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  1. Hello and welcome to Second Life! I'm Sylvannas Zulaman and I'll be your job advisor for today! Before we start keep in mind that, in order to get a job or even start your own business, you need to know at least the basics of Second Life like the user interface, the general features, how to attach an object, how to sit, what are parcels/regions, etc. If you are brand new, there are people in world willing to teach you, specially on the newcomer HUBs. You also might come across nice people in other places that'll help out of their good heart, so just look into it! Finding a job in SL is pretty much like finding one IRL, you need to know what you are doing, so not only your knowledge of the platform you're going to work at is important, but the other skills and talents you have that can be applied here as well. It doesn't mean that you can't start right away without knowing anything special but it'll slow down your progress considerably so the important thing is start learning! Try going to YouTube for tutorials, ask here in the forums or even consult places in world that are oriented towards educational content like building, scripting and photography classes. Warning: Some people offer paid classes, like in real life, some are reliable, most are not. Always ask for references, consult their name with other residents and anywhere you can to be sure that the service offered is indeed worth paying for. Investing in your education is a good way to start as long as you do it carefully. If you're looking for a job you need money to either spend in SL or even to cash out to increase your RL income. Keep in mind that this is your reason to be after a position, but it's not why someone should hire you. Don't start your interviews by telling possible employers that you need money for shopping. Everyone knows that, the big majority of SL has shopping as a hobby, that's not a useful information. What they want to know is what can you do to help them increase their own earning or even help out with the work they do. There are some important qualities one need in order to get along well with their boss and do a decent job with what they are given. Traits that an employer will possibly look for: Availability If you are capable of giving them as much as your time as they need. SL has quite the erratic population, it's not unusual for people to disappear for days so they need to know they can count on you. Empathy Even if you'll work as an assistant and will have no contact with customers, you still should have a good relationship with your boss. Try to avoid personal conversations UNLESS you both are on the same page about how much you trust each other. Honesty No one likes a liar, be as honest as you possibly can, but be wise on the choice of words. If you are working with a professional (someone who takes their SL business as seriously as they would IRL) they will be mature enough to hear constructive feedback, even if there are some negative points to be exposed. Don't pretend everything is going well when it's not, be true to your job and to the person paying you. Reliability If you were hired now don't quit after a week. If you didn't get along with your boss from start, let them know that while you are grateful to them for the chance, you want to look at other opportunities and let them have some time to find a replacement in case your position is important like a CSR or a Manager. There are a few "Job Agencies" in world that consist in advertising panels with some information and landmarks, generally those places are filled with adult club positions like escorts and dancers, as well as offers to DJs and hosts. I'll talk about those jobs a bit further! For now... In case you rather be your own boss, your best option is to be a Content Creator, but for this you'll need that set of skills I mentioned previously and also investment money. Creating a content is free but in order to bring your 3D model, texture and pose to the simulator you'll need to pay the upload fee that is usually 10L, unless it's a mesh object. Starting your own business will require you to charge your account with Linden Dollars, currency used in-world. If you are completely UNABLE to buy lindens, your best option will be working as a host/hostess since some places are friendly to system avatars (considering you never purchased any mesh parts). If you had a friend that helped you out by buying you mesh, you'll have more options to apply for a job, not only as a host/hostess but also as an escort or dances at an adult club. If you are lucky enough, someone might trust you and your work enough to invest in your business by paying for your upload fees in exchange for a share of your profits. That's really quite rare to see since giving people money is highly dangerous, specially in a virtual ambient. I tried to list bellow the kind of investment every paying job I know require: Entertainment related jobs/Modeling Mesh body and hands/feet (at least). Quite a lot of places demand your avatar to look updated in order to put out a good image to their business. A approximate sum would be around 10000L for a full mesh body and one set of clothing depending on your brand choice. For adult clubs, they might request you to rent an ad-board with them, prices vary, some are 50L/week, some are 250L/week. Depending on the club if you do extra hours your board is free. Upload fee for possible picture selling in adult clubs: 10L. For DJs, you usually need to rent a stream service that'll you use at clubs for your sets. Prices change depending on the quality and the amount of listeners you need. Club owners will need to rent a place and either buy a building or pay someone to build the club as well for tip jars (there are several options available). Some places have a check-in system, some have a object that handle the stream, both have costs as well. I'd say to start a reasonably small club you'd need around 15000L. Mesh creation Mesh upload fee, depends on the mesh. Texture upload fee: 10L per texture. If you want your product to look top notch, you'll want to upload at least 3 textures for each face (diffuse, normal and speculars) as well for the vendor images. Avastar: 10000L for rigging in Blender. Rental fee for in-world store. Dev kits (not sure if there is any store that charges for a dev kit, but adding it just in case). Poses/Animations Upload fee: 10L for every pose and every image for the vendors. Avastar: 10000L if you want to make poses in Blender. Rental fee for in-world store. Scripting Upload fee for vendor image: 10L. Rental fee for in-world store. Photography Rental fee for in-world studio (if needed). Upload fee for photos: 10L Decoration: Furniture/housing stock, I won't give a price on this because decoration is all about how much prims you can place on a land and how many land impact every one of your items has. You might be a good decorator that has one style only so you won't need a LOT of stuff, for example, if you're specialized in creating farm scenery. But lacking variety might not work for long so, decoration is a constant investment of a LOT of lindens Real Estate You might as well start small, renting a parcel that's big enough to set up a few skyboxes and rent them, prices change depending on the type of land (mainland/homestead/full prim) and how many prims that parcel has available. If you rather go for a region, you can find the updated prices of lands here: https://secondlife.com/land/privatepricing.php Breedables I was not certain if I should including the handling of breedables as a job but I do know that a few make quite some money out of collectibles and special editions so this is here. I won't get deep into breedables because I honestly think this is kind of erratic, specially if you're starting now and don't have a lot of money to invest, but just for the record some breedable specials can be sold for 20000L, so imagine buying a couple of them to sell their babies... I might have left a few professions out of the list but those are the ones I remember at the moment, I might come and update this list on a later moment. Now we'll get to the main course, how do you start working in SL? You are now fully aware of the costs of investing in a business or a career, let's talk about skills! Even the most "simple" of the job positions in SL require a certain level of knowledge. I'm not an expert but I've done a bit of everything so I'll do my best to list the main activities each one of the job types I posted previously have! Entertainment related jobs/Modeling Host/Hostess You'll need people skill, clubs usually require you to greed patrons, keeping the local chat alive and fun and also attending to any issues that might be reported to you by one of them. It's common to hosts to post group notices about events that are starting/happening, so you'll need to know how to use the group window to create your notice and attach the landmark. Some places ask you to also post events on the SL website dashboard. Escorts and Dancers Both jobs require a stunning looking avatar (or even a special one made for a specific fetish), good writing/voicing and charm. You need to be capable of making a person interested without annoying them and scaring them away. Some places require you to emote constantly, some only if you get a tip. Basically good imagination and a mind full of sinful thoughts is the ideal if you want to get into this kind of job. Modeling For fashion shows you'll need a very specific type of shape that's extremely tall and slender. There is usually a course you'll have to walk on the runaway and a series of tasks to do during the show. Blogging Blogging is not exactly entertainment related but it's not exactly like runaway modeling. You will need a decent looking avatar and a few outfits to start, you take your picture and post the details of what you're wearing with landmarks or links for people to go check them. DJs People skills is a must, when you get on voice people expect you to be fun, nice and outgoing. Being able to play requests is also good, it's really disappointing when a DJ doesn't get any song request. Some DJs just pick songs and play them, which I don't consider a bad thing, I do believe that if a person is capable of making a set of musics that entertain me for a couple hours, they definitely deserve my tips, but DJs that do their own mixing like to belittle those who don't, so mixing is a bonus skill (in my opinion). Knowing your software is fundamental if you want to fix any issues that might occur during your set. Mesh creation 3D modeling skills with any software. Rigging skills in case you make clothes. Texturing skills (even if with a software rendered texture) Knowing the mesh upload window and it's features. Poses/Animations Knowledge on how to make a pose or an animation. Before uploading you need to know how to test them in word. In case you want to be an Animation Override (AO) creator, you'll also need someone to either make you a HUD or do it yourself with scritps and textures Scripting Basically you need to know LSL Photography I seen several different levels of photography around SL so I'd say that you just need to go and do it. A PC capable of rendering a decent graphic is a plus, but anyone with creativity can make a reasonable photo. Decoration: I'd say that creativity and good taste are a place to start but you might as well get inspiration from photos and videos from all over the internet or even other places in-world. Aligning your furniture/buildings correctly is a highly appreciated but underrated skill for decoration. Real Estate You'll need to know everything about lands, how to change textures, how to create parcels, how to set up a stream, how to eject and ban, etc. Then you need to know the system you're working with, how to set up the rental boxes, deciding your fee and how many prims you'll offer and if you'll allow skyboxes, all these extra details. Common sense, being able to deal with any issue that might occur about your rentals without going crazy and just banning people just because you don't like them, as much as this is a private land, you're offering a service they (probably) paid for, if you get in a conflict with a resident, it might be bad for your business. Breedables As I said before, to work well with breedables you need to know about them, what are the available types, the usual prices for collectibles, the costs of maintaining them, the best places to auction them and a few more things that I can't remember right now. Management For any kind of venue, to be a manager you need to be really organized to keep track of customers requests, issues, staff schedule, events and all sorts of responsibilities this kind of job requires. You'll hardly be hired if you have nothing to offer but some people might be lucky enough or just friends with someone willing to hire them. If that's the case, even if you know nothing when you start, go and learn as much as you can from other managers or even searching the web, Google is your best friend! It is quite fun to have the "conclusion" after the "getting started", but I'm here for the past couple hours so my brain stopped working a while ago. I do hope this thread help you, either you're are a newbie or not, to figure out how to make your income in SL! I will possibly come back here and add more information based on any feedback, I just didn't place any kind of SLURL or named places because I imagine this would be against TOS even if it's a guide. The information provided are all based on my own experience with SL and they are not absolute truths or are even fully complete. My intention is mostly to give anyone that's looking for an occupation in SL to have some idea on what they might deal with. Any input and additional knowledge will be greatly appreciated!
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