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  1. Oturum sonlanıp duruyor ne zamandır interrnetim iyi halbuki bir yardımcı olur musunuz
  2. This week we are transported back in time to Bellefleurs, an ornately detailed recreation of a High Renaissance English estate. Creator India Canning has been active in SL almost from its inception, hence her mastery of world building. It runs in the family, as India tells us that in 2006: “my sister and brother-in-law had been contracted to explore the possibilities of using SL to promote Hawai’ian tourism in a seven {region} project based on West Maui.” India loved building inworld so much that she also mentored other Residents. Eventually, she decided to take her creations to the next level: “I decided to combine my background as a professional historian and in architectural design and art into storytelling, and conjured Bellefleurs as an evolving platform, and an open home to the community.” This region encapsulates the many possibilities of creating in the virtual world. Part duchy, part museum, with an educational angle and a romantic fountain. It's whatever you want it to be. This massive property is a wonderful place to get lost in, with so much potential for storytelling in the walls of art and attention to detail in the countless rooms. There is a level of interactivity for those curious about the region’s narrative. India says “Bellefleurs, rooted in the English history I knew, illustrates the life of a mysterious independent Duchy, yet preserves a lived-in home spanning centuries. It seeks to provoke thoughts about loss, mortality, as well as love and the essentials of life experience. There is an incomplete, written history, and a huge store of clues and evidence about the background of the elusive Canning and von Baerwald families…” For those who would like to know more, join the official group for more information. Not to mention the weekly Salon music series, fencing, opera, dancing, and more! Visit Bellefleurs today for an immersive cultural experience. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Bellefleurs The spectacular Bellefleurs has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum since the 1590s. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it offers an incredible treasure of artwork and a full historic background of this authentic, highly detailed experience, as well as an active Salon Music series, opera, dances, En Garde, and other daily events. Visit in Second Life
  3. i can speak english in intermediate-advanced level. and i want to improve my english. who wants to help me in sl? u can add me as ur friend. my account is istanblue83 . thank u very much for spending ur precious time by reading. take care urself.
  4. If you like femdom, you are a man with a nice avatar and you have enough free time, then this vacancy is for you. Your responsibilities: talk to the Mistresses in a voice Talk to guests who are visiting the location for the first time Who is interested in this offer, please write to the PM in the game
  5. I teach English classes from Beginner - Intermediary, one-on-one or group classes! Username: vagvagabond. Leave me a notecard in world if you're interested to discuss wage, and schedule.
  6. hi i have been struggling with the same problem since i came to SL. I have lost too many Shapes and I have already tried and used all the few solutions I have found on this specific one. I have tried clearing the cache and all the basics but it has gotten worse. I can not put my shape, much less modify it and now apparently I stay forever like a cloud. Does anyone know how I can get my shape back? I really don't know what to do
  7. For the last week I have been trying to put up my KittyCatS! on the market place for sale. I have some on there already. But these are done exactly as the others, but when i go to activate it i get and error that i need to type using English. I am typing in English i have tried so many different ways to get them to list with no luck. Anyone else having this issue?
  8. Hello everyone, I created my SL a few years ago, but the thing is, as soon as I created it, I left it. Now I would like to come back and in order to do so I want my avatar to look good, the problem is that I don't have any Linden and I don't want to spend my real money. So I'm looking for a job, I'm open to any offers (except escort). I'm basically a newbie, but I'm willing to learn. I'm a woman, I have a flexible schedule, I can speak English and Spanish, and I can customize my avatar the way you want it to look (but you'll have to provide the shape and skin). Also, I'm a writer in RL, so if you know how this can be used in SL, please tell me, I would really appreciate it. Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions about me. Any tips you could offer are welcomed.
  9. Go to the Learn It Town sim and see all the great ways to teach in Second Life. Lowri Mills has been teaching English and designing educational sims since 2007. So check it. She has opened it to the public. It is a rated G sim. The entire sim is dedicated to education.
  10. Learn It Town English City Open 24/7 has opened it's sim 24/7 to students who want to practice speaking English. We ask that you do not interrupt our ongoing classes. But if you need to move your class to Learn It Town, just email laura@learnittown.com. We have English music playing at the dance area, and many learning opportunities. As many of us are quarantined, we welcome you to our sim. Laura Jeffcoat / Lowri Mills.
  11. Siirio Blinker live on Stage on April, 28th, 11am @ Aladin Music Hall, come and join us and listen to her wonderful voice and great Songs, we are a german club but everyone speaks english. Open 11am to 3pm everyday with Live DJs and DJanes. if you interested to see whats going on and info of Live performers @ the club join our group: secondlife:///app/group/81452ac1-d15a-0e58-a31e-34b8cb2bce0c/about The Team of Aldin Music Hall
  12. Realizei algumas buscas que mostraram resultados antigos de lands de cursos de idiomas e gostaria de saber se existem lands atuais que eu tenha a possibilidade de praticar com falantes nativos da língua .
  13. Good morning to everybody. How are you? I am new to the wonderful world of Second Life. I'm looking for a job, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Speak Spanish. I do Roleplay. Work done outside SL: Manager in clothing store Manager in Restaurant Host in disco Host in bar I would be interested in receiving information about the works, given that it would be the first. My availability is 15 hours per day. Thank you!
  14. Hiya, I am Sheeva and I am looking for some new people to RP with. Mostly I am interested in non-sexual RP but if it fits in, it fits ;-). Due to my Avi being a furry, I am looking for other furries (maybe other hyenas just like me and my mate) to have fun in SL. I am also searching for longtime-RP and (and THAT would be great) german folks, cause my english is sometimes not THAT fluid^^. So if you are interested just hit me up with your expectations and stuff 😉
  15. en busca de un trabajo Hola, estoy buscando un trabajo con horarios flexibles, con pagos fijos, hablo español e inglés (también un poco de italiano). cualquier posición (modelo, anfitrión, bailarín, recepción, etc.) Tengo un avi muy estético y de malla.
  16. Dragonfly Lake is a private island sim inspired by the English Countryside, decorated with community in mind with features such as a art gallery, beach and cafe as well as a event area set in old ruins (see event board for more info on whats going on this week). We are proud to offer high quality scenic skyboxes and houses. All skyboxes are full sim sized with quarter sim island including water to build on, with more than 1000 prims to play with at a very affordable price. We also rent houses in different scenes: on the land itself, in the woods or on farmland. Unlike other estates, we are flexible and love to help you out changing the skybox textures, or prim limits according to your wishes. We are not anonymous, and very reachable in person (no robots). The rental office is on sim so why not pay us a visit to hangout and check out our rentals! We will be glad to answer any question. You can find us here on the sim, and at https://www.dragonflylakes.com This event area can also be rented for your own events after first notifying staff: Dragonfly Lake Ruins We hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy it as much as we do !
  17. My grandmother died today and to remember her I have decided to get my first tattoo(in real life). However I do not want to be one of those people who gets a tattoo with a spelling mistake or a grammar mistake. I need an ACTUAL English Teacher to tell me if I need like a comma or if something is misspelled or something. It's going to be a dragonfly (her favorite). And underneath it I want this phrase (or something like it): "You are not who you are in your final moments but who you have always been." It feels slightly awkward (the wording) and I'm not sure if there should be a comma or what. So any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Hello everyone, my name is Sheeva and as the title says I am looking for a job as a dancer or host since I briefly came back to SL and my old workplace isn't open anymore. I used to work in an gothic-club as a host and would love to do this again for a "living", also I would really love to try a dancingcarreer. Due to my slightly alternative looks in SL, I would prefer to work in an gothic/industrial/underground or BDSM-Club, even Furry-Clubs are possible. The ideal worktimes for me would be morning- and afternoon-shifts (SL-Time) cause I live in germany. So also german club can text me if they are hiring. If you are intrested and want to know more about me, feel free to message me. Until then, stay dark ;-)
  19. Hello everyone, My name is Zelda and I'm a 25 frenchwoman. I had a long break from SL and ... to be honest with you, I lost all my bearings. Although my english is a bit rusty, I'm able to work and discuss in english. I worked for several months as a dancer. I'm looking for a job in this genre. I am curious, attentive and I love to learn new things. I am ready to do any job, as long as there is an artistic sense. Apart from that, I am an Illustrator on my account in real life. Merci à vous, Zelda.
  20. hello all, the Mama's Pub is looking for a manager, preference US time zone, english speaking, maybe another language too (spanish, french, portugese etc) This venue is recognized by all as a wonderful venue, and many live performers would like to jump in the calendar, but! I must sleep (europe time zone here) the first point is to love music as we do, and to be friendly! Voice is required (to be able to communicate between the staff) Its an adult sim, but no nudity in the pub ! Its a pub, not a club, international place, we welcome performers fromm all the world, US, Netherlands, Peru, Venezuela, Suth Africa, France, Great Britai, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, etc etc feel free to visit first, and check my profile, or the profile or the funder Not4U resident, do discoverour calendar and events feel free to contact me or Not4U in world, IM + note card
  21. Hello, everyone! I'm looking for people who are interested in learning English. My level is about intermediate. I hope we can find a lot of activities here to make our English better.
  22. Greetings, My name is Kenneth Green (Second Life Name is Aries Wingate), and my wife and I have started a Micronational experiment in Second Life. What is a Micronation? A Micronation is where people come together to take part in building their own country so to speak. We have purchased a full region for our kingdom's first city, and we have plenty of housing available for people. Do you maybe follow the modern day Brittish Monarchy or other monarchies of the world and always wanted to be a Count or Duke or some different sort of noble. Well this RP is for you, We are a group working together to A.) Bring about super fun role play opportunities and B.) Be a support / Family for each other. The Homes in our first city (Genisis City) are for rent weekly with proceeds going to help develop our micronation. Each home that is rented will come with a patence of nobility making you a bonafide noble in our country. Example patences can be found here. In our second city which should be set up today, we will have mostly free housing. Yes, you read that right, Free Housing! You will still be able to take part in our kingdom you just won't have nobility rank or higher. We have the following types of positions open in our role play. 1.) Prince or Princess (we are looking to adopt adolescent or younger children for our family, these persons will get to stay in our vast palace) 2.) Duke/Duchess - You will be the Duke or Duchess of Genisis County, and as long as your taxes are paid (rent on your home) you and your partner retain these titles, and any of your children are automatically Lord's and Ladies. 3.) Viscount/Viscountess - You would be the assistant estate manager for our capital, Genisis City, and your partner is qualified for this title as well. 4.) Lord/Ladies - Maybe you don't have a lot of Linden to invest in big homes, renting a small home grants you this title. 5.) Police Chief - Were looking for a police Chief, this job carries with it a free loft! 6.) Crown Court Justice - We need a judge, this post comes with a free loft! 7.) Military Officers - This is more an RP opportunity, you can stay in our second city free or rent a small place in our primary citizen and be a lord/lady as well. Now Hiring We are hiring Real Estate agents to show homes in our capital city and our other properties. Make a high commission based income by showing your friends and contacts our properties. Contact Aries Wingate for an interview! Some Views Around Genisis City
  23. Several items in my store have the wrong names in German. For example https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KROVA-Witchfinder-Hat-Brown/8330506?page=1 When the marketplace is switched to German, it's labelled as [KROVA] Witchfinder Jerkin Black, a completely different item and the wrong color. How can I fix this?
  24. The world of sl is hard for us brits being out of time with most sims and end up being in empty roleplays and limiting the roles. I am open to all i have a avatar and L$ to make most things work if the right roleplay comes along i can commit time and can make sl come to life for you. I have a warped sense of humour and a heart of gold. Last thing i can do skype or otherthings if needed
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