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Found 6 results

  1. While Mavericks MC has a top-level Blade Runner track that pays homage to the movie(s), The Blade Runner Sim by Hera (Zee9) is a total win for visitors. It is as dystopian as the original 1982 movie, as enticing and playful a romantic place as you'll find inworld (the sim is Adult rated). I hope everyone who don't mind a little "A" rating go ahead and give this remarkable jewel a look. Totally worth it - while it lasts! Sim Tip: The Blade Runner Sim (Adult) (mein-zweites-leben.blogspot.com) Directions: You'll land in a skybox, use the TP down, land in a subway, and walk up the stairs into the dystopian Blade Runner World. TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cloud Lake/124/132/46 While you're at it, give Mavericks MC a ride: a time travel sim from the age of dinosaurs up to Blade Runner "More Human than Human." 16 Levels of tracks, 2 speed tracks (we don't count the GoKart track), and an authentic Biker Bar to just hang out and voice. TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruffneck Falls/196/86/24 You will need a KCP redirect in your bike to go from level 12 to the Blade Runner track (or simply use the no touch teleport w/o your bike & re-rez). Enjoy!
  2. Doesn't it sound like the name of a product/service in a dystopian sci-fi movie or novel?
  3. This week we are transported to the surreal landscape of Alpha Tribe Tomorrow. Creator Alpha Auer made Tomorrow a very large and immersive exhibit with a premise that is open to interpretation. If you think the attention to detail looks like that of an experienced professional, you are correct! Alpha is known as Elif Ayiter IRL and works as a designer and educator in Turkey. She has co-authored the LPDT2/3 series of {region} wide installations based on Roy Ascott's concept of distributed authorship and La Plissure du Texte. These works were featured in international art exhibitions such as ISEA2011 and the 2010 multimedia festival at Incheon, Korea’s Tomorrow City. The Tomorrow installation at Alpha Tribe has a surreal environment, with a unifying theme that Alpha describes as “an entropic world in which nothing is expected to ever change.” This appears to defy time, which is also a prominent element here: Alpha tells us “The landing point is 'Yesterday,' where all sorts of people are frolicking in an old garden. As for the narrow valley ahead of you, that is 'Today,' where the two hapless boys have just found a mysterious smartphone…” Tomorrow is a mesmerizing blend of grey dystopia and childlike whimsy. The static characters include literal fat cats, humanoid sculptures, pigs, and even what Alpha describes as “The trickster god Kokopelli and his merry tribesmen... embodying the essence of 'Tomorrow’: blind belief. The notion of surveillance society is implied by watchtowers and drones, with Alpha saying “The {region} is an allegory. I am actually telling a pretty serious story, but I wanted to tell it in a humorous way, not get all miserable and dark about it.” The cartoonish tone is on purpose. Alpha says there is “a retro element to the figures, which is quite intentional since I love that mid-20th century period in design.” For those curious about Alpha’s technique, she says “I made the mesh in Zbrush Core, and then took it to Blender for the final output. I spent most of my time with the textures which I made in Photoshop and then applied in Zbrush.” There are too many details in this creation to mention, so we suggest just hopping over to Alpha Tribe Tomorrow to see for yourself. After your visit, don’t forget to check out Alpha’s store. It’s like a trip to the gift shop after a day at the museum. Video Production Credits: Draxtor Despres Alpha Tribe Tomorrow An allegorical world and its inhabitants: A tribe of fat cats, robotic administrators, poker-playing cats, philosopher cats, teddy bears having a picnic, flute players, and many others which are placed as the protagonists of a progression that starts from the region entrance and unfolds as you move into the ground level that is an archipelago of many islands upon which these characters are placed. Visit in Second Life
  4. Has life been making you feel a little edgy? Explore your feelings with Russell Eponym in a concert that is 'On the Edge' on Sunday at 1:00 pm! Enjoy this talented artist and experience music and musings of tension and discord to suit your dystopian mood. Folk baroque, blues and beyond, Russell performs 100% live and unplugged on acoustic guitar, with a dash of harp and spoken word. Bring on your Goth if you dare and enjoy being on the edge. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CUH Alliance/175/58/1976
  5. Hey everyone! Scene: My RP is set a few decades from now or in an alternative universe and is cyberpunk / dystopian themed. I stay in character at all times when I’m there. Back story: I’m a young woman who got in with the wrong crowd and got into trouble. I found a way out and am running with another group who are a giving me a lot of support. The government also ‘helped’ by giving me a place to live. It’s an old abandoned plot of land where an old house used to be. They dropped a pretty standard habitation pod onto it (messed the fence up though...) and then left me to it. My new group of friends come by sometimes to hangout and use my place and sometimes take me on adventures to amazing places. The habitation pod is warm and that’s all that can be said about it really. Government repair bots are always there fixing it though. I’ve got a dark secret that I’m trying to keep from my new friends though. They will find out soon and probably abandon me. Visitors: Anyone can drop by without invite and please do! It can be a bit lonely when I am there. Add me as a friend and come hangout. My username is KforCat Kym https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spinolds Flat/16/176
  6. Eden City >> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paradise Gap/214/209/41 Dystopian Roleplay Community - 2017 Free rentals and living space for dedicated players. Looking for groups, buisness owners, and community leaders for Military Factions, Rebel Factions, and City Security. The world didn't end, it reset. When the nations were not longer so 'united', the bombs flew, and the resulting chemicals in the atmosphere caused the majority of the world's water to become toxic and acidic. The world's ice melted and the storms came. Tsunamis and earthquakes forced mankind to it's knees as cities fell and coastlines melted away. What few nations survived were mostly landlocked, and quickly running out of water. Only through the uneffected satallites orbiting the planet was any sort of communication maintained, and thus as nature quieted, the rebuilding began. But life itself was changed forever.. New species appeared and thrived, some seemingly human, others more beast-like, but as time went on they became more common and accepted. Plant life that survived the toxicity of the floodwaters and rains quickly overtook the ruins of humanity's former cities, thus Eden City was born among the rubble and vines. TL;DR A colony survives and thrives by selling sex and other pleasures amidst the ruins of the old Earth. Here's our Flickr, full of photos of our lush sim, showing off some possible rental and rp areas.
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