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Found 12 results

  1. Just wondering. I'm bored, that's why I made this topic. I can at times...just for the whole absurdity of it all.
  2. (Besides the fact that it's bad.) I tend to laugh only at stuff that comes at the expense of others...but I actively avoid wholesome forms of humor such as "cute" humor. I guess that's the reason why I have such a bad sense of humor in the first place....
  3. Lean back with a coconut and pet an adorable sloth at Chankanaab Some of us may have started out the shelter in place phase with regular virtual happy hours and group video chats, but as this period of isolation stretches on, many of those activities faded away. Video call burnout is real, and pandemic or not, most people get a little bummed out by a monotonous routine. Interacting with your environment in Second Life and teleporting to regions with different terrains and weather conditions is a great way to mix things up. This week, I have some suggestions on how to make breaking out of that summer slump even more enticing. According to the internet, here are some of the silliest 2020 holidays in the next couple weeks: 1. Tooth Fairy Day (August 22) You're never too old! Throw a fairy party filled with sweet treats at one of these fantastical spots. 2. Ride The Wind Day (August 23) What does that even mean? It's the anniversary of the first human-powered flight. But in Second Life, we can fly any day of the week. For those who haven't taken to the air in a while, Inspire Space Park and Forest of Mystical Dreams both have beautiful floating islands. 3. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (August 28) If you're like me, pets are life. Read the Rainbow Bridge poem if you dare, it's a tearjerker. But you'll always have the memories. Have a tea party and share some of your favorite pet stories with friends. 4. World Coconut Day (September 2) Don't have to tell me twice. Drinking out of a coconut and laying on the beach sounds like absolute bliss. 5. Beyonce's Birthday (September 4) Okay, not technically a holiday but can you imagine the world without her? Get glammed up and remember how powerful you are. If you'd like to observe one of these unusual holidays inworld, please upload a photo to our Flickr! (Beautiful tribute to the Rainbow Bridge by Meriluu Lumoss)
  4. The type of humor I'm talking about is the more subtle light-hearted stuff, nothing too offensive. The reason why I ask is I'm thinking about wearing a Jesus avatar but just talk using my real personality and being witty if necessary. Edit: After some thought, I'm not going to proceed with this after all.
  5. I was pleased to see the announcement from @Ebbe Linden, Second Life's CEO. https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/3867-a-message-from-our-ceo-coronavirus-and-second-life-operations/ But...but...that picture! That's not a CEO. That's a toned down Fonzie! I would expect the CEO of the mighty Linden Lab to look like... Or... Or even... So...this thread is an invitation to the Residents of Second Life to help Ebbe with a Makeover!
  6. I figured it was time to give my Page a Cover. I wanted something that said something about those things I talk about here. Initially it was mostly about clothes so I went out and found a fun trio of Seamstress Ads from the 19th Century. It was cute when I first put it up but then I realized it make me look like an SL Clothes Maker. Which is about as far from the reality as those that say the Earth is flat and that NASA faked the landing on the Moon. Then it occurred to me that recently I have asked a lot of questions about SL bodies going so far as to ask if anyone knew how to take out a mesh tongue. Groan, yeah I really did ask that. So instead of looking for a cover about making clothing in SL I decided to look for something more in line with what I actually do in SL. Which is to help SL novices (and often myself) create better looking avatar bodies. Sort of Virtual Plastic Surgery 101 if you will. So I looked around the Internet for an image that depicted that. AND I FOUND HER. So what do you think? All of you have helped me a lot here on the Forums and I wanted to give something back to you in the form of something that will make you laugh.
  7. Amanda Keen So my Original acquired a Stalker whom no Avatar or Linden could defeat. So I made an alt Some say ....”an alt with a stripper name: Amanda Keen” Luckily my partner also made an alt. She’s kinda hawt... I take some pics for Flickr..... I do some club work..... and I’m on these forums a bit too.... ..and so it continues...... Next?
  8. COMING UP Saturday, July 28th, 2018 Noon-3pm SLT (PDT) / 19.00-22.00 GMT / 21.00-00.00 CEST SPECIAL EVENT @ AMP CINEMA + LIVE STREAMING VIDEO with collaborators and SubG hosts Phineas Narco and Alex Aurichio SubGenius SHORT FILM FEST in honor of this month's traditional annual SubGenius X-Day 2018... Are You Watching "Bob"? Or Is "Bob" Watching You? Music! Weird Film Shorts! Giant Rotating Head Of "Bob" plus other surprises... Hang out with us in Second Life for the full EXPERIENCE! bring frop, props, costumes, weird noises! and most of all......SLACK! This 3-hour event will be broadcast via LIVE VIDEO hosted by AMP with festivities at our inworld cinema space in Second Life: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinfro/203/239/100/ WATCH the FILM FEST ONLINE via WWW (mobile + browser links) http://ubuibi.org/amp_stream.html WATCH the virtual cinema inside Second Life via our YouTube Live Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ninahpixie You may be asking yourselves... "Oh why, for the love of "Bob" are they hosting this stupid thing?" One answer might be... "Because we are "Stooge Warriors for Slack and Freedom"! A different answer (and much shorter explanation): "Monkey thumbs!" The (online) SubG short film fest 7/28 will feature a collection of some of our favorite short videos from our own stashpiles, and other various SubG archives found amongst the treasure trove of materials shared freely online ... there will also be a smattering of imagery mixed in, including poster, book art and strange things captured on film... weird music and live video mixing are scheduled to occur at odd intervals. (((This program is not for sale and not for profit, and will not be archived or made available online after the live event. Running time of the event will be approx. 3 hours without interruption or intermission.))) The Church of the SubGenius: http://www.subgenius.com AMP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autonomousmediaplayground/ AMP Group in Second Life: http://world.secondlife.com/group/b98f25cd-f732-a2b3-8fed-588ad911ed6f AMP BLOG: https://autonomousmediaplayground.wordpress.com/
  9. I dunno if this is the right place for this post. I am looking for someone to be my enemy. Must be ugly, supercilious, stuck up, bigoted, and stupid. Self righteousness a plus. No griefers please, it annoys my tenants and the mess takes too long to clean up. Only those capable of restraining themselves to verbal attacks need apply. About me: I am not easily annoyed and I seldom hold a grudge longer than a few days. I usually un-mute jerks within a week or so. I can be sarcastic, but sometime react to a wicked jab with hurt silence. Snarky comments about my appearance can make me cry. Will exchange fake Real Life information and pictures with the right Mister Wrong.
  10. I saw the yellow button that said, "Ask a Question"...so I did!
  11. So I thought it might be fun to collect some one or two-sentence wisdom from everyone; your Deep Thoughts on SL compressed in quotable form..... Humor is welcome ....... always.... I'll kick us off :-)
  12. This is an uncomfortable topic, but it needs to be aired.... BDSM is a "thing" in SL, and way too many times would-be Masters are subject to ridicule by both those they want to take as Submissives, their current Submissives and the general public. The proper term for this ridicule is "Master Baiting" and it really needs to stop! Master Baiting can have all kinds of negative consequences in Second Life! It's hard on the hands (from all that typing), and if you Master Bait too much, it can spoil your ability to experience intimate moments when you finally find that special someone.. So please; no Master-Baiting! Think of crochet or something else, anything to get your mind elsewhere. This has been part #1 of my 12 part series, each to be published as it's own individual thread. I would write more, but I need to go out and buy batteries.....
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