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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a true slave that is interested into ASFR (alt.sex.fetish.robots) and roleplaying. I do not do RL and not interested to pass anything into RL only talking about SL. Not someone that is interested into me being her suggar daddy. and for me true slave means someone that is willing to be owned all the time (at least with that avatar) and please its owner in every possible way, which includes, using the outfits he enjoys and having the skin/shape that he likes. Things someone that say its a slave but ends up not being a true slave: prefering to be with friends instead of their owner, wearing anything (mesh or clasic) that his owner does not like, dressing in ways his owner does not like, behaving in ways his owner do not like. These are the most clasic situation of slaves pretending to be slaves (for me at least, and i am saying what I do enjoy here, if you do not enjoy, feel free to just not call me, but, do not call me to complain about it as so many did before). Clearly i am looking to have someone on a long term situation even if will not ask for anyone to decide it just because they read my post here, will understand a trial period is recomended. As those that say its not are the ones that will flee or just no log in again. Also not interested on those that want to be rented to others or bimbo's or statues. As i say on the top the idea here is to roleplay about ASFR. If Interest contact my avatar directly on Second Life because any question i will prefer to be asked directly and not to answer to everyone. If you are not interested on what i say, please do not ask because i know what i am looking here. Just so people to know, i will not answer things on the forum.
  2. Hello, I am looking for a roleplayer that can roleplay under certain kind of rules, but also that when its online its active and not afk, or semi afk. The roleplay itself its about sci fi situations so also you cannot just "be yourself" because are situations that will never happen on real life. Even so i do like to roleplay it as if it where real, there are a lot of people that mix in the middle of the roleplay "you know what yesterday my day was so bad", or "today i have rice for lunch". that is mood killer for anyone trying to pretend the roleplay is good. and finally after a few trial days, the idea is to do it for long term, and be able to log in periodically at least a couple of hours / week. On the other side personally i do not have a lot of free time, in most cases may use just 3 hours, and as such due to how the roleplay i have in mind works, its ok to have an alt to do it meanwhile such alt is used ONLY for this roleplay. And finally because of the scarse time, to roleplay properly needs to be someone that can read and write at a certain degree. This is not to make anyone thinking they are not good enough but it it takes someone 10 minutes to write 2 lines, it will not work because in that time you totally loose the idea of what you are doing plus you can only say 3 sentences each in an hour. (Just imagine real life if you only can say one phrase every 10 minutes, how much time will take to chat with anyome). To do this you may need to be able to at least write half of what anyone is saying speed, and clearly, para-roleplaying is a sure not becaue of this, and because on this rp you are not going to know everything from the start (so you any para-roleplayer will emote a lot that are not able to). Take a pause to be sure you are ok with all that and if you are on read the next. The idea of this position is for a gynoid, even so if i say that it will not work because a gynoid only means "a female looking robot". and that does not describe 100% the position I seek to fill. On my roleplaying I am a gynoid builder, but not just the drone kind or Artificial Intelligent ones, in my version the human (or humanoid) female, gets her mind processed and passed over an electronic minde inside a machine body ((similar to Gosth in the shell, except that in that movie the machine had a brain in my version not even that stays organic)). So she in every physical way becames a machine, but in mind she may still feel being human, even so due to the fact she is in a machine body that does not feel exactly the same and that such body may be stop being controlled by herself depending on external parameters, she may feel she is more and more machine. In fact her survival depends on such. as now her body REQUIRES being owned or will self destroy. If at this point you do not like it then i suggest you do not call me, because all this is not changing. (if you want something similar but that for example does not require being owned play it but not with me). Of course all this is 100% roleplay, you will always own your avatar and, you can always leave roleplaying as its sl after al. Anyone that thinks that I will in any how pretend to enforce this beyound the roleplaying has some loose screws on the head. That is why they can me IM me at any time and im's are unless said used as OOC talking. (unless agreed not to for some reason). This is not to try to enslave anyone against their will, clearly I am asking for people concent before doing this. But that is important this is not either using anyone as a thing at 100% because the idea is that they react and they have some degree of choice. (if not why even ask some avatar i will just program a bot and use it). That also counts the other way, the idea is not to get someone and pose it as a statue, or keep it blinded or ignore it, but the same way i do not want that i do no want to be ignored either when online. Finally if you enjoyed this far, To really be the character I want such character at some point should understand and accept it is a machine, and its no longer a she but an it from then forward ((again OOC not IC)), but as such it should look pretty for it's owner more than for itself, and that includes, how it talks, how it looks and how its dressed. Including the fact that, mesh bodies do NOT work with gynoids yet. ((to tell the truth i am working on it but not that good so if anyone want to help on doing a lot of weigthing and rigging after that is done they will be able to use mesh bodies but if such only while they are gynoids with that body)). And finally but if anyone read this point, RLV is clearly required 24/7 and when I am not around the gynoid will be off (again that is why i do allow alts). The minimal amount required to become a gynoid (not to be paid to me but to get enough good stuff, is about 2000L which really is not that much when any head costs about 5000). But again I will not own your avatar so to be fair I will not be paying for the changes either. My normal online time is from for sure from 8 am to 4 pm sl time (yes 8 hours) most of the time I am even a bit earlier. but on such time I have to go to lunch at some point. If you reached this point and you think you will enjoy it search for Fox Paragorn from inside sl as I rarely check the forum a lot. For those that reach this point, thanks in advance even if probably will not call me, for those that will not read this fully and complain about it, you will hear from me online in a one to one. Thanks for reading. PD: was going to add how a gynoid more or less look but, I changed my mind, and will only show it for anyone that is willing to do it.
  3. NotPrxi


    Hi. I have been looking into Sci-Fi themed locations hoping to find ANYTHING that dealt with robots, androids, gynoids and all those cool things but at the same time, hardly even consider RLVa. So far, what i have found were AFK brothels, places packed with people playing dead or MMO sims which reserved the Halo 5 treatment. I had to read world lore, factions lore, backstories, guides, rules, ongoing events then, craft a character that makes sense and somehow make it fit into a massive roleplay that barely has players. Is there someplace, someone or some group that doesn't ask ANY of the above? I basically am looking for D/s ownership of sorts.
  4. Hello, Im a bit of a noob to SL but im wanting to get into Gynoid RP but im a bit unsure where to start. Im looking for some advice on the best places to go (RP sims and such) that cater to this kind of thing and also shops that sell Gynoid (and cyber/robot stuff) so i can create my avatar Im thinking of making a hookerbot type of avatar (I saw on the nanite systems website they had a virtual courtesan/companion thing but didnt really understand if that was an avatar they were selling or a skin or something...) PS: Also if anyone is familiar with the nanite systems (and the other main ones) gynoid/android HUD things (i think its like a control pack & battery or something...) and could explain them that would be great, iv tried reading the description on the shop in the MP on how to use them but they seem really complicated. If someone could simplify it for me and let me know thats the deal with them id be very grateful.
  5. Hello, I am well known in Second life as Fox Paragorn. I am on the search of someone to roleplay, strictly on SL (because first, what I do here cannot be done in RL, and will be too much in rl). I roleplay fully which means that the avatar selected for this should be part of this roleplay 24/7 (of course do not pretend you to be on 24/7, just means, you cannot just go shopping by yourself or with friends while you do this). Even so this has a twist as I has a story fully developed so far and In such story I make gynoids out of females, how, because its supposed to take your mind, and transfer it into a gynoid. (and I say mind not brain), the result will be a 100% non organic version of yourself but, that is able to think and feel as the human it was, Even so that will only be true for the first second. Because as the body IS different, and the robotic mind is supposed to be able to process more, it will expand and change, slowly or fast but will do it. So, and this is for the ones that look to be statues or dolls, this is not for you because, you are supposed to actually think and play and do stuff, not to just be a decoration. On the other side once you become a gynoid you will be 100% machine, and as such, fully owned, and without any right. Not even the right to look as you want or do anything you want. So taking that into consideration this needs someone submisive that want to please their new owner (that will be me). Besides all this, the method does not allow gynoids to wear mesh bodies (mesh heads are ok) but mesh bodies are a no way. because a lot of things cannot be done. Even so with just normal bodies I can make it look really nice. And for final, I will give some stuffs (like the hud or other parts) but, most of the look (including eyes, hair, skin, sounds, animations, and tattos), should be purchased by the gynoid itself because if truly it stops rlv and goes she will keep the stuff (so will not pay someone so later they leave and keep the stuff). The idea is that who ever does this, do it because it like to be a gynoid and please a male owner, not to get stuff or just because you have nothing else to do on sl. Possible languages, English or Spanish. If you are interested please IM to Fox Paragorn on SL (at any time even if not online), My online time is mostly from 10 am slt to 4 pm slt. (may be a bit after or before but not normal).
  6. The term gynoid was used by Gwyneth Jones in her 1985 novel Divine Endurance to describe a robot slave character in a futuristic China, that is judged by her beauty. A gynoid, in this situation, is a robot that resembles a human female. I'm a female from the US (GMT-5 timezone), between 20 - 30 years old. I can write light novella to multiple paragraphs, if the situation is appropriate. I love to roleplay! I am looking for someone to play as a master or mistress to one of my five NaniteSystems (Eisa) gynoids! I can also custom make a character just for you, if you so choose. This is a sci-fi roleplay scenario and I am looking for a partner to share the experience with me. We can begin with my character being 'human', then being converted. The conversion process is quite interesting and intimate in a very fantastically scientific way. Please IM me if this interests you!
  7. Hello, some may know me others may not. for those that do not, i am still have several positions to fill. And i am looking for a slave that wants to be permanently changed, the idea is it will be changed into some sort of machine but even so not a drone. of course its not the idea that you just say "yes" and its permanent, but the idea is to be permanent if you enjoyed it. and also not to just test it knowing you will not stick to it. the most important is not to know how to do it but to be willing to do it and want it. I have some already made and the idea is to include them on it even so i do not have many so, you can expect no more than 2 others + me, but this is not a position for those that want to be the center of attention all the time. nor to those that never react and just say "yes/no" to everything. the idea is to rp it all (but only sl rl is out of the question, for rl reasons). I know this is not much but anyone willing to even check whats this about contact me in world i am not replayin this post. thank you very much. (you can copy paste my name into sl and find me, and leave me an im or notecard if i am not online). PD: Ideally the time for this will be from 1 pm slt to 4 pm slt (5 in winter time for some places that does not change with sl time). even so its even possible from 6 am to 4 pm.
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