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  1. On the Second Life team we are always talking about ways to improve the in-world experience. Often we hear from the Support team about problems with inventory loading times. We dug into this problem and discovered that many of you have inventories which may partially or never load, and even worse, can prevent you from logging in. We have identified a couple of ways the Support Team can fix the most common issues for you. Starting Tuesday, June 21st, Support will implement a process to stabilize only those inventories affected. For the small group of Residents this affects, you may see a change to the organization of your inventory, but all your objects are still there. If you encounter any difficulty with your inventory, please reach out to our Support Team https://support.secondlife.com Why it’s important to organize inventory You can do your part to make your inventory load completely. Organizing your items into folders with fewer items at the same level can make a big difference: Ease of use: Finding what you’re looking for when you want it Saving money: Not buying something you already have because you can’t find it Saves you time: Do you really want to scroll through thousands of folders looking for the outfit you bought last week? Or is it faster to go into your Clothing Folder? The Vehicles Folder? Tips! Start organizing your inventory early It’s a great idea to create a few top level folders which represent common things you buy such as Hair, Jewelry, Shoes, etc. Many people also organized clothing into categories. Get rid of demos When buying a demo and trying it out, you know pretty fast if you like it -- and usually if you do, you buy the non-demo version soon after. As a result, search for demos in my inventory and if you no longer need them, move them all in the trash. Clean your trash out regularly And speaking of trash, it’s much easier to catch an accidental deletion when you’re only looking through a few dozen folders versus thousands of items. Renaming Folders Did you just buy an exceptional item but the folder’s named in a way that it doesn’t identify what it is? Rename it. Think about naming an item “long lace dress with high neckline - Red”. Your own name for an item is more meaningful to me than “**~~XX BRANDNAME~~** Tiffany Red” Clean out Lost and Found If things are returned to you or possibly detached, they may appear or get returned to your Lost and Found folder. Many times it’s going to appear as a Coalesced Object (a collection of different objects returned as one mass, shown with an orange box icon with a bite taken out of it). Rezz these coalesced objects and take each item back into your inventory so you can find them again. Sandboxes are a great place to do this. Don’t have a Lost And Found folder? That’s great! It means you don’t have anything in it! Move things out of your Received Items Folder You can wear and use items directly from your Received Items section (at the bottom of your inventory window). But it’s not a good place to keep them long-term. Take a moment each time you receive an item to move it somewhere in your main inventory that makes sense to you. Troubleshooting Inventory issues Missing or Lost Inventory? Second Life is very large and very complex, but not all missing inventory is truly lost. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Inventory_Recovery_Steps Antivirus, Firewall and Security Applications While everyone should keep their home network and computers safe, sometimes overly cautious applications or settings may interfere with the communication between the Second Life Viewer and our Inventory servers. This could result in errors like “body part missing from database” and in these cases those assets may be permanently lost.. Here is further information about setting up a firewall to work with Second Life: Too many friends It is possible to have “too many” friends. Check your Calling Cards folder and remove any duplicates. New inventory error message “There was a problem loading your inventory. First, try logging out and logging in again. If you see this message again, contact Support to correct the problem.” This error message is new in the Second Life Viewer and is shown to let you know that your inventory has problems. The sooner you contact Support to resolve this problem, the better! Inventory problems may worsen over time if you keep trying to connect to Second Life before getting assistance from Support. Please note -- clearing the cache and relaunching Second Life will not resolve this specific, new problem that results in this warning message. Note: We have reports that residents who have changed the “NoInventoryLibrary” debug setting to “True” will see this error message and not be able to load their inventory. That issue has been reported at BUG-231865. The quick workaround is to change that setting to False. If you have changed this setting and are still seeing the error message, you should contact support. You may contact Support directly at https://support.secondlife.com/create-case. Choose “Submit a Case,” select Technical Question > Inventory Issue, and complete the rest of the form to get assistance. Our amazing Support team is aware of these issues and is on the lookout for these new cases. Second Life University Second Life’s Director of Product, Alexa Linden, will be on a Second Life University livestream tomorrow covering these inventory management tips, and more! Watch it live on May 19th at 11:30am PT on the Second Life YouTube channel. We will be monitoring the YouTube chat and answering your questions.
  2. What happens to an inworld purchase if you don't click to keep the item after buying? (Ex: The pop up is cut out of your viewer window due to it not being full screen, you've accidentally clicked on something else, interference with your device you're running Second Life on, crashing...ect.)
  3. Hiiii So I am trying to wrangle my insanely large inventory. I have thousands of notecards, many which I can delete but need to look at them first. To better manage this in the interim, I created a simple full perm cube with a full perm hover text in it to wear as a HUD. So, for example, I can wear the HUD which I named after a shop - let's say Pixels Playhouse. I edit my script inside to add the name to the hover text. I have 50 Pixels Playhouse notecards which are full perm. I grab them all and slide them into my HUD, then delete them from my inventory . Voila! Chef's kiss. I detach the HUD that now has all my note cards. I've reduced my inventory by 49 items. I can reattach and add notecards as I receive them in the future. This allows me to work in no rez areas if need be. Plus I don't create duplicates by rezzing. What a nifty idea Pixels. Yes, i thought so until I tried to do the same with notecards that are no mod. I cannot slide from my inventory no mod notecards into the attached HUD's contents. I can, however, rez the HUD prim on the ground and slide them into the prim with no issue. But taking this back into my inventory means I now have this new version in addition to the previous version. What a PITA! My inflated genius has been dashed onto the rocks of my hubris. So whyyyyyyyy does SL mock block me re no mod or no mod/no copy or variations on perms when placing items - in this case notecards - in an attached HUD prim but has no issue moving same items into a rezzed prim? Either I am not doing something with key combos or Linden Labs should fix this since this HUD storage box solution enables us to create and manage storage boxes and content without having to rez or duplicate the storage boxes. Anyone know why this is set up like this and if there is something I am unawares of to make this work? If I could get this to work regardless of the item's perms. I would do this with other items in my inventory like textures which would significantly reduce my inventory and make is far more manageable. I could even spend more time hanging out at your events while I work on my inventory! Win/win! If I can't get the no mod no copy items to move seamlessly into the attached HUD and I have to rez it, , I'd like to add some code to the script that aromatically updates the object name + adds the date/time. I will ask about that on the scripting forum section unless someone wants to add it here. Thank you. xo pixels sideways / Moon Mittens
  4. Since the last rolling restarts, I have been experiencing inventory issues. It takes an age to attach/detach clothes and BOMs. Rezzing takes an age. Derezzing takes an age. Additionally, I get error messages, like unable to create item in inventory and cannot derezz object due to inventory fault I bought an item inworld, in a store, it was kinda delivered, because I got the delivery message, but then it disappeared in to the ether because I got the unable to create item in inventory message. I relogged and then got a redelivery from the redelivery terminal and that all worked. I don't know if this is a viewer problem or server problem, but as I am not experiencing any other viewer problems, I am guessing it is server based and as I said, it started following the last rolling restarts. I use Second Life Release (64bit) viewer. Anyone else experiencing problems? Thank you.
  5. Tried to log in and got this message: Inventory problem detected: Contact Support spoke to Live Chat: I am sorry to hear that! We are seeing reports on this right now. We do apologize for the inconvenience. The service should be back up soon The CSR also confirmed that there was nothing I or she could do other than wait for things to get back to normal
  6. I am trying to solve my slow loading inventory, that's a crawl now. Does this help on slow inventory too: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/login_fail_without_cache_clear Several times a year, I make an effort to remove demos, unpacker scripts, notecards and landmarks. It can be a few hundred to a couple thousand items every time. But my inventory keep building up, and is over 100 000 now. One of my largest folders is my Received Items, it shows I have 9400 in there. But it is in small single folders, subfolders. My Object folder is 11 000. It is some subfolders in there, but not so many. One folder is 1400, the others small. Every time I buy something that is delivered in the Object folder, I leave the original in Objects in case I need to unpack again. I removed several thousand objects from 2007-2010. But I am afraid to remove a "heirloom" object. The Objects folder is such a large challenge. How can I get fix it? Is it enough to make subfolders for 2020, 2019, 2018 et cetera, and put the objects I received in the years there? Will this change help my inventory to load faster?
  7. I sail a sailboat, and I want to reduce my Inventory to prevent problems when I cross sim lines. I've deleted everything I can from my Inventory, but . . . 1) How do I delete items I don't want/need from my Library? 2) Will this make any difference to problems arising from crossing sim lines? thanks!
  8. I'd like to be able to open inventory with a gesture, but can't find how to do that. The goal is to make a gesture that: 1. opens the inventory window, 2. selects a saved outfit, and 3. puts the outfit on (replacing the current outfit). Can you help me, please?
  9. Since yesterday I cannot wear, add or attach items all the options are greyed out this happened randomly. I tried clearing cache method using the Firestorm wiki forum suggested on another post but that didn't work, this also only happens on my account on my pc, please help!
  10. I received an offline email notification of an inventory delivery... "2021-02-18 20:16:44 - The object 'KittyCatS! Information' in Second Life has offered you inventory. - Log in to accept or decline this inventory. = KittyCatS! Information is owned by KittyCats Resident = http://slurl.com/secondlife/KittyCatS/83/79/1000" Where can I find out what this delivery might have been? Thank You
  11. What is the best way to get photos saved in the INVENTORY Photo Album moved to my Flicker account? ~Birdie
  12. As I'm a very noob when it comes to LSL, I looked at all old-school drinks in my inventory to edit their scripts, but their scripts are all not modifyable or use library animations. That prim is attached to the body, it should play sound UUIDs and trigger a non-looped animation before a specific sound will be played, or.. together with that sound. My basic idea would be like... default { state_entry() { llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID1-- ",1); llSleep(15); llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID2-- ",1); llSleep(30); llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID3-- ",1); llSleep(20); llStartAnimation( --Inventory Animation or Animation UUID if possible?-- ); //i don't need llStopAnimation when it's not a looped animation, correct? llPlaySound(" --SOUND UUID4-- ",1); llSleep(15); llResetScript(); } } Could someone please help me with the LSL syntax? And how to use an inventory animation or animation-UUID? I completely fail here
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong category. I wasn't sure where to put it, as it didn't seem to neatly fit any of the headings :/ Ok so, something really weird is going on with marketplace ordering, something I've never seen before in more than a decade of SL... I've created a new avatar and was trying to gather hair demos (as one does) and placed an order on marketplace for 10 demos (from a couple of different stores) at L$0 each. After going through the usual "Are you suuurrre you don't want to spend any lindens?" page, then confirming the payment on the checkout page, the page redirected to the delivery confirmation page (with the links for order history, etc) and everythign was totally normal. I checked my inventory and nothing had been delivered. I waited a few minutes. Still nothing. I checked the order history page and there was nothing there. The order I palced hadn't even been recorded. I tried placing another similar order for L$0 and got the same result. No delivery. No order details recorded. I checked my transaction history, on the sl website account page, and it showed a total of 3 L$0 transactions to marketplace. So the orders were recorded in my transaction history, but not in my marketplace order history. Just to test things out, I made on more attempt at a delivery. This time I chose a L$1 item, wondering if the fact that it wasn't free would make a difference. It didn't. The L$1 was taken from my account, the transaction is recorded in transaction history and there's still nothing in my marketplace order history. At this point, it's been over 24 hours since the first delivery that vanished so, if it was going to deliver at all, surely it would have by now. And what's with the transaction being recorded by SL but MP? I've spent lindens in world and had no issues, and my payment info is on file on my account. This is the 7th time I've set up a new avatar since my first (probably around 12 years ago or more lol) and I've never even heard of this happening to anyone else, let alone had it happen to me. If anyone can give me any ideas for how to fix this, or even point me in the right direction to look for an answer, I'd be very grateful. I'm at a complete loss 🥺
  14. Does anyone know what happens to your inventory if you delete your sl account? Is it recoverable if you decide to reactivate, and if so, is there a time limit before it becomes unrecoverable? ETA: Particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has had actual experience with this, given the info available online is a bit vague.
  15. Boston Linden

    Using your inventory

    Basics Organizing your inventory Filtering Working with outfits Working with inventory links Creating a link Finding links in your inventory Updating links with a new object Sorting Giving and receiving inventory items Sharing with a friend Sharing with any Resident Receiving an object Problems with inventory Basics Click in the toolbar to open the INVENTORY window. Use this window to manage your inventory, all the virtual "stuff" you have in Second Life, including clothes, your avatar, and other belongings. Organizing your inventory Note: You can't move the Library folder, Trash folders or main system folders (those with special icons like Body Parts and Objects). Filtering You can also toggle all item types with a single click by using the All and None buttons in the Filters window. Below these is Always show folders, which displays all folders when doing a search. Unchecking it displays folders containing matches. Tip: If ever you think you've lost inventory, check that your filters are showing everything! Try selecting Reset Filters from the Gear icon menu in the INVENTORY window. Working with outfits You can save your clothing and attachments as an outfit (a folder containing everything you wish to wear). When you drag the outfit folder onto yourself, you'll instantly switch to the avatar shape, clothing, and/or attachments in the folder. Creating outfits is a great way to organize your inventory and makes it easy to quickly change your avatar's appearance. To create an outfit: Attach or wear the clothing items you wish to make inito an outfit. Right-click your avatar and choose My Appearance. Click the Save As button. Enter the name of your outfit in the dialog box. Click OK. Your new outfit folder will be located in your Clothing folder in your inventory. Making a new outfit creates an inventory link to each original inventory item in the outfit. This allows you to create multiple links to a single item. A link is shown in italics with the word (link) beside it. Each link is entirely dependent on an original item, and any changes to that item will affect all links. If you copy an item and then modify it, links created to each copy are independent. Note: Any item in your outfit that is no-copy is moved to the new outfit folder. Other items are copied instead. Warning: Be careful when deleting original items if you've made links to them. Deleting an original item breaks all links to it. Working with inventory links An inventory link is a reference to an original inventory item. A link is entirely referential, dependent on the original, and carries no unique properties that can be modified independently of the original. The Inventory window shows links in italics with the word (link) beside them. A link is different from a copy: copying an item creates a unique instance that can be copied further, and, dependent on permissions, modified or transferred. Wheras links are references without unique properties. For example, you can rename a copied item, but you can't rename a link. Creating a link To create links: Wear the items for which you wish to create links. Right-click your avatar. Select the WEARING tab in the APPEARANCE window. Click Save As. When prompted, give your new outfit a name that will help you easily identify it later. To delete a link from your inventory: Click the Inventory icon on the left side of the Viewer window. Click the My INVENTORY tab. Find the link you want to delete. It may be in the My Outfits folder. Press the Delete key or right-click the link and choose Delete. Note: If the item is worn, choose Detach From Yourself or Take Off, then right-click again to see Delete. This throws the link in your Trash. Important: Links are not copies! They are always dependent on original items, never the other way around. Deleting a link doesn't affect the original in any way. The reverse isn't true: deleting an item breaks all links to it. Finding links in your inventory Search your inventory for "(link)" to see all links. To find the original item that a specific link is connected to, right-click the link and choose Find Original. Inversely, if you click an original item in inventory, you can find all links pointing to it by clicking at the bottom and choosing Find All Links. Updating links with a new object You can change which object a link points to, allowing you to simultaneously update many outfits with an updated item. To update a link with a new object: Open your inventory by clicking the Inventory button. Find the original object you used in your outfits (the one all your links point to). Right-click the object in your inventory and choose Replace Links to open the Replace Inventory Links window. The window also shows how many links have been made to this original object. In your Inventory, find the new object you wish to replace your old object with. Drag the new object onto the New field in the Replace Inventory Links window. Click Start to update all links with the new object. Sorting To sort your items, click on the Gear Sort Folders Always by Name: Forces your folders to display alphabetically, even if Sort by Most Recent is also selected. If you uncheck Sort Folders Always by Name, folders with the newest received items appear at the top of the list. Try sorting folders alphabetically and by date and see which method you like best. Sort System Folders to Top: Selecting this option places all system folders on top. Show Filters: Lets you modify and reset the current filters, showing and hiding categories of inventory items to declutter your view. You can also choose to show only items added Since Logoff or since a certain number of Hours Ago or Days Ago. Giving and receiving inventory items There are several ways you can transfer objects with transfer permissions from your inventory to another Resident. Sharing with a friend To share an item with a someone on your Friends list: Click the Inventory button on the toolbar to open the INVENTORY window. Select the item you wish to share. Click Share at the bottom of the INVENTORY window. The CHOOSE RESIDENT window opens. Choose a recipient from your Friends list. To choose more than one, hold down Ctrl while clicking additional names with your mouse. A window opens, asking you to confirm that you wish to share the item with the Resident indicated. Click Ok to complete the transfer. If the Resident is online, the item is delivered immediately. If not, it is saved to the recipient's inventory. Sharing with any Resident If the intended recipient is not on your Friends list: Open My Inventory and click on the item you wish to share. Click Share at the bottom of the INVENTORY window. The CHOOSE RESIDENT window opens. In the CHOOSE RESIDENT window, select the Search tab. Type part of the person's name into the search field and click Go. Choose the desired recipient from the search results, click on his or her name, and hit Select. A window opens, asking you to confirm that you wish to share the item with the Resident indicated. Click Ok to complete the transfer. If the Resident is online, the item is delivered immediately. If not, it is saved to the recipient's inventory. Tip: You can also use the Near Me tab in the CHOOSE RESIDENT window to locate nearby Residents. If you are within view of the person's avatar, you can drag the object from your inventory directly onto the avatar or the avatar's name tag. Just be careful when using this method, as it's possible to drop the object on the wrong avatar by accident, especially in crowded areas. Receiving an object To prevent possible inventory losses, Second Life automatically accepts all inventory offers. Whenever you receive an inventory item, Second Life presents you with a dialog containing the following options: Show - Opens your inventory and highlights the received item. Discard - Sends the newly accepted inventory item directly to your Trash folder. Block - Blocks the Resident who sent you the object. Problems with inventory If you are experiencing inventory loss or other inventory issues, please see Advanced inventory management.
  16. The one called New Folder in the middle. I am unable to delete it.
  17. Good evening everyone! I'd like to reach out to the forums for some ideas / help. Mostly ideas or what you do for the next thing I write. I've been on SL for many years now and through out my time I have become a big collector in clothes, bodies, heads, ect. However; I also have owned many plots of land in my time vary in themes and locations. I've been trying to organize my inventory for a long time and it appears to get worse and worse! With owning so many different items, it's becoming hard to figure out how I want to organize stuff. What I have tried: Organize by Brand: I have given this a shot and to my shock, there is a lot of brands I buy from! Sadly, there is some brands I have only ever purchased once from. So it feel pointless to make a folder just for one brand's items. On top of this, some brands make decor and clothes! Or a mix of everything else to offer in SL, which drives me nuts having decor and clothes in the same folder. Organize by Types: Shirts, Pants, Shoes, Ect. Ahh yes, I have tried! The clothing is the easier part of this, but when it comes to decor, a whole mess of questions come in for me. Do I organize by themes, or just through it all into the same things such a "Beds" even though some beds might be dark and spooky while others are kawaii, bright and pink! ***** it all: I tried this as well, but the overwhelming need to de-clutter and organize distracts me to the core! So ... what are your ideas?
  18. Soooo... When I first started trying to learn CTS wardrobe there was a lot of trial and error. There are people that do seem to use it and like it. But on utube I still don't find what I call 'a lot' of CTS wardrobe videos to watch. In back of my mind for some time now I've been wanting to make my own little series on using cts wardrobe with my own little twist and suggestions, etc. Its still a work in process. Check it out... https://bit.ly/3gIdrAt
  19. hello my name is lluiz Oh I have purchased a land and I bougth DFS Fishing Server to make land a DFS place. But I lost my expensive DFS Fishing Server in my inventory. I have rezzed it on land and when I decorated it I didnt know what happens. Could you reload my item from my trash folder or something? Please, It is a important and expensive item. Thanks you Linden Labs. Contact me, I am waiting for response...
  20. Hi everyone, I have been here since 2010 lol so you can imagine what my inventory looks like. 😰 I was wondering if there was any way for users to be given a clean inventory box along side their old ones, so that wanted items could be dragged over and the old items can be deleted? The new inventory box would allow a clean slate ( and a not so cluttered place to reorganize) I wish i knew then what I know now about keeping things in a more manageable order. Just wondering if there was anything that can be done I know this would help me loads .
  21. hi i have been struggling with the same problem since i came to SL. I have lost too many Shapes and I have already tried and used all the few solutions I have found on this specific one. I have tried clearing the cache and all the basics but it has gotten worse. I can not put my shape, much less modify it and now apparently I stay forever like a cloud. Does anyone know how I can get my shape back? I really don't know what to do
  22. A group sent a souvenir item to all members attached to a notecard. When I click on the item, nothing happens. How do I move it to my inventory?
  23. Is there a file manager for my inventory that connects to SL without me using the viewer? If I launch the viewer I find a dozen other things to do and then I don't finish what I started. I've accumulated so many items for building, boating, driving, textures, for sale signs, greeters, free stuff etc. I need a week to organize it. I can't do it if I launch SL or Firestorm because I'll start building, or sailing or flying.
  24. Not sure if this is the right place for this, I apologize in advance. I use Firestorm and not too long ago I discovered that I can filter my inventory search results by using + (plus). So if I want to find a dress that fits my maitreya body, I can type "Dress + Maitreya" and it will search my inventory for items with both terms in the name, even if they're not next to eachother. Now I'm aware that there are search filters that allow you to search by creator name, object type, etc. What I am asking for is if there are any other advanced WORD search operators like + (plus). I have tried - (minus) and it doesn't seem to work like + does. Is there a list somewhere? Thanks in advance.
  25. I've been having lag issues on firestorm so thought I would switch back to singularity or try out alchemy. On both viewers it tells me I have no inventory/outfits. Please advise. Have cleared cache/rebooted to no avail.
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