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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. HUSH is a new club in SL looking for dancers, text/voice escorts, cam girl and lovesense users. *Must have a mesh body and mesh head *Have a good looking avi *be able to voice verify We will offer an hourly wage, and many staff incentive including a weekly contest for all staff and the prize is 1,000$L. Stop inworld today to fill out an application. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Surreal Gold/213/99/2001 **New to Sl and want to learn how to be a dancer/escort we will train you!
  2. >>> Looking for a FUN Job in SL?>>> ❖❖❖❖ THE KESSEL ROOM : NOW HIRING ❖❖❖❖ A fun, dynamic club seeking hosts and DJ's to join our amazing team! Apply Today! Applicants must be 30 days old. Now Hiring; Apply Today! THE KESSEL ROOM HOST APPLICATION: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A HOST APPLICATION! THE KESSEL ROOM DJ APPLICATION: CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A DJ APPLICATION! Visit us in world: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE KESSEL ROOM IN WORLD!
  3. looking for DJ with a following for new club. Please message Kemsy Ormega inworld. Please come by DoubleDeez and have a look.
  4. I am currently seeking a part-time administrative aide for my SL endeavors. I tend to have a busy schedule with my RL and SL work, and as a result, I'm looking for someone who is efficient in management, organizational skills, and writing. The specific job responsibilities are flexible based on the individual, and the agreement that we work out. However, the bare minimum requirements are listed below: Must be well-spoken and articulate in the English language. Must be 21+ in RL. Must have prior experience with MS Word, Excel, and/or data management, or general office
  5. IF NOTHING ELSE CAN YOU GIVE YOUR ADVISE, TUTORIALS, INPUT, IDEAS, LINKS TO RESOURCES THAT CAN HELP ME, DATA, ETC ANYTHING REALLY WILL HELP! I WANT TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THIS IDEA, AND WOULD LOVE BUSINESS PARTNERS WILLING TO COMMIT TO THIS. Hello guys, I'm looking for a few people to start a project with. I'm trying to implement a couple different aspects from second life. Collectible/Strategic Card Game/Breedables/Merchandise/Tournaments/Contests and more. Now this might be some wishful thinking, but; I need atleast 4 people with different skill sets or multiple skill set
  6. Are you looking for work as a host or a DJ? Need a kinky, ladies only atmosphere? Then come join our staff at The Leash. We are currently hiring DJs and Hosts. We are a simple yet elegant Lesbian, sensual D/s, outdoor venue. Who are we? The Leash promotes the exploration and discussion of Lesbian Sensual D/s, the House Mistress' favorite form of BDSM. The Leash is a place for lesbian women to meet, explore, discuss and experience all aspects of D/s, specifically Sensual D/s, TPE and other aspects of Domination and submission, focusing on sensuality in all aspects of BDSM.
  7. ONLY 2-3 SPACES AVAILABLE FOR THIS POSITION.❗ Customer Service Representative The following will state what the job entails/requires & what is the pay rate is like. We are only looking for 2-3 Customer Service Agents. As a customer service representative, you will be expected to (while on duty): - Greet clients and answer all their inquiries. - Must be able to commit a minimum of 10 hours a week. - Write and distribute press release (
  8. The Fix Beach, is looking for DJ's and Hosts now. Fairly new club. We play mostly Blues, with some Oldies and classic Rock played as well. DJ's choice. All tips are 100% yours for DJs and Hosts. Hosts should be willing to work WITH the people who come in. Greeting new comers and members as the enter the club nicely and keeping conversations moving along. Please, gestures are allowed, however no spamming of them and please, use your own words when talking to people. Most people do not like a lot of gestures being used. Hosts should also check in at least 15 minutes prier to set time.
  9. We are looking for a Toddleedoo child avie to be a Customer Service Rep for Diva Baby Boutique. We are a childs clothing store that sells a large variety of cute toddlee girls clothes, shoes and accessories and we do sell a handful of clothing items for boys as well You will assist with group notices and helping our customers with general questions regarding products and sales. Must enjoy communicating with the public toddlers and be up beat and energetic. Good organizational skills is a must. If interested, contact KasseyMarie Resident or Shaylalilliana Resident. Thank you
  10. Hello SL community! I am interested in working an inworld, but haven't been able to find a job because I am fairly new. I am a really hard worker and am open to learning new things. At this point, I will pretty much take any job you are willing to give me with little pay. I can work between 6 PM- 2 AM SLT. Any and all help is welcomed. You can IM me inworld @svann99 to get talk. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello my name is Clover and I'm looking to make a job in SL. My skills are: Retexturing and texturing, digital art (not mesh), talking and being friendly. I am currently looking up how to be a mesh artist, dancer, and hostess but if I could get training I'd be fine. I have pretty ratty clothing on right now, a hoodie crop top and a skirt that doesn't match but I am scavenging! Trying to earn some L$ to look decent lol. I'm usually on at 11 to 5am -07:00 (mountain/arizona time) I speak fluent English, I am of age to do things 18+, my SL account is fairly new,
  12. I'm wanting to start a family in rp soon and need to save up a bit of lindens. I'm looking for really any job that I can do between 5pm-10pm SLT. IM me inworld at HazardousHenna Resident or Lokira Phoenix
  13. ★☆★WE ARE HIRING★☆★ DJS, HOSTS, BLOGGERS & MANAGERS We want you all to UNITE at the most DISTINGUISHABLE Sci-Fi Party-Zone in SecondLife: CLUB DARKSTAR ★☆★ CLICK APPLY NOW BUTTON @ THE CLUB FOR APPLICATION! ★☆★ ONCE YOU FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION IN ITS ENTIRITY. PLEASE RETURN TO GM: darklustress71 and Owner: jessikadarkstar ★☆★ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmic DarkStarFire/202/23/3964
  14. ★☆★WE ARE HIRING★☆★ DJS, HOSTS, BLOGGERS & MANAGERS We want you all to UNITE at the most DISTINGUISHABLE Sci-Fi Party-Zone in SecondLife: CLUB DARKSTAR ★☆★ CLICK APPLY NOW BUTTON @ THE CLUB FOR APPLICATION! ★☆★ ONCE YOU FILLED OUT THE APPLICATION IN ITS ENTIRITY. PLEASE RETURN TO GM: darklustress71 and Owner: jessikadarkstar ★☆★ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cosmic DarkStarFire/202/23/3964
  15. Lonestar is looking for DJ's we have plenty of sets open... I am needing a DJ for my two weekend sets if anyone is interested the timing are 4-6am SAT AND SUN + 6-8am SUN!!! if you needing to apply just IM Karazz Mae resident in-world!!! She's awesome!!!! you will be paid 50L per hour + 100% tips!!!!
  16. Air is expanding its schedule -- opening up prime time slots , morning and evenings, weekdays and weekends... We're going from 3 nights a week to 20 hours a day - seven days a week. GREAT TIMESLOTS AVAILABLE NOW - INCLUDING SATURDAY NIGHTS! If you love Classic Rock and Top 40 hits, and are looking to make a mark on the grid, come join the fun bunch at Air! We won't steal your hard earned tips (like other places do)... you get 100% tips and more! Air is part of a lushly decorated island sim, complete with marina, chill spots, places to explore and so much more...
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