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Found 13 results

  1. event: PREPPER NIGHT program: 12:30 pm JEZABEL dj - 1:30 pm CONCETTA dj - 2:30 pm DARK dj when: 8 MAY 2022 where: The Colony Airheaven http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dellamore Cove/156/12/3706 musical genre: gothic, electronic, industrial, ebm Are you terrified that the world could sink into nuclear conflict? Does the news about it not let you sleep? Then dance on it with us!!! Every Sunday evening at the Colony there will be 'the Prepper Night, the dance for the survival post atomic, is welcome gas mask and clothing Post Apocalyptic The staff of the Colony thanks
  2. Hi guys. Okay, some shameless-self promotion here and perhaps a bit of cheek and sugar-coating by referring to myself as emergent, but it is what it is *smirks*. Honestly, I'm quite humble, and this is just my attempt at grabbing your attention and putting myself out there. Here goes... So, do you like chill electronic music? I'll be DJ'ing at various open-stage venues and occasional impromptu events in Second Life, and I hereby invite you to 'Follow me' for your listening pleasure. Who am I? I'm David Venter; an Independent Artist, DJ, and Electronic Music Producer from South Africa. You may find me on Audius, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, MixCloud, and various other platforms where I have, so far, released a five track EP, a single, and a couple of mix-sets. You may view some of my previous releases here. If you're interested in following me along my musical journey in Second Life, you may do so through one, or all, of the following ways: 1. Join my Group: - where I will be posting notices of when and where I will be going live: 2. Follow me on Twitter: - (Warning: I tweet a lot of crap and I have a no-filter potty mouth). 3. Can't make it to my sets? Tune in through my website during publicized time-slots. Please note: Due to some personal challenges and the nature of my lifestyle; I am unable to commit to residencies at any venue with strict and frequently scheduled time-slots. Instead, you'll find me performing at open-stage impromptu gatherings and laid-back venues where I am able to broadcast when I can. Please do not contact me with offers to work at your club on a scheduled basis, that's not something I can commit to at this time. Should that change in the future, I'll update this post accordingly.
  3. ɮɨռǟʀʏ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ƈʟʊɮ - ɮքʍ ɨֆ ʏօʊʀ օӼʏɢɛռ!! Binary Trance Club is a brand new, 3-dimensional nightclub rave experience in sound, sight, & feeling. We are seeking high quality international trance djs and talented hosts! DJ Application - Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1lDwQfV1pVaStGqUX22fRJTvLePTahkrSeD9rhwsLRoE/viewform?edit_requested=true Host Application - Link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zEV90iXVYFk8gGDSqdGgT0Z2K6EiVCzCCPOgaXyUZsY/viewform?edit_requested=true Live•https://streams.sohogroup.ca/radio/8070/radio.mp3?1620714122 Limo•http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prized%20Possession/210/203/2002 օռʟʏ ȶɦɛ ɮɛֆȶ ɨռ ֆɛƈօռɖ ʟɨʄɛ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ʍʊֆɨƈ!!
  4. Dear friends & visitors, The Turing Galaxy, a sideline project of the World Culture Hub, is proud to announce its first event: On Saturday, Nov 14th, starting at 12:00 SL time / 21:00 CET we welcome three experienced electronic musicians in the beautiful setting of our landscape garden to our Ambient Music Night. Take your seats along the beaches and enjoy the otherwordly sounds of Psiquence 12:00 SL / 21:00 CET Hayden S. Nyland 13:00 SL / 22:00 CET Torben Asp 13:30 SL / 22:30 CET The live performances will be followed by an aftershow party with DJ Diamonique at 15:00 SL / 00:00 CET Here's your landing point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/World%20of%20Family/188/91/21 Looking forward to your visit Hayden WCH Curator
  5. ╔══✩ < Hydra ~ Sexy Saturday > ╫◈ ահo : < Djane Batista > ╫◈ ահen : < 12/2pm > ╫◈ ահat : < Fantasy & Vocal Trance > ╚═══════════════════ ✩ ♫ ♪ ✩ ♥ ONLY THE HOTIEST ♥ fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clubhydrasl/ Flckr: https://flic.kr/p/2hxMaMR Web: http://clubhydra.net/ Taxi : https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Troietta/224/166/27
  6. Introducing: BnWC - Black n White Cube - Electronic Music & Dance Club Dj Billy Grayson will be playing nice Trance tunes and some House music. Date: Monday 13th April Time: 8-10pm SLT Come and enjoy the beats: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hallasan/149/253/3751 🚕 🚕
  7. ✩ < Hydra ~ BACK TO SCHOOL Party DJS LINEUP> ✩ ╫◈ DJ Julia - 10 am ╫◈ DJ Conor - 12 pm ╫◈ DJ MisS Fredy - 2 pm ╫◈ DJ Andry - 4 pm ╚═══════════════════ ✩ ♫ ♪ ✩ DRESS TO IMPRESS or COME AS YOU ARE https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Troietta/224/166/27 Flckr: https://flic.kr/p/2hxMaMR fb: https://www.facebook.com/groups/clubhydrasl/ Web: http://clubhydra.net
  8. ═══✩ < HyDrA > 5th Anniversary PARTY ✩═══ Saturday 23rd November - 8am --> 8pm DJ Lineup DRESS CODE : "Kinky in White" ═══✩ Remove your inhibitions ✩═══ ~Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Troietta/187/153/266 ~Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2927001@N20/ ~Web: http://clubhydra.net
  9. clυв ѕoнo - ѕecond lιғe'ѕ ғιneѕт мυѕιc clυв ---------------------------- Opening Party Saturday 13th Start at 12pm TAXI : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Tides/50/45/21 ---------------------------- TOGETHER AGAIN !! Come along, join us to have a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME
  10. Hello. I'm a RL Electronic Music Producer from South Africa looking to get into the DJ scene in Second Life. The gear, software and music library I'm using is licensed for public performance (I don't stream illegally ripped youtube videos or torrented mp3's like the majority of the other DJ's I come across on here) I speak on mic (although I'm more of a club DJ than a radio DJ so I don't talk a lot: just the occasional interaction with the crowd, sometimes greeting people, thanking patrons for tips, etc.) I do live-mixing, on the fly in a variety of Electronic Music Genres: Dance, Deep House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, EDM, Electronica, House, Progressive House, Techno, Trance, Trap, Hardstyle. I do my best to smoothly mix one track into another rather than simply fading it and talking over it to distract from the fade. I generally stick to my own playlist but I'm open to taking and live-mixing requests into my sets, provided that the request matches the current genre of music I'm streaming (I'm not going to jump from Progressive House to Pop, country or Metal, for example.) I'm looking for places with Wildcard DJ access where I'm able to start up a set at any time if there isn't already a DJ present. I'm also looking for scheduled time-slots at clubs with decent crowds as I don't have my own following on here yet. I'd prefer to work at a flat-rate fee per set + tips but will settle for tips only if the crowd is large and generous enough. Due to my avatar's appearance I'm mainly suited to work at clubs and venues situated in Adult, or adult-friendly Moderate locations. I'm also available for private events. If you're interested in meeting with me to hear what I have to offer, or if you're interested in hiring me, please get in touch through my website at: https://davidventer.net/contact or join the "DAVIDVENTER.NET" Group in-world and keep an eye out for live-set notices.
  11. ✯clυв ѕoнo - ѕecond lιғe'ѕ ғιneѕт мυѕιc clυв✯♫Tιмe: 2-4PM♪DJ: Batista ♫Sтyle: Vocal Trance ♪Hoѕт: JessFB•https://www.facebook.com/groups/230944613757182/ Live•http://www.clublifesl.com/soho/club-soho-stream/ Pics•https://www.flickr.com/photos/148974335@N03/ Info•www.clublifesl.com/soho/ Twitter @ClubSOHOSL cƖυв & ѕнσρριηg ɗιѕтяιcт:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/151/137/22
  12. [CLUB SOHO] Club Soho Founded in 2014 is looking for talented and interactive DJs - Hosts & Managers to be a part of our Team. Tipjar 100% - Managers paid position (Training Provided). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SoHo has been taking bold strides into the Electronic Dance Music Clubbing Scene of Second Life to become known as one of the most reputably fun and interactive, friendly, unique and popular venues on the Grid. Our genres of house & resident djs mix up all forms of Electronic Music such as House, Techno, Trance, Psy, Dubstep, Trap, Electro, Remixes, Dance and Freestyle Forms etc. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------↘ Visit Us HERE : maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Gold/151/137/22↘ Below are the links to the application forms : ◉ DJS Application : http://bit.ly/2iEDu24 ◉ HOSTS Application : http://bit.ly/2f4zxPU ◉ MANAGERS Application : http://bit.ly/2l6D2KL We hope to hear from you Soon CLUB SOHO - Management Team
  13. Feeling little bored .... need some Music ....Join me .... ✯clυв ѕoнo - ѕecond lιғe'ѕ ғιneѕт мυѕιc clυв✯ ♫ Tιмe: 2/4 pm slt ♪ DJANE BATISTA ♫ Sтyle: House Music (Chill & Deep House) ♪ Hoѕт: TBA let's have some great time JOIN HERE : https://www.facebook.com/groups/ClubSoHoSL/ LISTEN HERE : http://krominancia.org:4330 LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/151/137/22
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