of music genres including EDM, trap, hip hop, electro, techno, house, and trance. Visitors can also enjoy special themed events like DJ battles. There is ample space for letting loose as well as chatting, and sometimes the DJs will make a shout out to individual patrons! Big Daddy’s Rock Club has been a den of good vibes in SL for over a decade, changing the decor seasonally to keep things fresh. This open air dance floor also has a huge outdoor space to catch your breath and explore. Follow the walkway of Hollywood-like stars to get to know the history of the venue and some notable Residents. And just in case you need a last minute outfit change, Big Daddy’s Mall is right next door. Posters throughout the club offer Residents news of current events and ways to get more connected with the virtual world. Visit today to hear classic and contemporary jams as well as one-of-a-kind mashups. Fogbound Blues is a laidback and rustic music venue where visitors can grab a seat at the bar, explore the dance floor, or lean against the jukebox to take it all in. The club opened in 2009 and over time gained a loyal following of music loving patrons. Owner Yanik tells us “Looking at it now with 70 avatars in the room, the best blues DJs in SL, and a full 24-hour schedule, it's light years ahead of what I hoped. It has become home for so many regulars. A social hub where friends gather. It's a community. Some depend on it to battle loneliness, sickness, to still feel somehow alive in this crazy era. It's now bigger than me. It's theirs, and I make sure it stays that way.” Muddy’s Music Cafe is a slice of paradise for those in search of a beach vacation. Surrounded by glistening waves, this oasis offers an intimate dance floor and a lounge area with a pool table and piano. The decor is playfully casual, almost like a house party with a pile of records in one corner, musical instruments and statement pieces to serve as great conversation starters for even the shyest of Residents. Las Muchachas is a Latin dance club with a casual dress code. You’ll hear everything from samba to salsa, mambo, merengue, flamenco, chacha, lambada, and more! The dance floor has the aesthetic of a wooden dock, as if your cruise ship just landed at this tropical locale with a view of the city off in the distance. Grab a festive drink, dance, and enjoy conversation in the cabana. One of the walls in Peak Lounge is emblazoned with the phrase “When words fail, music speaks,” and we can’t agree more. This ultralounge features DJs from all over the world playing a variety of dance music. The decor feels like a celestial dream, with a modern lounge area flowing seamlessly into the dance floor and DJ booth. It comes as no surprise that Peak hosts exclusive fashion events, with stylish outfits and accessories available for purchase in the entryway. Peak Lounge expertly balances intrigue and hospitality, making all visitors feel welcome. In the new year, explore new places and make new memories! Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Music Credits: Todd Squall
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