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Found 8 results

  1. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bikini-Bottom-House-Boat-For-Rent-on-private-region/23817943 Corner Plot... Bikini Bottom, This Beauty has been designed as a Girly Pad!! that being said, the furniture can be removed & you can place your own This Houseboat has a more cosy feel inside, with more outdoor space than the other 2 styles that we have. Breath taking views from all windows, watch as the sun glistens over the rippling sea. Comes with boat slip access direct to blake sea & also ability to rez a boat at our waterfront bar, where you can sail linden waters right through to blake too, for those of you who love sailing as well. Positioned so that you will see sunset/sunrise views, providing your environment is set to allow these. House boat is docked next to its own mini island of sand, which is yours no need to share! This comes with it's own full sized decking to enjoy & a raft which gently rocks in the water. Out Door Shower Adult Animations Keep Furniture/Decor or Remove Once you rent, you will be able to right click objects & move them to your desired location. Tier Bonus/ Friend Referral Program *Fantastic Customer Service* *********Tier Box is on the roof************** How to Rent: Buy Land, Pay Tier & contact Me or Spidey so we can add you to the group. Any questions message: Amnesia Babii Spiderwinner
  2. On The Rocks...... Now Available To Rent https://marketplace.secondlife.com/.../On-The.../23238308 (check for availability, scroll down & click see item in secondlife to view on market place) You will find this home on it's very own island on a new exclusive Residential sim, which is dedicated to it's residents, this is a private adult quiet scenic sim, surrounded by sea views.... this is a must see,the views from all windows are stunning... Options to move furniture around or to return, Zip Wire yourself down to your very own private beach. You will also have access to boat slip for sailing on blake sea & tenants cinema, however this property does come with it's own TV with 84 Movies, more being added. + skyplatform Security Orb on request Tier Bonuses available/ Friend referral program *Fantastic Customer Service* How to Rent: Buy Land, Pay Tier & contact Me or Spidey (spiderwinner) so we can add you to the group. Any questions message: Amnesia Babii Spiderwinner
  3. I wonder if this is a glitch or have I missed something..? I'd really appreciate help. A certain role is supposed to be able to build on land where the "everyone" group cannot. I have checked: Land is set to group, not deeded to group. (If that makes a difference.) (EDIT: Solution found: The land must indeed be DEEDED to the group.) "Build" permissions are denied from "everyone" and "group". The role has "always allow 'create objects'" activated. Test member has the group role tag activated. Cannot create objects. "Land owner does not allow".
  4. If I want to set homes or stores on my land available to rent out to anyone, do I need to be the estate manager? Or can I do this within a parcel I am renting? I'm looking at the Casperlet rental system, but the description isn't very clear on how it works. Am I able to set a designated area (say, 500 meters sq) included as the tenant's rental? Is it preconfigured, or is that something all together separate (for example, installing a security orb to allow them to keep other people out of their home..) Also, say I give them 100 prims in their rental, are they then able to rez up to 100 prims anywhere on my parcel? Or only in their rented area? Do I need to have the rights to sub parcel out spaces on my parcel? Or does a tool like Casperlet bypass that need? Thanks!
  5. Looking for a bit of advice. My partner has been renting a plot of land for over 3 years. Has always paid rent on time, never in arrears and kept within prim limit. It's a small island plot within a sailing sim.In the covenant it says that the waterways are to be kept clear. To soften the edges and to create some realism, he added the Skye beaches and waves. It has been like this for 3 years. The sim owner has been to the sim on many occasions and has been to the plot numerous times and so is aware of how it looked. Has had no issue as the prim is technically on the land and using the prim allowance from his island. There is a slight over hang of the boundaries but no where near blocking any waterways. Like I said, the sim owner has seen the set up on many many occasions and has never had an issue. Anyway, out of the blue stuff started to be returned. My partner is away on vacation, but things like grass started to get returned to myself. I questioned the sim owner and she said it is being returned as hanging into the waterways. The was no reasoning with her as I am not the 'plot renter' despite she knows I pay rent too. I find the whole thing a little unfair seeing as has been like this for 3 years, and shes been aware of it all that time and even complimented how it looks. About 1/2 the plots use these kind of additional beaches and waves and nothing has been enforced on them. Is there anything we can do seeing as this isn't a new addition to the plot and that she's been fine with it up until now or would I be fighting a lost cause? Thanks for any advice given
  6. Rental 4096 SQM 1405 prims no restrictions do as you wish, build what you like. Renting - Right Click and pay the rental sign, pay at least one weeks rent, open local chat and click the join group link. You are set to go! You have full admin abilities with the exception of planting Linden plants, subdividing land (if you need it done we will do it for you) and selling or abandoning land. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//54/9/78
  7. Hello all, I am in search of a place to host a movie file I created -- an experimental one made with machinima from projects I made in SL. I would like to stream it in world via land permissions, which I have access to, but I don't have a place to host my file (approx 300mb). It is an mp4 format. Any suggestions? I tried Google Drive but it does not link to the original file/file extension. Thanks!
  8. Two 1/4 sim for rent 5000 prime 4999L week. Land is currently a snow cap scene. With purple crystals, white snow and crystal flowers on purple grass. Very pretty original textures. Buy land, first weeks tier will be applied. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/194/193/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MaidenMotherCrone/184/32/29
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