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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone, Do any of you know of any active communities that do rentals, as well as have active community events? Me and my partner are looking for places like this to potentially look into housing, as well as events to attend. Preferably ones that hold events often, with an active community.
  2. Searching for some new friends and roleplaying partners! Hi! I'm kylie. I'm ideally seeking a guy (Can be a female irl having a male avatar) interested in an ongoing roleplay with family/town rp. Seeking someone that is fun, likes to update his avatar, and is a great partner in crime. I am also looking for more friends that rp, it's been lonely in SL for me hehe. I'm looking for a family to join that enjoys rp as much as I do! If this sounds like something you might be interested in then please reach out to me! Inworld: sesymuvs
  3. Hello! I am looking for some people to join my second life family! I’m looking for sisters, cousins, brothers, etc… I enjoy to RP with my Animesh Zooby baby and am looking for others that enjoy Zooby babies as well. Please reach out to me in world, my name is Afkgirl101
  4. iikay


    Hi I’m looking for a family I would love a mum or dad or both they must be online a lot as I am most days but they must understand I have a child in real so sometimes I won’t be online also any sisters or bothers would be lovely to just so you know I do lag a lot but always try to get online as fast as I can little bit about my self I’m 30 years from the uk I love shopping going to clubs hanging out my fav colours are pink black blue purple hope to hear from you soon Im iikay
  5. Hey there, I’m looking for parents and siblings. I’ve always wanted to be apart of a family but have had no idea where to even look. So if you know good places for adults to find families please let me know! A little about me, I’m 25 both in world and rl. I just recently moved to Fox Hollow. I enjoy role play (obviously), photography, Shopping (especially the events and sales) and exploring sims. Feel free to message me in world alexus0marie
  6. I am looking for some people who are looking to make the best out of their time inworld. If you think you would be interested in working in a roleplay family community, contact me as soon as possible to start the process. I am looking for transportation and waste workers who will drive buses, taxis, and etc. This role is fully roleplay so serious inquiries only. The job will take place in a community so this will also be a great way to interact with others and have fun while doing so. inworld: cvreless resident
  7. Im a SL single woman ( mid 30s) I dont date in SL. My family consists of a few siblings ( 2 of which are most active and may end up being the only ones ) We had a discussion recently about expanding our family because we honestly would love more positive people in our lives. We are a family of open minded and caring people. We are very chatty and friendly as well. We would want anybody to feel very welcomed. Sorry to say though there is no family home or any huge land anywhere.we just usually end upon a platform above my studio or in an empty sandbox. I have never had parents in SL before but am open to it. I don't have any children at all, but open to the idea currently of adopting an adult kid as long as they are younger than my RL age. Heres our pictures. If you want to know us more we can all chat via FB and see how things work out.
  8. We are a interracial family group who is opened to allow cuckolds to join. If you are interested please drop me a notecard in world to JudsonJ .. Or you can join the group at our landing zone. Our landmark is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy%20Islands/88/31/1391 Our group is: secondlife:///app/group/b659d660-ac4f-cefe-5cc0-47f4d01fdd42/about
  9. Admittedly, the title is VERY hyperbolic but I got your attention so you may as well keep reading! While, yes there are teens, I cannot be the only one that has noticed a significant decline in the amount of us, no? I digress, My family has been RP'ing together for a while and I would LOVE to start including more friends to the fold. My RP bf and I have a great little story line and I am wanting to expand beyond just us and my parents. He's in need of new parents, he's 16 and adorable! lol (his name is SpencerRhys) Anyway this is kinda like a call to all teens out there I guess, WHERE ARE YOU?! WANNA COME CHILL AT MY HOUSE? YOU GOT A POOL?! WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO?! Ok I'm done....not really but you're probably bored or have 5 other tabs open of far more interesting posts......kthanxbaiiiii Lacey Pooley
  10. Pajama-Rama Family FunDay For Childhood Cancer Awareness Sunday September 15th@ American Cancer Society campus 11am to 3pm slt Pajamas are the battle wear of Childhood Cancer Patients Slip on yours and come to Pajama-Rama for a day full of FUN! PJ HUNT sponsored by Sweet Tots Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs sponsored by T1Radio Games & Rides Information
  11. Hi anyone who reads this. My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam. I'm twenty-three I live on the east coast of the united states so that's three hours ahead of Second Life time. I'm here looking to become involved in family roleplay, Here's a little background on why I'd like to dive into that within second life; as I said I'm in my early twenties so a lot of people I know in real life are having children and settling down, etc. That being said, due to the fact I am a wheelchair user outside of second life it is a highly unlikely event that I will ever have children firstly because it would be taxing on my body physically but also because I myself require quite a bit of care. I love children, am a fantastic aunt, and am currently studying to obtain my Bachelor's degree in education; enter second life where my disability doesn't matter, and children and intimate relationships are possible because there is no wheelchair to scare men off. I would prefer someone in a similar timezone, unmarried outside of second life, ideally, they'd be late twenties to late thirties. I'm on every day so someone who can give me that time commitment as well would be nice but, people have lives I understand. If you're interested in getting to know each other further find me on the grid. I'm a big Harry Potter fan as well as a true crime fan. I'm also an avid knitter so I like to talk about crafts as well.
  12. Hi, i've in SL for 5 months and i'm interested in role playing. I've never RP before but i'm willing to learn! I wanna rp as a sister or a babysitter or a maid. I've always wanted to become a babysitter or a maid cause i like taking care of children and doing household chores, i used to be a baby sitter for a while back in high school. I'm 19 in rl, i can voice if required and i have a kemono avi. So yeah, IM if you wanna rp with me! =⌒▽⌒=)
  13. Hello...! My name is Amara or Amayan..I'm 15, and pretty shy... I'm into many things, such as the occult, magick, art and comics... In school, I'm not very good math or science so if my future family is any good in those subjects, maybe you could help me with my homework..? Heh.. I've always wanted a large family, mostly because I get lonely easily. So um...heh..I hope you can consider me..! OOC: Hiya! I go by either Iz or Amayan, I'm 20, still kinda introverted, but I absolutely love company. Makes 0 sense, right? I'm into geeky/nerdy things, I'm a digital artist.. and I'm a pretty serious roleplayer. I've had some sour experiences in the past, but I hope my pickyness doesn't seem rude... I don't want to be someone's trophy kid, I'm not into just existing in your "family". I want to actually roleplay. OOC is fine, but I'd love some structure. I'd kinda prefer living in a community, instead of just a private sim with no neighbors. Going to school is preferred, my character IS 15. My character is also androgynous and NB. She doesn't however care what you call her, neither do I care what you call me. This is just how we work. I do prefer a *true* family experience. Don't spoil me, discipline me if I act stupid. Meal times and outings are also neato. You don't have to tuck me in, unless that's just what kind of parent you are. I've seen parents tuck in their grown adult children irl. Just, be a parent, that's all I ask. You may reply here or message me in world.
  14. Palm Coast Preschool is now accepting enrollment for our free Preschool. We are accepting students ages 1-5 years old. Please spread the word, and lets create a space where all students can enjoy a learning environment! Enrollment Form: https://form.jotform.us/71935961461160 We are currently still hiring teachers, you do get paid 250L per class you teach. If interested please fill out the application: https://form.jotform.us/71936599761171 - Rebecca R. (layler moonwall)
  15. Palm Coast Preschool is looking for Hardworking and motivated Teachers for our new school. We are very flexible, you make your own days and times to hold class. This is a paid position as well! 250Ls per class that is taught! If interested please fill out the application: https://form.jotform.us/71936599761171 or contact Layler Moonwall for more information.
  16. Are you wanting to experience a family community unlike any other? Then look no further than Tribeca Falls! We're actively looking for more wonderful people to join our blossoming 8 sim community. - Active PD, FD, Hospital, K-12 School - Long Term RP Plotlines - RP Full Service Restaurant - 4 Sim Area State Park - Residental & Commercial Lots - Life2 Integrated & Friendly Currently we are looking for teachers for various subjects. We have plenty of eager students and offer flexible schedules. If you are interested, please send Syntech Cisse or I (oreo.kira) a message!
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