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Found 11 results

  1. This is for my Brixzynith Account not the Medeea Account. I don't know why it came up like it did.
  2. I am a premium member and have already got 1024 square meters of land which is free of tier costs. If I take advantage of the new offer of a home for premium members, will that add to my holdings by 1024 square meters and thus incur an additional monthly tier fee?
  3. SL Writes on its BLOG: We’ve heard many complaints from our Residents about duplicated event listings and spam. To combat this problem, we’re introducing a nominal fee which will help discourage spamming and encourage higher-quality events from committed event hosts. Basic members will be charged L$50 to create an event listing while Premium members will pay L$10. On the heels of this change, we will introduce the ability for Premium members to schedule recurring events. That will kill most clubs and activities. As a Club owner, we give live singers the ability to perform for audiences that would otherwise not be able. We advertise each performance on SL Events and no, we don't spam it. We set up 2 notices for each performer- at the time and halfway through the show for those who cannot make it at the start. I don't consider this spam or duplication. It is honest advertising. We already pay for listing the club and pay for the prims it takes to present a good face to the public. We have almost 40 entertainers each 2 week period. Charging for what used to be free but limited to 5 notices per 24 hours was hard to keep up but doable. But this fee that the Lindens now require will bankrupt us. Running a Club is a financially losing proposition. WE have to advertise! We pay all those "nominal" fees and the performer fees (or salary) and tips provided do not cover more than 15- 20% of our outlay. Now we have to add even more just to let people know someone is performing? Ridiculous!!! If the complaints are to be believed, then it the spam that comes in local and group chat and notices. NOT SL Events. SL Events is a public service for legitimate activities. It is a directory of activities to make SL enjoyable and make people want to participate. Adding fee on top of fee is going to kill off the small and financially shaky establishments like mine. It is not fair when I am trying to provide a service and outlet for singers. Drop the fee!!
  4. Hi there, I just recently came back to SL and have to accept this new Tilia terms of service. Upon reading it over, it says if your account is inactive for a period of 12 months, you will incur a monthly fee until the account is active again. While this bit of information was easy to find, I still have a basic question that is not readily available in FAQ nor easily found via search. What are the fees? How much will accounts be charged per month when deemed inactive?
  5. Premium membership is going up in price to $99 annual, and receives 1024 sqm. (It was $72 annual & 512 sqm.) ...And then of course, there's the 2nd generation Linden homes that are coming out... using the land fees calculator was starting to confuse me, especially when you throw in the "group-owned land" bonus... I currently have 1 premium acct with 5120 sqm mainland, which maxes out my tier at $22 a month. I don't have a linden home but might consider one, once the 2nd gen ones are available again, but anyways -- I digress... Which option would cost less USD $ overall: 1. 1 premium acct at $99 annual, with maxed out 5120 sqm at $22 monthly tier. (This is my current situation.) 2. 2 premium accts at $198 total annual, with the 5120 sqm split between the two (2560 sqm each) -- which falls under the $13 monthly tier each, and then throw in the group-owned land bonus on top. (Does this mean more sqm, more prims, or less tier?) 3. Say screw it -- get rid of the 5120 sqm, get 2 premium accts, and get two 2nd gen linden homes (1 for each acct). 4.Or some other inexpensive alternative that isn't covered in the above...?
  6. Ok, according to what I have read, when the transaction fee went up to 1.49 USD, land rental, private land anything land related was suppose to be less expensive but, I have seen land rental go up double. I have lost my business now because of the price gouging and I cannot afford land anymore. I get a certain amount of money to spend in sl each month, now I cant even rent a 4096 parcel, anything smaller will not fit my business. So here is my question...why has land doubled in price for renting when its suppose to be less in price?
  7. Hello, I have created a group for my private club and I am not getting the L$ credited after members join. In the Group Profile under "Land & L$" tab I can see the amount of L$ credited but how can I transfer it to my L$ balance? Thanks for any help
  8. If lindens gave us an option to pay double the premium price and get twice the value, wouldn't that be a nice twist for people. Just imagine having twice the groups, twice the allotted property, twice the amount of weekly lindens placed in your linden account. for me I'd be more than happy to pay twice that I am paying now per year, how about you?
  9. Hi there, quick question. So, I run a small little shop and it's on group owned land (I own the group) and I wish to set the land where the shop is to search. I understand that the fee for listing group owned land in search is split evenly among the group members, or at least that's what the info I found said. Is there a way to offset that? Perhaps some way to automate paying the group members the amount that would be their share of the search fee each week so they are not at a loss for being in the group or something of the like. I just don't want the avis in the group to have to pay for me listing my shop in search because doing that just ain't right ya know? It is set to a different group than the shop's update group so the ones in the land group are just myself and friends so they have full rights on the land but still, would rather them not be out any L$ due to my shop being listed in search. Anyone know a fix or workaround to that would work in this situation?
  10. Okay, so a really generic post title eh? The specifics are this: I'm a premium member on the 4096 tier and while I'm not at the max allowed, I'm pretty close. What I'm thinking of doing is buying a new piece of land in a different sim and selling the old land so that my tier fees will remain the same, right? However ... the Linden rules on Billing say: "The Land Use Fee is a monthly charge for the peak amount of land held during the previous 30 days, including actual parcels held and land tier donated to groups." So if that's true, no one can actually change their land or move, without paying essentially DOUBLE tier for that month. Taken literally, it means that even if I only own the double land for a minute or two, I'm still paying DOUBLE for the whole month? Is this true? It seems like a HUGE problem. It seems like it would contribute to low land sales. In fact, it seems COMPLETELY UNFAIR in every way for me to pay double tier just because I want to move. I'm having a hard time believing this is true or that it makes any sense. Any advice is welcome. Sylvia
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