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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to load a 3rd party script onto some prims (hud comms). We know theres an access PIN somewhere in the prims scripts. However having a hard time getting a response from the original developer/creator and would really prefer to not to dump a script like this (just developer plugin would be nice!) on every prim and of course their scripts already there are nomodify (maybe a notecard telling me the PIN???) So if anyone knows of any tricks to get a script to run after llGiveInventory() without using llRemoteLoadScriptPin(). I've never done this before and a little bit frustrated I with the mess involved with overwrite/delete the previous script everytime I do an update or bug fix! Any tips would be great thanks! Thanks.
  2. I was reading through llGiveInventiry and came across this statement: As of 31th January 2012, llGiveInventory now has similar throttle to instant messages. A throttle of 5k per hour per owner per region; with a maximum burst of 2.5k. This throttle only affects gives to agents, not to non-agents. I have two questions? 1. With a 2.0 second sleep on the script how can one even reach this limit? I am assuming multiple scripts giving inventory, but wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something about the sleep period. 2. Does that mean that I could hop over to another Sim (presumably as many as I want) and start giving out inventory under a completely new count?
  3. Simple question and I am sure it's been asked before but I can't seem to find anything about it when searching: I have a prim with a list of inventory items, some transfer, some copy. Basically, I'll need to give the items to someone (no problem) and then delete the inventory. It occurred to me that I really don't know what the proper approach there is. Right now, in pseudocode I have: * Fetch list of inventory items * Give no-copy/transfer items individually * Give copy/no-transfer items in a folder * Delete inventory I've had reports of items not being delivered, which I attributed to the inventory delete happening too soon. I added a 5s sleep, that seems to have fixed the delivery issue. However... is there a way to know whether the inventory has been delivered? I don't even care if the person has accepted the inventory, all I want to know is if the prim has sent the items so I can delete the inventory. Thanks folks -Jenni
  4. I just starting to learn LSL. I have started with something that I thought would be simple: I have created a 'well' from which to draw water (a 'well' prim with with 'water' prims inside of it) and 'bucket' with which to draw the water. The well, water, and the bucket are 'no-modify' and 'no-copy'. When players click on the well they can draw the water prims into their inventory directly - that works fine. But when the player attempts to use the bucket, the water prim does not transfer to bucket's inventory. The error message provided is: The bucket has 'llAllowInventoryDrop(TRUE) working correctly - the player can deposit the water into the bucket by dragging and dropping the water prim to the bucket. The script works fine when I hold the bucket and touch the well i.e. the water prim will move from the well to the bucket, but since I am the creator of both there are no permissions to deal with... So my question is: Is there a way to get around the permissions so that players can use the bucket to collect and hold the water without having to collect the water to player inventory and then drop it into the bucket?
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