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  1. Valiant Wrestling is a Second Life based furry wrestling federation that brings high octane live action wrestling to the grid every Wednesday. Co-founded by CEOs Dylan Mattel and Charlie Covfefe, Valiant Wrestling offers plenty of fun and excitement at their weekly live events as well as a great community for longtime wrestling fans. Residents looking for a way to live out their wrestling fantasies in the safety of an online community, can find this form of wrestling roleplay both rewarding and interesting. CEO Charlie says, “I have a slight heart issue so I can not pursue a wrestling career IRL. But here in SL I can live out my dream!” With over 20 furry wrestlers currently active in the federation, the fights include ring announcers, referees, and sometimes even agents that play a part in the proceedings. It is a fully immersive roleplay experience! This whole endeavor is a team effort with photography, branding and public relations made possible by Ring of Fire Productions. Says Helios Eusebio, who creates all the custom posters and graphics: “We need new posters every week and new graphics whenever there's the possibility of a title change or new contender. And when you average 100+ photos of all the matches, that adds up to quite a bit!” The wrestling choreography is directed by a sophisticated HUD system, made by Team Wildfire with Kenia la Gatita Escarlata at the helm. And the colorful merch (nail extension for special furry paws, hats, shirts, banners and posters, ringside gestures, ice cream bars) is made by, among others, Lyra Phoenix, Revel McLochlan and Paradox H. Fade, and can be purchased on location. See a lot more of the action on their YouTube channel and Twitter and grab that teleport on Wednesday at 6pm SLT to be present at their next show! Video Production by Draxtor Despres Valiant Wrestling Valiant is a wrestling federation with a world-class roster of diverse male and female furry wrestlers giving you a new wrestling experience in Second Life! Attend their events every Wednesday at 6pm PT. Visit in Second Life
  2. For fans of virtual pets and breedables in Second Life, meet Daemon Blackflag, co-owner of Kreatures, a game that's fun, social, and open-ended in which players can design and trade their own pets. Known as a “Jack of all trades” Daemon is a long-time Resident of Second Life and has been involved with breedables for over a decade. Starting his journey as an average breeder of other creator’s brands, he has now co-founded several breedable ventures of his own and created many breedable HUDs and services. With a lot of fanfare and assistance from his team, Daemon launched Fennux in 2012. The Fawns was their next launch into the breedables market in 2017, and now in 2022 they have added Kreatures to their collection of breedable pet games. The small team around Daemon will continue to release content for Fennux, Fawns and Kreatures, with big plans for Kreatures in the near future, including a Battle System which they expect even non-breeders to be interested in. When asked what he’s learned from his journey into the breedable world, Daemon shares “I learned that the breedable games we create are points of interest on the SL grid. Users will be making new social connections. Each breedable creates a sizable community that users take with them even years after a breedable has died down in popularity.” What has he learned from the Residents that enjoy breedable games? “The breeders have taught me many things as well, like what kind of quality of life improvements would help them in their day to day breedings. We take in that feedback and push out a more refined product because of it. We still take risks with new feature ideas - but we usually know what will and won't work in this space.” If you’re a breeder that likes variety in their breedables, Kreatures offers three different animals to breed, and options for you to intermix between the different species. Who wouldn’t want a Tiger Bear or Polar Lion? What does Second Life mean to Daemon? “To me Second Life is a platform for creativity in the entrepreneur space. I can come up with an idea, build it with my associates and then test it out live in front of thousands of users. Within hours I can usually tell if it's going to be a hit or if it's back to the drawing board. SL has enabled me to have tens of thousands of different people using my products. There are not many platforms that I can show up to, use real-world marketing strategies, and start learning if I'm failing or succeeding. SL also has a reliable way to turn virtual currency into USD, and they aren't taking 30-50% like some other platforms. Overall, SL is a great way for me to be a successful business entrepreneur without all of the real world headaches.” Take your plunge into this creative breedable game and create your own unique species today! Video Production by Draxtor Despres Kreatures Brought to you by the creators of The Fennux and Fawns Breedables, Kreatures is a breedable pet game like no other. You'll find lion cubs, wolf pups, and bear cubs in this brand new breedable. Come check them out at the official Kreatures region today! More info at kreatures.net Visit in Second Life
  3. Our “Made in Second Life” series continues with artist JudiLynn India, an abstract painter in the physical world who has combined her love of art with Second Life. The latter has helped her be more productive as she has fully embraced the identity of digital artist and virtual gallery owner in the Metaverse to her resume. Trained in graphic design and drawing at the Tyler School of Art, JudiLynn puts her creativity to work on paintings that are both created in ways traditional as well as digital; using brush and paint in the physical world, combining vivid colors with earthy tones, she imports high quality images into SL. JudiLynn does not seem to be afraid - as some in the art world are - to use digital technology to manipulate some images that nonetheless originate in the “brick and mortar” realm to create visceral art that feels both alive and serene. She tells us, “Though school assignments focused on realism, I later found myself drawn to intuitive painting as I find it more interesting to create what my spirit dictates than try to reproduce the real world.” Her interest in abstract painting peaked when she saw a senior art student throwing paint at a canvas and found it to be empowering. In 2009, when she discovered Second Life through a magazine article, her exploration of digital art began. Since then, she has been sharing her digital illustrations and traditional paintings while building relationships within the Second Life art community. “I was set up in a small storefront where I was discovered by 3D sculptor Binary Quandry and introduced to the Life Stream Gallery. I soon met many other painters and visual artists from around the globe,” she shares. “I was offered land, by Luchenpur Darwin, to build a gallery at Center Ground region and have been there since 2012.” Creativity runs in the family as JudiLynn’s father, John Staples, was a prolific oil painter and graphic artist himself. And JudiLynn reveals this about her mother: “After viewing the theater debut of TRON in 1982, she called me to say that she could see me combining artwork with computers some day. Mom was clairvoyant.” At the Center Ground Gallery of Art you can see digital copies of JudiLynn’s abstract art on the walls, and socialize with other art aficionados at the Alpha Jazz Cafe. Prints of some of her physical world abstract art can be found at judilynnart.com. Jump into creating your own virtual abstract art with “The Splasher” available for free on the SL marketplace, created by veteran Second Life content creator Arduen Schwartzman who helped envision JudiLynn’s story about her art school days - as seen in the video - with his generous creation. Art by others seen in the video inside JudiLynn’s Second Life home: "EASTBOUND" and "PAISLEY HAZE II" by Erin Ashley "Ashanti" by Karen Dupre "2309" by Edith Konrad "Swans and Toucan" by Amanda Tomasoa "Numachi" and "Sundown Serenade" by LuAnn Ostergaard Video Production by Draxtor Despres Center Ground Gallery of Art The Center Ground Gallery of Art presents the artwork of Real Life artist Judilynn India. Owned and curated by JudiLynn India, they occasionally host the work of other great RL painters. Feel free to browse the gallery and relax in the gallery gardens where you'll also find space to dance or bike ride through the Center Ground region. Visit in Second Life
  4. This year’s theme for our SL17B celebrations is “vacations and road trips” - and, in this spirit, we are pleased to debut today a five-part mini-series dedicated to the unique history, culture and communities surrounding one of the most popular modes of travel in our virtual world - railroads in Second Life. Our virtual journalist Draxtor Despres recently took a ride on the rails of SL to travel across miles of virtual railroad tracks spanning across the grid. Along the way, he makes multiple stops to meet a wide variety of colorful characters and creative communities. In episode one, Hrdtop75 Deluxe of the Virtual Railroad Consortium joins Drax for a look back at the origins and history of the Second Life Railroad (SLRR) system which originated in 2003 within the northwest part of the Sansara continent before eventually expanding to more than 80 regions including the Heterocera (or Atoll continent). Episode two focuses on the Bay City Short Line and trolley developed under the guidance of SLRR co-founder Athos Murphy (formerly known as Michael Linden). In episode three, both Drax and Hrdtop75 explore the ONSR (Okemo Nakiska & Southern Railway), located in the snowland regions of the Sansara continent. The ONSR spans across 13 regions and serves 10 stations for a roundtrip averaging about 22 minutes. Episode four highlights the communities surrounding the ZZR (Zany Zen Railway), which was built by Zen Swords-Galway. As you travel the ZZR, you’ll discover a variety of quirky communities and unique attractions including the small Welsh seaside town Little Coverston. The series concludes in episode five featuring an interview with VP of Product Operations Patch Linden, who discusses the important role of railways within the expansive infrastructure of the massive Bellisseria continents (where thousands of Residents reside within Linden Homes). Drax will be joined by many of the interview subjects featured in the series during a special SL17B Q&A and screening event held inworld June 23 at noon SLT. You can also watch the event live or archived on YouTube. CREDITS: Video Production: Draxtor Despres Narration & Research: Hardtop75 Deluxe Sets & logo: Marianne McCann Special thanks to Patch Linden, Squeaky Mole and Joshu Philgarlic Trains used made by Hardtop75 Deluxe, Zen Swords-Galway, Atomic Infinity and Brit Balogh
  5. Can real people find true love in a virtual world? It is happening each and every day in Second Life and our limited-run “Love Made in Second Life” series explores how romance and long-distance relationships can thrive in the metaverse. Meet Suite and Danny Bourne, a Netherlands-based married couple that first met in Second Life over twelve years ago. It all started around 2007, when they first met on a virtual beach in Second Life. Danny, who sells prefab houses under his brand name reBourne in Second Life, was moving rocks along the shoreline. Suite was nearby relaxing on the beach before she noticed that her sunbed she was laying on was playfully lifted up high above the sand. “She was in the way, so I moved her,” jokes Danny. That flirtatious encounter led to conversation and a day of exploration as the two got to know each other better and they toured various parts of the virtual world together. They kept meeting each other on the same beach over subsequent days and weeks. While Danny initially expressed some concerns over the age difference between the two, they both continued to grow closer. “You can’t turn off attraction,” says Suite. Both eventually moved their virtual relationship to the physical world where they were married and now have a child. “There’s no way we would ever meet each other in real life,” says Suite. “It’s magic. That’s what I really love about Second Life. There’s no prejudice, no judgments.” It “feels like home,” adds Danny. VIDEO CREDITS: Production: Draxtor Despres Logo: Marianne McCann
  6. Our “Made in Second Life” series continues with “Movies Made in Second Life” featuring a look at the sci-fi machinima series “Future Shock” by Pryda Parx. Shot entirely in Second Life, “Future Shock” tells a story of a dark and terrifying dystopian future dominated by technology and where real life and virtual worlds intertwine. “I’ve worked on ‘Future Shock’ for four-and-a-half years,” says Parx. “The story of the series is about state intervention, watching your every move. You are born with credits and if they are depleted you are in big trouble. My hero Tracy is trying to defeat the forces that keep people oppressed” The full production spans a total of 24 episodes and Second Life enabled Parx to have full creative control over her production. “In Second Life I have free rein,” she says. “Since I do everything myself - from character design, props, animation scripts, etc - I don’t have to wait for anyone else. I just get on with it! I start with putting whatever is in my head down on paper and go from there. Since my home in SL is also my studio, I can change and modify the sets easily." The first series introduced the "Future Shock" world and Tracy as the central character. It left a lot of the ideas in the story, as well as how the world works, only hinted at. The events in the first series shape Tracy's destiny. “Her credit that she was born with gets depleted, and it’s about her wanting to survive,” says Parx. Season 2 covers the same timeline as series one but is seen from the point of view of a group of rebels led by an unnamed character, known as Big Boss to everyone. Season 3 picks up the story immediately after the ending of series one and series two and takes it through to a dramatic conclusion. You can watch all episodes of the “Future Shock” series on the Pryda Parx Studio YouTube channel. CREDITS: Video production: Draxtor Despres Logo courtesy of Marianne McCann
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