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Found 9 results

  1. ✦✧✩✫✬✭✮✯ CLUB PARADISE ☆✦✧✩✫✬✭✮✯ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ PRESENTS!!! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ __ _.--..--._ _ .-' _/ _/\_ \_'-. |__ / _/\__/\_ \__| |___/\_\__/ \___| \__/ █▓▒░ωнσ:☊ DJ Andre/ DJ Selah \__/ █▓▒░ωнαт: Neon Tuesdays \__/ █▓▒░ ωнєη: 4pм- 7pм SLT \__/ █▓▒░ нσsт:♥Brooklyn Beauty and Princess Gogetta♥ ____\__/█▓▒░αттɪяє : Neon or come as you are . - ' ' -. / \ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~!~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ςατςh τhⅰร lⅰƒτ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ormone/71/186/2225 Team G6ixx Vybz and Club Paradise Entertainment: We are currently looking for DJs, Hosts, Dancers, Bartenders, Managers . If your looking for a place to host, play your music with flexible schedules and have options for parties we have it. Permanent shifts and freelance available; Friendly and Fun staff Genres include but not limited to: Dancehall, Reggae, Hip hop, RnB, Reggaeton, Electronic dance,Techno, dance music. Opening 24/7 A place to relax in a beautiful atmosphere Night Clubs ,Beach Clubs and Adult Club area Rent any of our places for your events or shows.
  2. Freebies from -RC- Cluster all over Wienerwurst Way! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hell Fire/46/156/2166 There are 4 different types of freebies available around town. ◄ 1 ► Trick or Treat Candy Packs - Go Trick or Treating! - This is the only part of the town that is for group members only - Join at any time! ◄ 2 ► Free to FIND - Click EVERYTHING you can! Theres SO MUCH hidden in plain sight! - Some you can buy for L$0 and others will give you items with a left click. ◄ 3 ► Free with DONATION - Pay what you want! Consider: → How much did you LOL? → 2x, Full, Half, or a Quarter of the price you'd expect at a store → Just do the L$1! It's fine, this is for YOU! ◄ 4 ► HAUNTED Murder Bags • These little bags give out random gifts when you find them around town. • Click it before it DISAPPEARS! (it's haunted.) • Bags give random items with over 60 to collect. • If someone clicks before you, the bag will reappear after a time, or you can just look for another one and come back later. - Clicking the same bag will give different prizes! STUFF TO DO: ◄► Go TRICK OR TREATING at all 10 Houses on the Street ◄► Grab a Free Trading Pumpkin at the pumpkin Patch ◄► Check out the barn for cheap Gacha Resale items ◄► Pet & Ride the native species housed in the stables ◄► Pick some Sausages ripe from the vine! ◄► Visit the Traveling Carnival of Curiosities ◄► Grab a bite to eat at Nana's Table at the Motel or in the food court ◄► Shop our cute shops with Halloween items on sale ◄► Haunt the spooky cemetery ◄► EXPLORE EXPLORE E X P L O R E! I can't stress this enough & zoom in, details are our SPECIALTY! Flickr Group with more info!
  3. Hiya everyone! I want to share an amazing resource with you all! Who doesn't like giveaways & contests? There is a brand new SL contest & giveaway Hassle-free page! No catch! We strive to stay up to date with the latest giveaways across the grid inworld & social media but we need YOUR help! If you can check out the page, share the word, tag, like & follow so we can reach everyone across the grid and help everyone have access to it! https://www.facebook.com/SLGiveawaysContests/ Also many asked & we did it! SL Giveaways & Contests now has an official Discord too!!! Click for your custom invite! https://discord.gg/UkGm8be
  4. TELEPORT LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Lion/75/128/2002VIEW US ON SL DESTINATION GUIDE http://secondlife.com/destination/mountain-lion-night-club-amusement-park CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK GROUP https://www.facebook.com/groups/1894546247450880/ ● NOON - 2 PM SATURDAY JANUARY 11th WITH DJ SUNSET ● RAFFLE ~ STARTING AT 1000L ● PRIZES ~ LIMITED EDITION HOLIDAY CATS Wild Kajaera is a breedable company formed in Second Life 7 years ago. As of January 2020 over 3 million WK Animals have been bred in Second Life. WK concentrates on larger wild animals including 7 species of Wild Cat, 3 species of Wolves, Foxes and Wild Mustangs. There are also a couple of smaller animals called the Little Varmints which include Ferrets and Hares. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park is quite simply breathtaking. Featuring an Amusement Park, Club and Shopping Mall on a full family-friendly moderate sim. A different breath taking view of Mountains and beautiful park grounds no matter which direction you look. Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park features a large Ferris Wheel, Go Karts, several Roller Coasters, Bowling, the Vortex and many more rides! Check out the walk thru Aquarium, Kid Zone rides and playground! Wander the park while enjoying the rocking tunes of our DJs featuring themed sets from the 60s thru to the present hits of 2019. Live DJs & HOSTs from 10am - 10pm Monday thru Saturday! Shop at our Shopping Mall, while you listen to the tunes. Come see the variety of shops in our Mall and Market Carts. Rent a Shop or Cart to sell your items. We also have various sized SkyDomes for rent with fully furnished homes or bring/build your own home, with full security. Wedding Venues, too! Need a Job?...We are hiring DJs, Live Singers & Hosts.  Bring your family, friends, neighbors and yourself for a fun loving time here at Mountain Lion Club & Amusement Park. We are Family oriented, people caring, fun loving & love to have a good time!! Music is always great & so many attractions to see and ride! Grab your family for an outing. You'll be glad that you did! SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Live DJs & HOSTs from 10 am - 10 pm Monday thru Saturday! ● MELLOW MONDAY MUSIC ~ NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ WYTCHWHISPER ~ MONDAY 9 - 10 PM  JAN 13th ● DOUBLE SHOT TUESDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● LIVE SINGER ~ JUPPAR ~ TUESDAY 6 - 7 PM ● WACKY WEDNESDAY ~ WEDNESDAY 10 AM - 1 PM DJ ANGEL ● LIVE SINGER ~ WAYNE RHODELL ~ WEDNESDAY 1 - 2 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ GMAN ~ WEDNESDAY 6 - 7 PM ● LIVE SINGER ~ UNBESO GRANDE ~ WEDNESDAY 7 - 8 PM  ● MIX TAPE ~ THURSDAY 10 AM - NOON DJ ANGEL ● TOTALLY 80'S REWIND ~ THURSDAY NOON - 4 PM DJ SUNSET ● TEAM SOLO ~ THURSDAY 6 - 8 PM DJ KIRT ● WK EVENT WITH PRIZES & 1000L RAFFLE ~ SATURDAY NOON - 2 PM DJ SUNSET JAN 11th ● LIVE SINGER ~ LOST SINGER ~ SATURDAY 6 - 8 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ TRINITY ~ SATURDAY 8 - 9 PM  ● LIVE SINGER ~ MARIBOL ~ SATURDAY 9 - 10 PM  Message Inworld for more information: DJ Manager: Wishy (wishstar.ninetails)  Night DJ Manager: Freaky (freakytexan.zepp) Club/Host Manager: Wildfire (misswildfire) Night Host Manager: Halo (mataangeleyes) Owner/Event Manager: Tina (tinaking) Owner/Rentals Manager: Krystal Rose (krystal333) Owner/Senior DJ Manager: Sunset (sunsetmoonites) Owner/Park Manager: Dan (dan.pevensey) COME ROAR WITH THE LIONS!     
  5. One RANDOM poster who posts in this topic has the chance to win L$2500 (or equivalently, US$10). Rules and Terms: -Must post in this topic to qualify. (Me and any of my alts are excluded from the giveaway) -The winner will be selected at random using the website random.org (You are free to suggest a better randomizer though.) -Giveaway closes the midnight (U.S. Central Time) of December 25 (the beginning of Christmas.) After that, I will not accept any new posts and this topic will be closed. I will start a new topic to give you info about the winner, though. -I just ask this time that you put effort in your post. Post something positive about anything. Negative or low-effort posts will be ignored. -Feel free to mention any loopholes and I will address them. -Mods. just please let me know if this is okay as soon as possible. I assure everyone that I am the real deal.
  6. AUGUST 3rd, SATURDAY, 6 - 8 PM SLT @ Paradise Desires / Main Club Floor We invite you to join us tonight for some great fun at our Main Club Floor, August 3rd, Saturday, from 6 to 8 PM SLT! Make the time and bring your friends along! 🌴LIVE STREAMING MUSIC DJ Arya Winchester Del Ponteueccio (arya89stark) will be streaming some awesome tunes for us! Request a song, let the music flow through you, and dance the night away! 🌴CONTEST: THE SEXIEST OF THE NIGHT We invite you to join our contest as you enjoy the music. Dress yourself up, the sexier the better! Amaze the crowd with your creativity and sensuality. Win prizes as The Sexiest among the crowd, the Eye-candy of the night! 🌴L$5000 GIVEAWAY And the biggest surprise of the night will be our L$5000 giveaway! Stay through our 2-hour event, enjoy the music and get a chance to win L$5000! Come around, don't miss out!... Only at Paradise Desires! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Desires/134/159/27
  7. ωнαт: Mr Serena-Autumn 2018 Competition ωнєη: August 25th from 12p-3p slt ωнєяє: location TBA RULES: 1) Participant must be a owner or owners partner who has land with Serena Estates. 2) This Competition is for men ONLY. 3) Your applications must be turned in on August 11th by 9pm slt. 4) If you leave Serena Estates before the competition your application will be voided. 5) Only contestants that walk the runaway will be able to enter the contest board. 6) All contestants must be in a respectable attire. You get to pick the outfit but the Event Manager must approve it first. 7) Private parts must be covered. 8) No body building bodies. We want to see your personal appearance not more muscle than clothes. (Autumn themed) Prizes are as followed: Grand Prize: 10000L You will be judged on the following: 1) skin tone 2) body shape 3) overall physical appearance 4) Criteria Questions 5) Judges' Question Score is as followed: Criteria Questions make up 50% of your score Avatar Appearance makes up 30% of your score Judges' Question makes up 10% of your score Contest Board- Anyone can vote so invite your friends!! Contest board will give you 10% of your votes. Be sure to bring your friends.
  8. Fantasia Night Club & Danny's Customs Presents Neon Nights - Pool Party Saturdays • Where: Fantasia Night Club • What: Neon Nights - Pool Party • When: Saturday, January 20th • Mini Cooper 3 Giveaway • Sponsored by Danny's Customs • Want a custom ride? Danny can Make your Dream Come True! • Inworld Contact Info: Ɗαηηу Řȼвȼℓ Єναηک (djrebel82) • Pool Party Hours: 10am - 8pm slt • Giveaway Time: To Be Announced • Facebook: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/156734874919750/ • Mini Cooper Party Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Free Souls Haven/142/211/1501
  9. Welcome to The Blue Monarch-Gay Yiff Club 24/7 Adult Club 18+ Public Sex Allowed Clothing optional 12 Public stripper poles and 2 dance cages - earn tip $$$ Dance Floor DJs Weekly Events Raffles The Blue Monarch is for all furries new and old to Secondlife. No discrimination against different species, all furries are welcome. This club features all the amenities for a fun and "fulfilling" experience, whether it be a pose-ball partner or just a new friend. Feel free to come here at any time of day or night, since it is a 24/7 club. We have plenty of room for you and your friends, with 10 big sofas, 1 smaller couch, 8 lounge chairs and 1 orgy bed. All furniture within our doors is sex privileged (Including the curtains). Meaning you can have sex any where you like! -Furniture- White sofas include 216 animations. You must click on the cushions your seated on, in order to change animation, each cushion comes with its own animations. Black chairs have 325 animations. Orgy bed has 388 animations Stripper Poles each have 17 animations Dance Cages have 15 animations The smaller couch has 129 positions and 267 animations in 22 categories. Curtains have 91 animations -RULES- 1. No Griefing- this will result in a permanent ban immediately from our premises. 2. No arguing- Results in a warning (after 2 you will be temporarily ejected for a week) 3. 18+ (Since there are many sexual themes, we require all our guests to be 18 or older) 4. Keep voice chat to a minimum during DJ hours so you don't ruin the experience for other guests 5. Clothing is optional (go nude if you like!) 6. Weapons are forbidden unless they serve a decorative purpose 7. No musical gestures or spam of gestures (including bumpers) 8. Public Sex and Chat RP is permitted. (No sexual voice chat) -Side Notes- Stripper poles are open to any wanting to strip, 5% of tips will be taken and put back into the establishment. The Blue Monarch will be hosting events occasionally, feel free to join our group for notice. Heres the group link: secondlife:///app/group/3a40d203-bfd1-dd92-e4ef-454caaad1345/about Suggestions are accepted and greatly appreciated. We would love to hear from you all concerning any ideas you have to make the club more efficient as well as any feedback you'd like to give. -Jobs- For a job here at The Blue Monarch message Fafnir9898, we have many openings so feel free to IM and request an interview for a position. If you have any questions or concerns then talk to our security or directly to the owner at Fafnir9898.
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