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  1. Entice is a Pro-domme house where women rule. We are accepting application for beginner's up to advanced dommes. We have a good client base and we have been here for over a year. Please follow the link to fill out the online application. Or you may stop in a fill out a notecard if you prefer. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd6XAfHNKmYqetyQqhacCAT7O6k8tQfoJZz5mBhNm4M-R6ysw/viewform?usp=sf_link http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollow%20Creek/227/41/23 Come be apart of our team!
  2. The Kinky Haze club is back!!! Here you will find a soft, mellow, erotic club to meet, dance, flirt and have fun. Most kinks and fetishes are allowed in a sultry setting. Or just relax and listen to 24/7 live music. The Kinky Haze Club is open for all genders, legal sexual preferences and with an additional focus on the BDSM community. You can find us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kinky Haze Valley/148/170/25
  3. Looking to hire dommes to work in a upscale pro-domme club with good traffic. If interested please stop by in world to fill out an application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollow%20Creek/227/41/23
  4. I am a mistress looking for a pet/slave male or female. I am willing to take several sl ones to role play out any fantasy I have even if they don't like it in exchange for me being there supporter. But I am also looking for one slave to start on sl and end up my rl slave they would get better rewards rl for doing whatever say, but I would have to be their priority. If interested im sabrinathedevilhunter and let me know your interested. I look forward to hearing form you my pets
  5. I am a Sensual, Greedy, Sadistic & Strict Domme looking for long term slaves, loyal subs, sissy maids, and eventually puppies, ponies and kittens for My Queendom. I am very kink friendly and a bit of a control freak. I believe IRL that women are Superior, whether they are a Domme or not, and thus require both training in SL and IRL to reflect that. Approach Properly *If you are a Domme/Dom, add Me, let’s be friends!! *I am not new to SL. I was here last from 2012-2014. Ms. Rona has given Me some downtime so I decided to why the heck not comeback
  6. Hi all, I am learning to Roleplay in SL and one thing that I loved is when the Dominants humiliate and degrade me, abuse me for their pleasure, If you do it well, maybe we can become friends inworld
  7. Hi all, I have always played a slave role in SL, Please come humiliate and degrade me in all the ways you can, if things are good, We can meet inworld and have lots of fun... I am here just for some good humiliation and degradation so I can get better in my inworld RPs
  8. Hello, my name is Alicia. I am 28 years old and I am a sissy girl. I am looking for a Master or a Mistress to have a relationship through Second Life and online (such as kik, skype, etc.) to develop myself in the field of BDSM, feminization and any other subject that you are willing to try. If you are interested, you can contact me through: email: sissyalicee@gmail.com kik: SAlicee XoXo
  9. It is important to clearly define your D/s role for a healthy BDSM relationship, you must have a consensual, and trusting relationship that is formed from the beginning and goals defined. As a new submissive explores this type of relationship. The sub will be expected to schedule time with their Mistress and go through appropriate screening measures expected from the Professional Dominatrix. Each Mistress may have a way of screening and taking sessions that is different from one another. Respect their individual ways of doing this. Personally, I do not take clients who do not sound like fun. I want the experience to be entertaining for myself mostly and for the submissive to feel at ease with each new experience with me. Do a little research before scheduling time with a Mistress. If you want to try something specific find out if the Mistress even caters to that request first. Also, keep an open mind as a submissive when trying new play techniques. Discuss limits upfront from the viewpoint of both roles in the relationship. If I accept a newbie into my dark and the sometimes twisted world consider yourself extremely lucky as a submissive. Never take your time with Mistress for granted. The knowledge and training your Mistress has is not even worth one minute in currency terms. Always keep that in mind when serving. If you’re lucky enough to get an exploratory session together and meet together in a safe and sane environment consider this gold. During your first few encounters in your new D/s relationship, you should ultimately feel more at ease and giving up your control to your counterpart. During the initial phase of playing the Mistress is evaluating you on many different levels to include things such as tolerance level to different play types. You will be discussing intimate details of your medical history/medications and honestly giving the feedback your Mistress needs. For example, if you are on blood thinners it's important for your Mistress to know this information up front. Taking into account that a person is on this type of medication would notify the Domme to take special precautions during certain types of play that may involve skin breaks. Discussing your mental health background and medication list with your Mistress is very important to know from the start so that healthy boundaries are set for future progression of the D/s relationship. For example, if you have been through a traumatizing event in your life that caused you to be diagnosed with PTSD this information is very important to disclose upfront to your Mistress so that she is aware of any triggers you may have before playtime begins. Expect as a submissive to possibly go over formalities and safe words in the beginning to define your safety concerns in your submissive role. Let the Mistress define to you what she expects of you. Do not play director to your Mistress or act like a know it all. Your Domme will talk with you more in-depth as to her expectations such as formal ways to greet her and exiting after a session. The Mistress may test your knowledge during the session to see if you were paying attention. A submissive must be a good listener and be able to take in the information given and process it the way the Domme as defined their role. When first playing in your D/s role as a submissive it may take your brain several days to process the information and get absorb the feeling that you had while serving. How were the chemistry and internal discussions you had while serving your Mistress? Did you feel more at ease towards the end of your first session? The chemistry in each D/s relationship is vital to growth in the future. It’s good to know if the match is not successful from the beginning. If the match is not good then consider this when moving forward. Your personal experience will make the process a little bit easier when meeting another Professional Dominatrix in the future. Having different styles and ways of playing is what makes this world of BDSM so great. When trying new play that is not familiar to you in a submissive role the Mistress is most likely keeping tabs in her head. I myself like to say, “ try it you might like it.” It’s important to not judge yourself if you find something that once may have been taboo to you. It’s also good to talk about your feelings after the session with permission of course. During the initial meet and greet phase of the D/s relationship the Mistress is making mental notes of questions she will need to know the answer too. Can this person have marks? If so, what experience does the submissive have and tolerance today to this type of play? Is this play something they may want to continue? As a Domme how could you make your slave progress in the future with this type of play? Mentally, is the submissive taking in the experience well or not? The lines of communication should be respected and open in the first two sessions but may be different from each Mistress. No question is a dumb question unless you like humiliation but always listen when your Mistress gives you the answer. Repeating the answer is okay if you did not comprehend it but if you just were not listening then more discipline and training may be needed from the slave in the future? As a Domme, discussing a slave’s bad behavior before it starts and correcting the issue immediately gives both parties a better understanding of the expectations set. As for punishment, I do not believe in giving the submissive a punishment they like. Why would it be a form of punishment then? During the initial evaluation of the slave, the Mistress will take mental notes during play of likes and dislikes of the slave. The slave’s punishment at the beginning of a new D/s relationship may be as simple as ignoring the slave or having them tied down while tickling them. As the relationship progresses the punishments may be more intense because you already know what is expected of you in the submissive role and you just did not follow through with the Mistress’s commands. Overall, the initial meet and greet is exciting to me and challenging at times. Personally, getting to know each person individually and explore the fetish world together is something that your submissive will never forget. It’s important to have a connection to your Dominant partner so that trust is gained when playing more intensely in the future. The song that was playing in the background when writing this article was Korn, Freak on a Leash which is appropriate I believe but who defines a freak? Written By: Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur AKA LydiaDee666
  10. Sissification in BDSM This subject is oftentimes one of those preconceived notions from those who are new to the fetish/BDSM lifestyle and don’t know too much about sissification also called forced feminization. Many outsiders believe that men who dress in women’s clothing are gay or transgendered. This is not the case. We love the LGBTQ community and sissification in BDSM is not a representation of that. During a scene, you have those who enjoy being free in a safe, sane and consensual environment. The slave is there to submit to their Dom. The slave has already spoken to their Dom before the scene begins and both have agreed what their hard limits are. If a slave is uncomfortable the safe word can always be used. Some slaves like the feeling of women’s clothing, who can blame them? We have silky underwear and bras with shiny, yet soft feeling pantyhose. It’s the submissives time to shine as a woman. Many times some Doms use this as a form of humiliation during a scene and even may bring the slave out into public dressed up in women’s clothing from wig to heel with their Dom. The Dominant may get some sort of element of entertainment from dressing up their slaves. We all know that you are there as a submissive sometimes as entertainment value to your Dom. Many slaves enjoy cross-dressing and taking photos with their face hidden to be shown in public. As a Mistress, I enjoy posting my sissy pictures on social media outlets with the slave’s consent to show the sub how beautiful and fun a sissification session can be. Many times the photos are so good that men don’t know it’s a man. Once the sissy sees their photographs many times they do realize how attractive they can look like a woman. Slaves come from all walks of life and oftentimes have stressful jobs or own their own companies and it’s their time to just be quiet and let someone else take the reins, telling them what they can and cannot do. Other times I have used sissification as a form of ***** training. As a Mistress, I tell slaves I’m getting them prepared to take on a biker group or be auctioned off online only if they successfully pass my ***** training. This is sort of exciting or terrifying to some which make the scene all the more fun. The ***** training oftentimes involves pegging, nipple torture, forced bi (which is agreed upon) to go along with dressing up. There are so many scenes that can involve a man dressing up and being used for his Mistress/Master’s enjoyment. This private scene seems to be prevalent amongst the ProDomme BDSM side. Just remember to never judge what another soul does for fun, sexual arousal or relaxation. We are all individuals and that’s what makes the world go round. I was listening to Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure. By Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur AKA Lydia Dee SL resident
  11. Hi, I am looking for a girlfriend or a mistress in SL. Must be friendly and easy going. I am also open to role play. I am a adult male in my 30’s with a mic. We can get to know each other first and then see where things go from there. Message me if your interested. Thanks!
  12. Everyone in the Femdom community is welcome here. This is a *new* sim.. come make it your new home! ♡ For a few Mistresses, we are offering bedrooms in the mansion.(The room will be a private skybox) We are not looking for a "switch" or "fake domme" .. You must be the right fit for this position. ♡The auctions will run weekly. The boards are already set up, and we're taking applications now! Dommes and subs may both participate in both bidding and being bid on. We need a host that can essentially engage with those at the auction. ♡Mansion subs, slaves, pets... ♡Hosts, DJs, etc.. We're new. We need lots of these. Visit The Femdom Mansion For more information, send a notecard to Raziel Lyric. [We are currently hiring for hosts, staff, DJs.]
  13. Hello Everyone, First off I wanna thank everyone for taking the time to read my post! It means a lot to me. A little bit about my Self. My display name is Octavia. I have been in SL for a little over 6 years. I have an SL family that I love. A am a Submissive not a Slave. I love to have fun and run around. I like hanging out with my family and i think it would be amazing if my Mistress would be willing to come be around my family too. As well as me around her's. I am shy, Cheese, and I Laugh at stupid stuff some times for no reason. xD What I am looking for in a Mistress. I would like to find someone that is kinda and loving but can be strict and firm when she needs to be. To give me the proper guidance. I want a Mistress that can help form me into a better person then I already am. Also i'm looking for a Mistress that doesn't have a ton of pets I prefer to be the only sub. But if its done RIGHT!!!! I don't mind there being one other sub as well. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Most Important things Cant do with out: Honesty Loyalty Communication ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... More about me. SL Age RP: 20 RL Age: 29 SL Gender: Female / Hermaphrodite RL Gender: Male ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Few thing to keep in mind if your interested in me is I will request a Voice verification I talk on com and would like it if my Mistress did too. I also request a 2 week trial.
  14. Hello! I am a femdom seeking a male sub/slave to engage in a D/s relationship and rp with. I do rp in a few different places like game of thrones style or vampire style sims and if you are interested in joining me there then that will be a bonus but not required. As far as me and what I am looking for, I like high protocol, service, with a bit of kink thrown into it as well. Think downtown abbey, or even better think the marketplace by Laura Antoniou. I want someone intelligent and able to have a normal conversation that is open to roleplay and not dependent on huds or pose balls. I do enjoy kink play but if that’s all you are after then I am not the lady for you. I like doing other things in sl than just having sex over and over. I have spent a lot of time and money on upgrading my avie and prefer you to have spent time on yours as well but I am happy to buy any improvements to your appearance that I may wish to see. Unfortunately, I am not interested in sissies or female slaves. I like the strong masculine type. I am NOT a findom or escort. I do not expect money or gifts. Just loyal service. if you are interested in speaking with a classy femdom that seeks to create a quite elegant life in SL then message me in world. Please address me as Lady Catherine. Not mistress, goddess or any other variation. My sl name is toscajarvis
  15. Greetings! First of all, thanks for taking your time to click on my thread. A little disclaimer, I am a newbie in SL (literally my first day), so I excuse for any inconveniences I may cause in advance. As you could probably gather from the title, I am currently looking for a D/s relationship. Please do understand tho, that I am not someone that likes to rush into things and I will not choose the first person to respond, since I put all my trust and clinginess in the people I love and that needs to be earned first. So what exactly am I looking for? I am looking for an online D/s relationship ( NO RP, altough we could do it for fun sometimes.. ). I would prefer my mistress/owner or caretaker or however you wanna call it to be more on the gentle and caring side and be someone I can trust, talk to, be there for them and be friends, rather than them beeing on the rough and cruel side and just want to humiliate and degrade me 24/7. You can however, set up rules of course, when the time is right and we trust each other enough. Please be female and between the age of 18-22 (nothing at all against males, I myself am one aswell :3) I already stated, that I'm a beginner in SL so it would be great, if that person could guide me through the game, and eventually show me the BDSM side of it. ( Not a must ) About me / What to expect from me: I am a straight male, 18 yo and I live in the European timezone. That is all the private information I am going to provide for now. Of course, as we get to know each other, there's gonna be more information than that. I sometimes get depressed and need someone to be there for me. Also I'm a very clingy person and I tend to get emotional at times, so please keep that in mind if you want to become my mistress. I'm not a complete beginner in the BDSM/D's scene, since I've been in one real relationship so far that lasted for over a year. But I am no expert either. Voice chat is alright by me, but you certainly don't have to do it if you feel uncomfortable. A little side note: Please for the love of god, be honest about who you really are and please don't go and pretend to be a person, that you aren't just for the sake of your entertainment. It can really hurt people. Badly. Anyways, I think that this it for now and thank you so so much for reading through all this! Have a wonderful day!
  16. Everyone in the Femdom community is welcome here. This is a new sim.. come make it your new home! ♡ For a few Mistresses, we are offering bedrooms in the mansion. You may set the mansion as your home location. ♡The auctions will run weekly. The boards are already set up, and we're taking applications now! Dommes and subs may both participate in both bidding and being bid on. Visit The Femdom Mansion [We are currently hiring for hosts, staff, DJs]
  17. Time to party in the Asylum Club. Join us and get crazy on the dance floor ! DJ Tress will play the best club tunes for us so bring your friends and have great fun for BDSM community. This Thursday 1 PM SL time. Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ADRENALINA/161/136/1107
  18. Navigating Second Life as an LGBTQ+ person has it challenges, navigating it as a trans man is near damn impossible. A lot of people don't know what trans men are, they assume we are trans women or as they love to call them 'Sh*males' and 'Ladyb*ys', when trans men are the opposite of that. Trans men are people who were assigned female at birth but identifies as male. (Yes, that means they were often born with a *****, but trans men who are intersex exist, too.) I am looking for one or more RP partners who fit the criteria listed below: Aware that trans men are MEN and trans women are WOMEN. (Transphobia will not be tolerated) Aware that BDSM should be safe, sane and consensual. Safety and risk awareness is important, even in online play. It also adds a degree of realism that I love in RP. Someone who can and will keep real life separate from RP. I wouldn't mind discussing real life but I will not discuss it with just anyone. You need to respect that. Someone who is dominant and knows what it means to be the dominant party in the relationship, the responsibilities that come with it. Gender doesn't matter to me much or at all but my character leans more towards males. But I will consider a mistress as well, if the chemistry is there. Your character/avatar is NOT a straight male or a lesbian woman. Like I said, trans men are men; not having a ***** doesn't make us any less of a man. Be respectful of my limits: No scat, piss or toilet play. No permanent damage/dismemberment. No mixing things with real life. No ***** and no *****. This should be common sense, given the nature of the RP I want, but you must be over eighteen. Message me here (it is easier to check the forum since I can do it from my phone) or in world.
  19. Hi im looking for a misstress to dominate me spank me make her hers
  20. ☆ ★#➊★☆ ★☆ ★#➊ JEMMA AT ROPES ★☆ ★☆ ★#➊☆ ☆ ★ⓌHAT : POPPIN TUNES ☆ ★ⓌHERE: ROPES ELITE BDSM ☆ ★ⓌHEN: 4 TO 6PM SLT ☆ ★#➊★☆ ★http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harmony%20City/202/88/25★
  21. Hi excuse me. I use Firestorm, the latest version, and RLVa is on. Traps are working, but the problem is, when timers are off they do not release. They say they release me but the stand button does not go on. Not even my Mistress can release me when this happens. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and possible solutions. I'm wearing a Temple of the Collar collar.
  22. R.I.S.K. presents - Deviant Dance Society w/ King Tut & Egyptian *****s Event. These dances are all BDSM flavored. These dances are so erotic and beautiful, they are so worth watching! FRIDAY THE 25th OF AUGUST @ 8PM SLT - we have the Deviant Dance Society performing AGAIN and the event is "King Tut & Egyptian *****s". Egyptian attire is encouraged. Check out the attached poster and save the date for an EPIC show! Last time Deviant Dance Society performed at RISK is was an amazing turn out and a wonderful show. The best part was seeing 80 people turn up and watch the show. We are trying to enhance the BDSM communities journey in SL. We all need some fun times in our lives!
  23. R.I.S.K. DANCE TROOP NAMING COMPETITION ============================== Welcome to the naming competition for our own dance troupes here @ RISK! R.I.S.K. invites you to participate in the naming of our own dance troupe group. It is very important to management to have our members and guests to be included in picking a well deserved name for our dancing troupes. The winner will have the opportunity to dance on stage with the dance troupes in front of the RISK members and guests. WE encourage MEN to participate also. You will be taught by our very own, Zach Starostin. Plus $1500L Bad Eddy's gift card & $2000L cold hard cash!!!. To participate, please teleport to the main landing area @ R.I.S.K. and place your NC into the gold statue. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bermuda Beach/160/235/22 =================================================== PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME AND THEN WRITE THE NAME YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER for eg: Name: Tahlia (tahlia Snoodle) Troupe name: Something Creative =================================================== They performed here last month doing a toga themed party with several amazing dance acts that amazed us all. Not only did it amaze us, but it also inspired dancers from all over. Some of our staff, members & guests were a part of that wonderful display of erotic dancing which left us all wanting more.... and more is what you get! So what does your creative mind think? Let's give them a well deserved name before they perform again on the 25th August 2017 @ 8pm slt. ! The management team including Miss Ame and Zach will be included in picking the best creative name that has the RISK Vibe. Entries close 5pm slt Friday 23rd August 2017 & will be announced at 7pm slt the same day!. I hope you all have a lot of fun with this, and good luck!! Tahlia Snoodle R.I.S.K. Owner
  24. THE FETISH FAIR IS ON!! What have you bought or what gets your juices flowing? What is your FETISH? WEAR IT at The Naughty Box TONIGHT! Into candle wax? Gimp suits? Ball gags? Latex? Rubber? Rubber chickens? Whatever floats YOUR boat, wear it! DJ Tahlia has the most awesome tunes for us - as ALWAYS! Come check out one of SL's premiere BDSM clubs - The Naughty Box - 7:30-9:30 SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bermuda Beach/173/172/2002
  25. Things are heating up at the Naughty Box & it isn't wax but I tell you what, it is someone who is hot and sticky *winks*. ***Warning owner not responsible for loss of clothing.! Enter at your own RISK (see what I did there? lol)*** Come out and join DJ Cara and her naughty host Franzia for a time you won't forget. DJ Cara will be playing the best of Rock mixes for two hours starting from 5pm slt! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bermuda Beach/173/172/2002
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