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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, i am Kennedy also known as Kenan and i am looking for a job. dosent really matter what type. i will love to have some type of guideance if i were new to a job you are willing to give to me. but i do have a few exsperienses with some jobs such as, bar tendering, clubs, roleplaying as a doctor, modeling and much more. my avalible hours are 4pm-7pm pst. i am very comftable and skilled when it comes to teamwork, independent work and communication within my pears and coworkers. if you need to ask me anything more. what my avi look like, if i could work longer shifts and vise versa. please send a notecard or IM me inworld, Thank you for your time reading my pre-application!! i hope you will be able to contact me if needing a helping hand.
  2. If you are African and looking to get in touch with our ancestors some more, hit me up for your Igbo language classes (i teach prayers and songs as well). Username: vagvagabond. Leave me a notecard in world if you are interested (wages and schedule to be discussed then).
  3. I teach English classes from Beginner - Intermediary, one-on-one or group classes! Username: vagvagabond. Leave me a notecard in world if you're interested to discuss wage, and schedule.
  4. hi! i figured i'd offer my services again considering ive gotten better at making shapes! My shapes are mainly for female avatars and i can do them for catwa, lelutka evo or genus heads; i can make any shape you want! natural, celebrity-esque, exaggerated etc. My schedule is pretty open at the moment. Examples of my work can be seen on my personal shape on My Flickr and here's a shape ive previously done for a friend here my prices are 300-500L$ to request one contact me inworld Bunny La Femme (prlmadonna) i usually come on sometime between 7 AM SLT - 2 PM SLT - 2/3 AM - 3/4 PM SLT if that helps! and ill try to your shapes to you ASAP!
  5. Hello I’m looking for a job basically anything. My social media accounts are Instagram- Clawd.08 , Flickr-Clawd.08 , I do not have a Facebook or Tumblr at the moment but if needed for the job i will make one or another ones. I am mainly on Instagram with 1.3 k followers and growing I have a LeLutka head and Slink hourglass body I am a dark skin avi i am eastern standard time , available most of the day everyday i have skills as a photo editor, and designer fashion and home furnishings, also a fast learner With a bunch of ideas that i am will to share, customer service. Self efficient. i.have sl experience in blogging, modeling , Editing pictures and creating flyers for events i am currently learning how to texture mesh. i have not worked in any adult media yet but i am open to it. ( text only) IM me inworld or contact you on Instagram
  6. Hello, my name is Ryan , you can call me Clawd I’m a looking for a second life job as either a Realtor, assistant , interior designer ,bloger , model, a designer for a store or etc.... i can role play as while. Are you a mesher looking for a designer to create original designs and Ideas for your business, from clothing, accessories and home furnishings. contact me for the job, I’m currently am a rl design student with plenty of original ideas. I just do not know how to create mesh. We can discuss farther once contacted. you can email me at Clawdeen08.vu@gmail.com message me through Instagram @Clawd.08
  7. Violet Tears is hiring! Come join our fun family who treat everyone with the upmost respect and fairness. We're a strong brand that wants to make everyone happy and successful. You can msg me or send a notecard requesting the dj or host application. Look in picks for more information and the landmark. Everyone is welcome but the only thing we ask are two things - no child avis & no afk sex. Failing to follow those simple rules will end in being banned and ejected from the sim. Earnings: ❥ DJ's; 100% tips. ❥ Host; 100% tips. ⊱ ADULT SIM. ↳LIMO: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Summer Sands/172/69/1499 ↳VIPGROUP: secondlife:///app/group/dea45f83-5d76-143c-e63b-b87eabe52233/about Owners: ⊱ Kry (Knuz Resident) ⊱ Violet (violetk31 Resident) Managers: ⊱ Audrey (hikikamori Resident) - GM. ⊱ Celez (celez1988 Resident) - HR. ⊱ CherryH (cherryh Resident) - Assistant Manager (only msg for tags when the GM is offline) ⊱ Hella (hellanemesis Resident) - GM.
  8. Good'ay! I am looking to start my own decorating business! This would include any type of home setting or even wedding venues! As of now, I am getting things up and running but I was wondering if I would get any interest in this? If it's something you'd be willing to hire me for, please leave a comment in the comment section! I love to decorate and piece out somebodies personality into their home/venue!
  9. Hello Everyone!! I'm looking to be hired. I'm reliable and love to teach photoshop, DJ, Live Sing, and RP! If you need anything like that hit me up! https://southernpeachsl.blogspot.com/p/second-life-history.html I will teach you photoshop for 1,000 L$ per hour via discord. Half-Payment is due before class and the other half will be du after! I will not share full perms or anything with you but I can show you where to get your own for the class! You will learn the basics of photoshop, stitching, texturing, layers, gradients, and more. You will also find out to install brushes and such. I do DJ, I require a minimum of 500 L$ per hour + 100% tips if you are hiring me for a party, wedding, or etc. If you are hiring me for a club (no new clubs) minimum 90% tips, if not 100%. I do Host for live singers and I will do it for 250 L$ per hours + 100% tips and if you hire me for a club (no new clubs) minimum 90% tips, if not 100%! I do Live Singing which I will do your event or party for 3500 L$ per hour. I will also roleplay working for a company who needs roleplayers. I'm experienced in one-line and paragraph. Minimum 250 L$ per hour. Thank you, May Amara (raidenrose)
  10. Natt13766 | Seeking a paid position as a part timer. To whoever this may concern, I am looking for my first ever Second Life job to gain experience and a bit of lindens on the side. However, I am not available all the time. I go to university and have 2-4 shifts a week in real life. My job varies hours, so I would need to check in every week with the manager to align my hours with my real life availibility. My timezone is EST (Eastern), as I am in Canada. My availability On weekdays where I DO work: 4PM EST - 6PM EST, 10:30PM-MIDNIGHT On weekdays where I DON'T work: 4PM-Midnight On weekends where I DO work: 11AM-1PM (depends), 10:30PM-2 AM On weekends where I DO NOT work: 12PM-2AM What I am looking for - Hostess or dancer jobs -Any job (does not have to be hostess or dancer) where they accept newcomers ready to learn and who have determination to be successful. -Interactive job where I can communicate and help people. My abilities - Hard working -Determined -Fast and efficient learner -Flexible -Kind and outgoing Feel free to give me a chat on second life: Natt13766, to reply in the comments or email me at natt.mvu@gmail.com Thank you, Natt
  11. I'm offering $L100 to people who can refer a tenant to my shopping mall. I will pay you L$100 for every tenant you bring to the mall who takes out a lease for at least one month. Even if you have a store there yourself you can bring other tenants to earn extra for yourself. Rentals are currently L$120 per week for 40 prims. IM "Mendoza Catron" inworld for landmark and mall details. Want to pass on the offer to vendors, then this is info you will need: SHOP SPACE - Store size: 8m x 12m - Land impact: 40 prims - Signage control (you can change the sign above your store entrance to your own image) - Rental management (pay as you go directly to the rental bar inside your store) Current Price per Week L$120 per week Location Located on the road just after the bridge in Lill Burn Valley: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lill Burn Valley/111/9/69
  12. I've been observing how hosts do their jobs inworld by going to clubs and events and got interested to take a hosting job.. was a freelance dancer before, have entertained guests... now I want to entertain a crowd of people. >INFO< SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei) SL AGE: 3 months old; 106 days RL AGE: 19 GENDER: Female LANGUAGE/S SPOKEN: English WHAT TIMES ARE YOU USUALLY ON IN SL: 5AM-11AM SLT WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day) MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe By posting this, as a host I'll make sure to... > Send notices/chat before my set for the VIP group > Greet everyone who attends the club > Engage conversations > Thank the one who tips > If needed, cover someone's shift > Tell guests if they have a song request to the DJ > Advertise the club on my FLICKR, SL Profile/Picks, Blog and in other possible way > Make sure the DJ receives lovin tips >Have gestures ready at all times > Be open for IM's of questions and requests from guests > Make warnings, If ever someone is being disrespectful/breaking club rules to anyone inside the club > Pay attention to what staffs wanted me to do, so that I can improve my work IM me if I can be one of your staff or for Applications to fill up. Thank you very much.
  13. SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei) SL AGE: 3 months old; 99 days RL AGE: 19 GENDER: Female LANGUAGE/S SPOKEN: English WHAT TIMES ARE YOU USUALLY ON IN SL: 5AM-11AM SLT WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day) MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe I've worked at an Inworld Bar before as a freelance dancer a bit of tease but mostly I just dance, greet customers and the place was actually dead so I haven't had the real experience. I am willing to learn from others. Not picky with job offers except ☒Escort ☒Cam ☒Voice I do photography FLICKR & MY BLOG, basic editing.. Photos uploaded are my own work. Willing to voice verify Hope someone will offer , I am a singer ✓R&B ✓POP Willing to cope with any working theme/environment ✓GOTH ✓KAWAII(Cute) ✓CYBER ✓FANTASY ... etc. Open to change shape or styling of my avatar I have reserved emotes but don't exactly know how to use them or should I even use it, so I'm open being a trainee Been curious about building/creating stuffs in SL a reply where I can have a class Inworld will be highly appreciated Any more questions? I don't mind receiving IM's but a notecard would be nice.
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