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Found 17 results

  1. Hello - Running into an issue with some cloths and wanted to phone a friend for a second option. I have sculpted and can push the shoulder cloth down in Blender and Zbrush, but I'm seeing if there's other best practices out there to improve my workflow, design and basic construction of the shirt to avoid the problem area, Also while I can re-topo the shirt and alter the way the cloth sits, I have not done so yet. Thanks in advance. Goal: Natural drape of cloth across the shoulders for light weight fabric shirts, suit shirts, tshirts, etc. Not have the excess material across the upper shoulders to the neck so it sits on the avi more naturally in a variety of usual game poses and motions. Shirt made in Marv Designer. Sits on the tpose well, no issues. Brought into Blender, binded just fine to Gianni through Avastar 2.92. Uploaded into SL just fine as well, wearing it and all good. Problem: I've attached some screen shots and circled where I'm having an issue. With the initial T-pose in Marv Designer, its causing the fabric to float. Its floating the fabric from the neck to the shoulders and there's no natural draping of the fabric when the arms are down in a natural position. After its binded and the arms are moved either in Blender or on the avi in SL, the shoulders are just all kinds of not right. The fabric isn't conforming to the slope and shape of the lower neck to shoulder muscles. in SL , the neck is also being stretched to the left and right, again not draping around the neckline as it should. Hopefully the screenshots help illustrate what I'm talking about. Question: Any solutions that are common I'm just perhaps not applying? Any best practices when working this area of a shirt where this isn't really even an issue for creators? Question: In Marv Designer, how does particle distance affect that kind of fabric rest when the arms are up or down? The shirt in Blender is about 9,200 faces My particle distance is 15 presently to reduce testing workflow, reduce metrics, and keep deformation capability (which is a *****ty anyway, so will be changing it.) Question: Is applying physics to shirts or other cloths a thing in SL mesh and apparel? If so, thats done via Avastar? Anything I'm not thinking about I should be? Thanks again for anyone's time and pointers. Beers up!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a creator to make outfits to order. For the needs of a club I would like to provide my waitresses with stripable outfits. Something like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CCHANTAL-Diner-Waitress-Uniform-PINK-Maitreya/20500891 but better quality of course. To be able to reveal the breasts and to raise the skirt on the buttocks. Copiable and transfer to equip my waitresses. Please Im me on SL if you are intersted with this project. Cordially. Just Castaignede
  3. Hey there, i don't know. I bought the session skins Fanny and Matilda. I'm actually using them with their body. But now i can't find clothes who are fitting my bodies. Do you have any tips for me where i can buy clothes and sexy lingerie for them? And is it compatible with sessions *****? Or can i use them with a mesh body? Sorry for the questions, but my last login is about 5 or 8 years behind. I don't know where to ask. Thank you!
  5. Hello, after our search for a mesh track builder, we are onto a new project, and now we are looking for a mesh clothes designer. If you happen to be one, please IM me or send me a notecard inworld @ Karenx0 Resident. Thank you. ♥
  6. Hi. Would like to team up with someone who are able create or adapt a line of 'de-dress me clothes' for the Jomo avatar. Basically a sett of shapes for a clothing. Like if a sweater is to be worn the sett/states of the sweater would be 1-over the head, 2-arms inside the sweater, 3-sweater half covering the body and 4 - sweater is properly on. My part would be to code an interface that would allow change to access permission, which sett to manipulated, change clothes texture/color and a version of touch emotes. This is the basic of the de-dress clothes, not all points here need to be in a final product or there can be more. The lines would be sold shared on marketplace. Optionally I would code as an exchange.
  7. Hi everyone, i wanted finaly to ask here, cause going on Shoppingtour is slowly a Pain in the A..... for me. I wear a Slink Hourglass Mesh Body, now no matter in which Store i come, when i search them via Secondlife Search, is dissapointing. I'm tired of shopping for clothes, just getting that "Aha" "Hmh", "No, not my style" experience! Means, i want the hottest, sexyest and even yes, Kinkyest, naughtyest Mesh Clothes made for Hourglass. Why, well i am Flickr Playmate too and look on my Photos, like an old grey Maid, , where clothing is buttoned up to the top, just so you do not see a bit of skin, I think is dreary! I do not know why most of the clothes look like they were made by Christian nuns. If you look at the reality, how many women were already dressed naughty in Playboy magazine. Who actually decides the design of clothing made in Second Life? Who determines what Clothes should look like, the Church "Oh and that must all look very decent, we want to show what good nursery we had!" So i look for those Designers, they dont care, and create Clothes, where a sexy Model still looks like a Sexbomb and not like an old grey Granny! Anyone knows such Stores? And pls, not Blueberry, she creates normal Clothes or Bombshell or LANA, btw from Lana i got the most. I need Mesh Clothes, where i think "Omfg this will cut you off the Stool and not "Aha, ok, fine, yuuuk!" Tysm for your Help Nice Greetings to all of you
  8. Hello, so im having this continues issue when exporting mesh out of marvelous designer and into blender, my mesh seems to break at areas where my seam lines are (where the garments were sewed in MD) here's a screen capture of my mesh when I imported it into blender, I have asked for help in inworld creator groups but none seemed to know what the issue is exactly, id appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, so im having this continues issue when exporting mesh out of marvelous designer and into blender, my mesh seems to break at areas where my seam lines are (where the garments were sewed in MD) https://gyazo.com/6d4674da0b896de0a7cbf6491cb1c26c here's a screen capture of my mesh when I imported it into blender, I have asked for help in inworld creator groups but none seemed to know what the issue is exactly, id appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I am in search of a full perm mesh clothing developer for men and women clothing. I would like all faces of items to be separate i.e. (Men suit = face1 jacket face2 shirt, face 3 tie, face 4 belt, face 5 pants)...Also want it where the suit pieces can be worn separate if needed....NO WHOLE PIECE TEMPLATE.......If you are interested in designing custom clothes for me please contact me. Must be experienced and have items to prove they are capable of designing. I have seen mesh templates be heavy in prims, only want items in low prim. Please provide me with pricing for the following items when responding: Men suit (2 & 3 piece suits....each as separate pieces) Jacket, Shirt, Tie, Vest, Belt & Pants Women Suit ( 2 & 3 piece suit....each as separate pieces) Jacket, Skirt, Shirt, Pants Man button up shirt- Long sleeve can wear a tie, Longs sleeve half unbuttoned Ladies Dress - This can be a One piece with different faces for back and front and sleeves Send Notecards ONLY! Get capped a lot.....respond to mzfineazz Resident! Please only serious inquiring only! The sizes needed will be standard m ~l ~xl slink, belleza, astethetic, Gianni, tmp, geralt If I left anything out that you may need to provide a quote, please contact me and I will answer your questions
  11. Well, maybe not neutral. Second Life is a medium for creativity, for diversity, exploration and expression. A wonderful one, at that, where we can be ourselves or someone else entirely - explore things we wouldn't otherwise explore, meet people we wouldn't have otherwise met; it's truly a testament to how far technology has come, creating a whole new world for us to explore. But one thing the Second Life market seem to be in short supply of, is clothes that are rigged for all bodies - regardless of gender; so people with male bodies could wear traditionally feminine clothing and vice versa. I know, I know -- not everyone is trans or non-binary, or want to explore different forms of self-expression - but a lot of people do, so where's the harm in accommodating them and targeting a whole new demographic? Throw out the idea that only certain people can wear certain things, and watch more people rock your clothing! People do it for club events, for parties, for Halloween, or even daily! I wish more creators did this and I wish more tackled v-tech - people who wear it are in short supply of skins, clothes and everything else. If I had the talent, knowledge or taste, I would do it, but even then - it takes more than one person to make it a thing! So let's make this happen, hm? Let's give people the ability to wear what they want!
  12. I have a store since 2009 and i need help because i have no more time to stay in SL. i need a custom mesh clothes for belleza /maitreya / slink body mesh. contact Blair Loorden in world . Thank You
  13. Hi everyone... I need some help and hope I am posting this in the right forum. I am getting ready to open up shop... yay me. Thinking this would be a breeze after learning Blender, I am finding myself beating my head against a wall, struggling with the preparation of items to sell. Does someone have a workflow process they would be willing to share? I have: 5 Minute Demo, texture hud, Caspervend, a package for delivery, script for opening said package. My main problem right now is packaging. Where or how do I load my clothes into my package for delivery? Do I load each piece of mesh and hud and note card into the Contents folder in Edit mode of Package? Is there anything else I need to do before uploading into my vendor? Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  14. Hello, I looking for some high quality custom fitted mesh clothes designed for my SL company. If you are inserted, please send me a note-card in-world. Looking to have about 6 items made, possible more. Thanks Markcus Williams (markphoto Resident)
  15. Hello! I've been learning Blender for a couple of weeks now, and I finally got the basics when it comes to making mesh, rigging, weight painting, and exporting. The question I have now is how do I make mesh clothes that I've created fit the different mesh bodies? I made some mesh pants using the Slink dev kit and Marvelous Designer, and I finished the mesh completely and uploaded it to sl with textures and all. Now I want to adjust those pants to fit the Belleza and Maitreya bodies. I have the developer kits, and I even tried to rig the Slink-sized pants to the Lara body in blender to see if it would snap to that body once I turned it into fully fitted mesh, with no luck. Another thing I did was manually fitting the pants on the body (resizing, moving, and rotating) and it looked alright until I went to rig it. This is the pants on the Slink body compared to what it looks like when I manually fit it to the Maitraya body (obviously not as smooth and pretty) After I fit it manually, I went to rig it and this happened: There has to be a better way to do it than what I've been trying. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me.
  16. Hi everyone, I am new to designing clothes and have received a request for a custom order someone wants to sell in their shop. Before I take this on I want to make sure I am doing this right for mine and the customer's sake. Can anyone help guide me with the best way to set up and transfer items to be resold by another store? Thank you for your time!
  17. I have a problem relating to initial rezzing in world. Mine as well as clothes of avatars. When I rezz the clothes etc are all skewed and it takes time for fully rezzing. Most of the times avatars including mine look naked with mesh clothes. Does it require some setting change?
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