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Found 9 results

  1. I really think we should be allowed to edit posts after the 24 hour mark, even if the old post was still visible. There are a few occasions where the forum seems to be forced into relisting threads rather than just maintaining one thread. (Rental Forums for example people post nearly the same thread every day rather than maintain an active thread for their listings) I do see how allowing editing may be prone to some issues such as people changing what they may have said, but if that was the concern perhaps allow users to see edit history. If that is not the concern then why not allow posts to be edited? Bare minimum I think the First post in the thread should be editable indefinitely so the user can maintain and update the thread. Should we allow post edits,delete,etc. by the user? If so how should this be implemented, otherwise please specify reasons why it should remain the same
  2. i made a ring and i cant seem to modify my own mesh after exporting from blender 2.79 i have avatstar and did the export thro their dae but when i export it to SL it doesnt let me modify transfer change or select faces in edit mode even after i dropped the mesh on the ground to apply nothing it just doesnt let me move/ rotate or stretch.. i really need help !! thank you
  3. Can a creator report you for copyright infringement if you modify an item you purchased from them on the marketplace and rename it? The item would not be sold or distributed as a modified unit, but only used for business purposes. Thanks for your help in the matter.
  4. Hi there, new to the forum. My name's Hier0nimus ig. I've been a second life and blender enthousiast for years already. But now I want to start combining these two interests. I usually make scenes in blender with meshes I download/buy other places. The meshes I buy I play with and modify at will. I would like to know how this works within the second life community , because I noticed a lot of meshes are 'forbidden' to modify or transfer. But it's still unclear to me what these things mean in this context. 1) If I buy a mesh from the marketplace. do I get the .dae file on to my computer? Or just in second life? most vendors say 'This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life' Does that mean I ONLY get the thing ingame ? 2) If the mesh is non transferable, what does that mean? 3) What I really want to do is buy some meshes, load them into my blender and make new scenes with them and modify them at will. What do I need to pay attention to to achieve this? Just so I'm not buying useless stuff on the market .... ( I don't have land in SL and am not interested in making scenes ingame) Many thanks to this awesome community
  5. I dislike No Copy anything, and generally won't buy No Copy given a decent Copy alternative. It's very, very easy to lose them and you have to rely on the good will of the seller to replace them. The seller also has a real life and may not be on when you want it replaced, so even if that person had good will, it may be hard to find the seller. But with most items at least I understand why they might be No Copy. Nearly all (maybe absolutely all) SL radios are No Copy, and I decided I'd buy one rather than keep trying to get the music stream on my little parcel that I wanted, despite having to buy No Copy. As the maker explained to me, there's a reason for it, which is that estate owners could buy one Copyable radio and put it in dozens of apartments or something. I still will buy Copy if I can, and I think everyone should. But with items like that, at least there is some logic. I was in a clothing store today, with decent clothing. I might have purchased something, except it was all No Copy, and they were not gachas. There is zero excuse for that, and I wouldn't buy No Copy clothing if it were 99% of SL clothing. I'd buy from the 1% then that was Copy. The only argument for No Copy, besides gachas which some have fun with, is that multiple copies might be in use at a time if it's something an estate owner could put in multiple estates. But as long as it's No Transfer, I can't do that with clothing I buy anyway. I could have 50 copies but could only wear one, or wear all 50 and look stupid. No Transfer is enough to make sure I don't give away or sell 50 copies. That goes also for skins, animations, and many other things that must be on the person to be useful. All you do when you make something like that No Copy is to introduce the risk of losing it, which easily can happen and if you replace it inconvenience yourself to do that, and if you don't then have an upset customer who bought the product but can't use it. Most makers of things that must be on the person realize this and make their items Copy, thankfully. But if you don't, you will lose sales, you should lose sales, and in fact for clothing and the like you should get zero sales because there's no reason for No Copy at all. I also dislike No Mod unless there's a hud with many textures available, but that's a different issue. I'm a lot less likely to buy something I can only get in one color that can't be changed, but it's not as extreme as with No Copy absolutely meaning No Sale with on-person items. I also with most things like furniture and decor can find Copy items, most of which can be modified as well, and will prefer them also, and I encourage others to buy Copy/Mod there if they can, but again it's not as extremely simple. I realize there are two sides there. But there is no reason for any on-person items, that one must have on herself to work, to be No Copy, and all I can do is post to let sellers know they lose sales if they do that and to help buyers see that buying those items encourages a ridiculous restriction and, like all No Copy, takes a significant risk of loss of what you bought.
  6. Hello, I've made some things that have modify and copy permissions set. But when I give them to someone else, when they rez it and take it back, the object they take back all of a sudden has no copy and no modify set on it. That makes it difficult for them to modify it. How do I set it so that when they rez it once and retake it, it remains no modify so they can retain whatever changes they made?
  7. I'm going to start off with an example leading into a question. Example: Your friend invites you to a group for the land they own. You move in with them and have a piece of furniture (We'll use a couch as a reference example.), This couch has //NO COPY, NO MOD, TRANSFER// permissions. Subject: If I decorate our new room with this couch and one day the owner of the land kicks me out.... Question 1: Will I still get all my //Transfer only// objects back? Question 2: What would happen if the object would be returned? Question 3: What would happen if the object would be deleted by someone else? Question 4: Is there any chance I would lose the object?
  8. Iv noticed over the last few months that we are unable to modify the wiki. Any ideas why this is?. I thought the wiki was supposed be a resource for residents written, mostly, by residents. I have quite a few cool scripts and other bits that I have designed that I would love to add to help others and yet I am now unable to contribute anything on any account, same with my friends. Take the combat system page for example, it was modified in January to "remove old and dead systems" and has pretty much been turned into a advert for some boring linden damage sim with four user created systems barely mentioned at the bottom. I wanted to modify it to return the systems that are actually still in use to the page so they can continue to gain recognition and players and also to dumb down that stupid 1/3rd of a page advert for a linden damage sim.
  9. BrainBaffled

    Sash Belt

    Hello, I'm currently finishing up an RP outfit for fantasy RP related purposes and i'm looking for a good quality sash belt. I've seen a few good ones, but they're mostly pirate themed and i don't want a flintlock pistol with this outfit. It either has to be red or modify so i can color it myself but i'd prefer it to have textures already. If anyone comes across something like this and wants to let me know i'd very much appreciate it Thank you
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