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About Me

Found 16 results

  1. Protected Waterfront Parcels for Sale! This land will go fast as it is in high demand and priced to sell. There are three options to select from currently available all with direct water access to full protected sims, not just a border. Neighbors are lovely people, I've met them all. Quiet and calm simhood Please IM me directly in-world @Brandon Rowley Click to Tour the Properties PARCEL 1 2560m2 | 878 Land Capacity | L$ 22,528 ($13 USD/Month Tier Level: 2048 w/512 Bonus) PARCEL 2 4096m2 | 755 Land Capacity | L$ 36,044 ($22 USD/Month Tier Level: 4096) PARCEL 3 9216m2 | 3164 Land Capacity | L$ 81,100 ( $35 USD/Month Tier Level: 8192)
  2. SOLD! Priced for immediate sale (reduced), 1024m2 in Dunbeath. Scenic and peaceful. Objects can remain. Wonderful starter land. I moved to a larger lot. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dunbeath/161/124/24 come see! Happy Holidays all...
  3. Parcel size: 1024sqm Each (Total 2048sqm) Prims: 351 Each (703 Total) Price: L$ 7500 Each (L$15000 Total) Location: Taxi to Parcel or Taxi to Parcel Both parcels are square, they have a lil decoration since I love to decorate >.< For Questions IM claireneon
  4. SAIMYA BAY SAILING COMMUNITY Waterfront Community with Furnished homes all furniture can be return so you can use your own. Adult Furniture in every home. Enjoy your own privacy, control your own media and a television that has netflix in most homes. Group invite sent upon paying the box just accept it. Prices range from $ L300 - $ L600. Affordable prices for you to live comfortably in second life. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Geoduck/60/146/21
  5. Locations: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rodeo/206/225/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Immaculate/253/179/22 Our marinas are located in the Bay of Space Pigs on the original Sansara continent. From here you can sail all over the continent and beyond, to such areas as the Sea of Fables, Great/Hidden/Lost Lakes, the Snowlands, Nova Albion, Bay City, the Heterocera Atoll, etc. Our mooring rates are: L$1 per prim/LI for up to 100LI, Or L$0.9 per prim/LI for 112+ LI. For example: 50 prims/LI (minimum) = L$50 per week 75 prims/LI = L$75 per week 100 prims/LI = L$100 per week 125 prims/LI = L$113 per week 150 prims/LI = L$135 per week etc. To rent a mooring space, click a blue sign on location. An information card will be sent to you.
  6. For Rent 2048 - 702 prims - $449 Water connects to many protected waterways for boating, sailing and exploring. Full group and land permissions. Build what you want do what you want. pay the rent box, join the group in local chat and you have control. You may returne everything except the rent box. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl/124/60/21
  7. Drunken Sailor Marina Properties http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/171/217/21 Stop by for a list of all of our proprieties Why should you rent from us? Low rates, extra prims available to rent or for playing with while you are online, great community, themed with no ugly or out of place builds, sound effects and visual effects to enhance your experience, private marina not opened to the public, you are not trapped on a small parcel of land the marina is yours to use which includes a semi-professional photo studio, sandbox, tiki bar and lounge which you may invite your friends to hangout and use, support with building, landscaping and all your needs from our staff. 7Seas Fishing available on all water surfaces, direct access to 14 protected water regions. We are happy to customize your experience for you. Residents have the ability to invite friends to the group as many as you like. Share prims with friends and family. Residents have the ability to freeze, eject and ban griefers, trouble makers and people causing general drama. this is a mature region and we have no rules per se except common sense and Linden Labs Terms of Service. Available immediately -- This includes the apartment, boathouse and the large dock to the left, connects to 14 protected waterways 300 prims $399 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/172/227/21 Hoseboat dock -- House boat row, does NOT have access to the opened water (you may launch boats from the West dock. this space is perfect for a house boat or fixed position boat to live on. 150 prims $150 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/129/146/21 Unfurnished beach house with great view of the ocean 200 prims $149 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/216/207/37 Skyboxes and platforms available for .5L$ per prim
  8. Two story home for rent on themed land with access to the boat docks that connect to 14 protected oceans for sailing. Living room, private swimming pool, bathroom, bedroom, upper balcony with great view of sunrise and sunset. You are welcome to use the tiki bar area for hosting parties for friends or just to socialise. The sim is private and not listed so no one should bother you. Residents have the right to ban and eject unwelcome guests, change the shared radio station and media. House has default adult furnishings but can be removed at your request, 100 prims included in addition to the house L$150 per week. You may use your prims on the house lot 30X45 Pay the rent box, join the group by clicking the link in local chat and you may invite people to share your home and prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/214/200/37
  9. For Rent waterfront 1408 SQM 482 prims $349 full land and group permissions. Pay the rent box, join the group and you are in charge! You may return everything except the rent box and build whatever you want. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl/125/55/21
  10. Waterfront docks, full permissions, do what you want build what you want. Pay the rent box, join the group in local chat and you are ready to go. 1408 SQM -- 482 prims L$ 349 per week. You control the land, settings and land group. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl/125/60/22
  11. Don't be stuck on a plot of land, place your home here on this themed sim and have access to 8 protected water ways (docks available) Tiki bar, 7Seas Fishing, Photo Studio, Sandbox and much more! L$499 per week for 600 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/214/195/37
  12. Available for a themed home a plot of land 1536 SQM 30X45 access to tiki bar, launch boats to sail 8 protected waterways from the docks. 600 prims L$599 Be a member of a community don't get stuck on a little plot of land.
  13. House for rent L$250 per week 150 prims don't be locked on to one small parcel surrounded by walls and ugly builds, this is a themed mainland area, here you have access to a sandbox, the docks for launching boats, 7Seas Fishing, tiki bar to invite your friends and party, professional photo studio, 8 protected sims for sailing and boating and much more. extra prims available for L$1.5 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/217/207/37
  14. Beach houses for rent L$150 per week 100 prims don't be locked on to one small parcel surrounded by walls and ugly builds, this is a themed mainland area, here you have access to a sandbox, the docks for launching boats, 7Seas Fishing, tiki bar to invite your friends and party, professional photo studio, 8 protected sims for sailing and boating and much more. extra prims available for L$1.5 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rekall/151/212/21
  15. Amazing Rare Mainland Parcels Available to Rent at Reasonable Prices. No need to have a premium account, no monthly land tier fees! Mainland Plot 1: Location - Saengseon, ROADSIDE PLOT, 350 prims, 1024 m plot, can be used for residential, adult, or commercial use. Very private location with great views and best of all, no annoying neighbours! Rent is L$600 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saengseon/67/174/85 Waterside Plot: Location: Tarner, waterside plot with stunning views and ocean access, own private beach. 2048 m plot with 701 prims. Price: L$1000 per week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tarner/103/151/22 INFO: Discounts and deals available, contact me to discuss. Long term tenants welcome. Tenants are free to use the land however they want, and can be given full land control to edit the plot to their liking. First week free when renting for 6 weeks or more upfront. 100% flexible land owner, the plot will be treated as the tenants land, and they are free to use it however they want. No immediate eviction from plot if you are unable to pay rent on time (must contact the owner 24 hours prior to rent becoming due to inform that the rent will be late). Please contact me in world if you have any questions! IM Gage1991 Resident
  16. Hello fellow Role-players! I don't know about you all, but I've noticed that its hard to find an amazing medieval/fantasy RP sim that lets you express your creative self. So, with that in mind, what have you been looking for, in terms of a medieval/fantasy RP? Have you been searching for that amazing fit of a community but having no luck? Well, look no further as your search can stop now. Come on over and see how life is at ~Uthag Pack Land~. We're a young but amazing community that is still growing, from Lycan to Demon, from Imp to Human, etc. We have a great foundation of people already but we are always looking for more to join us. We are an open RP area for Medieval/Fantasy RP with a Jousting Area, A Full Tavern, Docks, A Beautiful Wedding Venue, Small Rental Cabins and so much more! The sim looks absolutely gorgeous and great for pictures for those photographers amongst you. Though all are free and welcome to join, this is a non-Gor area RP, so please be mindful and respectful of it. If you are wishing to be a part of this RP or perhaps run your own, then please contact the following members: * Sadoc "Doc" Rajal (Sadoc Rajal) - Pack Alpha * Reyn'aleera Panther (lydialeerapanther) - Pack Beta * Teria (Soteria Frostbite) - Pack PR & DJ Below is the slurl to the land, so please feel free to come and check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Image dAlliez/180/55/24
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