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Found 6 results

  1. When Mon, June 27, 9am – 11am. SLT or PDT Where: Amiais 1 (Amiais Village Center) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//89/197/37 The Amiais Project explores ways to help small traditional Portuguese villages, in this case, Amiais, to connect to the outer world in a playful and informative manner. It was developed by Beta Technologies and owned by Universidade de Aveiro. CDS is arranging the opening event. Zoree Jupiter will sing her native Fado and Joao Frazao will play the ukulele (which began as a traditional Portuguese instrument!) and the guitar as well as sing. If you want to explore before the event here is the slurl. Be sure to interact with the bots enroute. Have a translator handy! (They speak Portuguese) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AMIAIS 1/89/198/37 For the party space please follow the chickens down the dirt road to your right.... For more information go to Locus Project.
  2. Looking for DJ's and Hosts-Must be 90 days old, so you can get familiarized with your Second Life experience NOW HIRING HOSTS DJS Opening today at 5pm SLT Please come and check out the newest club in SL The days and times we have right now is Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays which are 5pm-7pm 7pm-9pm and 9pm-11pm as we expand we want to reach out to more international times ANYTHING BUT PREDICTABLE! Elevate Nightclub is a new innovative space, with a New York Meets Las Vegas Vibe as it is pushing the boundaries of dance music and is poised to become the most technologically advanced nightclub in Second Life.
  3. 10-10 SCRAWL UP with DJ Andre DVere ═════ DJ Andre is back!! Start the weekend by joining DJ Andre DVere and his host MzSexyRed dancing to your requests along with Andre's collection of Soca, Reggae, HipHop, and RnB music. Newbie friendly Your LYFT ride will be just minutes away..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legends/53/40/2528
  4. This week we are visiting Sommergewitter, a rustic German-language island that evokes the peace and beauty of a summer vacation home. Created by SL and RL couple Seraph and Nida Nirvana, Sommergewitter is a German-language region composed of a rustic island. You can find a few farm animals wandering around and a few cozy homes in various corners. Seraph and Nida are one of the many Second Life love stories we are proud to share: they have both been Residents for over a decade and met in 2014. This eventually led to meeting up in the physical world and they are now in a long-distance relationship. Seraph and Nida found that their familiarity with hanging out in a virtual realm was advantageous during the pandemic. They tell us “We spend our lives together in one or the other world, but we are together every day. The lockdown during the pandemic was no problem for us. Second Life has kept us close.” Sommergewitter is based on a Hallig, which Seraph and Nida describe as “a type of small island typically found in the North Sea, and we structured it in such a way as if you were experiencing an oncoming summer storm as you settle into your vacation spot.” Seraph and Nida built Sommergewitter in 2015, and it is of great sentimental importance to them. They explained to us that it has been maintained in its original form, like a moment frozen in time: “For about six years now we have tried to keep the region the way it was originally built. Mostly because that's where our relationship started but we also wanted to create a piece of continuity, something where people know their way around, even if they haven't been inworld for a long time.” This power couple likes to keep busy. They also make machinima, such as Opera Ball in Vienna, and an ode to Tolkien's elven town of Rivendell is one of their latest projects. Kick off your summer vacation today by dancing in a summer thunderstorm at Sommergewitter. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Sommergewitter Sommergewitter is a German-language region that's been open since March 2015. It features a summer thunderstorm, as well as endless photographic opportunities. Visit in Second Life
  5. Olá, tudo bem? Já ouviu falar na conta digital Neon? Você cria a conta gratuitamente e não paga nenhuma taxa mensal e eles te enviam o seu cartão de débito, porém, eles possuem um cartão de crédito pré-pago virtual dentro do app deles (ou seja, seu cartão de crédito na verdade funciona como débito) e o valor que você gasta em compras online é descontado direto do seu saldo em conta, ou seja, sem faturas. Dessa forma você consegue comprar lindens no Second Life ou virar Premium sem ter que usar um cartão de crédito comum, aquele pós-pago. Lembre-se que o saldo disponível em sua conta precisa ser suficiente no momento da compra, pois você irá pagar em dólar já convertido para real. Lembrando que o cartão da conta digital Neon, tanto físico como virtual, já vem habilitado para compras internacionais e a bandeira é VISA. Qualquer um pode ter uma conta digital Neon, mesmo se você tiver restrições no SPC ou SERASA. Aqui está o link do Neon: Oi, tudo bem? Use o meu código TIAGO26850 para abrir sua conta Neon que nós dois ganhamos um bônus com isso! https://www.neon.com.br/indicacoes/?id=9b483882-3bf9-4fcc-b8a6-16d2d2d4d28b Espero ter ajudado.
  6. Hi all, I've returned to SL after several years and have hit the mesh wall, so I'm researching that right now. My skin tone was hard to find in world back then, and it seems even harder to find now in searching for a new skin. I would like to find this skin tone, or something close to it, if possible. I've attached a photo with color values because monitors and applications can vary so greatly, but essentially it's an olive-brown/dusty-brown/darker-than-paper-bag-brown complexion. I'm not looking for an exact match, just close. I welcome and appreciate any and all suggestions or points in the right direction.
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