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  1. La Gallery presents “CELEBRITIES... ALSO PAINTERS” an unique exhibition, dedicated to celebrities who are also painters, like Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Row Wood, Paul McCartney and many others : 60 artists - 150 paintings. This exhibition is sponsored by The Second Life Enquirer and the City of New Orleans At the same time, La Gallery presents a photo exhibition by Lalle Van Beeck-Na. We expect many of you in our large art space with a bar and good music. This exhibition is set up until May 25, 2022 The Gallery is dedicated to all kinds of exhibitions and events: painting, sculpture, photography, design, performances... You are a creator, painter, sculptor... You wish to present or sell your works... You have some exhibition ideas? Contact : Lalle Vanbeeck-Na (Lallena Resident) Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/172/179/2504 Interview of Lalle Vanbeeck-Na published in the SL Enquirer : http://www.slenquirer.com/2022/03/also-painters-exhibition-at-la-gallery.html https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9o5qamge5xj6r3/La Gallery presents.png?dl=0
  2. *** WELCOME TO LA GALLERY, THE NEW ART SPACE *** ----------------------------------------------------------------- *** YOU ARE INVITED TO THE GRAND OPENING - March 25, 2022 at 3:30 PM /SLT to 5:30 PM SLT Art painting, Music, Rock'n Roll... Appetizers, Champagne are on the program for this event hosted by DJ Norma Ricci. On this occasion will be presented exclusively "CELEBRITIES ... ALSO PAINTERS", an exhibition dedicated to these celebrities who are also painters like Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Paul McCartney and many others. Join us... We expect many of you for this great party. This exhibition is set up for two months until May 25, 2022 La Gallery : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/164/191/2505 Chirico (172,179,2504) Invitation : https://www.dropbox.com/s/iroa55hua7qz7zc/La Gallery Invitation.png?dl=0
  3. Question: What do Sylvester Stallone, Paul McCartney, Frank Sinatra and George Bush have in common? Answer: In addition to their contributions to their various fields of Acting, Songwriting, Performance Arts, and Politics, they were also painters. For this Grand Opening, La Gallery has assembled some 113 paintings, landscapes and Self-Portraits from the world’s most prominent celebrities and sports figures. Not just the opening of La Gallery - a new public art gallery dedicated to all kinds of exhibitions and events: painting, sculpture, photography, design, performances, and soon to become known as the Gallery of Galleries in SecondLife - but also the Grid Premier of “Also Painters…”, the finest and most comprehensive collection of celebrity art to be found anywhere on the Grid · WHO: La Gallery presents “Also Painters” · WHAT: SL’s premier collection of paintings done by multi-disciplinary celebrities, in this exclusive exhibit of the collected works of RL celebrity artists · WHY: To inform the public of the multi-dimensional characteristics of some of your favorite stars. · WHEN: Grande Opening Friday, March 25, from 3:30 – 5:30 PM SLT. The exhibit runs from 25 Mar - 25 May, 2022 · WHERE: La Gallery, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chirico/164/191/2505 Chirico (172,179,2504) So, take a break from the usual Friday night scene of club hopping, and come check us out. See how many of YOUR favorite celebrities were also painters and illustrators. Come nosh on Brie cheese and crackers, and sip champagne from the open Bar while you peruse the exhibit. Come alone, or with that special someone at your side. Experience this lively evening with music brought to you directly from that prominent DJ, Norma Ricci. Come see the “artist within” as you view the expressions of art, and angst, from celebrities you have known about for years. You’ll be talking about this for years to come.
  4. Heyyyy! I opened an art sim and you can come rent a gallery, make a store, take or teach a class, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. We've got lots of buildings set up for you to buy or rent and show off your work. If you are a rl artist you can take pictures or scans of your pieces and put them into full perm (resellable) frames and put up an about me and put prices of your work and tell how to find your work online or in rl. If you are a 3d artist such as with blender we would like you to show off your pieces here and maybe teach a blender class! The blender tutorials I've seen online are a bit boring and I think a live class would really be great. If you are looking for art for your home from real artists that enjoy sl this is the place for you. If you want to be close to an artistic crowd come on in. If you have a strange av we would love you to come and look around. If you are a fancy rich lady looking to curate beautiful pieces for your gallery stop on by. And dont mind if I make a joke that you are such a Charlotte. We want this place to be weird and fun and silly and whimsical and light-hearted! Come enjoy the weirdos enojying other weirdos. Thanks!!! Annie Skyflowerannie88
  5. I have opened up rentals for eight small waterfront shops (with apartments above) and eight piers for those who love sailing on the open water paradise of the Blake Sea, at the far west end of those hundreds of open water sims that are considered some of the best sailing in SL! Here's the SLURL > http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slithert/148/195/24 It's a well landscaped, themed waterfront wharf parcel (Mature rated) on the north shore of Satori with 104m wide marina, and direct, straight, open access to the best waters for sailing! The pier availability is one narrow pier and a couple of piers capable of handling boats with a wider beam. The ground floor shops offer one or two additional floors above for more merchandise or as living space, your choice. Great shop location for boutique items, higher end clothing, art, jewellery etc, or to highlight your newest creations in a lovely small space. The parcel also houses the new location for my art gallery on the side-street Gallery Lane, Heartsong Gallery ( https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Slithert/141/163/24 ). I had to get a shameless plug in Rent for any pier or shop is a simple L$100/week, in one to four week increments, with an allowance of 100 land impact included. Here are the screen shots, feel free to post questions or IM/notecard in world. I always try to reply or will get your set up with group rights within 24 hours, and usually less.
  6. At Dedicova you will find a gallery with open boards to be filled. For 25 linden a week you will have 10 prims available at your black board to fill up with your amazing art! You are also allowed to place boards with your information close around your black board. If you are interested, please come over to Dedicova and contact Wendy Coba-Calabrese (Wendy1435 )
  7. Dedicova is a land with many activity's. Dedicova holds: - Small or bigger houses with garden - A gallery - Shops - Venues - Childrens playground, with playground equipment for Funsies, Funsies Animesh and Zooby - Monthly there are events hosted with items for free or for 1 linden. ( Now there is a halloween hunt ) There are also amazing spots where you can take photo's. Landscape, single or couple one's. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dedicova/164/169/23
  8. I'd like to know if it is possible to add my gallery to the destination guide or to the events... the gallery is in skybox about 2500 mt (44x54x21) I pay a rent - I might become a friend of the owner and I am in the owner group that give me access to the whole area I do not sell anything is inside a kink sex area (but the gallery it is not sexi at all) the event will go for 4 days every month or one afternoon every month but the gallery will be open 7/7 24/24 the owner of the land agree with this initiative but is not willing to do all the employee work. I read all the guides and it is not clear... could he add my gallery to the destination guide in the art list? separate from his sex hotel? the lm is as follow: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle de Amor/181/184/2410 the name is RECALCITRANTE GALLERY I'd like to found out any way to spread the info to all inworld :-)
  9. Finally! The newest member of the SL Art community would like to introduce itself! 🙂 The "ARTIFAKT Gallery" for modern Art represents aspiring, young artists and their way of merging SL and RL through emotional art. What makes us a unique gallery, is the fact that our work is sold as "Lifetime Originals". We guarantee that any piece purchased from us is a "single edition". It will never be copied and/or sold anywhere ever again. You will own the only copy of the piece in SL! The Gallery was founded in 2021 by Artist Niko De Clerck and Bluestone Capital CEO Michael Blackwood as investor. What started as a small project to help De Clerck promote his beautiful and unique art, soon turned into a full gallery, open to other new artists, as well. We are launching today with two beautiful series of works by RL Artist Niko De Clerck. Experience De Clerck's tactile series "Fraction" or the wonderfully merged SL/RL series "Impressions" now! And if you can't keep your eyes off of a piece - just take it right home with you! 🙂 Group: ARTIFAKT Gallery SLUrl: Yasmin/82/92/305
  10. Hi Everyone, I would guess I'm not the first person to ask this question, but I can't find any threads or other info about this: Is it possible for an SL photographer to sell their digital photos as NFTs? Lately, selling NFTs is a hot topic. We see digital art selling at marketplaces like Nifty Gateway for obscene amounts. Obviously, that's rare. Still a number of photographers have come to me lately asking if photos taken in Second Life are saleable as an NFT for a profit -- even a small profit -- on marketplaces like Nifty Gateway or Rarible. The TOS is so confusing. I've read bunches of opinions on the TOS and ethics etc., but does anyone have a concrete verifiable answer? Thanks!
  11. This week we invite you to take a fantastical journey to the regions created by Resident Natalie Starlight. United by thematic elements that draw from fairy tales, the fantasy genre, and her boundless imagination, these regions are visually sumptuous and will truly make you feel as if you have been transported to a different world. The Lost Unicorn Gallery, shown in the video, features a beautiful elven castle full of amazing fantasy artwork. There are monthly shows and events for different artists, as well as rotational exhibits. Check out the official website for more information on the latest featured artist, cottage rentals, and photos. Finian’s Dream, based on old Celtic Ireland, is a mysterious mountainside village. Walk into the fog to explore the castle, tavern, and rolling green hills. There is also Storybook, which has a more whimsical aesthetic. Frolic amongst the flowers and glistening trees! This region welcomes all avatars but is a particularly wonderful place to visit for elves, faeries, fauns, satyrs, fae and the like. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Finian's Dream A mystical and beautiful land, based on old Celtic Ireland. Come discover the secrets of the forest as you explore the misty woods, stop by the tavern, see the countryside, and visit a castle. The region was designed by Noralie78. Visit in Second Life
  12. The artist for this special exhibition is Manager and a dancer at the Keyhole club. To be able to take in a quiet serene moment, to breath it inside your lungs, let it invigorate you, can be one of life's true gateways to happiness. As per this text accompanying her latest picture, you will feel happy and joyful as you quietly look at her pictures. Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sociaria/189/193/2502 From: 2021/3/1 To: 2021/3/14
  13. This week we are visiting the southwestern splendor of Marfa, Texas. Creator Valium Lavender, a proud Texan whose family has lived there for generations, had until now “never found the right way to capture my love for Texas in a {region} design.” That’s pretty understandable: given that its land mass is the second largest state in the U.S., there’s a lot of personality to convey. While movies might give one the impression that Texas is defined by cowboy hats, barbecues, and country music, Lavender painstakingly sculpted this region to give Residents a more three-dimensional experience of her home state. She tells us that “Marfa, Texas in RL is this obscure, funky art mecca out in the middle of nowhere. Artists like Donald Judd settled in Marfa because of the massive uncluttered land space and abundance of natural light.” One of Marfa’s crowning features here is The Empty Chair Gallery, comprising photos taken by a variety of renowned SL photographers and Lavender’s ode to the town’s artistic spirit. Lavender says she “chose photos that imparted a feeling surrounding an empty chair. I felt that the 'empty chair' in most cases created the emotion of being lonely, sad, or waiting, and wanting from the observer. At times, the chair instilled a sense of happiness, knowing perhaps, that soon someone would occupy their empty chair.” This is just the beginning, as Lavender tells us “I hope to expand Marfa by adding “Ballroom Marfa,” which is the hub of cultural activity in RL Marfa, with the showing of international artists, local artists, artisans, folklore and history.” Retro gas stations, cacti, and old school trucks add to the charm. Builder help for this project came from Fred Hamilton (frecoi), Lotus Mastroianni and Sofie Janic. Walking around this region brings a feeling of peace and a sense of curiosity. Visit the quirky and charming town of Marfa today. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres ValiumSL - Marfa Marfa is a close re-creation of a small West Texas town known for its international art scene and mysterious lights. A replica of Donald Judd's art is located there as well as The Empty Chair Gallery. Visit in Second Life
  14. * NEW! Mainland Rental Market Stalls! L$50/wk - 10 Prims! Sell your art, beach stuff, or any thing fun you have! NEW OPENINGS STARTING TODAY! COME VISIT HERE! * Plus! Waterfront Mainland Rentals! View all available spots!
  15. Hello All, I am very excited to join the community and support and uplift all forms of art in Second Life! I am new to SL so if there is any information that is missing from this I am open to any corrections and will provide more information if needed, Plum _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Open Call for Artist Submissions- Gallery Opportunity! Covenstead Art Gallery is a new gallery located in the Magickal community of Summerisle. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covenstead/199/183/25 We are currently accepting submissions for our inaugural exhibition for Deities of the Fields, a celebration of the Corn and Harvest Moon. Curated by Owner, Plumqueen. We are looking for artwork that represents Deities of the fields of every culture.( Osiris, Ceres, Lugh, Jacheongbi ect) We are also looking for Photography, sculptures, paintings of Moons ( especially Harvest Moons). We are a small gallery so we are looking for about 2-4 artists, but if we are moved by your artwork, this could be a solo exhibit. The deadline for submissions is August 26st, 2020. There is no fee for exhibiting artwork a Covenstead Art Gallery, If your artwork is chooses to be displayed, we will include an artist bio, landmark to your gallery ( or link to your website/flicker) Please send a IM or notecard to Plum (Plumqueen) that includes Your bio and a landmark to your gallery or website/flicker for us to view your art. secondlife:///app/agent/48ed4d15-53c9-4f17-843f-a1d949d4fed9/about
  16. The next Sunny Studio Gallery Art Event Friday 12th June 2020 We will be having a DJ and there will be new art on sale compared to the last time we also will be having a competition the following day at Fruits of Passion Club This will select 3 artists who will be selected as winners The competition will have the theme of nude Art I will then announce the winner. Friday's Line up will be : DJ Max - The Magic DJ and a guest host Saturday we will be having the FoP lineup of DJ's and there will be a chance to buy art exclusive to the competition Land Marks are belowFriday's LM 12-2pm􀀂Saturday and Sunday LM􀀁􀀀
  17. Heading into the third week of the new gallery and I've changed vendors from BSM to CasperVend. If you have a store or gift card from the gallery, I'll be transferring those cards over as I see them activated. see the note below... I've also been working on new artwork pieces and cutout transparency wall art at the gallery. I've redid the displays at the shop to show them off. Come check it out. VENDOR CHANGE NOTE I've recently had to switch vendor system to CasperVend. I am still monitoring the BSM system for store credit and gift cards activation. When you activate your card, visit my gallery and purchase one of the L$1 Marker boxes. They both are labled “The Beginning & End” in red on the bottom. They're on every panel to mark, the beginning and end of the product listing. They also contain a buch of soda pop. I'll see your credit activation on BSM and will move it to your new account in CasperVend. There is a BSM and CasperVend panel in the main gallery where you can check your credit transfer.
  18. Hello there! I am happy to invite you to the Grand Opening (Friday) and/or Opening #2 (Saturday) of my new Art Gallery called “The Droverson Gallery“! ..::The Droverson Gallery::.. I want to promote my traditional art on SL and I set up my own Gallery to do so! The pictures are hand-drawn by me with pastel sticks on black paper. They feature mostly the actresses Alycia Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor in their roles in the TV show "The 100" of Lexa kom Trikru and Clarke Griffin. There are also drawings of animals and a mask for Dia de los Muertos and I am going to expand my range in the future. I also drew some animals with the pencil and I could show you the process of how they were created step by step but I don't want to bore you needlessly which is why I'm only showing the end results. There will also be pictures of Clay Statues I made. I hope you like what you'll see! ~~ Grand Opening ~~ Day: Friday, February 14 Time: 11am SLT - 5pm SLT What: Pastel Sticks on Black Paper Where: The Droverson Gallery ~~ Opening #2 ~~ Day: Saturday, February 15 Time: 11am SLT - 5pm SLT What: Pastel Sticks on Black Paper Drawings with Pencil Clay creations Where: The Droverson Gallery Champagne and good conversations are on offer! There is no need to let me know if you're coming. Just show up and invite your friends! The more the merrier! Enjoy! Yours truly Tanja Droverson aka Tanya P.S. Don't forget to join the Group for Updates and take a Landmark ~~~***~~~ Attached is a little example of what to expect!
  19. WHAT'S UP IN SL 👍 [Attention Gallery] : Grand Opening December 7th -5 pm Featuring 3 Photographers : Mony & Dusty Pedroia Markel Kenzo Karole Batista ( omg it is me! ) so exciting about this Gallery 🛒 🛒VISIT HERE ⬇ ⬇ ⬇ : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forbidden/147/42/504
  20. HI! We are FOCUS Magazine & Gallery, The Exploratorium Photo Gallery, and FAIR Photo Gallery, and we are looking for a few people who are interested in being a part of our team. The magazine, the galleries, the events, the photo contests, the fundraisers – all have a spirit of community and collaboration. That is our fundamental goal: to bring people together in a fun and positive way, creating happiness, and appreciating each individual. We all have RL’s, and we all want to have fun in SL. A large time commitment is unnecessary. But if you have a positive outlook, some patience with scattered brains, think “grassroots” entrepreneurial endeavors are FUN, a team spirit and a few hours a month to contribute and share with our fun group, please join us! All ideas welcome. We are a moderate group.
  21. Arcadian Rapture Station is hiring! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stardew Valley/10/124/2557 Though we serve a wide range of clients, we are currently looking for more gay(or bi), male, human or furry staff to fill a variety of roles. https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 ARS is a large sim with a Mall, 10k FP Mesh/Texture Library, Clubs, Hotels, Galleries, Dungeons Theaters - and so much more! Over 80 locations made for HD VR filming! Currently the three main sections are a CyberDeco (cyberpunk art deco) space station, magical fantasy sky islands that descend to the sim floor, and the fantasy Japanese forest below. We are striving to provide everything possible in SL, in high definition and quality. Interested? Positions include: Store Position - Design Intern Store Position - Voice Actor Store Position - Virtual Actor (HD VR Adult Film) Store/Sim Position - Blogger Store/Sim Position - Photographer/Videographer - HD VR (Adult Content Included) Entertainment Position - DJ Entertainment Position - Escort / AFK Escort Entertainment Position - Performer Entertainment Position - Bartender Entertainment Position - Host Entertainment Position - Maintenance Staff (Escort Division) Sim Position - Security Sim Position - Marketing/Networking Agent Sim Position - Employment Manager Sim Position - Advertising Manager Sim Position - Customer Service Rep [Store, Rentals, Services, etc] -> Most payment is commission or tip based, though staff gets gifts, free products, and many perks. Apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/dacQ3xZqTE7WhDI33 These are just a few of the positions open with us - and we help other sims get staffed too! If you don't see what you want, send in an application anyways so we can get you something to do!
  22. Good evening. Hope everyone is doing well. I am looking to showcase artists and have 4 spaces open. The next time slot to start is this Saturday, August 24, 2018, and will run for two weeks. Creative talents can come in either print or sculpture form. To apply, please visit our art gallery and click on the feather/ink cup in the Guest Area to receive the notecard and details. This too so you can see the art gallery and setup. I am setting up an adult gallery at this time. Please apply using the same form and the gallery will open shortly. Namaste Taxi to Gallery ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlantis%20World/80/143/1751
  23. Opening Ceremony Date: 8th September Time: 1pm SL time All are welcome to this extraordinary event of glamour rl Royal Subjects and powered with fun for your sl experience. Formal Attire is required for this venue. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uhre Dragons Forge/115/130/3581
  24. I am pleased to inform you that our galleries are open to the public now in their new location above our jungle. You are welcome to to visit anytime. Exhibitions on now are French Gallery- The Master 'Monet' Ancient Pantheon Gallery- 'My Garden' Photography Gallery- 'Natural Beauty' & 'Lands of the Giants' NY Gallery-'A Royal Affair' Due to open in September All rl and sl artists may hire these galleries FREE for a month. Art talks will be scheduled soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Uhre Dragons Forge/115/130/3581
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